Starcraft: Retribution WizardWorks Software 1998

Retribution, an authorized expansion pack to StarCraft: Brood War, was published in 1998 by WizardWorks Software, independently from Blizzard Entertainment, and authorized by Blizzard as an expansion pack. Retribution works within the limits of the original StarCraft game engine, and does not add any explicitly new content to the game, although it does contain over 120 new multiplayer maps, and a large single-player campaign. Retribution contains new single player missions in the form of plot-centered campaigns for each of the 3 races (protoss, terran and zerg). Several new heroes were also added to the game, complete with custom voice-acting. Like in the original StarCraft, these heroes are only accessible during certain single-player missions. Also included is new music and sound effects to further enhance the single-player experience. An ancient artifact called the Argus Stone has been found on the terran world of Aridas. All three races converge upon the planet in order to acquire the artifact, as it is believed that whoever controls the stone will be able to control the universe. The campaign is set after the creation of the Terran Dominion but before the death of the first Overmind.
Full ISO Demo 50mb (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
ISO Demo 50MB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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