Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Joriko Interactive Limited 2000

Alice follows the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and into an interactive re-telling of the classic book by Lewis Carroll. This is a multimedia adaptation of the book that has been captivating children and their parents since it was first published in 1865. The software developers have assembled an offering of music and animation overlaid with narration and sprinkled with interactive puzzles. The player follows Alice and assists her on her adventures through Wonderland using a point and click interface. The puzzles are varied in their complexity, ranging from simply helping Alice open doors by pointing to them with the mouse, to putting together a jigsaw puzzle by dragging the pieces around or aiding the Dodo in setting up a caucus race. Between puzzles, the player is treated to an actors narration and some animation that is minimal, but enchanting, through twelve chapters and the entire classic story. It's narrated by Simon Callow.
ISO Demo 302MB (uploaded by Gamecare)
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