Geneforge 3 Spiderweb Software 2005

This is the third installment in the shareware Geneforge series by Spiderweb Software. In this fantasy RPG, you once again play the role of a shaper. Shapers are a secretive group that are capable of magically creating life (in the form of mutant creatures) to follow their commands. In this game you will face many challenges, and choices, after your school has been attacked and destroyed by rebels - with dozens of different endings. The gameplay is very similar to to previous Geneforge games. You create your character by choosing from three main types: Shaper: specializes in creating creatures to do your bidding, Agent: specializes in using magic, and Guardian: specializes in traditional combat (swords, etc). You then use a pool of points to distribute to all of your statistics and skills in order to create the type of character you would like to play. You control only your main character in the game, but through the use of "shaping" you can add creatures to your party to fight for you. Gameplay takes place in real time, but combat is turn-based, using an action-point system for each character and foe during battles.
included in The Geneforge Saga Full Demo 101MB (uploaded by Terje_P)
Full Demo included in Spiderweb Game Collection 2.04GB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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