Overgrowth Wolfire 2013

Early Access, Full Release Date: Oct 16/2017 Overgrowth is a 3d action-adventure game that is the spiritual successor to Lugaru set in a pre-industrial world of anthropomorphic fighter rabbits, wolves, dogs, cats and rats. It has physics-driven kung-fu, destructive and satisfying swordfighting, environment-hopping wall-running, stealth, RPG mechanics, local multiplayer, and a level editor that allows you to construct your own scenarios and cutscenes. The game has been in paid-alpha since 2008, a time when “paid-alpha” wasn’t really a thing we understood. The last five years of development on Overgrowth have been spent building its engine and gradually adding mechanics, so there’s currently nothing of the game’s eventual story mode available to play. Instead, the current build offers up different challenge scenarios, in which you might need to sneak up on bipedal rats to take them down, or fight against groups of wolves. The community have also built a lot for you to play. It’s the combat that currently makes it worthwhile. It takes some practice, but when you start to get the hang of its combination of blocks, grabs and hits, you can string together impressive, almost choreographed fight sequences. The physics-driven animation gives everything weight and variation, too.
Full Demo v1.4.0 7.26GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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