4 Leaf Clovers [Cz] CD-Romek / Cenega 2001

The main axis of the game consists of stories known foursome of friends from Třeskoprsk-the legendary 4 Leaf Clovers. Ariel, Jessica, Myšpulín and Pion have all sorts of adventures. And whether it is a trip to the nearby castle Baba, camping in the deep forest, or perhaps an exotic journey to the country of the ancient Pharaohs, you can be sure that the experiences are extraordinary. The interactive CDROM, which is a supplement of the magazine CD-Romek, delivers a diverse selection of games. The basis is always adventure games with members of the 4 Leaf Clovers; there are different logical and action puns, such as practise memory games, chase cheerful mushroom-pickers which in turn, has a beneficial effect on spatial orientation and environmental thinking. A novelty is the inclusion of teaching the basics of English, the parents of the young kids can look forward to a speedy improvement in school to the benefit of their children. In addition, each issue contained a complex system of acquiring rewards (medals), taking the results could then be sent to the Internet server CD-Romku. The whole game is running on the CPAL2 engine.
Czech ISO Demos (CDromek 17+18+19+20+24+32) 1.09GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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