You Don't Know Jack Berkeley Systems, Jellyvision Games, Inc. / Sierra On-Line, Inc. 1995

Billed as "The Irreverent Quiz Show Party Game," this allows you to face off against up to two other opponents in a quiz show that combines pop culture with low culture. Up to three players are assigned different keys (Q, B and P) and choose from categories with such names as "I'd pay to see that!" "Nasty Things to say to a Crack Dealer," and "Fred, Barney and Meat Products." Players can choose from a seven-question tournament game or a 21-question regular game. Each consists of two rounds of an equal number of questions, worth from 1,000 to 5,000 points in the first round and double that in the second round. Then there is a final one-question round called a "Jack Attack." The first two rounds feature two types of questions which come up randomly based on the categories the players pick. There are multiple choice questions and gibberish questions. Gibberish questions require players to translate from the gibberish on the screen to a commonly used saying, such as "Ha! Ha! Crack Creep" to "Baa, baa black sheep." Players are provided with three clues as the money rolls down. When the money runs out, the time is all gone. Each contestant in a multiplayer game is also issued a "screw." Players can buzz in and type "S" to screw one of their neighbors. This forces the neighbor to try to answer the question, but it only works on multiple choice questions. If the "screwed" neighbor answers wrong, he or she loses the money for the question. If the neighbor can answer correctly, he or she gets the money and the player who used the screw loses an equal amount. During a Jack Attack, players must match words to the one coming at them from the screen. However, this must be done in form according to a clue, such as "Black and White," which would mean to match opposites. Each correct answer during a Jack Attack earns a player 2000 points and each incorrect answer subtracts the same. At the end of the game, players are shown their scores and allowed to start another game, either with the same players or new players. Above all, they will be assured, "You Don't Know Jack!" There's over 800 irreverent questions for up to three players. A Special Edition was also released with some cut content to keep this edition of the game family-friendly and for all ages.

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ISO Demo 403MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
1999 Special Edition - ISO Demo 277MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
You Don't Know Jack XL - Hybrid PC/MAC ISO Demo 421MB (uploaded by Macintosh Garden)

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