Starcraft: Brood War Blizzard Entertainment 1998

StarCraft: Brood War is an add-on for StarCraft (requiring the full version of StarCraft) and a direct continuation of its story. Brood War brings several changes to the game, altering some gameplay aspects of the game, the most important change being the addition of new units. The Terrans receive the Valkyrie, a craft with air-to-air fighting capabilities. They also obtain the Medic, which can heal all non-mechanic units and, through upgrades, can use the Restore (remove all ailments on a unit) and Optical Flare (reduce the sight range of an enemy unit to 1) powers. The Zergs receive the Lurker, obtained after mutating an Hydralisk, which can, and actually must, burrow to attack. They also gain the Devourer, after mutation of a Mutalisk, an air-to-air unit, whose acid shots have notably the specificity of temporarily lowering the enemy defense, allowing other units to do increased damage. The Protoss receive the Corsair, an air-to-air unit, which has access to the Disruption Web power (which, once cast, prevents targeted enemy units from firing outside of the web). The Dark Templars, already seen in the original StarCraft are now a producable unit. Their main strength lies in their permanent cloaking, allowing them to deliver their strong close combat attacks unharmed. Additionally, in the same manner as two Templars can be merged as an Archon in StarCraft, two Dark Templars can now be merged to obtain a Dark Archon. A Dark Archon has access to several powerful powers: Mind Control (giving permanent control of the targeted unit), Maelstrom (temporarily rendering all non-mechanical units within the target area unable to do anything) and Feedback (removes from a target unit the amount of energy it has available for special powers and inflicts it this amount as physical damage). Besides the new units, some units already featured in StarCraft can now be upgraded in certain areas. For instance, the Terran Goliath can have the range of its ground-to-air missiles be tremendously increased. Similarly, the Zerg Ultralisk can now receive speed and armor upgrades. Other changes include a better AI and some alterations of the cost of certain units. Three new campaigns are available. In order, a Protoss campaign featuring 8 missions, a Terran campaign also featuring 8 missions and a Zerg campaign comprising 10 missions (plus a bonus mission if some requirements are met in mission 9). The add-on also comes with about 100 multiplayer maps. On March/2017, Starcrat Anthology was made freeware with the original game and Brood War expansion.
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Starcraft Full Demo + Brood War v1.16.1 (works on win 7 + use map settings maps) 111MB+259MB (uploaded by 3Spot)
included in Starcraft Anthology (Bestseller Series) - Clone 2CD ISO Demo 1.45GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Starcraft + Expansion - cooperative campaign + insane solo campaign 1.3GB (uploaded by 3Spot)
Starcraft 1.16.1 latest [already color fixed][Win7] - intro all cutscenes and audioCD music addon 1.16GB (uploaded by 3Spot)
included in Starcraft Anthology - Free Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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