Aveyond 3: Orbs of Magic Amaranth Games, LLC 2009

This is divided into four chapters, that are downloaded individually with a save game to be transferred from one game to the next. The games can also be played as a stand alone, but that is not recommended, as you miss up several key features this way. Chapter 1 – Lord of Twilight (Jun) This centers on Mel, a thief who steals the wrong heirloom. Unbeknownst to her, Mel is a descendant of Mordred Darkthrop, (an evil sorcerer who plotted to rule the world), and only a Darkthrop can remove the Orbs of Magic from their resting place. Accidentally handing the Orb of Darkness over to a megalomaniac vampire lord, she now has to run for her life and find a way to stop him from using the orb and destroying the light from the surface world. On her journey, Mel meets a prince, Edward, and Stella, a gentle girl of mysterious origin and two old favorites from Aveyond 1, the Vampress Te'ijal and her husband Galahad. Chapter 2 – Gates of Night (Aug) You continue your adventures to find your way to Naylith and have the final (or at least a final) confrontation with the Vampire Lord. Two more people join you too. Lidya, seen in Lord of Twilight. Lidya is a powerful fighter with magical spells. And Ulf, an orcish scholar who you rescue from the orcish prison. Chapter 3 – The Lost Orb (Feb/2010) This game is not a direct continuation of the previous. All items are removed, as are several of the characters because they considered the quest to have ended in The Gates of Night. You gain three new party members named: June, a spell trickster, Yvette, a familiar, and Spook, a thief with a dark secret. Things ended pretty good in chapter 2 but now it seams that Lydia is up to no good. What should have been the most romantic day in Mel’s life (if Edward proposed to her) turns into a nightmare. Having nothing left for her in Thais Mel sets out to find the fourth and final “lost” orb, to prevent it from being used and prevent “The Darkthrop Prophecy” from happening. Chapter 4 – The Darkthrop Prophecy (Dec/2010) Mel has been living Harakauna for the last year after discovering that she had magic when she is finally found by the darklings that now know that she is the prophesied one. Before they can take her, she is rescued by Edward and two scholars from a land far away. They offer her magical training at their academy but she only agrees to go if Edward will train with her. After arriving in Veldarah, she eventually accepts her magic and starts to love it. It all goes well until the attack. They came for her, but almost no one believes her. One unnamed professor wants to meet with her in a lone cabin far out in the woods, and Mel decides to check it out. When it is, unsurprisingly, a trap she is captured by her former nemesis, the former vampire lord. This game differs from the others in that there are two different parties. Mel’s and Stella. Players swap between them, but they never meet and merge. Players therefore have two completely different inventories.
Lords Of Twilight, The Lost Orb Level Demos 60MB/69MB (uploaded by Gamer's Hell)
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Chapters 1-4 included in Aveyond series - Full Demo 1.14GB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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