San Diego Zoo Presents The Animals! Arnowitz Studios / Mindscape Inc. 1992

The Animals!, brought to you by the San Diego Zoo, is an invitation for you and your family to explore the wild regions of the world from your desk and learn about many species of animals. From the main menu--a three-dimensional map of the San Diego Zoo--visitors can explore Tundra, the Montane, Tropical Rain, and Dry Forests, Deserts, Islands, Temperate Forests, the Taiga, and a Savannah. Each area introduces you to many of the natural inhabitants of that region. For more exploration, visit the Zoo Gardens to get a brief introduction to the 5,000-plus plants of the San Diego Zoo collection. In the research center, get a preview of the San Diego Zoo's Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species and learn of the efforts of this real-life team. In the Story Theater, dozens of slide shows and movies (over 60 minutes worth) expand your experience of animals and zoos. Play guessing games like Creature Features and the Watering Hole. Send the youngest visitors to the A to Z Gallery for an animal alphabet game. Visit the Kids Corner for a wide selection of animal and nature projects.
ISO Demo 596MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
1994 Version 2.0 ISO Demo 632MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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