Útěk (Escape) [Cz] No Name Software 1996

A classic adventure game which was originally a Slovak commercial game, but the authors decided to revamp it in 2002 for newer operating systems, and you can now download absolutely free. It's the end of the school year and you play as a schoolgirl named Margarita, who probably should have listened to her parents before school because there appeara a gentleman who claims to be a friend of her father and has to take her home. Margarita believes him and jumps into his car and after a few moments hears that everything is a trick question and that it is invented. As she starts fretting, she is put to sleep for a few hours, and wakes up in a strange house. She finds that she got carried away by a professor and has been two days being transported. It's therefore a struggle to find her way home. There are three actions that you can perform - to view, use a pouch, switch between them as both buttons on the bottom bar or by pressing the right mouse button. Escape is an adventure of the old school, so all the problems are solved strictly logically. Sometimes you need to use search "pixel by pixel" because some items are hard to find.
Slovak Free Game (2002 Version) 3MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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