Home Sheep Home 2 AardmanDigital 2011

This physics platform puzzle game is a commercial sequel to the popular free first game. Spread across 3 episodes (Underground, London and Space) there are 60+ unique levels offering 8+ hours worth of game play, with hundreds of collectable items, achievements, built-in hints system and developer commentary. You need to get all three of them to the exit at the end of each level in order to proceed, but since each sheep weighs differently, you'll need to make them all work together. With water as a new obstacle to overcome, as well as explosions, our little flock has more challenges in front of them than ever before. The game has been produced with the same attention to detail and love that Aardman gives their award-winning feature films. With beautiful hand-painted HD backdrops, endearing character animation, original composed musical score, addictive and compelling physics-based puzzle-solving and of course a generous sprinkling of the famous Aardman humour. In 2014, Home Sheep Home - Farmageddon Party Edition a remastered version was released with new multiplayer modes, controller support, widescreen graphics and much much more.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Versions (uploaded by Jay Is Games)
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Farmageddon Party Edition - Screenshots/Videos
ISO Demo 725MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Home Sheep Home: Farmageddon Party Edition - 2014 Full Demo 190MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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