Titi Tilapia (cancelled) Idamiebi Ilamina-Eremie 2012

A Nigerian man worked hard despite the unfavorable odds to release his first game which turns out to be Nigeria’s first venture into the medium as well. Titi Tilapia has been in development since 2008 when Idamiebi decided to stop talking about making a game and start doing it. Then he was constantly brushing up his skills and equipment to release the game. With no knowledge of even the basics of coding or business, and not being a particularly capable artist; Idamiebi had a lot of work to do. He did manage to find some help, however, by submitting his story into Lenovo’s “To Those Who Do” Video Contest in which he came third and received 2,000 USD and a Lenovo IdeaPad tablet. The game is a very cute adventure game in which you play as Titi, a simple purple fish who she gets home and discovers her egg is missing, taken by the Evil Okoro who plans to take all the eggs and make sure there are no new fishes so that only octopuses will reign supreme. Not if our bright purple and white-striped tilapia can help it. You’ll help gathering eggs underwater (With the help of her friends like Tonye the Tortoise and Elder Emeka) in order to save them from Okoro the Octopus who intends to control the entire ocean. Explore the ocean, go on high speed egg slides, see over 20 different fish species, sunken ships, killer whales, evil octopuses, and not to mention...lotsss of eggs. The 3D version was cancelled and a 2D version was released on Android in Nov/2013.
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Beta Level Demo 53MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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