Dark Eye, The: Demonicon Noumena Studios / Kalypso Media 2013

This is a role playing game featuring a strong story and dynamic battles based on the original set of rules and the game world of The Dark Eye. It has an epic story, cinematically presented, as well as highly detailed characters and exciting, gripping quests. Demonicon narrates an enthralling story about betrayal, intrigues and dark powers: Your foster-father is a murderer, an ostracized one. He chased the love of your life, intending to coldbloodedly kill her – at least that is what scheming courtiers tell you, in a time of fear, in a country bordering the realm of evil: the Black Lands. But is your loving foster-father truly guilty? Did he really intend to kill beautiful Calandra, daughter of a wealthy alchemist, or is he the victim of vicious slander? Your enemies are numerous and the secretive half-elf Rynn seems to be your only ally. Your search for the truth leads you into most dangerous regions and deep into the shadows. It becomes more and more obvious you are involved in events shaking the very foundations of Aventuria! Your actions decide the fate of the world. On your quest, you will battle most dangerous creatures and you will meet unforgettable allies: madmen, saints, and the desperate. Only you can decide who will be your friend, and who will be your enemy – but choose wisely! The Black Lands do not forgive mistakes. True to the original concept of the TDE world and following the original TDE ruleset. In the most epic TDE adventure you will have to make decisions, that might strongly influence the world. Whether Dwarfes, Half-Elves or Tulamid Summoners: Use the various possibilties of the original TDE ruleset, to create your own individual character. Orchestral Soundtrack and professional voice over during the entire game. Sophisticated artificial intelligence in cooperation with a realistic day-night cycle makes the world feel alive. Enhanced gameplay experience via various multiplayer modes - for the first time ever in a TDE game.
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Multi-5 ISO Demo 6.65GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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