Aymun al Rescate! [Sp] CMY Multimedia / Sirium Entertainment 2002

Aymun is a sympathetic character who lives in the hidden village of Suali. All is joy and peace until a sinister character called Parsimono makes an appearance in Suali and kidnaps three young friends of the protagonist. Aymun To The Rescue is the first graphic adventure in which children learn and reinforce their playing skills. Six courses are chosen by the user. The educational content is adapted to the game, depending on the course chosen. It contains all the educational content of the six years of Primary Education in the core subjects: Math, Language and Social Studies. Three difficulty levels automatically adapt to the user-selected course. It has an intelligent help system, which provides the necessary clues for the user to always move forward, whatever the situation where you are. The game was tested at every stage by children of different ages. Backgrounds are 800x600, 16 bit highly detailed. It has dynamic lighting of the protagonist, as the brightness of the scene changes. There's anti-aliasing in-game characters and objects, 3D cinematic widescreen, fully spoken with subtitles, soundtrack in Stereo digital quality, and fun animations throughout the game.
Spanish ISO Demo 323MB (uploaded by Abandonsocios)

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