Disney Infinity Avalanche Software / Disney Interactive Studios 2013

Think of your favorite Disney characters and Pixar characters. The ones who took you on unexpected adventures and taught you about entirely new worlds. The characters you watched as they gained some great insight about their lives. The ones you watched through tear-filled eyes as they said goodbye to their loved ones or celebrated their new freedom. Think of all those characters and moments and answer this question: Which ones do you want to be? In this game similar to Skylanders, you get to choose! Play as dozens of your favorite Pixar and Disney characters across the various worlds they inhabit, and follow the classic stories you've memorized as you get to experience brand new twists and turns. It gives you the chance to be the good guys, the bad guys, and even the guys that just pop up from time to time. Fight the British and your former crew mates as the Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow. Try to destroy the world and Mr. Incredible as the evil Syndrome. Make your own decision on if you want to wreck something or not as Wreck-It Ralph, and so much more! It's more than a game. It's a whole new way to experience your favorite movies of all time. All multiplayer functions were shut down on April/2017 but game is playable offline.
Gold Edition - Repack Full Demo 8.24GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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