Nethergate: Resurrection Spiderweb Software 2007

This is a revamped version of Nethergate that uses the Blades of Avernum game engine, which also provides a quest log, a nicer automap, and improved graphical features. There's two new dungeons, several new quests, and many new magic items. It's a two-sided adventure that can be played either as the Celts or as the Romans. The story takes place in Roman Britain, around the time of Boadicea. Your group of warriors has been called to this area at the request of either a Celtic Chief or a Roman Military Governor. You are asked to perform a series of tasks and encounter magic and mystery along the way. This Roman Britain is not ours; it has real magic, and fairies who are sometimes sympathetic and sometimes hostile to mankind. In addition, goblins, wights, orcs, formori, and other monsters are present in large numbers. You will be faced with these foes as you attempt to complete the tasks your masters set you. Nethergate is unique among Spiderweb Software games in being the only game to use a spell system consisting of Spell Circles, instead of the "Mage" and "Priest" spell system featured in the Exile and Avernum series.
Full Demo 17MB (uploaded by Terje_P)
Full Demo included in Spiderweb Game Collection 2.04GB (uploaded by Delacroix)
Full Demo 1.01b with keygen + Nethergate - Original v1.02 19MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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