Curse of Mookychu, The / Petko: Das Deb├╝t (cancelled) Max Design 1995

Originally an unreleased point-and-click adventure game developed by an Austrian company. It was originally planned to be released in fall 1995. It was re-announced by Tale Factory in 1998, and once again by Atmosphere Studios in 2003, and again in 2015 under the new title The Curse of Mookychu. No one is born a hero. Have you not asked yourself before, how to be a hero? Now - At the wrong time to be at the right place - this is the secret. The story is about a guy called Petko, who won a journey to San Rico Island. Unfortunately at the wrong time. Because after already some confusion, he almost came to an abrupt end and he headlong falls in love with the beautiful Monique. It's up to him to find a stolen sphere and to save the island from the plans of the governor. Meet with him the craziest characters - from a quirky professor to the simple-minded bodybuilders through to the dangerous rhyming Mafioso. But he will not do it alone. Therefore do not forget, Petko is counting on you! The game freatures: fantastic, detailed, hand-painted VGA graphics; individually configurable multi-action-control; various sound standard support with new FM sound system and multitrack Digisound, and professional, studio soundtrack.
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1995 German Level Demo 717kb (uploaded by scaryfun)
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