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1492 - Lesson 1: The Taking of Granada [Sp] Manuel Javier Miguel Garcia, Roberto Tornero Santamarina y César Liras Álvarez [top]

Starring Cristobalín, a vague student, who should prepare a topic on the Conquest of Granada, if you want to pass the history course. By going to the library to study, he falls asleep and begins to dream something "amazing". It's a fun adventure, which does not lack a sense of humor, and also gives some learning about the Conquest of Granada.
Browser-Playable Free Java Game (uploaded by e-adventure)
Spanish Free Game 44MB (uploaded by Source Forge)
English Free Game 27MB (uploaded by Source Forge)

1953: KGB Unleashed / Phobos: 1953 Phantomery Interactive / CP Digital [top]

This is from the makers of Outcry/Sublustrum. It's a prequel to the Russian film Phobos and is based on real developments of the Ministry of State Security of the USSR (the former KGB) in the field of limitations of human beings, telepathy, and scare impact. Players find themselves in underground shelter, where there is laboratory that uses prisoners as materials in its research. There you will learn the truth about the frightening events that took place in 1953, but only by facing your own fears in the process. It photo-realistically reconstructs its historical setting, as the shelter's depiction is based on real military objectives, text materials used historically valid documents. An english version was released on July 6, 2012.
 1  2 
ISO Demo 740MB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo *Password: adventurelegends.6x.to 740MB (uploaded by Shattered)
 1  2  3  4  5 

3 Cards to Dead Time Big Finish Games [top]

In the latest game from acclaimed Tex Murphy creators Aaron Conners and Chris Jones, modern day events take place a few months after the conclusion of 3 Cards to Midnight, and Jess Silloway has been trying to come to grips with her unique abilities. Players will explore the mystery behind the sudden 1929 disappearance of a man calling himself "The Magician" and his select group of guests on All Hallows Eve. Following a series of new troubling experiences, however, she finds herself at "one of the most haunted spots in the world", an isolated bed & breakfast in Maine, along with a group of paranormal investigators who have come to make contact with the other side. Still a casual game along the lines of its predecessor, it will include some technical differences like a significant graphical overhaul, subtitles, and the ability to run the game full screen, but the changes extend to the gameplay as well. While still including a mix of clue-based room searches and traditional puzzles, item identification now includes "objects that connect, have common bonds, or are opposites." The game no longer relies on "English-specific wordplay", and has a branching narrative and a third difficulty level.
Level Demo 91MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Full Demo 210MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Abduction Alexander Klingenbeck [top]

You take the role of a Hijacker who only has one goal: Abducting the Princess! It's a game about human desires, about fame and fortune, about love and hate and ultimately about life and death itself. It was made for MAGS September 2010. It controls like an arcade platformer, it plays like an adventure game. Features: keyboard or gamepad (recommended) controlled; upbeat retro sountrack; animations galore; parallax backgrounds; no bothersome dialogs; and one extra life!
Free Game v1.3 13.3MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

Aida's Strange Christmas King Wiking [top]

Aida's Christmas this year will be different, such an adventure. But our heroine has no idea about this yet and rushes to meet her boyfriend. But when he never shows, the first seeds of doubt and mystery are sown. Only if she knew what worlds she will visit and problems it will bring to find her partner. If she knew,she might have broken up with him, to have peace. Yes, plenty of hard puzzles, riddles wait and where else should she find herself than in the Santaland. The dread name in this place heralds a lot. There will be cold and snow, trolls are evil and ultimately a kind of dried-up Santa. In short, a typical mix of Christmas characters with whom you interact, you will receive tasks from them and sometimes humorous exchanges. Refreshing aspects are different mini-games. During the adventure you find yourselves, for example, in a toy store and you have to shoot within the time limit, a gang of trolls using a cannon. Open ended gameplay with different paths you can finish in your own way. Learn of Swedish christmas traditions (no elves or other American styled christmas characters.) The game has two possible endings and about 5-6 hours of gameplay.
Free Game 1.8MB (uploaded by Free Game Archive)

Air Pressure Bento Smile [top]

Air Pressure is a short, and decidedly unromantic, visual novel. It focuses on the unnamed protagonist who tires of his relationship with Leigh, a girl he's been with since high school. He feels stuck and oppressed, and wonders how to bring this subject up with Leigh on his birthday. It's short and melancholy, and will take more than two playthroughs to "get" it. (Don't worry—it's short enough, takes around five to ten minutes to play.)
Full Free Game (@ Official Site)
Browser-Playable Flash Version (@ Newgrounds)

Alter Ego Future Games / bitComposer Games [top]

From the makers of The Black Mirror comes another spooky adventure set in South England, 1894. In the town of Plymouth the body of recently buried Sir William disappears under strange circumstances. This peculiar news would not stir such tremendous public interest if it was not Sir William himself. He was investigated several times during his life and although the police never managed to press charges against him, scary legends about his bloody crimes live on among the town people. There were only a few left who were willing to serve him and were brave enough to stand the look at his lifeless face. And most of them run away in horror after his death and series of murders that followed it. Police are helpless and not able to move forward with the case. The town is thrown into a state of panic and fear. Young ordinary thief Timothy gets utterly unwittingly involved in these events. His arrival is characteristic enough already - he came as a black passenger on a ship and was brought into the town in handcuffs. But Timothy has completely different plans. He dreams of getting to America where he wants to start a new life. But the mysterious destiny will soon make him – and not only him - realize how winding its paths can be. Timothy Moor is an innocent with a soul of a thief who grew up on the street and never had an easy life. He lies and cheats - yet is he a faithful friend. His pleasant smile hides his dark side and he often abuses trust of the fair sex. He does not hesitate to rob a blind violinist but when the need may be he is able to risk his own life to save a friend or a stranger woman in distress. He despises police and he always stays where the law cannot reach him. His overgrown self-confidence and a unfortunate concurrence of circumstances throw him in jail and his dreams about his journey to America are quickly turning into dust. Detective Bristol is an English gentleman, the personification of law and hard-edged justice. Systematically rigorous, at first look calm and principled. He is investigating the circumstances under which Sir Williams’s body disappeared from the cemetery but refuses to believe in the existence of a monster. Yet the everyday news about increasingly brutal murders take the firm ground from under his feet away. Soon he faces big decision - how far is he able to go in abandoning his principles in order to solve the case?
English Level Demo 1.25GB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
DVD ISO Demo 1.35GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Alternativa Centauri Production / Bohemia Interactive [top]

Alternativa is a story that will take you to a world much different to what you'd expect in 2045. To a world destroyed by war and revolutions, a world led by an oppressive and cruel dictatorship. Classic point&click adventure game based on the original sci-fi/cyber-punk script which is composed of a number of shorter stories that lead us through the lives of individual characters as well as the fictional world of the future. Murder of one, power of a few, betrayal of all! It has more than 120 backgrounds modeled in detail, rendered video sequences, 2 levels of difficulty, and interactive dialogues with choices. Play as up to 4 different characters in the story.
 1  2 
DVD ISO Demo 1.65GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Amertis Team COLYBY [top]

Although this game was designed by the creators of Atlantzone, and the player will again play the part of Rodrigue Grandcœur, the hero of the first adventure, Amertis cannot be considered as its sequel. Petronille has asked Rodrigue to help her sell her uncle's dilapidated, abandoned house — a rambling old pile emptied of almost everything except for one fabulous secret. Well, it isn't long before Petronille disappears into thin air up in the attic and it is up to you, as Rodrigue, to track her down and bring her back. To do this, you will have to discover and then learn how to use a strange jeweled metal icon to take you to the even stranger lands of Amertis. There you will at last leave the world of photo realism and enter the fantastic realm of whatever 3D software app the team used to render the backgrounds. You see, Petronille's uncle was an inventor (are there uncles in games who are not?) and he concocted that jeweled icon to transport people to worlds of his own making where toy figures come to life. The oddly flirty Barbie dolls inhabiting the South Seas volcanic island, for instance, are the most amusing collection of coquettes you’ve ever run across. On the island inhabited by ceramic garden gnomes, you will meet some extremely bourgeois French blowhards. The other two islands have been populated by battery-powered metal robots and plastic figure Native American Indians. They too, are all quite French.
Full Freeware 218MB ( @ Official Site)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Frictional Games / THQ [top]

This graphic adventure survival horror game comes from the developer of the Penumbra series. Amnesia is an exploration-based adventure game played from a first-person perspective. The player has no access to weapons, and they must use their wits to avoid or hide from enemies. The game also retains the physical object interaction used in Penumbra, allowing for advanced physics based puzzles. The game casts the player in the role of Daniel, who awakens in a dark castle with little or no memories about himself or his past. All that he can remember is his name and that something is hunting him. Exploring the eerie pathways, you must also take part of Daniel's troubled memories. The horror does not only come from the outside, but from the inside as well. A disturbing odyssey into the dark corners of the human mind awaits. By using a fully physically simulated world, cutting edge 3D graphics and a dynamic sound system, the game pulls no punches when trying to immerse you. Once the game starts, you will be in control from the beginning to the end. There are no cut-scenes or time-jumps, whatever happens will happen to you first hand. It received great reviews with many considering it one of the scariest games ever made and it rejuvenated the survival horror genre with independent game makers after the genre had been largely abandoned by big game studios. It is possible to create custom stories for Amnesia that can then be loaded in the game. Various tools for the HPL2 Engine have been released that allow the creation of own levels, models, particle effects and materials, using an interface similar to Valve's Hammer Editing Software. Game logic can be implemented using the AngelScript scripting language. In May/2011 Justine, a free DLC (downloadable content) was contained in the v1.2 patch, and has five short-stories set in the world of Amnesia. The update also includes some bug fixes as well as Russian voice and subtitles.
 1  2 
Level Demo v1.01 157MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
 1  2  3 
DVD ISO Demo 1.10GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Remaster Mod 3.25GB (uploaded by ModDB)
Fan-Made Mods

Ancient Spirits: Columbus' Legacy Cerasus Media / Big Fish Games [top]

A mysterious ghost story, a gripping thriller, a historical adventure. Virginia and Professor MacNara, a famous archaeologist, come upon a 500 year-old galleon on the beach of a deserted village. The ship, laden with a mysterious artifact, belonged to Christopher Columbus, discoverer of America, and was thought to have simply vanished. Strange, everything on board looks as though the mighty ship was abandoned only yesterday. The ravages of time do not appear to have left a trace
Full Demo 130MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Annabel JetDogs Studios / NevoSoft LLC [top]

Annabel is an archaeologist studying in Egypt. One day, while visiting a museum, she is told that a young woman disappears within every ten years. Suddenly, she is in ancient Egypt and is now Princess Annabel. The Pharaoh is sick and her love, Akhenaten, is in danger from the evil priest, Amertekh. It seems he wants to kill Akhenaten and marry Annabel so he can be a full-fledged Pharaoh. You, Annabel, must escape the priest and save your father and your lover, thereby saving all of Egypt. Annabel is a hidden-object game. You move about in a first-person view by clicking your mouse on arrows at the sides or top and bottom of the screen. The objects you need to find may be in more than one room/location. You must find objects to solve various puzzles, such as finding scissors so you can get a bouquet of roses to give to a lady to get her flute to charm a cobra. You will also have puzzles to solve like swapping the pieces of a puzzle to complete the picture so a doorway will open.
Full Demo 153MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Art of Murder 3: Cards of Destiny City Interactive [top]

Young FBI agent Nicole Bonnet receives a mysterious package. Inside she finds a complicated logic puzzle that appears to be a message from a serial killer. This is just the beginning of an epic duel of minds between Nicole and the ruthless murderer, who leaves playing cards by the bodies of his victims as a signature. Bonnet will have to use all her wits to solve the case and stop the murderer before he strikes again. Does she have what it takes to understand the mind of a psychopath, as complicated as his puzzles?
German Level Demo 1.06GB ( @ Worth Downloading)
DVD ISO Demo 4.04GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Art of Murder 4: The Secret Files City Interactive [top]

All those tough cases for FBI investigator Nicole Bonnet must have had an effect on her – she's had a hair colour change, from black to mousey blonde. What haven't changed are the challenges that constantly await her with each case. Fans of the Art of Murder series have been following Nicole from her early days as a new recruit. In The Secret Files, players will get to follow in the agent's footsteps once more as she attempts to crack a case of murder and a mysterious kidnapping. It seems that DEA Specialist Professor J. Brenner has been snatched by a drug cartel in Mexico, and amidst the chaos an undercover Special Agent has been killed. Not only could the life of Brenner be under threat, but in fact the entire DEA operation that aims to fight the drugs market in Mexico. Nicole only has her wits as her weapon as you help her identify the criminals behind the incident and rescue the Professor before his time is up. You do this, as always, with the challenge of hidden object gameplay – solve riddles and find clues that can lead you to the truth, while a thrilling storyline unravels with a haunting soundtrack and atmosphere.
ISO Demo 362MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Asteroids Adventure Virtue Studio [top]

Do you want to play an adventure game where you can tease your brain a bit? This game has a simple story - you are on a space ship out in space and you have 20 minutes to repair and solve all your problems. When you succeed, you have to get out of an asteroid belt. The game tests your logic thinking and you have to search for things. All in all, it has nice graphics and great sound.
Free Game *uses Adobe Air 15MB (uploaded by Free Game Archive)

Aurora Pastel Games [top]

This is another free Flash series from the makers of Submachine and others. Chapter 1 - You're searching for your fortune in the dusty plains with only a few dollars and a bedraggled horse to your name... things are looking grim, and you're out of options. At least, until a strange tornado sweeps down upon you changes your fortune... but for better or worse? This moody, perplexing tale isn't your ordinary Western, and this isn't your ordinary town. Who is Aurora, and why is everyone so afraid of her? You probably don't want to be around to find out, even though it seems as though she's very interested in meeting you. Your ultimate goal is to find your way out of town before something happens... easier said than done since there doesn't appear to be any trains coming any time soon, and the locals are at once both scared themselves and more than a little odd. Chapter 2 (Sep/2011) While the horror/Western/mystery theme continues, the game moves into more of an visual novel direction, with a strict linearity enforced in early scenes. Players who enjoy point and click games chiefly for the challenge will likely chafe at being placed on rails in this way. Later "chapters" open up a bit more. He couldn't let matters rest there. Maybe he's worried about Mary, who pretends she doesn't know him, asks for his help, and then disappears. But even without that, he has got this mystery under his skin, and he won't stop until he finds out just who Aurora is... and stops her.
Screenshots Chapter#
 1  2 
Browser-Playable Free Games 1-2 ( @ Jay Is Games)
 1  2 

Avenue Flo: Special Delivery PlayFirst [top]

The DinerTown family is growing! Vicky's due date is fast approaching... and so is the baby shower extravaganza Quinn is planning. But ten fingers, ten toes aren't enough to pull this off: Quinn needs a hand from Flo and you! Will puppies on the loose topple the cake? Will Mr. Big pull the plug on the party? Oh, and where's the guest-of-honor? Dash across town with Flo, collecting missing items for the DinerTown characters in need, all to create the mother of all showers for mom-to-be Vicky. Interact with a whole cast of DinerTown citizens. There's quirky situations to solve, vibrant neighborhoods and locales to explore, challenging puzzles and mini games.
1-Hour Time Trial Demo 151MB (@ Big Fish Games)
Full Demo + Strategy Guide 169MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Axel & Pixel Silver Wish Games / 2K Play [top]

Axel and Pixel are trapped in a beautiful but dangerous dream world in this Samorost-style adventure. If they plan to get out they must solve its mysteries. Drawn by hand and rendered in full high-definition, it's a unique journey through an artist's dream. It features 24 stunning chapters set in 4 different seasons, 3 vehicle minigames and many challenging puzzles. One day Axel, a painter, and his dog Pixel awaken trapped in a beautiful but perilous dream world of his own creation. They must solve the mysteries of Axel's landscapes to get home. Guide the duo through this awe-inspiring world to help Axel fulfill his greatest wish – to paint a picture of all four seasons in a single day. Unlock the full game for 24 stunning chapters in different seasons, vehicle mini-games, many challenging puzzles and hand-drawn art rendered in full high-definition, Axel & Pixel is a unique journey through an artist's dream.
Full Demo 433MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Back to the Future: The Game Telltale Games [top]

This is based on the Back to the Future film franchise. Bob Gale, the screenwriter for the three films, is assisting Telltale in developing the game's story, while both Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd have allowed Telltale to use their likenesses within the game for the lead characters Marty McFly and Doc Brown, respectively. Lloyd will also be providing the voice work for Doc Brown's character while new talent AJ LoCascio will be the voice of Marty McFly. The storyline includes Hill Valley, the DeLorean time machine, and other characters from the film. The game will be available in five episodes to be released roughly one per month. Episode 1 It's About Time (Dec 22) - Six months after the events in Part III, Marty McFly is adjusting to life without his best friend Doc Brown. When suddenly, the DeLorean time machine mysteriously appears out of nowhere. Marty learns that Doc has once again found himself stranded in another time period. So Marty must once again go back in time to rescue him. Marty jumps in the DeLorean and travels to June 13, 1931. Episode 2 Get Tannen! (Feb 17) - Doc Brown is still in 1930s Hill Valley along with Marty, who's beginning to feel a little immaterial as a result of their recent time-altering actions. This time around, Marty's grandfather is in trouble, and naturally a Tannen is the source of the problem. But can Marty save his ancestor in time without running into his own earlier incarnation first? Episode 3 Citizen Brown (Mar 29) - Marty has finally made it back to 1986 Hill Valley, but it's much a different place than he remembers. The world is now ruled by the mystererious 'First Citizen Brown', who looks and sounds suspiciously like a creepy version of Doc. As fate would have it, the first person Marty meets on his crash-landing arrival is his girlfriend Jennifer (voiced by Claudia Wells, the voice actress from the original Back to the Future movie). Any hopes he has of a happy reunion are soon dashed, however, as this hair-dyed, rebellious punker Jennifer wants nothing to do with everyone's favourite red-vested, time traveling "square". Episode 4 Double Visions (Apr 29) - It's time for the Hill Valley Expo! Back in 1986, Marty and First Citizen Brown must join forces to create an epic invention so that he can prevent the young Emmett Brown from making the worst mistake of his life. Episode 5 Outatime (June 23) - Lives are changed, mysteries are solved, and paradoxes are avoided as Young Emmett seals his fate, sending Marty and Doc ona climactic chase through Hill Valley's past, present, and future. Michael J. Fox, the star of the original movies who played Marty McFly, makes a voice cameo to play a new character, one of Marty's ancestors.
Screenshots/Reviews Ep#
 1  2  3  4  5 
Free Episode 1 It's About Time ( @ Official Site) *need to register to download
GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.1.0.5 + Goodies 2.01+2.35GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
DVD9 ISO Demo 7.09GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Becky Brogan: The Institute / The Institute - A Becky Brogan Adventure MumboJumbo [top]

Becky Brogan's criminology class has piqued her interest in the bizarre, and the Institute on the outskirts of town definitely fits the bill. A nurse at the troubled youth facility has mysteriously disappeared. When Becky starts investigating, she learns more about Dr. Benjamin Gentle, a psychiatrist with a sordid past and some unconventional treatment methods. Help Becky to decipher the clues left behind in each room and find out what really happened!
ISO Demo 149MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Black Sails: Ghost Ship Deck13 / Astragon [top]

The makers of Jack Keane,the Ankh series and Haunted bring you this classic point-click spooky adventure where players take the role of an intrepid heroine who is aboard the mysterious ghost ship "Mary Celeste". A ship sinks. Two survivors drift hopelessly at sea, until they encounter a mysterious, dark schooner. They decide to go on board - which soon turns out to be a terrible mistake. Inspired by a true story, the player will experience aboard the ghost ship "Mary Celeste" a journey into the darkest depths of the human soul, till the end between truth and fiction is indistinguishable. An English release finally came on July 15/2015.
German Level Demo 265MB (uploaded by 4players)
German ISO Demo 514MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
English Translation 29MB (uploaded by Living The Nerd Life)
German Patch v1.01 Install game, Install German v1.01 patch, extract 'English patch.zip' files to root game folder and run 'Runme.bat'. Answer yes to any questions the patch asks.(or press 'A' for all) Start game and make sure subtitles are switched on in settings. 4.73MB (uploaded by Patches Scrolls)
English ISO Demo 710MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Black Wish Cemetery, The Dalton Costa C. de Lima [top]

This is a point and click adventure with a 3D panorama created with Adventure Maker. The Black Wish family terrorized Sao Paulo, Brazil in the mid-1800's. Their evil seems to continue. Others have tried to stop it but failed. Can you save the town?
Free Game v1.3 (Final Edition) 255MB (uploaded by Official Site)

Blue Toad Murder Files Relentless Software [top]

Originally released on the Play Station Netwok in six episodes, now it is on the pc on one package. This is set in the quintessentially English village of Little Riddle where murder is in the air. As one of the famous Blue Toad detectives you solve puzzles, interrogate suspects, use your powers of observation and investigate clues to uncover the strange goings on in this quaint and sleepy village. You and your fellow detectives are taking a welcome break in Little Riddle following a particularly gruelling investigation. Whilst exploring the village - someone is shot right in front of you! Dum-dum-daaaaaaa! A suitable case for the Blue Toad detectives, so a new murder file is opened and you decide to stay in the village to solve the crime, much to the annoyance of the village’s Chief Inspector. The main aim of the game is to follow clues to find the murderer. Along the way you’ll also encounter a variety of different and challenging puzzles which help you move through the peaceful world of Little Riddle. As one of the detectives you move around the village by selecting locations on the map. Choose your venue wisely - will you meet the Doctor and hear his flimsy alibi? Or unearth the Station Masters motivation? Each stop provides an opportunity to meet a different villager and question them on the minor misdemeanours taking place in Little Riddle. With each step of the investigation a puzzle is played to help a villager or get further clues about the case. But pay attention, you will also be questioned by the Chief Inspector about events that take place after each chilling incident. Whodunnit? At the end of each episode you will be asked to choose your suspect before they are revealed and exposed in all their criminal capacities! One interesting aspect of this game is that it can be played either in solo mode or in co-op mode with up to three other players. Look for over 90 puzzles to solve and a thrilling cliff hanger at the end of every episode.
DVD ISO Demo 964MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Level Demo 193MB (uploaded by Softpedia)

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars Director's Cut Revolution Software Ltd. / Kalypso Media Digital Ltd. [top]

This sees the classic adventure game with hours of brand new content, making it ideal for newcomers through to die-hard fans. Amongst the changes and additions are the following: In a move that will delight fans and enrich the experience of first-time players, a whole new story arc has been written for Nico. This tale of murder and ancient mysteries provides a wealth of background to the original plot, as well as an emotional and exciting exploration of the hidden secrets in Nico's family. All new character facial animation, based on work by legendary comic book artist Dave Gibbons (Watchmen, Beneath a Steel Sky), improves the visuals. An all-new Help System recognises when players are stuck, and prompts them with context-sensitive hints, each beginning with cryptic nudges, and eventually offering clear solutions. A diary for both George and Nico records the events experienced so far, acting as a resource for players needing to remember key details, and enhancing puzzles.
Trial Demo 142MB ( @ Big Fish Games)
MULTI5 DVD ISO Demo 1.02GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Buratillo On The Trail [Ru] Saturn+, Fly / NevoSoft [top]

The protagonist of this classic quest is a wooden rowdy boy named Buratillo. In the morning when he should go to school as usual, he slept in late. And it saved his life. Near the school there were police and ran the furious Carabas Barabas - headmaster. Through an empty corridor he came to his class. But the door to the classroom is closed and sealed. It turns out that all diligent students who came to school on time, disappeared. And only negligent Buratillo avoided this. Naturally, he falls under suspicion in the kidnapping of all students at the school. The only way for the wooden man to clear his name is to investigate and find all the disciples. You encounter funny characters that will help you by virtue of their ability. Collect different objects lying around here and there, correctly apply them in various scenes. And, as a result of the investigation, you will realize that in fact the story is not limited to the disappearance of the students, but its roots go deep into the past and entangle almost all the inhabitants of the city. This classic adventure is created with a fair amount of sharp humor that will appeal to all players. Go through all the scenes and the location of the game, solve all riddles and you will penetrate into the terrible secret enveloping the city and all its inhabitants.
Russian Full Demo 411MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Búzios: Ecos da Liberdade [Pt] State University of Bahia / FAPESB [top]

This is an adventure game about the Búzios Revolt that happened in Bahia in the late eighteenth century. This game was developed at the State University of Bahia with funding from FAPESB. It's an adventure-style 2D game developed in Flash. The main character Francisco Vilar, who is fictional, is a Brazilian mulatto who will study law in Portugal, after completing his studies and returning to his hometown, Salvador - Bahia. The plot, combined with the historical content of the Tailors' Uprising, seeks to immerse the gamer into the atmosphere of eighteenth-century Salvador (1798 and 1799), dealing with slavery, economic, political and social context, as well as struggles for freedom and everyday and social imaginary. Some of the NPCs (non-playable characters) are well-known and well-known historical characters such as Cipriano Barata, Lucas Dantas, Manuel Faustino and Luiz Gonzaga. The game will be about the Revolt of tailors, the first social revolt of Brazil that added people belonging to different social strata. Thus, it will portray the province of Bahia during the period of 1798 and 1799. Showing scenarios representing Port area, Engenho and a vessel used for long trips in this period. The Búzios Project: Echoes of Freedom aims to simulate the context of Bahian society in the eighteenth century specifically the Revolt of Búzios and rescue a popular revolt that developed in Bahia, creating a space for students to construct concepts and meanings about this historical content mediated by an electronic game. This historical fact is considered the uprising of the end of the colonial period more incisive in the defense of the ideals of freedom and equality of the citizens propagated by the French Revolution, of which the inconfidentes pretend to proclaim the Republic. Most importantly, different sections of society participated in the movement, mainly representatives of the poorer and Afro-descendant classes. As well as aspects related to architecture, landscapes, places and the real characters of this historical moment will be portrayed with fidelity, mixed with fictional elements to show the atmosphere of tension and agitation that boiled in the streets of Salvador, and other states that hosted movements of revolt. Students and teachers will be faced with economic and social aspects, such as the desires of the subordinate class of colonial Brazil, having to make decisions and create strategies to solve the problems faced at the time, while at the same time they can overcome the reality of the game by analyzing the society in which we live.
Browser-Playable Mini Games (uploaded by Official Site)
Portuguese Free Game 104MB (uploaded by Official Site)

Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! 773 / Nyu Media [top]

This is a linear visual novel and the sequel to Cherry Tree High: Comedy Club! Unlike the previous game it is now a visual novel. No decisions to be made - just press a key to advance the story. The game takes place right after the end of the first title. The main story consists of seven episodes, but there are also five "sub-stories" to be followed. Most characters and locations from the previous game are back, and a few new ones are introduced. The story has several threads, but the main one is about one of the new characters: Ai Fujino, a transfer student and national pop star who wishes to remain incognito and join the Comedy Club at Cherry Tree High. An English version was released in 2014.
Full Demo 91MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Coma Atmos Games [top]

Coma is a moody, fantasy 2D platformer with a focus on exploration and solving small puzzles. The player controls a boy who has to find out what has happened to his sister. His father locked her up in the basement and with the help of the bird Pete he needs to find a way inside. The character can move around and jump to explore the environment. He can also talk to others with different conversation options. Gradually he will learn some abilities that allow him to explore more of the environment. Puzzles are very simple and the entire game can be completed in about 10 minutes.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Newgrounds)

CSI 6: Fatal Conspiracy Telltale Games / Ubi Soft [top]

Team up with the Cast of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation not only to solve some of the most gruesome crimes of Sin City, but also to take down a dangerous drug cartel. Partner with FBI agent Gene Huntby in 5 Connected Cases to take down the Queen of the Hive. For the first time ever, the storyline engages you from the first case to the last. Be Prepared to Work with your CSI Partners, including the returning Sara Sidle, to solve murder cases and uncover the Fatal Conspiracy behind the crimes you investigate. It's an all new immersive experience thanks to intriguing cases written with CSI show writers, a fully updated rendering engine allowing for more realistic lighting effects, and enhanced character acting and lip sync with the voices of the main actors from the show.
Level Demo 447MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
DVD ISO Demo 1.90GB (uploaded by Egon68)

CSI: Crime City Area/Code / Ubisoft [top]

The player is a CSI dropped in the middle of a teeming metropolis and is challenged to solve difficult murders to bring criminals to justice. Players can explore crime scenes, earn virtual currency and build their very own CSI Lab. They can play alongside their favorite characters while exploring cool Las Vegas locations such as casinos, nightclubs, hotel suites, the desert and the Las Vegas strip. This casual game that will appeal to CSI fans and Facebook gamers alike. The gameplay has been uniquely tailored to appeal to the casual gamer and allows players to interact with their friends to solve challenging and mysterious crimes. The game was shut down in March/2015.
Free Browser-Playable Facebook Game ( @ Official Site)

Cube The Game BlackRatStudios [top]

This is a scary version of the movie Cube where a group of people ventures trough a huge cube, which is divided into smaller sections also in a shape of cube. They do not know, how they have got in and they want to get out. However it is not so simple, because the cube is full of deadly traps. Some sections are safe and rest is lethal. There are numbers and different colors in each section, as to help indicate a safe route, however to solve it is a heroic task. You must survive a journey trough this dread cube and get out. Suspense awaits you and the game is quite difficult. Read the tutorial and play at night for maximum creepy effect.
Free Game 16MB (uploaded by Free Game Archive)

Curfew, The Littleloud / Channel 4 [top]

In a near future, England is a police state. You have information that could bring down the government but the police are on your tail. At a safe house, can you find someone you can trust with the information and can you get them to trust you? It's a political thriller webgame interactive movie using FMVs, set in 2027 in the heart of an authoritarian security state. The Curfew could be described as a miniature Canterbury Tales set in a not-so-distant future, where citizens must abide by government security measures and second-class citizens are placed under curfew at night. The player must navigate this new locked-down world, and engage with the characters met along the way, in order to work out who to trust with some leaked, government-shaming data. The Curfew takes place over one night in which four ordinary people (the immigrant, the dissident, the ex-cop, and the youth) find themselves trapped by the curfew in a hostel, re-purposed as a safe house. When the game begins the player is passed a data-laden disk containing information that could hopefully be disastrous for the government if delivered into the wrong hands. The player - only hours away from capture - must find someone in the safe house to trust with this information. To fill the curfew hours the characters share their stories: when they leave the room – depending on the player’s choices – their outcomes will be revealed.
Free Browser-Playable Flash Game ( @ Official Site)

Dark Andrew Russell [top]

Dark is an abstract, atmospheric puzzle-platformer that takes place in several very dark environments. The player controls what appears to be a black rhombus with eyes, exploring cavernous areas, and seeking the exit to the next area. Along the way are numerous glowing lights to collect, and often the player must move some object or find a secret in order to continue. The game includes five areas, and takes approximately half an hour to complete. The Windows version is free to play, but requires an Internet connection to run the installer/launcher. By donating $2 the developer provides a zipped version that can be played completely offline along with instructions to remove the nag screen. The game only takes 20-40 minutes to play.
Full Freeware ( @ Official Site)

Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose Blue Tea Games [top]

Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose is the first installment in the Dark Parables franchise and was released on March 11, 2010. Set in Edinburgh, Scotland, the player takes on the role of The Detective to investigate and discover the true tale of the real Sleeping Beauty, and save her from the disembodied spirit of the evil sorceress who originally cursed her, and who now needs a new body and has her sights set on Briar Rose's. After Briar Rose is reawakened, she tells you of the "fabled Frog Prince, who still walks amongst us to this day", setting up events for the following game, The Exiled Prince. The bonus gameplay in this game is titled "The Spinning Room" and serves as a further teaser for the following game, The Exiled Prince, by introducing the fact that Princess Briar Rose had a sister named Princess Ivy, (who, in The Exiled Prince, is James the Frog Prince's first and one true love).
ISO Demo 198MB (uploaded by Egon68)
 1  2 

Dark Visions 10th Play [top]

This is a remake of a freeware adventure game originally created in 1992 that was distributed on AOL for a brief time. The original had 4 color CGA graphics, a somewhat clunky interface, and a smaller house and simpler plot. During the fall of 1928, Emma Fischer travels alone by train to New Hampshire to begin work for her uncle, Dr. Frank Mahler. Upon her arrival she finds that he is strangely absent, and is overcome by the nagging feeling that something is not right. You play the role of Emma as she explores the mysteries of Hill Crest Manor. Featuring over 50 unique backgrounds, interactive puzzles, animated characters, and scripted sequences. This game triggers dynamic events and actions based on how far along you progress. Certain characters will only show up to talk to you at certain times, and you may not be able to collect particular items until their purpose is made clear. In addition, previously inaccessible areas may yield new clues later in the game. While much of the game involves walking around and picking up objects to use elsewhere, there are a number of puzzles that need to be solved to advance through the story. Like Myst, much of the mystery unfolds through discovered diary entries, papers, and books. Reading these can be key to getting past the puzzles, which range from different types of code entries, to following various instructional sequences.
Free Browser-Playable Flash Game 11MB ( @ Official Site)

Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage Zoetrope Interactive / Iceberg Interactive [top]

Once again, put yourself into the shoes of Howard E. Loreid and delve into a chilling Lovecraftian world which is getting darker every moment. In "The Dark Lineage", the second installment of the Darkness Within series, Howard E. Loreid discovers his own horrible past is connected with the madness that is about to swallow him. The Dark Lineage will take you to places where the "things" of the past still live, and all the memories that should be long-forgotten are still remembered; including a drowsy, depressive town called Arkhamend, a victorian mannsion that hides a lot of horrible secrets, a dilapidated building inside a notorious, snow-clad woods and dim underground buildings and tunnels. It is coming more frightening and stronger than the previous installment as it is armed with a more advanced, realtime 3D game engine. Interact freely with the game world: use dynamic light sources, carry them with you to light your way, push, pull or throw objects away to find out the underlying secrets and examine every little detail. A fresh and realistic gaming experience which was not seen in any other adventure game is waiting for you. Prepare yourself for the descending darkness, this time it will be ultimate. You can move anywhere you want, light up your way with light sources that cast real-time soft shadows and realistically lift up, push, pull or throw objects with the power of Nvidia PhysX engine. There's a built-in Hint System with 3 Difficulty Levels: Players can choose to play in Standard, Detective or Senior Detective modes. Traditional adventure game puzzles are complimented by deciphering dreams, underlining excerpts in documents to garner critical clues and interacting physically with the environment. IN Dec/2014, a Director's Cut Edition was released with enhanced graphics, new locations and new puzzles added.
Level Demo 268MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
DVD ISO Demo 1.4GB (uploaded by Egon68)

DarkStar Parallax Studio / Lace Mamba Global [top]

A tale of murder and deception with nothing less than the fate of humanity at stake. A race against the clock in a quest to turn back time itself. Can you cheat fate and write a new future for mankind? DARKSTAR is experienced through exploration & discovery on a wrecked starship light years from earth, a world that has centuries before been annihilated. You are Captain John O'Neil, stranded with no memory of what has transpired. Nothing is as it seems, and despite the icy, cold silence... you are not alone. DARKSTAR features the entire original cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000, stars Clive Robertson, and is narrated by Peter Graves. With more movie footage than any "game" ever produced, DARKSTAR is a true interactive animated movie with live-action actors.
DVD ISO Demo 12.7GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Date Warp Hanako Games [top]

Date Warp is a visual novel video game about a young Indian-American woman, a college student who goes on a date and disappears. It was released on May 22, 2010 for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It is a science fiction game with elements of romance. The game uses anime-style graphics and is written in English. It was developed and published by Hanako Games. As it is a visual novel, the player reads through the story and makes choices at crucial points to change the outcome, leading to eleven different endings. The game also contains small puzzles which must be solved in order to make those choices. The story begins with Janet and Bradley, the young couple on their first date, arriving by chance at a mysterious mansion in the woods after their car breaks down in the rain. They seek shelter inside and find a mismatched group of handsome young men staying at the mansion. After staying the night, they try to leave, and the story takes the first of many surprise turns. Each path through the game reveals only a fraction of the story until finally all the elements are in place and the true ending is unlocked.
 1  2 
Level Demo 80mb (@ Hanako Games)
Full Demo 66MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Death HourGames [top]

You are Death aka The Grim Reaper. This is an episodic freeware point´n click adventure game made with Adventure game studio. Episode 1: The Scythe of Unlimited Power - Death encounters a fierce demon who is after his scythe to claim unlimited power. It features Death himself starring in an adventure game with prerendered toon style 3D graphics mixed with 2D graphics. Scare, knock out, talk and solve puzzles to advance. There's stupid dialogs. Meet and interact with zombies, demons, spirits and humans. And it has two different playable characters (sort of)..
Free Game 78MB (uploaded by Jolt Games)
Free Game 75MB (uploaded by ModDB)

Death Proclaimed Jake Springhorn [top]

A young woman named Alice returns to her hometown to end the haunting visions and grotesque dreams that plague her constantly. Her mind was filled with unanswered questions and the only way she believes she could put them to rest was by visiting the town once again. When she arrives to the desolate town, she discovers strange and hostile creatures lurking within. Still motivated by her quest for answers, Alice fights past the monsters with the sole incentive to ease her troubled mind. This game features a Custom Battle System and Menu System. It also features a Custom Health Bar, intense gameplay, and a gripping story. This game has three endings that depend solely upon how you play the game and what certain items you are able to get.
Free Game (@ RPGMaker.net)

Demonic Dollhouse, The Jonas & Tobias Karjalainen / HourGames [top]

This initially was a commercial adventure game offered for $1.99 and made with AGS. It was then later released as freeware. The phone rang. "Hello?", the demonhunter answered. "H-H-HELP!!! D-DEMONS!! EVERYWHERE!!", the voice in the phone screamed. "Where are you?" "My address is Darkstreet 81! Please hurr-- AAAAAAAAAAARRGGGHHH!" The phone call sent chills down the spine of the legendary Demonhunter. He had seen and heard many dying humans before, but this was something else. Something horrible. This is a new game from the creators of Death - Episode One. You are the legendary demonhunter, and your mission is to investigate this mysterious house, and cleanse it from evil! Use your surroundings to find clever ways to trap/kill the demons before they kill you. This is a short action-packed point'n click adventure game.
Free Full Game 20MB (uploaded by GameFront)

Diamon Jones 3: Devil's Contract Litera / Game Factory Interactive [top]

This continues the story of Diamon Jones, a rough-around-the-edges archaeologist with a roguish charm who's always travelling around the world in search of something interesting - and valuable! In this latest instalment, this time with hidden object elements, Diamon attempts to leave his globe-trotting lifestyle behind by settling down and opening a small restaurant and Paris. Alas, adventure seems to follow Diamon wherever he goes, whether he wants it or not. This time it shows up in the form of a suspicious person who shows up in Diamon's restaurant being pursued by a man dressed as Elvis Presley and a two-headed Cerberus dog. It includes 15 locations, 13 mini-games, and a story that takes Diamon into the depths of Hell itself where he'll match wits with the devil - and get the chance to become a Hollywood star.
1-Hour Trial Demo 164MB ( @ Big Fish Games)
Full Demo 164MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Digital: A Love Story Christine Love [top]

This is a visual novel set in 1988. The player acts as the protagonist who receives a first computer, the Amie Workbench, and the game is played entirely through its retro interface. Along with the setup instructions a dialer is provided, complete with the authentic dialling sound, which provides a trip to the past and opens up to a world of BBSes, filled with hackers, rambling trekkies and girl called Emilia who posts poetry. Starting from a local BBS the player quickly gains the knowledge to exploit long distance calls, hack into protected environments and download updates and programs to expand the computer's capabilities. Although there are many technical elements to the story, romance in a digital world is a central theme and no technical knowledge is required to play — just the attention to important clues. Much of the game takes place through messages. The player does not actively need to type these, replies are composed automatically and you can only guess at the content of the messages that are sent out based on other people's answers. The Amie Workbench comes with a basic interface with a programme to play music. Other ones are added later and all of them are accessed through the desktop.
Free Game 34MB (uploaded by Official Site)

Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time Stickmen Studios [top]

You have to lead kooky inventor Doc Clock and his contemptuous robot, Sack, on their first awesome adventure through time to save Doc's beloved cat from a prickly fate. You will test your creative ability by devising ingenious inventions to overcome improbable obstacles. Then you will push your piloting skills to the limit as you attempt to steer your crazy contraptions through an insane world of spiky pits, icy chasms and erupting volcanoes, all dominated by technophobic hippy robots.
Full Demo 53MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Sumo Digital / BBC Multimedia [top]

The Doctor, Amy and some of the most iconic monsters of TV's Doctor Who make the journey from TV to home computers in this free downloadable computer adventure. Players assume control of the Doctor and Amy as they embark on new adventures which complement the new TV series. Stories and scripts for this game series are by Phil Ford (co-writer Doctor Who 'Waters of Mars') and James Moran (Severance, Torchwood Children of Earth). Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have been digitally recreated in-game, and have provided full voice-overs. Music has been provided by TV series' composer Murray Gold. An additional cast will portray original characters and classic enemies. Broken up into four unique episodes, these original stories will take players on a journey throughout time and space, including one location from the Doctor Who series which has never been seen before on screen. Players will encounter new and original monsters, in stories which form part of the overall Doctor Who canon. Episode 1: City of the Daleks (June 2) - the Doctor (in his current Matt Smith incarnation) faces his most well known alien enemies, the pepper pot-looking Daleks. The storyline finds the Doctor and his current companion Amy visiting London in 1963 only to find out its been devastated by a Dalek attack. Episode 2: Blood of the Cybermen (July) - features more classic Who elements, including an abandoned Arctic research centre... an ancient relic... an off-screen terror. The episode was written by TV series writer Phil Ford and once again stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan as the two leads. Episode 3: TARDIS (Aug 27) - lets players actually control the Doctor's famous bigger-on-the-inside time and space craft. The TARDIS is caught in a time riptide, it's up to Amy to save the day or leave the Doctor trapped in the void forever. Meanwhile, a dangerous entity is roaming the TARDIS corridors and it hasn't been fed for a very long time. Episode 4: Shadows of the Vashta Nerada (Dec 25) - brings back the shadow-like creatures that were first introduced in the TV show a couple of years ago. It leads directly on from the cliffhanger of TARDIS, where the Doctor and Amy materialised inside a sea-bed colony called Poseidon and takes place entirely underwater. The episodes are available from the official website as a free PC download for UK residents, but those living elsewhere can purchase the four episodes separately or combined for just $ 12.95 at Direct2Drive.
Screenshots Episode#
 1  2  3  4 
Full Freeware Episodes 1-4 330MB each ( @ Official BBC Site) *only available to UK residents
Episodes 1-4 ISO Demo 1.38GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demos Episodes 1-4 (thanks to Delacroix & upped by Scaryfun) 1.02GB

Don't Look Now IT-University of Copenhagen [top]

You closed your eyes on March 18, 1986. You play a schizophrenic caught inside her own deranged mind. The game world is a huge building, the Maze of Pain and Fear, which is a representation of your mind. You regain consciousness somewhere in the lower parts of the building, and have to find your way to the top of the building, where hopefully you will be ”cured” or set free. On the way, you have to avoid confronting the monsters in your head, which are hiding in the darkness. They will hunt and attack you, and drain you of your sanity if you look at them for too long. The game was developed using UDK during the spring semester as a student project for the “Game Development” course at the IT-University of Copenhagen.
Free Game 239MB (uploaded by Official Site)

Drawn 2: Dark Flight Big Fish Games [top]

Iris has escaped from the Tower but she still needs your help! Explore the Kingdom of Stonebriar and solve the mysteries of the shadows that prowl its streets in this fun Adventure game. Enter magical worlds through colorful paintings and meet a host of fantastic characters that will help you on your quest. Only someone with the power of imagination can unravel the mysteries of the three beacons, and save a future queen that will bring hope back to a people! The special Collector's Edition release is full of exclusive extras: 2 hours of bonus gameplay, unique achievements to earn, concept art and wallpapers, incredible original soundtrack, an integrated Smart Guide.
Collector's Edition 1-hour Trial Demo 161MB ( @ Big Fish Games)
Collector's Edition Full Demo 473.4MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

Dream Chronicles 4: The Book Of Air KatGames / PlayFirst, Inc. [top]

Ten years after the conclusion of The Chosen Child, the fourth Dream Chronicles adventure opens on the eve of Lyra's 18th birthday when she is magically transported to an alternate dimension. Following clues left behind by her grandfather, Lyra travels through a strange realm in search of the mystical Clockmaker who is the only one that can restore time and return her to her family. Taking the helm of a flying airship, Lyra explores the mystical landmarks of this gorgeous, yet mysterious world, in her quest to restore time and return home. Solve intriguing puzzles and find Hidden Objects to reunite Lyra with her family! There's 4 exquisite scenes to explore and you can activate 5 magical powers to aid in solving puzzles. Two difficulty modes to play: Casual and Challenge.
60-Minute Trial Demo 102MB (@ Big Fish Games)
Full Demo 154MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Dream Machine, The Cockroach Inc. [top]

Online adventure game from Swedish game designers and developers, all made out of plasticine and cardboard. On-line - because the authors used an interesting approach: the game runs on Windows, Mac or Linux with a browser that supports Adobe Flash Player 8 or higher, with graphics and data gradually loading on site. Plus - you have the opportunity to play (including, from last place from which you left off) on any computer. Negatives - the need to access the Internet. It is planned for five episodes. Chapter 1 (Dec 14) - Game begins with the fact that Victor and Alicia, for which you then have to play, enter into a new apartment and learn that she and the whole house bring with them some secrets. Alicia details a rather horrific dream which involved the building's caretaker. Victor must get a new key and get his furniture delivered. These tasks lead you to investigate some odd neighbours and strange discoveries about the apartment. Chapter 2 (Dec 14) - It turns out the apartment has an Inception-like machine within its walls, in which one person is able to step into the dream space of another. With this technology, you'll need to journey through the dreams of other inhabitants and sever their connection with the machine. Chapter 3 (Oct 31/2011) - You’re trying to help your wife out of a strange sleep-based situation, which involves entering the dream she’s trapped in. A dream set on a boat, in which every member of the crew is... you. And each one is numbered and you're number 6 (which is one of several references to the cult tv series The Prisoner). Chapter 4 (Aug 1/2013) - Victor must gain access to his elderly neighbour's dream and find his way to the heart of her frail and decaying mind. Chapter 5 (Nov 14/2014) - Victor must gain access to the last two neighbors' dreams and try to stop the dream machine once and for all. Chapter 6 (May 11/2017) - Victor must journey to the heart of dreams in order to rescue his loved ones from the dream machine.
Screenshots Ep#
 1  2  3  4  5  6 
Browser-Playable Level Demo ( @ Official Site)
Episodes 1-3 ISO Demo 111MB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo 709MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Dreamerz, The Rob Almighty [top]

This is a point-and-click adventure game where you play a cute little astronaut who is tasked with collecting "dream spheres" filled with "dream ingredients" to fix a "dream machine" on a little planet oozing with wonderment. And if that sounds trite, treacly and unappealing, you are in for a very pleasant surprise. Your friend the cursor, guided by his buddy the mouse, controls everything in the game. Click to move your astronaut, to select items, to use items, and to otherwise interact with the environment. You will soon find that the little planet you are on, while nice enough to visit, doesn't have everything you need to repair the dream machine, and you will need to activate the gray metal transports to hop to different worlds. Ad astra per aspera! Explore, collect, think, and try to repair the dream machine before bedtime. The fate of the world's Dreamerz depends on it! It conjures a mood that's a small part mystery, a tiny bit whimsy. It's almost like Samorost, not so much in the design, which focuses more on clean lines and colors rather than rich textures; but in the quiet way it encourages you to explore. Apart from the intro and from a diary you find early in the game, there are few verbal cues to tell you what to do, and along with surreal set pieces and a cool ambient soundtrack, it's quite absorbing.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Jay Is Games)

Earl Bobby Is Looking For A Loo Le Woltaire / Univert Games [top]

This third in the comedic adventure series is a commercial title available for $3. After he found his balls, Earl Bobby returns from the Golf Club together with Baron Mucki. But soon he recognizes that he has eaten too much after the 18th Hole. He absolutely has to find a loo because of his urgent feelings. The graphics have improved a lot compared to the other Earl Bobby games. The game comes with bombastic 1024x756 px resolution and fluid, very detailed animations. Music and sounds are used in a classic way and fit well to the scene. The atmosphere is brilliant and pulls you into the game. There's full voice acting in three languages. The inventory is done in a very funny and unique way. Puzzles are always fair and more on the easy side. Some sex comedy elements are there, but somehow less than in Earl Bobby 2. However the game is full of dirty humor about sheep and shepherds and comes with a manual that is funny as hell. While the playing length is rather short, this game still is worth a play and contains some bursts of laughter. In 2012, the game was made freeware.
Free Game 118MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)

Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy Agate Studio [top]

Rupert is a courier, who has a package to deliver to Earl Grey, who lives in the spooky mansion on the hill. No, that's seriously the address, and Rupert isn't going to rest until he's delivered the package to Earl Grey in person. That's right, no tossing the goods into a bush in roughly the vicinity of the address; you're not working for UPS, after all. But finding the Earl is going to be a little tricky since his home is a little unconventional, and it doesn't take long for obstacles to start springing up. Early on Rupert gains a pair of glasses that let him see environments in a new light, and you can click on them in your inventory to take put them on or take them off. The mansion is home to several adorable but lonely spirits, and helping them is entirely optional. If you're a jerk, you can choose to help them, but deliberately misinterpret their requests. The game is short and can be finished in 15 minutes but has nice graphics.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Jay Is Games)

Echoes Of Terra Leonardo J. Ceballos (Wolfmage) [top]

Earth is gone. The Terran Empire has fallen, destroyed by a mysterious alien race. 800 years later you, an Erudite Seeker, search the stars looking for clues about your ancestors, hoping to reclaim humanity's lost legacy. Now you've found a small, long-dead outpost that once belonged to the Empire... but you quickly realize you're not the only one interested in its secrets. This is a short (5-room) sci-fi adventure.
 1  2 
Free Game v1.01 28MB (uploaded by Official Site)

El Engaño de Barbapoca [Sp] La Jara Aventuras [top]

This free adventure is set in the time of pirates, on a Caribbean island. The Deception of Barbapoca is raised in three parts. Each chapter has its particular end, leaving the story open for the next installment, until the conclusion of the third and last. Capítulo 1: Esta Pizza Está de Muerte The protagonist named Guillermo Lopez "Will", has reached the island where the story is set a year ago, meets a slave, Coral, and falls in love with her. In one of the visits to the plantation where Will lives, Coral is found and charged with burglary, and their bones are thrown in jail. He meets the dreaded pirate Barbapoca, to be hanged in two days. He agrees to help Will to escape, and this will give you the money to pay for freedom of Coral. Here we take the reins of the adventure. Capítulo 2: Competencia Fantasmal (2013) This time, Will embarks on journey in the footsteps of Barbapoca for vengeance. What Will be found on the island of pirates? Capítulo 3 is still to come.
Screenshots Chapter#
 1  2 
Spanish Free Chapters 1-2 438MB/1.3GB (uploaded by Official Site)
 1  2 

Enter The Story 3: Genesis Of The God Chris Tolworthy [top]

The third episode in the Enter The Story series is Genesis of the Gods, is based on Hesiod's Theogony: the oldest and most important account of the creation of the Greek gods. It's a love story against the backdrop of primeval battles between gods and Titans, where the fate of the universe hangs in the balance. This episode has more romance than ever before, more characterization, more conflict, and more puzzle types - flying, playing music, and more. It's gods versus Titans and the climax to the first three stories. It has the biggest boss battle ever, the biggest explosion the world has ever seen, and answers to life's biggest questions.
Download: None currently available

Enter The Story 4: A Tale Of Two Cities Chris Tolworthy [top]

The fourth episode in the Enter The Story series is Charles Dickens' classic story of the French Revolution - the most popular novel of all time: two hundred million copies in print. And now, for the first time ever, you can become part of it. Your mission: escape the revolution! "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times". It's a story of love and sacrifice set in London and Paris in the late 1700s, featuring the fall of the Bastille, the Great Terror, intense love, massive death, noble sacrifice, world changing revolution, eternal conflicts, and spies. And probably the most famous opening and closing lines in all literature. Stories don't come any better than this!
Download: None currently available

Escape from the Chaotic City Christian Cammilleri [top]

It's the Apocalypse. It's an experiment. It's just a movie. Armed just with a bat and courage, Eddy, an idle teen has to turn into a hero..,in one night. But outside, on those desolates streets of Portland, the terror was released, the TV hasn't any broadcast, the telephones are out of order. A lethal disease is running through his veins...it's a time race. Features: Fight against a horde of zombies; Search for survivors; Make a plan to escape; Walk through a big city with a hospital a mall a subway a church a bar and much more; Reveal the dark secret behind this hell of epic game.
Free Game 40MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)

Eternally Us Ben304 & Steven Poulton [top]

This is a short free adventure game created with AGS for the monthly competition with set limits. A tale of love, life and friendship. Not your typical "funny" adventure game, it tackles some heavy material. Though the writing sometimes veers into the distinctly flowery, this ode to loss is hugely impressive in execution. While the idea and design are solid on their own, it's the aesthetic aspects that hold the aces. High quality, semi-professional voice acting really brings the characters to life, and fine music evokes suitable moods. But it's in the wonderfully charming graphics that EU's world is fully realised. Colourful and expressive, the characters and backgrounds are wonderfully engaging, and draw the player into the experience.
Free Game 44MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)

Fall Trilogy Chapter 2: Reconstruction Kheops Studio [top]

This is a series of three episodic puzzle-adventures with a spirit close to their previous game, Safecracker. In Chapter 2: Reconstruction, after escaping a mysterious old temple, you're about to regain your family when disaster strikes, and you have a bad fall. You wake up in a building where an unknown contact briefs you for a brand new mission. If you find the USB key, you will be one step closer to finding your family. Dive into adventure in this fun and mysterious Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.
1-Hour Trial Demo 140MB ( @ Big Fish Games) Chrome Browser-Playable Demo ( @ Official Site)
 1  2 
Full demo 136MB (uploaded by Molitor)

Filmmaker, The Unimatrix Productions [top]

This is a first-person supernatural adventure in the style of games such as Myst and The 7th Guest, with a heavier emphasis on exploration and puzzles. In the mailbox, you discover an unusual envelope from the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater. Odd, considering that the theater had been shut down years ago when the entire staff was gruesomely murdered, supposedly by the owner himself, who then took his own life. Inside the envelope is a letter telling you about the grand premiere of a new Claude Ferucil film, entitled Primal AtmosFear. Included are two tickets to the event. Excited, you call your best friend to tell him about the movie. The two of you agree to go to opening night, where you will return to the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater for the first time in years. As well exploring the rest of the haunted Carson Stiles Gateway Theatre while trying to solve its dark secrets, players will get to go inside several movies playing there as well, as the game attempts to "re-create the mood of classic Hollywood 'B-movies'". In Dec/2016, a remake using a free-to-use game engine called Storycentric Worlds was released. It uses an illustrated text format with no parser for inputting one's own commands; instead, player interaction occurs though predetermined text choices unique to each scenario, including inventory use, and will contain more than 400 pieces of original artwork, 76,000 words and an hour-long soundtrack. Unlock 25 achievements to view a special post-game bonus scene. Experience 6+ hours of content – a true "B-movie" experience.
2016 Remake - Level Demo 36MB (uploaded by Official Site)
2016 Remake Screenshots/Video
Level Demo 537MB (uploaded by Adventure's Planet)
DVD ISO Demo 4.53GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Frontiers Gold Extra [top]

Frontiers is an online multiplayer game that leads its players to the borders of Europe. It portrays a refugee itinerary from the sub-Sahara region to Europe. As a refugee or border patrol you'll get to know the border and the life behind it from both sides – in the Sahara, the beaches in southern Spain or the rainy Container port of Rotterdam. The game portrays a major migration itinerary, from Sub-Sahara Africa to Europe. The players face up to four border situations on their route, and a final dream-like landscape filled with interviews and material from our research. The players can initially decide between the roles of refugees or different authorities. The game offers a fresh perspective on structure and game-play of first person shooters: It is a modification of the game engine Half-Life2 reinterpreting the common narrative and gaming strategies of first-person games. The game is based on extensive research trips to the Ukraine, Slovakia, Spain and Morocco and interviews with refugees, refugee helpers and authorities. Don't just watch, experience the news yourself: Frontiers as a game can not possibly resolve the political matters of migration and refugees. But it aims at setting geographical areas and political fields into context to enhance the perception and understanding of the migrants' situation above a casual level of catastrophic news and create a platform for intercultural dialogue. From the beginning on the game was presented and opened for discussions in various steps. In up to 50 work in progress presentations, open game sessions, players, refugees and everyone interested in the topic could discuss the game. In 2011, it was presented at the Games for Change Festival New York. The game is also exhibited in the permanent game exhibition of mediamuseum ZKM Karlsruhe. The game is funded by: European Cultural Foundation, Austrian Ministry for Arts, City of Salzburg, State of Salzburg, ERSTE Sparkasse Kulturfonds. In 2012, it was awarded with the Austrian Outstanding Artist Award in the field of Interdisciplinarity.
Free Game 725MB (uploaded by Official Site)

Ghaib [In] ITB Students [top]

This is an Indonesian first person action horror game played on a desktop platform. Unlike the FPS game in general, Ghaib uses Al-Qur'an as the main weapon to conquer enemies. To fight the enemy and attack, the player must read the verses displayed on the screen. Driving a car with her sister on a night to be an experience not to be forgotten pledge during his lifetime. As he was driving the car, he saw a white figure appeared suddenly in front of the car he was driving. With a feeling of panic, Pledge swerved his car and had an accident that made him unconscious. Once he realized he could no longer find his brother, who was beside him. With a semi-conscious, Pledge can hear the faint sound of her brother for help from a distance. After struggling to get out of the car, the Pledge was determined to find her brother and then exploring an unfamiliar forest at all. However, it turns out in the forest he is not alone. In the midst of his search, he found the creature ... Ghaib. At each level, the player will be required to pass through obstacles in the form of an enemy either active or passive difficulties such as finding the door lock, solve puzzles, and so on. Active enemies here are supernatural creatures such as kuntilanak, pocong, etc., that will chase and attack players actively. The way to fight them is to issue the Qur'an and read the verse that comes out on the screen by using a microphone. When this verse is read correctly, the enemy will be in pain and eventually disappear (lose). Objective is reaching the end of a series of levels that will be faced by the players. In this game there will be a series of levels that players pass consecutively. At each level, the player is required to reach the end point level and then be taken to the next level. There will be many obstacles in each level as against the enemies in the form of a ghost, looking for items, or solving puzzles. When the player reaches the last level where the game will be finished, the player will be given the ending scene of the story contained in the game.
Indonesian Free Game 356MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Goddess Chronicles Gamers Digital [top]

Take on the role of Adonia, an up and coming goddess, and overcome numerous challenges in your quest for immortality. The journey begins on Mount Olympus where on accepting to undergo the trials of the Guardian you are swept away to your first challenge. Use your keen power of observation to find and assemble artifacts that lay hidden among ancient and exotic scenes in Goddess Chronicles, a fun Hidden Object game.
Full Demo 141MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Grace's Diary Hima and Piti [top]

This is a visual novel made for submission to and eventual winner of the Life. Love. Game Design Challenge Contest, an annual competition sponsored by the Jennifer Ann's Group to spread awareness about the dangers of teen dating violence. The story is about a student named Grace and her best friend Natalie, whom she thinks might be involved in an abusive relationship. You must help Grace search for memories inside that can be used to convince Natalie to review her situation and seek professional help for her troubles before it is too late. The game features three different endings to find in total. It delivers the message quite well as an edutainment effort.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Jennifer Ann's Group)

Grace's Quest: To Catch An Art Thief Alawar Entertainment / Mastertronic [top]

Stop a gang of art thieves before they steal all of the world's priceless treasures! Take on the role of Grace as she works with a detective from France to chase down the crooks and rescue her friend, Chloe, who’s been kidnapped! You'll have to bring all of your investigative skills as the felons globe hop from heist to heist, leaving empty art galleries and clues in their wake in Grace's Quest: To Catch an Art Thief, a fun Hidden Object game.
Ad-Sponsored Free Game 200MB (uploaded by MyPlayCity)

Gray Matter Wizarbox / dtp AG / Anaconda [top]

After concentrating on casual games for the last years, Jane Jensen, the maker of the Gabriel Knight series returns with a new adventure called Gray Matter. The story mixes eerie goings-on with supernatural events in best Jensen-style. Neurobiologist Dr. David Styles is one of the game's central characters: since losing his wife in a horrible accident some several years ago, he has become a recluse, seldom leaving Dread Hill House, his English country estate. When student and part-time street performer Samantha Everett shows up at his doorstep, she unexpectedly becomes his assistant. Hailing from America, she has been travelling through most of Europe the last couple years. Her first task: finding six test subjects at Oxford University for one of Styles' experiments. The experiment starts off innocently enough, but then inexplicable incidents start mounting. And Styles is visited by his dear departed wife. Now it's up to Sam to solve the mysteries of Dread Hill House. In Gray Matter, players control both Dr. David Styles as well as Samantha Everett in their bid to uncover the secrets and find out the truth. Gray Matter tackles questions concerning the nature of reality and the power of the human mind in constructing the world we take for granted.
Level Demo 1.65GB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
DVD9 ISO Demo 5.42GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Great Secrets: Nostradamus DayTerium [top]

Discover the Elixir of Eternal Youth as you join the great Michel Nostradamus on his adventures and unravel Great Secrets! Travel through the pages of Nostradamus’s diary, and meet the famous people of his epoch. Enrich yourself with new knowledge and learn about the world around you in this fantastic Hidden Object game. Discover the secrets hidden in Nostradamus’s prophecies and much more in Great Secrets: Nostradamus!
Full Demo 39MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Hamlet mif2000 / Alawar Games [top]

In this twisted classic adventure game based on William Shakespeare's Hamlet, a man from the future arrives in Hamlet's time just as the Danish hero is about to seek revenge for the death of his parents and rescue his beloved Ophelia from her captors. Unfortunately, he crash lands right on top of Hamlet, and he must now assume Hamlet's place in order to prevent the "history" of the world from radically changing. Over the course of 5 chapters consisting of 25 individual locations, players must solve a series of logic-based environmental puzzles in order to proceed. Along the way, you'll meet the main characters in Hamlet, from Claudius and Polonius to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, plus some new characters as well. You'll also encounter all the key events of the play, though of course the game won't play out exactly like the original. There are even some lighthearted "boss fights", though these are purely puzzle-based rather than action-oriented. Hamlet features simple but stylish hand-drawn comic graphics, though the gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of Samorost. The protagonist is mute (although the current goal can be identified through his emanating "thought bubbles"), and the interface uses a single cursor with no inventory, hotspots highlights or verbal/text feedback of any kind. This challenges players to work out solutions and successful sequences only through direct interaction and observation.
1-Hour Trial Demo 82MB ( @ Official Site)
ISO Demo 232MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo 79MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

Hanamushi: Flower Insects Enu (Akira Noyama) [top]

Made by a Japanese artist with a distinctly surreal and unique vision, this is a most startling, stylish, and downright beautiful point-and-click adventure game that will simultaneously mess with your head while leading you on a not-so-gentle tour of his art website. Just click through to the Hanamushi website where you will be confronted with what looks like an unfinished drawing with various links to the website underneath. First, before you do anything else, notice the link at the lower right with the two flags. Click on it to make sure the US flag is on top, as this sets the language for the site to English. Then, find the missing pieces of the doll and her wind-up key, click on them to put everything into place, wind up the doll, and begin. Be prepared for a journey through the mind of the artist behind Hanamushi, a world that looks like it was illustrated by Terry Gilliam on a mind altering substance. Journey through the land of melting lollipops and bizarre creatures by clicking hands at the top of the screen to move left or right, up or down. Hover the cursor carefully and notice the changes to find clickable areas that yield various bits of clothing or other fashion accoutrements. Collect them all, for they will aid you in your search and allow you to enter certain areas or accomplish certain things. Within this bizarre world you will encounter mini-games as well, iterations of old classics such as Simon, Mastermind, Towers of Hanoi, etc., but so brilliantly and uniquely presented you might not recognize them right away for what they are. In the end you will be collecting a staggering 48 pieces of apparel to aid you. The world is comprised of many scenes and layers; move far enough in one direction and you will discover that space is truly curved, and forward momentum in one direction will eventually place you back where you started. If you find you need a breather the game automatically saves your progress, allowing you to come back again and again until you have explored every inch.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Official Site)

Harry Quantum 1-4 TurboNUKE [top]

It's another joint effort from robotJAM and LongAnimals under their collaboration alias TurboNUKE. Their newest game follows in the witty adventure style of robotJAM's point-and-click hits like The Dreamerz and Panda's Bigger Adventure. A job worth a hundred thousand dollars doesn't drop into a private detective's lap every day. Of course, this particular job does involve hitchhiking into space (and the alien's bargain is a real pain in the... well, you know). Episode 1: TV Go Home - Here you play Harry Quantum, a private eye with a sweet fedora whose latest job is to track down some missing tapes belonging to a networks most popular TV shows. Typical of the genre, your immediate aim is to find and click on some things in the scene to add them to your inventory, and then rub things onto other things until something happens. There are also some more straight-up puzzles to solve, and the usual hunt for codes, which may require taking a few notes. Fairly short and linear, the game can easily be defeated your first time in about fifteen minutes. Episode 2: Unmasked (Mar/2012) - When the great masked wrestler Super Burro is fingered as the thief of some priceless Zaztec artifacts, he hires Harry to clear his name and figure out which dirty rat has been masquerading under his identity. Packed with puzzles, puns, and suspicious characters aplenty as you'd expect, Unmasked doesn't take itself too seriously, and the heavy emphasis on goofball humour, both subtle and blatant, makes it the perfect cheesy fare to relax with. Episode 3: Cheese Carnival (Sep/2013) An alien hires Harry to find photographic proof of people disappearing at the titular carnival. Harry has to get some green cheese for his alien friend. Walk around the carnival and solve puzzles as you try to capture photographic evidence of the visitors disappearing. Episode 4: Doc Star (Feb/2014) Harry Quantum travels to remote Loch Bess. There he hopes to discover what has happened to the band, Corned Beef Owls, in the castle lead singer Doc owns there.
Screenshots Ep#
 1  2  3  4 
Browser-Playable Free Flash Games Episodes 1-4 (uploaded by JayIsGames)
 1  2  3  4 

Haunted House Imaginengine / Atari, Infogrames [top]

Atari's classic groundbreaking game is back with more chills, cool new unlockables and plenty of scary new enemies! Over thirty years have passed since your grandfather, Samuel Silverspring, disappeared without a trace. When a mysterious letter arrives claiming to have insight on your grandfather’s whereabouts, you are led back to the place he was last seen, Graves Mansion. As you dare to embark on this spooky adventure to uncover the truth about your grandfather, you are forced to face your fears in the dark depths of the Haunted House? Jump into fast-paced action as you explore new environments and discover hidden secrets – but beware – danger lurks behind every corner! You'll have to combat rats and bats, ghosts and gargoyles to survive the Haunted House and solve its mystery. Use powerful light sources to defeat enemies and reveal secret doors and hidden treasure.
Free Browser-Playable Original Atari 2600 Version (uploaded by IGN)
ISO Demo 394MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors Top Evidence Studio / Big Fish Games [top]

Help Stan Riddle escape the Haunted Manor! After being trapped by the Lord of Mirrors, Stan needs you to guide him to safety! Use your Hidden Object skills to find valuable items and piece together perplexing puzzles. Discover why a beautiful mansion has been abandoned and what caused the owner to disappear. Come up with a clever escape plan to reach your friends in Haunted Manor – Lord of Mirrors!
Collector's Edition - Full Demo 336MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Collector's Edition - Full Demo v1.0.0.8 324MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Heart of the Alien Redux Delphine Software International, Interplay Entertainment Corp. / Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc. [top]

This is an open source rewrite of the game engine made by Gil Megidish for the sequel to the classic adventure Out of this World, also known as Another World, that came out in 1994 only on the Sega CD. This program is designed as a cross-platform replacement for the original executable (data files from the CD are still required). The story picks up immediately after the end of the first game. You begin as Lester and his alien friend, "Buddy," land their pterodactyl in the ruins of Buddy's village. Lester was knocked unconscious in their escape, so Buddy lays him down on a cot to rest. The people who used to live in Buddy's village remain enslaved, so he decides to go on a mission to free them. Thus, you control Buddy as he sets off to free the people and find a way to send Lester home. Buddy controls somewhat similarly to how Lester did in the first game. He has some new moves that are provided by his powerful energized whip. Buddy can swing from ceiling in some instances, for example.
Open Source Engine - Beta v1.2.2 *requires Sega CD game 379kb (uploaded by Official Site)
 1  2 
Sega CD ISO Demo 220MB (uploaded by Cool Roms)
Sega CD ISO Demo & MP3's 41MB (uploaded by Rom Nation)
Redux - Full Demo (in Ports folder) + Manual 93.5MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

Hetherdale Red Herring Labs [top]

This free point-and-click adventure is from the creators of Morningstar. You guide Heather Montrose, an aspiring scholar who receives a telegram from an esteemed professor who claims to have found, deep in Africa, proof of a legendary city... a legendary city everyone believed to be the concoction of an 18th century poet and madman. Use your mouse to play the game and interact with the environment. Click on an area and Heather will walk to it, and click on an object with a text pop-up when you move your cursor over it and Heather will interact with it. Items in your inventory can be examined by clicking on the item, then on the magnifying glass icon, or simply by clicking one item on another to combine whenever possible. Shortly after you begin, you'll also acquire a map that allows you to instantly hop to any location you've previously visited. Handy, since Heather's walking speed is fairly slow. Don't forget to save frequently by opening the menu and choosing the option.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Jay Is Games)

Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets Gunnar Games / CokeM Interactive [top]

What is intended as a relaxing vacation to Savannah , Georgia for Claire Donnelly wuickly turns into one of adventure and mystery. Upon her arrival, Claire starts experiencing unusual visions, which grow to vivid depiction of visions of evil forces living among the citizens of Savannah. Dark Shadows: A Vampire's Tale mixes hidden object gameplay with adventure elements. The dark and mysterious storyline will capture the attention of casual gamers and vampire fanatics alike.
Full Demo + Strategy Guide 234MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 364MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Remake DN Games [top]

This is a remake of the original game of 1984, released by Infocom, programmed by Steve Meretzky and story plotted by Douglas Adams himself. THe difference between this remake and the BBC one, is that this is not remaking the game into a text-based game, but instead as point and click, with keeping however the interactivity levels very high, but also introducing two levels of difficulty.
Free Game 28MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)
included in Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Collection 59MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Hotel Cateia Games [top]

Croatian developer follows up The Legend of Crystal Valley with this paranormal mystery designed to be easily accessible to genre newcomers, providing a lite adventure experience that anyone can play. The hotel in question is the deluxe Bellevue Hotel in France, a converted medieval castle now owned by the wealthy Greenleaf family. As posh as it is, New York police detective Bridget (“Biggi”) Brightstone doesn’t want to be there. She was enjoying a relaxing vacation on the beach when her boss called in a favour to investigate a curious case of personal importance. A valuable necklace has gone missing, and its unidentified owner now lies in a coma for reasons also unknown. Reluctantly, Biggi accepts, and soon finds herself standing before the hotel's imposing stone edifice. Naturally, this being an adventure, even getting through the doors is no easy task, but the first hurdle merely sets up the opportunity for an onscreen tutorial to walk players through the basic gameplay mechanics. The angry local investigator is doing his best to keep Bridget away from the crime scene, unmarked secret passages abound, legendary ancient Egyptian artifacts keep turning up, and what’s with the ghosts? Yes, right, the Bellevue is rumoured to be haunted, and Biggi herself is witness to several surreal events that can’t be scoffed away. Are there really supernatural forces at work, or is it all just a really bad dream of some kind? That’s what players will need to figure out for themselves. To do so, you’ll need to solve a variety of different puzzles along the way. Many of the organic obstacles are solved with inventory collection (and sometimes combination), from smashing down barriers to creating distractions to repairing broken equipment, but there are a handful of other puzzles to contend with as well. Whether it’s aligning patterns, solving sliders, or matching symbols to cryptic clues, there's always something ready to test your logic. A Collectors Edition includes: characters biography, integrated strategy guide, bonus art and desktop wallpapers, and bonus music.
German ISO Demo 572MB (uploaded by Molitor)
English Collector's Edition - Full Demo 201MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Repack Full Demo with German Voice-Overs + English subtitles and menus 190MB (uploaded by rastan saga)

House 2, The Sinthai Studio [top]

Legend has it that there is a house in a small town that has been closed and left empty for decades. The house belonged to a wealthy family. But then one day, all family members; father, mother, daughter and the maid' were found dead in the house from what appeared to be suicide. From that time, the neighbors have closed the house for good as they believe that the house where the whole family committed suicide is cursed. Some said that they heard a woman's screaming voice from that house. Yet no one dare to enter the house... will you?
Full Free Browser-Playable Game (@ Official Site)

House in California, A Cardboard Computer [top]

This is a surreal, narrative game about four characters who bring a house to life. These four characters are based on the developer's relatives (two grandmothers and two great-grandmothers). The game is inspired aesthetically by Mystery House, developed in 1980 by Roberta & Ken Williams. But whereas Mystery House is a mystery story about greed and murder, A House in California is more like an Imagist poem about family and memory. It's a finalist for the Nuovo award in the 2011 Independent Games Festival. Previously, it was featured in the Learn to Play exhibition at Euphrat Museum of Art and exhibited at the Meaningful Play conference at Michigan State University in Fall of 2010. This game is available for free and was also sold in a limited-edition hardcopy run of 50, which is now sold out.
Free Browser-Playable Flash Version ( @ Kongregate)
Full Freeware 14MB ( @ Official Site)

Howard Glitch Robert Allmand [top]

This experimental art game is about a space shuttle hurtling into the maw of a monster. You're on the shuttle, along with several other passengers, but there's no driver or controls. The shuttle is being controlled far away by someone who isn't paying attention. While you're rushing toward your doom, you have some choices to make. The first: should you sit by and await death, or delve deep into your mind to escape reality? It takes place entirely within a series of YouTube videos. You'll get a bit of sparsely animated story and then be confronted with a choice or a puzzle. Click on your choice or what you think is the solution and you'll be taken to another video. What emerges is a strange little game that's one part choose your own adventure with a twist of an escape game.
Free Browser-Playable Game (@ Official Site)

I Was a Vegas Showgirl Kawagames [top]

The story is based on several film noir elements: Sissy O'Leary was a Vegas Showgirl. Now she's dead. But her spirit guide Chief Sitting Duck is giving her another chance. Sissy's beau Billy Lyons wants her to steal Stack-O-Lee's lucky Stetson hat. Stack-O-Lee is the toughest Casino owner in Vegas, but with his Stetson Billy can win the money they need to make it to California. The gameplay is similar to other 3D adventure games like Grim Fandango or Escape from Monkey Island. Sissy can be moved using the WASD or Arrow keys. The names of characters and objects with which Sissy can interact appear on the screen when she gets close to them. To interact with them pressing the spacebar is used. Examining is done through another key. Sissy also has an inventory where items are stored.
Free Game 31MB (uploaded by GameFront)

InLaws, The GolemLabs / Strategy First [top]

This adventure game blends edgy comedy and game play together in one unique offering. It features a war between two superficial, egotistical, unscrupulous and wicked families. It's for anyone who has dreamed of kicking their mother in law's dog down a flight of stairs. It blends adventure games with sitcoms featuring a dysfunctional family that everyone loves. Destroy, ruin and humiliate your in-laws with dynamic playable characters. It has 90 minutes of sarcastic and witty dialogue. Collect objects and find creative ways to use them against your in-laws. Use the secondary character's unique personalities to help make your rival look stupid. Play mini-games that will help you spread more mayhem.
Download: None currently available

Jade Rousseau: The Secret Revelations Deck13 / Phenomedia Publishing, Masque Publishing [top]

This is a 6-episode breathtaking interactive novel with hidden object elements. Every self-contained episode includes information that can be used to unlock additional exclusive content in the following episodes. The main character of this new game series is the young inspector Jade Rousseau. Episode 1: The Fall of Sant' Antonio - In the first episode Jade is accepting a placement in Sant‘ Antonio to leave the terrible events of her recent past behind her. She packs her life into a small suitcase and sets off to the remote village in the Lombardy. Jade only wanted to gain some distance from the events of her recent past by accepting a placement in a small Italian mountain village. But even before she arrives she gets pitched in the midst of an incredible case of intrigues, secrets and betrayals. A break-in that seems to be none and a suspected murder without a corpse are only the surface signs of a widespread conspiracy whose roots seem to reach deep into the constitutional church. Never would Jade have suspected that her entire life and everything she believed in could turn on its head within only a few hours. What is really going on at the abbey of Sant' Antonio? Why did the novice whose corpse got found in the old mines have to die? Can Jade trust her partner and who is the mysterious caller? Episode 2: The Brotherhood was planned but seems it never appeared.
1-Hour Trial Demo 290MB ( @ Youda Games)
Episode 1: The Fall of San Antonio - Full Demo 286MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Jekyll & Hyde Pixelcage / bitComposer Games, Namco Bandai Partners [top]

Based on the Robert Louis Stevenson's classic and set in London during the 19th century, the game features a young Dr. Jekyll, who seeks a cure for the plague but instead unwittingly creates a potion that awakens his dark alter ego, Mr. Hyde. Alternating between the roles of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, players will search for an antidote to the epidemic while slowly uncovering a conspiracy involving an occult sect. The investigation will lead players deeper and deeper into London’s mysterious underworld. Jekyll & Hyde will enthrall players with the classic adventure gameplay that combines elements of action and skill. The player assumes the role of the two main protagonists, and must use the different characteristics of the two game characters to solve the exciting puzzle, enigma and skill sections in the story. Dynamic camera moves enhance every game situation, and the view switches between a platform game and a 3rd version perspective. A mobile chemistry lab allows the player to brew the potion that will trigger his transformation, and gamers will also need this mini-lab to help them solve puzzles.
DVD ISO Demo 4.19GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Jimmy The Troublemaker Victory Creek Productions [top]

This is a free humorous point-and-click adventure made with AGS. Jimmy's having a bad day. He arrives to his grandfathers attic to clean it out and finds a magic book in a locked chest. He reads a spell just for fun and get transfered to the land of Xandia where the evil witch Josephine has gone mad with power.
Free Game 60MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)

Jisei sakevisual [top]

Jisei is a supernatural mystery game produced by sakevisual. A teenager with no name and no home wanders from one city to the next, burdened by the weight of his extraordinary ability. When he is accused of murdering a woman that he's never met, he sets out to prove his innocence and find the true killer. The investigation quickly takes a turn for the complicated when a strange voice appears in his head, warning him to watch his step. Every word has a hidden meaning. Every suspect has a secret. Search for clues, interrogate the witnesses, and unravel the mystery before it's too late.
Full Demo 65MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Jolly Rover Brawsome / Lace Mamba [top]

Jolly Rover is a comedic point-and-click adventure with 2D cartoon graphics. Its hero, a dachshund named Gaius James Rover, is the son of a famous clown who died in a tragic cannon accident. Gaius lives on a small Caribbean island with his uncle, who's trying to get into the rum trade. One day Gaius unwittingly taints a barrel of rum with tobacco and creates a potent brew which he names "Jolly Rover" after his late father. While his uncle is away, a lucrative contract for Jolly Rover arrives with payment up front. Gaius combines this with his meager savings, charters a ship, and sets out in hopes of raising more money to fulfill his lifelong dream of starting a traveling circus. Along the way, he encounters a bunch of pirates — and, of course, adventure. There are 25 characters altogether, and the story takes place across three different islands, with a total of 60 distinct backgrounds. It also features full voice acting.
Special Edition ISO Demo 771MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Journey Down, The: Chapter 1 Over the Edge Theodor Waern / SkyGoblin [top]

In the making for five years, this is a classical Point n Click adventure game divided in four separate free to play dowloadable chapters. Chapter 1 Over the Edge - The first chapter was originally made for free with AGS (Adventure Game Studio) and follows our brave hero Bwana and his sidekick Kito as they, while struggling to make ends meet, suddenly get thrown into a twisting plot of Corruption and Adventure. Bwana, a simple fuel station attendant attempting to get he and his sidekick Kito's plane airworthy in order to take a strange and beautiful woman to the mysterious area known as "The Underland" by going over what is known as "The Edge." It has dazzling full motion cinematics, more than 20 Locations, over 15 bizzare characters, and an all original jazzy reggae soundtrack. On May 18/2012, an HD remake of the original game with improved graphics was released comercially. It has a fully voiced cast, even more puzzles and locations, and in general greater production values including its own brand new engine.
 1  2  3 
Freeware Game 125MB ( @ Official Site)
ISO Demo 619MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Julia: Innocent Eyes [It] Artematica / Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment [top]

Based on the well known Julia character created by Giancarlo Berardi, in the world of comics published by Sergio Bonelli. The game will be released in three volumes. Episode 1: Parole non Dette (September 24) On Halloween night, Judge Howard's daughter is killed in the garage of his home. The body was found just days after the girl's parents who are unable to contact by phone, decide to return early from their vacation. Investigations of Julia and Lieutenant Webb from the house of Howard. It is a crime of passion or a retaliation against the girl's father on a recent verdict by Judge Howard? Episode 2: Istinto Predatore (October 22) The second day of investigation starts from Julia's house. It also adds Sergeant Irving performing some office tasks will manage to provide useful information to complete the investigation. New cases of suspects open to other people involved in the story. Episode 3: Lacrime Nere (November 26) The third day sees Julia's investigation, Lt. Webb and Sergeant Irving joined by Leo Baxter. The team is now complete and on the turn took the investigations, to speed up, even Lieutenant convince you to accept the help of private detective. When all roads seem to have been blocked the unexpected happens.
Italian/Ukranian DVD ISO Demo 3.07GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Parole non Dette / Istinto Predatore / Lacrime Nere - Italian DVD ISO Demos 2.17GB / 2.32GB / 2.54GB (uploaded by Shattered)
 1  2  3 
Julia: Tödliches Verlangen Special Edition - English Updated Translation 3.77MB (uploaded by rastan saga)
German DVD ISO Demo 3.77GB (uploaded by Thircase)

Jurig Escape Haramain Software [top]

The game is about a high school girl who got stuck in a school that is very spooky and haunted. To be able to get out, she has to collect the lost souls by beating some of the typical Indonesian ghost that is on at the school. This game has 3D graphics in third person view. Plus with the sound effects, it adds to the impression of horror. It was an early work from the maker of Dreadout.
Free Game 32MB (uploaded by Mediafire)

Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World Napthalite Productions / Cateia Games [top]

Originally conceived by indie developer Napthalite Productions, after a long hiatus the game was picked up and is now being finished by Cateia Games (The Legend of Crystal Valley, Hotel). A break from the company's earlier dramatic offerings, Kaptain Brawe is set in an alternate 19th century world where space pirates terrorize the galaxy. Players must step into the gravity boots of the titular character, a Space Police officer who embarks on a journey filled with quests, conspiracies and general chaos, as he follows the lead of two kidnapped alien scientists. The game is available in two episodes or as a whole game. As promotion for the sequel gaining funds on Kickstarter, a mini game set between the first and second games was released named Kaptain Brawe: An Unexpected Intermission.
2006 Beta Demo 37MB ( @ Adventure Spiele) Level Demo 48MB ( @ Official Site) Trial DemosEpisode 1 90MB Episode 2 119MB ( @ Big Fish Games)
 1  2  3  4 
English Level Demo 153MB (uploaded by Gamer's Hell)
Full Demo 148MB (uploaded by Molitor)
ISO Demo 240MB (uploaded by Egon68)
An Unexpected Intermission - Free Game 198MB (uploaded by Official Site)
German ISO Demo + English Translation 619MB (uploaded by Molitor)

Knights in Shining Armor: Our King's Tale - Episode One Fluff Entertainment / Corbomite Games [top]

This point and click adventure game is set in a dark medieval fantasy world. The story follows a young Prince Rupert on his way to kinghood, through a different land than his own. He would like to become one very much, but all kings need a queen and only the very best will do for the favorite son of the most powerful kingdom. Of course in times of uncertainty it's best to ignore such dreams and go for your toughest enemy's daughter. All that's left now is to follow tradition and prove ones worth by making your way to your beloved. He journeys through a foreign and hostile land. Arriving by ship on this new continent, Rupert must traverse it alone and reach its capital in order to prove his worth and take his princess. Along the way he encounters strange places and people alike. It features high resolution 3d rendered backdrops and classic-style point and click game mechanics. The game lets you explore a new medieval continent, meet its people and guide Rupert trough his journey.
 1  2 
Full Demo 148MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Life Flashes By Deirdra Kiai Productions [top]

This is a free adventure game created with the Sludge engine. Charlotte Barclay, a novelist of moderate success, one day finds herself in a car accident while on her way to the next leg of her book tour. She then wakes up in the hazy world of her own memories and, accompanied by an impish pixie-like creature called Trevin, finds herself whisked away on a whirlwind journey to relive various vignettes of her life so far. In doing so, Charlotte attempts to make sense of who she is and who she’s become, as well as who she could have been had she done things differently. Life Flashes By is a video game about success and failure in following one's dreams, about finding love and losing it, and about feeling isolated and out of step with the rest of the world. It is a story that is at times clever and fun and at times melancholy and introspective. Most notably of all, however, it is a story best told non-linearly, which lends itself uniquely to the interactive nature of games. As a player, you won’t just be watching a plot unfold, you’ll be shaping and affecting it in a way unique to you alone.
Full Freeware 145MB ( @ Official Site)

Lightning Master Creative Loops [top]

This tells the story of an ordinary man, who one afternoon finds himself immersed in a strange situation. An empty town, a notebook that rewrites itself and a time machine. He has been selected to put things right. Can he unravel the mystery and fix what has gone wrong? He must figure out what’s going on, and of course, find a way to change his circumstances. It's a free game made with Adventure Game Studio.
 1  2 
Free Game 147MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)

Linkage Neutral [top]

Here's another great escape the room game by Mya of Neutral. You find yourself in the dark. There's a couch and a big screen television... some, uh, fluid on the floor... and a photo of a puppy! Why... this isn't sinister at all! But you do need to use the rest room... and getting out isn't going to be easy. Control, however, is easy; click on the screen to interact or pick up items, and use the arrows at the edges of the screen to change your orientation in the room. If an item is in your inventory, you can mouse over it and click the little magnifying glass icon that pops up for a closer look. And believe me, you're going to be contemplating that adorable little rag-tag assortment of items with furious intensity if you want to solve this one and escape. There's no real instruction so it's up to you to fire up your own grey matter and make like your ancestors, only instead of creating fire you're sobbing incoherently and trying to force answers out of a fuchsia teddy-bear by trying to combine it with a battery and a piece of paper. If it all gets too much for you and you need a break, there's even a save function built into the game.
Browser-Playable Free Game ( @ Official Site)

Loondon Flip-n-Tale [top]

All Jonah wants is to be happy. He's courageous, loyal to friends, and kind even to strangers. Unfortunately, Jonah is one of "the malformed", rejected by society because of his hunched back. He lives at a fair with the other outcasts. Then one day the wind blows him a handbill advertising a celebration in glittering Loondon. Could this be the answer to Jonah's dreams? You'll need your point-and-click skills to find out. Using the mouse, click around to cause Jonah to walk, and on hotspots (highlighted by arrows) or speech bubbles to interact with the scenery or talk with people. Most of the time you're just looking for whatever can be clicked, and that will advance the story, making this more on the "interactive art" side than the "game" side, but there are two minor puzzles.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by JayIsGames)

Loricum MED Theatre group [top]

This story-led game is based on a play young people wrote about the flooding of a Dartmoor valley to make a reservoir and the mixed local reaction, which was the subject of the 2006 MED Theatre community play, Loricum. The game also includes a filmed trailer and stop-frame animations that assist in telling the story. The video game made with AGS has multiple endings dependent on character choices and task completion, with a point and click format to control multiple characters and objects. This project ran between March and July 2010, and involved 18 young people under supervision who created the game from start to finish.
Free Game 109MB (uploaded by Official Site)

Lost Horizon Animation Arts / Deep Silver [top]

From the makers of the acclaimed The Secret Files games, comes this Indiana Jones style adventure set in 1936: Nazi henchmen are traveling the world over, searching for occult weapons to help with plans for further conquests – and for a key artifact to unlock the mythical Shambala. When Fenton Paddock, a former British soldier and hapless smuggler, is asked to find a lost expedition in Tibet, he has no idea that his search is going to lead him through three continents, and eventually to a secret that could turn the whole world upside down. There's approximately 150 screens over 5 chapters. Players will visit, among others, Tibet, Hong Kong, Berlin, and Marrakech, promising players a good deal of location variety. Within each chapter there is a map that can be used to quickly access previously visited locations. The puzzle solutions, very similar in their style and difficulty level to those in the Secret Files games, are therefore not limited only to the immediate environments. Players will also find the team feature that was seen in the developer’s previous series. As such, a few segments can only be solved through the cooperation of Fenton and Kim, the female co-protagonist in Lost Horizon. Even so, most puzzles are solved without team efforts throughout the adventure.
English Level Demo 1.07GB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
DVD ISO Demo 3.63GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Making Of A Prophet, The MDickie [top]

The metaphor of The You Testament (the developer's previous game about Christianity) is given a controversial twist in this Islamic interpretation of the concept! Travel back in time to ancient Arabia during the "Days Of Ignorance" and shadow the Prophet Muhammad as he struggles to enlighten his pagan contemporaries. Having been granted a glimpse of the true nature of reality, he beholds mankind to have gone astray and seeks to reunite them with their creator. Follow in his footsteps across 20 unique locations and become his most trusted companion as his destiny gradually unfolds. It doesn't promise to be easy, however, as a disbelieving public and an oppressive Quraysh regime seek to stifle his fledgling movement! Featuring over 100 authentic storylines and scriptural references for further reading, The Making Of A Prophet is a timely reminder of the definition of Islam.
Free Game v1.0 / v1.1 ( @ Official Site) 17MB
 1  2 

Max & The Magic Marker Press Play [top]

Max is a young boy, and like most boys he loves to draw. One day he gets a mysterious marker in the mail. There is no letter attached – only the plain orange marker. Max decides to test it right away, sits down and starts drawing. He draws a monster but as soon as he finishes the lines on the paper start moving and to Max’s great surprise the monster runs off the paper and into another drawing. Stunned Max now sees how the Monster messes around with his drawings. Max realizes that he has to stop the monster. So he draws himself on the same drawing that the monster is in and immediately finds himself inside the drawing. The game begins. This is a physics based 2D puzzle platformer, in which the player controls the boy Max and his Magic Marker. While Max enables good old platforming fun, the marker provides the game's signature feature: the ability for the player to draw directly inside the game world where everything drawn becomes physical objects. This feature is used to complete levels and overcome challenges but it also provides the player with a unique tool that in itself is fun to play around with.
In-Browser Demo ( @ Official Site) *requires Unity 3D plugin / Level Demo 37MB ( @ Game Pressure)
 1  2 
Clone ISO Demo 150MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Mirage Grupp#1 Futuregames Academy [top]

This is a game demo developed with Unity engine by eight students as an assignment at Futuregames Academy in Stockholm, Sweden. The total development time for the project was six weeks. In Mirage the player is tasked to control a swarm of glass through a hazardous and mysterious world filled with autumn leaves, branches, branches, and plenty of sand. The goal of this journey is to try and piece together a mirror which has shattered. This in turn will hopefully return the world to its normal state. You take damage when colliding with a wall, but health can be restored by blasting the green crystals that you will encounter several times during your journey. There is a healthy amount of checkpoints too, and any enemies previously defeated will stay down even after you've respawned some distance away. The entire game is basically just one long level capped by a boss fight, and can be beaten in about fifteen minutes or so.
Free Game 114MB (uploaded by IndieDB)

Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, The The Odd Gentlemen / 2K Games [top]

What started as a student project for The Odd Gentlemen has turned in to another Portal-esque tale of indie developers rising through the haze and delivering something really special to a mass audience. Enter a macabre and comical silent film world filled with mischief, time travel, and delicious pie. Record yourself and harness your time bending abilities to cooperate, compete against, and disrupt your past, present, and future selves. Winterbottom's debut misadventures present whimsical spin on the notions of time, space, and play. Mr. P.B. Winterbottom is a villainous gentleman with a predilection for pies. Swiping the mysterious Cherry Chronoberry pie changed everything for our beloved Winterbottom… one bite made him more than an ordinary pie-grabbing humbug. That first taste changed him into something quite extraordinary, granting him the ability to break the rules of time. With these newfound time recording tricks up his cufflink, and with the help of his time clones, Winterbottom can now snatch pies with the greatest of ease. But on his journey to devour every pie, Winterbottom must mind the signs... the perils of being unstuck in time. With a unique, albeit short, campaign that twists the conventions of time-platforming just enough to feel fresh and an artistic style all it's own this is one title you'll always remember.
ISO Demo 473MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo with fixed installer 290MB (uploaded by Meddle)

Mogo-Mogo One Click Dog [top]

Ever wonder how the robots from 2009's popular game Little Wheel came to be? This point-and-click prequel tells the story of the Mogos, a small island tribe that toils day in and day out until one little inventor has an idea. By which we mean he gets a visit from Goldy, the little flying golden avatar, who takes him on a journey through the realm of dreams in search of ultimate inspiration. Once again, you use your mouse to navigate, clicking on hot spots throughout the game represented by small white circles to make either your inventor or Goldy interact with the object. You'll be presented with a variety of odd puzzles as you progress, but the goal is always to find and touch the glowing blue orb to open the next doorway. The adventure is divided up into levels, and upon completing each one you'll be given a password so you can pick up where you left off if you have to go do some toiling of your own. While Little Wheel had a moody, industrial, shadowed aesthetic, Mogo-Mogo presents a vibrant world full of strange landscapes and stranger creatures. Sky whales, flying portal worms, and giant... bouncing... colour changing... um, things, abound in this dreamworld that make it a joy to explore, even if the puzzles are just weird and a little awkward rather than particularly inspired. It's got all the bouncy energy and funky design of a cartoon.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Newgrounds)

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge LucasArts [top]

Following on the success of Special Edition release of The Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2 brings back the beloved sequel with exciting new features including high-definition graphics, a re-mastered musical score, full voiceover, and an in-depth hint system. Plus, experience all new unique special edition features that let you interact with the world of Monkey Island like never before. Having defeated the evil ghost pirate LeChuck in his first adventure, pirate extraordinaire Guybrush Threepwood sets his sights on the treasure of Big Whoop. Legendary treasures however, come with legendary challenges and Guybrush will have to use his wits and humor to prove himself the greatest pirate in the Caribbean. Voodoo dolls, spitting contests and amusement parks are just some of the challenges Guybrush must overcome as he meets old friends, fights familiar enemies and uses every single ounce of his wits to become the most celebrated pirate ever.
DVD ISO Demo 1.37GB (uploaded by Egon68)
included in Monkey Island Special Edition Collection DVD ISO 3.60GB (uploaded by hgdagon)
included in Monkey Island: Special Edition Collection (2010) ISO Demo 3.6GB (uploaded by hgdagon)

Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull Big Fish Games [top]

When a beloved husband and father goes missing under bizarre circumstances and the police can't help, who better than you, master detective, to solve the case? The seventh in the popular series of hidden-object adventure games is a beautifully done game about betrayal, treasure, curses, and backed-up toilets, just like Poe would have written about. The biggest change is obviously the inclusion of actual people playing the part of the characters you interact with. The missing man is Marcus Lawson, who had moved to the run-down estate after abruptly inheriting it not too long ago. His daughter, the last person to see him, claims he was taken by a ghost. Understandably, most people are skeptical... though with your track record, you're more willing to believe than others. After all, the dilapidated manor and overgrown grounds seem to hide more than their share of secrets, and not to mention the rumours going around of a vicious pirate who buried his treasure there centuries ago. To find out what happened to Marcus, you'll have to use all your skills and prowess... and solve a lot of hidden-object scenes and complete tasks for the townsfolk. People who have something to tell you have an exclamation mark over their heads, but for the most part you'll want to rely on your own powers of observation. Explore the manor and the surrounding area for clues; when your cursor changes, click to interact with people and objects. Text at the bottom of the screen will remind you of your current objective, and you can click "hint" when the meter is full to get some more hands-on direction. Remember to refer to your journal frequently, since that's where you'll record all of your finding, especially any particularly cryptic clues that might be helpful later on.
Collector's Edition - Full Demo 758MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
1-Hour Trial Demo 295MB ( @ Big Fish Games)
ISO Demo 666MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Nancy Drew 22: Trail of the Twister Her Interactive [top]

This latest game in the ever popular series is based on the 155th Nancy Drew novel The Mystery in Tornado Alley. Nancy travels to Oklahoma to investigate a mysterious string of accidents as the Canute storm-chasing team competes for a $100,000,000 prize to discover a formula to predict tornado touchdowns. But when equipment starts failing and crew members are injured, you as Nancy Drew, must join the team to keep them in the competition. Is it just bad luck that's plaguing the storm chasers or is someone sabotaging their chances of winning? Go undercover as a storm chaser, and immerse yourself in meteorology by studying clouds, reading Doppler data, and surviving tornadoes. Collect pennies by playing arcade games to purchase candy from the store. Choose from Junior or Senior Detective difficulty levels.
Free Browser-Playable Land Rush Mini-Game ( @ Official Site)
Level Demo 243MB ( @ Official Site)
2CD ISO Demo 1.05GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Nancy Drew 23: Shadow at the Water's Edge Her Interactive [top]

Nancy travels to Kyoto, Japan with friends Bess and George as a reward for the solving of the preceding mystery (Trail of the Twister). She investigates the haunting of her Ryokan (hotel) conducted by a young girl who supposedly drowned "at the water's edge". Traditional Japanese family ryokans (inns) are charming places, but a vengeful ghost is terrifying you and other unsuspecting guests. Is there a shadowy specter haunting the placid inn or is something far more sinister driving away business? Meet Yumi Shimizu, the eldest girl in the family who has gone to the city to start a more modern life, as she blogs her way through fashion, food, and cuteness. Immerse yourself in Japanese culture by learning about oragami, tea ceremonies, and calligraphy. Create custom anime-style characters for your in-game phone. Play fun mini-games such as pachinko and Sudoku. Choose from Junior or Senior Detective difficulty levels.
Free Browser-Playable Dress Up Challenge Mini-Game ( @ Official Site)
Level Demo 238MB ( @ Official Site)
2CD ISO Demo 1.18GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Nemo's Secret: The Nautilus Big Fish Games [top]

Go on a fun and exciting Hidden Object Adventure and find Captain Nemo’s legendary submarine, the Nautilus! Follow clues and hints left by Captain Nemo himself, as you track down his vessel, and become a part of the legend. Discover the sub and work your way through the insides to find treasures beyond your wildest dreams! Explore gorgeous scenes, and solve tricky puzzles in Nemo’s Secret – The Nautilus.
Full Demo + Guide 241MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

New Beginning, A Daedalic Entertainment / Lace Mamba Global [top]

This is a cinematic, interactive eco-thriller. In the classic adventure game an impending global climate cataclysm threatens the world, in a story ripped from today’s headlines, dealing with the defining issue of our time. At locations all around the globe, players will have to try and stem the tide – with the whole world hanging in the balance. A global climate catastrophe threatens the existence of humanity. As part of a team sent 500 years back to our time, you are tasked with changing the course of history and preventing climate chaos from ravaging the planet. But the mission does not go according to plan. In December/2012, The Final Cut edition was released that includes 60 minutes of cutscenes, 28 Steam Achievements and is localized for seven different languages, featuring full translations into English, German, French and Russian with subtitles for Italian, Spanish and Polish.
English Level Demo 955MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
DVD ISO Demo 2.74GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Bonus Disc ISO Demo 246MB (uploaded by Molitor)

Night Train (cancelled) AKA Xportmedia [top]

This is a 1st person adventure set in 1920's England. Travelling late at night, Anna drifts off to a restless sleep. She dreams about the events in her life that brought her to this journey on the Night Train. As you explore her memories, you begin to find new ones surface as you glimpse at the events that shaped her life. Throughout the dream you will learn the fate of her family and her ultimate destiny. It seems only a demo was released.
Level Demo 117MB (uploaded by File Planet)

Nine Unknown Men Daxy Bulgaria EOOD / BD Studio Games [top]

Many centuries have passed since the people of Atlantis left our world. It is unknown where they came from and what was the cause of their demise. It is known for certain, however, they have passed all their knowledge to their descendants and instructed them to guard it. In the year 3 BC, Ashoka the Great ascended the throne of the Maurya Empire. Several years later, he waged war against the kingdom of Kalinga. And so the Great Battle of Kuru took place. During this battle, the Weapon of Gods was used for the first time in history: new, powerful and very effective. As soon as Ashoka witnessed the scale of destruction, the suffering caused and the countless casualties , he felt not the joy of victory but great horror and remorse. The emperor assembled his council of wise people. As a result they chose nine worthy men to keep and preserve the knowledge and secrets of Atlantis. So the mighty secret society The Nine Unknown Men/Nine Strangers was created. Every member of the Union of the Nine must guard one of the nine sacred books containing the scientific knowledge, discoveries and facts which are forbidden to humankind. They have been waiting patiently for the time when humanity will be ready for and worthy of this information. Whenever one of the nine died, another one took his place. Two millenniums ago the Union of the Nine chosen the first-year university student as a candidate to replace one of Unions members. The protagonist (he or she) must pass a big set of quests and become the keeper of one of the nine secret Books which contain the knowledge forbidden for mankind. Events of the game take place in a cheerful atmosphere of students life in several countries of Europe, Asia and America. The smart interlacing of numerous quests, amusing examination questions and fine music will give a real pleasure to adventure game fans.
Full Demo 380MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Obama Resident Evil Inkagames [top]

The first family have been kidnapped by Dr Wesker of the Umbrella Corporation. As President Obama, it's up to you to parachute into Raccoon City and rescue them. Help him to get his loved ones free. But be careful, zombies are lurking everywhere. It uses typical point-and-click adventure mechanics. Find necessary items nad use them to move past obstacles.
Browser-Playable Free Game ( @ Kongregate)

Oceanspirit Dennis series Ben Chandler, Ponch, Crystal Shard, various others [top]

Oceanspirit Dennis is a one-screen, non-complicated point’n’click adventure made in AGS, which seems to be gleefully ripping the piss out of other point’n’clicks, out of Final Fantasy, out of RPGs in general, and most of all out of itself. It was inspired by a troll on the AGS forums. It sparked a whole series of games following the various exploits of OceanSpirit Dennis and his companions.
Downloads (uploaded by Official Site)

Octodad DePaul University [top]

This is a free third person adventure game about destruction, deception, and fatherhood. The player controls Octodad, a dapper octopus masquerading as a human, as he goes about a day of his life. His existence is a constant struggle, as he must master mundane tasks with his unwieldy boneless tentacles while simultaneously keeping his cephalopodian nature a secret from his human family. Octodad was developed by students at DePaul University, located in Chicago, Illinois. Beginning in June, the team of 19 concepted, prototyped, and developed this original game in order to compete in the Independent Games Festival Student Showcase at the 2011 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Moving Octodad in 3D is an exercise in imprecision and hilarity, as you must pick up and swing each leg individually, sliding the mouse around to gain ground. More often than not, you'll end up in a funky position. Gripping objects is handled in the same manner, and you'll probably knock over more things than you'd care to admit. But it's awesome to play around with, and the story keeps you driven to move forward and explore new rooms.
Full Freeware v1.5.1 300MB ( @ Official Site)

One Chance Awkward Silence Games [top]

One Chance is a game about choices. It tells the story of the scientist Doctor Pilgrim who made the major contribution to solving cancer. The game starts in the morning after the cure was introduced to the world and he is preparing for the celebration. However, at the start of the game the player is warned that every living cell on planet Earth will be dead in six days and you only have one chance. The game takes place over these six days. The way the the story is told is similar to Every day the same dream with recurring locations over different days, but there is more stress on the importance of choice and consequence. Doctor Pilgrim has a chance to save the planet, but there are a lot of different paths and endings, all depending on the player's choices. Interaction is strictly limited to moving around and picking certain options to advance the story. There are no puzzles or other challenges. Eventually an ending is received and similar to You Only Live Once and Execution there is no straightforward way to replay the game. The choices are final and upon reloading the final sequence is shown, as the game is only meant to be played once.
Free Browser-Playable Flash Game (uploaded by NewGrounds)

Other Age: Second Encounter Zeiva Inc [top]

OTHER AGE – Second Encounter or OASE is a game with elements of adventure, dating sim, and visual novel. In OASE, you control Prince of Zeiva Empire in his quest to date a girl using a machine called Luv Luv Nitarou Dynamite. With it you can summon girls from any place, time or space. Follow stories of different characters and collect as many ending as you can! OASE has a total of 10 summonable girls, 200+ illustrations, and 55 endings.
Level Demo (@ White Cat)
Full Demo 334.8MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

Outbreak, The SilkTricky [top]

Night has fallen, and your little group of survivors has managed to fight through to the uncertain sanctity of a small suburban house, an oasis in the midst of the hordes of living dead that surround it. There's a problem though: Dave's been shot, or worse yet, bitten. It's hard to tell. Kelly thinks she can save him, but Seth already has his gun out and doesn't want to take any chances, even if it means putting a bullet in the head of someone not even infected. You're the deciding vote. And so starts this foray into the world of interactive live-action horror. You basically watch the film until prompted to make a choice, the acting is questionable (or at least very loud and sweary), and it sometimes feels that your successful choices are frustratingly based on dumb luck rather than logic (as is, admittedly, the case with many "Choose Your Own Adventure" type stories). On the other hand, the fast-paced direction and well-done special effects are quite effective in creating a constant sense of menace, and the chapter select options allow you to easily return to an earlier decision, limiting frustration. There are 21 scenes in total, with 10 decision points. There are 6 options that lead to death, and 2 that lead to your survival, though the "death" endings are often just as entertaining as the "survival" ones. There's something to be said for the visceral emotion of live-action scares that's hard to capture in drawn form. The Outbreak is a fast, dumb, violent, profane, zombie movie in interactive form.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Official Site)

Phobia: The Fear of the Darkness Jonez Games [top]

This is a first person survival horror game made with FPS Creator, where you have to complete a variety of puzzles in a creepy environment in order to find out the story of the house, while avoiding zombie-like monsters. David was on his way to his new job outside the town, when a sudden snow storm caused him to crash his car in a middle of nowhere. Which forced him to take shelter from a cursed mansion, where his only hope of getting out alive is to break the curse of the house. It was just a small project from a first-time game developer wanting to make his own game after getting inspiration from games like Penumbra and Scratches. With interesting ideas and a creepy atmosphere, but poor game design and borrowing of music and sounds from Frictional Games' Penumbra series - some love it, while some hate it.
Free Game 128MB (uploaded by IndieDB)

Phoenix1 julius [top]

This is an FMV game made with AGS (Adventure Game Studio). You wake up in space, without knowing who or where you are. Roam the halls of Phoenix1 Deep space vessel in search of answers.
Free Game 400MB (uploaded by Big Blue Cup)
Free Game 400MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Post Tenebras Salamander Game Studio [top]

This planned two-part series casts players in the role of Harry, a man trapped in a mysterious place with no memory of who he is or how he got there. To discover your identity and reveal the "dreadful secret buried in your memory", you must carefully explore your surroundings for items and clues that will help you on your way. In order to unlock the full version of the game, a one-time license fee of €5.00 is required. Part 1 is called The Soul Eater. There is no firm release date set for the second part of Post Tenebras, but the developer is currently targeting a completion date as early as the end of September.
The Soul Eater Trial Demo 28MB ( @ Official Site)

Professor Neely And The Death Ray Of Doom Nathaniel Oliveira aka Sonicrumpets [top]

This is an old school point and click adventure inspired by similar games released in the early nineties by Lucas arts and Sierra. In the game you'll take on the role of Professor Neely a retired college professor and famed inventor who is unwittingly lured to an odd house and held against his will by a mad doctor. Your goal is to escape and stop the events that are about to take place. It features: wide screen aspect ratio with optional letter-boxing, retro low res 320X200 resolution (with optional scaling to 640X400+), and sounds and music for every location. Play with no fear of dying as you can't. There's alternate solutions to certain puzzles, and a special hidden mini game. Also, it introduces advanced GRUNTS technology.
Full Freeware 18MB ( @ Official Site)

Puzzle Agent, Nelson Tethers Telltale Games [top]

Telltale is all about releasing quirky little titles that others won't touch, and the Pilot Program is their way of getting even weirder concepts out there. Puzzle Agent is the first new title to be featured in the Pilot Program and is only $9.95. It's an adventure puzzle game in the style of the Professor Layton series. What the heck is going in Scoggins, Minnesota? When White House inquiries to the Scoggins Eraser Co. are answered only with curious puzzles, the U.S. Department of Puzzle Investigation's Nelson Tethers is sent on the case. The strange case of Scoggins plunges Tethers into a mystery that will challenge every ounce of his expertise, and possibly his very wits too. He must overcome brainteasers at every turn, including mazes, logic puzzles and riddles, and he soon realizes that these - along with the clinically pre-occupied townspeople, secret societies, and mysterious sounds from the forest - are intimately connected to the core conundrum. And what's with the gnomes? Created with Graham Annable's unique narrative and visual sensibilities, delivered with the distinctive Telltale storytelling style, Puzzle Agent is sure to challenge, thrill and engage in more ways than you can shake a cryptogram at! Plentiful puzzles to challenge your neurons. See if you can find every puzzle to solve the mystery of Scoggins -- mazes, logic, riddles, brainteasers and more. Investigate the strange, peculiar and mind-boggling to crack the case! Your discoveries provide clues to the larger mystery crippling the town, or uncover puzzles that must be solved to reveal answers ... or even more questions. Hunting for Hints: Chewing gum helps Agent Tethers think and solve. Find and collect gum wads around the town to uncover hints if you get "stuck" in any puzzles.
Level Demo 182MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Full Demo 192MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 233MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Puzzle Bots Lively Ivy / Wadjet Eye Games [top]

This is the first commercial game from the maker of 2008's free game Nanobots. Life at Dr. Hugo's Factory for Making Robots has never been crazier. Zander, a gifted but absent-minded inventor, has just finished a bright-eyed little robot he calls "Hero." Hero is obedient, hard working, and eager-to-please. The perfect cover. But what do robots do when their inventors aren't looking? When the coast is clear, Hero and his fellow robots take off on an epic journey full of curious animals, mischievous children and sleep-deprived scientists. Will Zander win the affections of the pretty new scientist? Will the robots meet their untimely end before the holiday shopping season? And most importantly, has anyone else noticed something weird about the layout of the factory? Sometimes, the big questions can only be answered by little robots.
Level Demo 40MB ( @ Official Site)
Full Demo 109MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Quantumnauts Midian Design [top]

The Quantumnaut's task was simple: teleport his captain back on board the spaceship within the required time for this mission: 3 hours on planet Earth in 2010, 1st Universe. But by getting a coordinate wrong, the Quantumnaut accidentally teleported the wrong person: an unlucky person called Bob. Before being teleported, he had just left his favorite pub where he had been playing all night with his band, ending up pretty drunk as usual. After being teleported, Bob thought that everything he was witnessing was just a drunken dream. But it seemed to be as real as the immense shadow that was approaching the spaceship he found himself on at that very moment: space pirates! They managed to escape from the pirates and ended up in the 13th Universe in the year 3042...But during the escape, the ship's motors and control system were completely destroyed. The only option left now was to crash-land on the first available planet they encountered. They eventually crashed on a red, hot planet with a desert littered with strange trunk-shaped rocks. The road back home? Probably not easy, and definitely long. Chapter one is called "Speed of Light, Space Pirates and Multiverses". In Jan/2019, the game was made freeware.
ISO Demo 355MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Freeware Game 202MB (uploaded by Itch.io)

Raindog Story, A Bleeding Romeo [top]

This is a free adventure game chockfull with style and visual artistry. The graphics consist of photographs, posters and other images cut from various sources and pasted together to form a brilliant atmosphere. Sometime in the 1950's, somewhere in the U.S.A. In a small town in the middle of nowhere lives Tom Frost, a man who lost everything: his wife, his house, his job. Now he only has his acoustic guitar and a group of scores. Help him turn things around by joining a band and performing his songs to earn fame, fortune and once again find love.
Free Game 65MB (uploaded by zobraks)

RE: Alistair sakevisual [top]

Merui loves video games, especially her favorite MMORPG, Rivenwell Online. Merui also has a very short temper, so when some JERK named Alistair steals a rare item from her, she's determined to exact revenge on him. Unfortunately, she has no idea who he is in real life. But hey, that's never stopped anyone, right? Take control of Merui and make new friends, balance schoolwork and fun, go shopping, search for the culprit, and maybe even discover a new romance.
Free Game (@IndieDB)

Realm Unseen, The J. S. Earls [top]

The first interactive audio experience of its kind, this is the brainchild of author/creator J. S. Earls. Inspired by his own, personal challenges — loss of hand and wrist mobility, chronic pain and, now, hepatitis — and those of others, Earls has created an audiobook where listeners experience what it might be like if they were blind...and thrust into the adventure of a lifetime. This can really be enjoyed by those with visual impairments and those without. It's very audio-driven, but there's an important, integral reason it is. It's not just an audio choose-your-own-adventure story. About half-way through, there's a pivotal revelation that blows peoples mind. The story always comes first and it's a thriller with some cool science fiction and adventure elements thrown in. It's done with the aid of all-star narrator Josh Armstrong and creative composer k-Patt.
Official retail site
Download: None currently available

Redrum: Time Lies Anarchy Enterprises [top]

Just in time for Halloween, the twisted and evil Dr. Sigmund Fraud has been released from the asylum, and is up to his old tricks. Help Detective Ravenwood track him down and end his terrible crimes in this hidden object puzzle adventure game. Explore eerie nightmares and put an end to Dr. Fraudi?s cruel experiments once and for all, freeing the souls of his victims from their nightmares.
Full Demo + Guide 136MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Reincarnations: Uncover the Past Vogat Interactive / Big Fish Games [top]

Jane and Dr. Herzle have made a major breakthrough in reincarnation studies, but their hard work is compromised when Jane is kidnapped! Help her explore past lives as she tries to save her own life in the present in Reincarnations: Uncover the Past. Use your Hidden Object talents to take on the evil kidnappers and discover valuable clues.
Collector's Edition - Full Demo 213MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Renovate & Relocate: Boston Big Fish Games [top]

Help Olivia renovate her new penthouse suite and begin a career in renovation & interior design. Overcome construction issues and convert old houses into gorgeous homes by choosing all new finishes, décor and more! Go from refurbishing small homes to ocean estates and penthouse suites! Travel around Beantown and search for thousands of cleverly hidden objects! Discover your inner-designer talent in Renovate & Relocate: Boston, a fun and unique Hidden Object game!
Full Demo 335MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Rhem 4: The Golden Fragments RuneSoft / Lace Mamba, Runesoft GmbH [top]

The adventures of brothers Kales and Zetais continue in the mysterious land of RHEM. Like its predecessors, RHEM 4 features non-linear gameplay, non-violent story, and mind-bending puzzles. Everyone can play but few can victoriously solve all the puzzles. Continue into RHEM and think beyond your limits. This adventure bends all rules as you meet new challenges. RHEM is a first person adventure featuring brain-teasing puzzles for PC. You arrive in the world of Rhem by stolen rail car. For a moment, you must simply sit tight - unable to escape. Then, the car begins to roam this world, revealing its mysteries, little by little. You soon learn that the only possibility for your safe return home is a letter consisting of four hidden fragments, which you must not only find, but also put together. Upon disembarking the rail car, and now in search of the letter, you will explore the land of Rhem. It features: a non-violent story, 5000 rendered images in HighColor, 15 minutes of QuickTime animation, and Stereo-environment sound. In Feb/2016, a "Special Edition" was released with a new "album" feature allowing you to collect and use hints and also several unseen areas.
Level Demo 77MB ( @ Official Site)
Special Edition Screenshots/Videos
ISO Demo 707MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Robolution Tzach Shabtay [top]

The human race was destroyed by robots, because the robots were sick of the humans having them work for unreasonable hours (inspired by a Flight of the Conchords song). The new robot race is divided into two camps, split by the two major human companies that built the robots. The two camps are at constant war, and you play as a low rank robot, which is supposed to help with the war effort, but soon discovers that if drastic measures are not taken, you will lose.
Free Game 25MB (uploaded by GameJolt)

Room Tribute, The Tom Fulp, Jeff Bandelin, Chris O'Neill [top]

This is a fan made game on Newgrounds based off the movie The Room, a cult film renowned for being terrible. The game takes place just a few minutes or so before the movie starts. Johnny just got done working at the bank when suddenly, an earthquake commences, causing chaos and destruction throughout San Fransisco. Johnny, however, is unharmed and goes on with his life just like in the movie. You will be able to go through the entire story of The Room. The script, sans a few added lines and a few things not ever in the movie, is very accurately re-made in this "tribute". Point and click your way through a day's worth of chores and read incomprehensibly inane dialogue. The gameplay is in a point-and-click style with minor RPG and quick time events styles as well. Also, there are 10 spoons that you can collect within the game.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Newgrounds)

Royal Trouble Orchid Games [top]

On a secluded island two of the most unlikely people find themselves locked in a dungeon. Who captured them and why? And what is this place anyway? Take control of two main characters, alternating between one and the other. At first they will keep fighting, but hopefully, with time, they'll learn to be more... accommodating. Help them escape their cells, find their way around the castle and discover who's behind the capture. Explore 23 locations, inside and outside of the castle. From the dungeon to the towers. Climb ropes, move bridges, pick locks and learn how to mix the amazing Tummy Tonic! The point-and-click style gameplay switches back and forth between the two characters, who each have their own inventory items and just might be persuaded to share
Level Demo 143MB ( @ Official Site)
Full Demo 151MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Sam & Max Season 3: The Devil's Playhouse Telltale Games [top]

Sam & Max are back for a third season named The Devil's Playhouse consisting of 5 episodes which will be released a month apart. As the saga begins, an otherworldy power for controlling matter and space calls to the strongest and strangest who might wield it - intergalactic warlords and eldritch gods, under-dwellers and scholars of the arcane. In the premiere Episode 1: The Penal Zone (Apr 15) - Max has been bestowed with a set of powerful psychic abilities from an unusual ancient source that he'll wield against the strongest and strangest foes the Freelance Police have ever faced. You will join gaming's greatest dog and rabbit sleuths as they investigate the source of these powers, with manic Max exercising new and amazing abilities with each episode. Episode 2: The Tomb Of Sammun-Mak (May 18) - features new psychic powers for Max, peculiar foes, a journey on the Disorient Express and an ancient mysterious riddle that spans the ages. The upcoming titles and dates of release are: , Episode 3: They Stole Max's Brain (June 22) - Someone's snatched Max's noodle, gunning for control of its bizarre psychic powers. Now Sam's rolling up his sleeves, smacking heads, and throwing slugs — whatever it takes to get back what's rightfully Max's! Who's behind this egregious theft? The giant space gorilla? The suspicious-looking cockroach? Or maybe the fishy dame that runs the local greasy spoon? And who — or what — is a Yog Soggoth? Episode 4: Beyond The Alley Of The Dolls (July 21) - As the episode begins, an onslaught of oversized canine clones akin to a zombie apocalypse has Sam and Max running for cover in a barricaded ramshackle diner. And it gets even stranger from there. The forces that have been pulling the Freelance Police's strings begin revealing themselves in a tale that will change the way you look at Sam & Max forever! Who can possibly be responsible for this march of flabby dog flesh? The creepy old sorcerer? The creepier space ape? The even creepier diner owner? Or some other creep? Episode 5: The City That Dares Not Sleep (Aug 31) - In the finale episode of the season, an enormous, scaly, floppy-eared creature has put the city on high alert, and Sam assembles a crack team to stop him. To end the mayhem, they must venture...inside...the beast!
Screenshots/Reviews Ep#
 1  2  3  4  5 
Level Demos Episode #1 436MB Episode #4 381MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
 1  2 
DVD9 ISO Demo 7.58GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo 1.59GB (uploaded by hgdagon)
AlcoholClone DVD ISO Demo 7.52GB (uploaded by hgdagon)

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated - Crystal Cove Online Cartoon Network [top]

Cartoon Network released this episodic video game on their website which had a new mystery every week based on the aired episode. The player takes control of Shaggy and Scooby as they explore Crystal Cove, solving mysteries and helping other citizens with the rest of the gang. Although there are 52 episodes, CN stopped updating the game at the end of season 1, making the last mystery "The Freak of Crystal Cove."
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Teletoon)

Secret of Chunky Salsa, The Cavemen ProgrammerZ [top]

In this game you play as Colin, a son of a humble chronicler from the farming village of people called "Bearders" because of their tradition to wear beards of unusual sizes. The grave danger imposed onto the village sets him forth on the adventure to save his compatriots. Features: resolution of 640x480; blood feuds; the power of love; Eldritch abominations; farmers; beards of unusual size; chunky salsa; an ancient war + 2 endings.
Free Game 29MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)

Silver Lining, The Phoenix Online Studios [top]

The Silver Lining, originally titled King's Quest IX: Every Cloak Has A Silver Lining, is an unofficial continuation to the King's Quest series created by fans (the current TSL team was created in January of 2002), which was granted official legal permission from King's Quest copyright holder Vivendi Games, Inc. It claims to be one of the most professional fangames to date; it has grown to be one of the largest fangame projects when measured by team membership. The project was shut down for two months in September 2005, after over four years of development, and immediately after providing their first trailer and announcing a release date, Phoenix Online Studios received a cease-and-desist email from Vivendi. It was revived after a successful letter writing campaign by fans, as well as a professional DVD portfolio created and delivered by the team itself. The title had to be changed to remove the "King's Quest" reference but all content remained as is. It's going to be released in 5 episodes. The first part focuses mainly on King Graham and was completed in February 2010 but when the rights to King's Quest changed to Activision, they refused to issue the game a license to release it as a free game, until July when they changed their mind. Episode 1: What is Decreed Must Be (July 10) - Picking up where Sierra's original King's Quest series left off, the first episode opens with what should be a joyous celebration in the Land of the Green Isles. Upon the arrival of a black-cloaked stranger, however, revelry turns to tragedy as the royal twins Alexander and Rosella fall victim to a mysterious curse. Now patriarch King Graham must don his feathered adventurer's cap once again and set out on a quest to save his family - and to bring the beloved franchise into the new millennium. Episode 2: Two Households (Sep 18) - King Graham once again dons his feathered adventurer's cap and embarks on a quest to save his children, Alexander and Rosella, from a mysterious curse. Added Extended Narrations vs Short Narrations: You can flip the switch at any point during the game in the Audio options screen. Walking / jogging, moving Graham now animated on the basis of motion-capture and an improved algorithm. Added support for wide screens and setting the font size of subtitles. And above all - cheers - a new location, a total 17 locations in the game, ranging from the Isle of Mists, to a full sunny Isle of the Crown, and the brand new Isle of Wonders. A large number of puzzles and total length of the game that is four hours. Due later are Episode 3: My Only Love Sprung From My Only Hate (Feb 17/2011) is more than twice the size of Episode 2. It's packed with more intricate and difficult puzzles, a centerpiece action sequence, more beautiful cutscenes, another Isle to explore with new scenes and characters, and much more! Graham's world falls further apart and grows more mysterious: strange visions of old foes, the enigmatic Ranger's riddles, unexplained oddities in the Isles, and now Queen Valnice seems to have reached her breaking point. Episode 4: Tis In My Memory Locked, And You Yourself Shall Keep the Key of It (Nov 6/2011) is the last episode in which the action will take place in the lands of the Green Isles. There's more action sequence goodness that we had in episode 3 but also new areas of Sacred Mountain and exploration of Isle of the Beast. You're waiting for an arcade box, and you will surely be surprised to learn that the roots in rpg-episode "Final Fantasy". However, the standard and adventure tasks will be many, though, as promised, challenging. Finally, you will play as a new character (of two), who will operate in the fifth and final episode. Episode 5 - A Thousand Times Goodnight (TBA) You are waiting for the unknown earth.
Screenshots Ep#
 1  2  3  4 
Episodes 1-4 1.67GB (uploaded by Phoenix Online Studios)
Level Demo RC1 76Mb ( @ Game Pressure)
Free Episodes 1,2,3,4 (@ Official Site) *Register to download
 1  2  3  4 
Free Game + Soundtrack + Extras 1.7GB+252MB+73MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
Episode 5 Teaser - Haunted Castle Experience (uploaded by Official Site)

Sleep Is Death (Geisterfahrer) Jason Rohrer [top]

This is a turn-based 2-player storytelling game in which one person plays a character and the other controls the game world. This creates a story-driven role playing experience in which traditional AI and game mechanics are replaced by an actual, human director. The contents of the story are completely up to the player. While the controller can prepare a script, graphics assets and even music in advance using a simple editor, the unpredictability of the interactions between player and controller creates a unique outcome for every game. Players have to react spontaneously, since each side only has 30 seconds to perform the next move. At the end of each game, a screenshot flip-book of the story is created and can be shared with others. The game can be played over LAN or the internet.
Full Demo 12MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Player-Created Stories
Match-Making Service

Slip Space: The Burma-Shave Analogy Dan Markosian [top]

In Slip Space, players have been given a brain implant and unwillingly become an agent of the Strategic Intelligence Alliance. A potential security threat has emerged in the form of a strange building that keeps appearing and disappearing, bearing the sign "The Golden Age of Advertising", and it's your job to investigate. You soon discover that the building is a temporal-dimension transporter that ultimately leads to alternate universes, where you must seek out and find the five sons of the building's creator. Puzzles are in the style of Myst or Rhem.
Level Demo 97MB (uploaded by Atomic Gamer)
Full Demo 689MB (uploaded by Meddle)

Snakes Of Avalon Igor Hardy, Alex van der Wijst and Thomas Regin [top]

This is a dark comedy point & click adventure game set in the cheap and filthy bar called Avalon. The player takes control of Jack - a physically ruined alcoholic always on the quest for more liquor and never really sober. But one day something unexpected happens... One day fate decides for him to be the sole witness to a pair of lovers plotting a brutal murder. This event awakens Jack's long-lost sense of responsibility and gives him a chance of doing something right for a change. If only Jack's mind wasn't so foggy, and he could get a better grip on reality. The gameplay consists of traditional adventure game style inventory puzzles and interactive dialogues.
Free Game 38MB (uploaded by GameJolt)
 1  2 

Sneak Thief 1-5 Pastel Games [top]

You're a thief tasked by a man called Don Fabiano to retrieve the inventions of Prof. Bellamy. For your efforts, you will be paid top money... and isn't that the best kind of money? #1: Prime Catch (Sep) The titular thief looks like he could be the character in a sixties cartoon as he flies to the tower on his handheld chopper. He must get a hold of a teleporty, diamond-type thing. The environment is a mixture between the mundane lovingly and uniquely drawn and set pieces that are heavily stylized. Almost everything is bathed in blue which adds to the mood. The sound is great as well; the music is simple and repetitive, but it fits so well and is so catchy that you're more likely to find yourself grooving to it then right clicking to turn it off. #2: Second Strike (Nov) The thief starts out being swallowed by a giant mechanical fish. The inside of the fish is dingy and dank, dominated by pea green walls and random kitchen equipment. Puzzles are short and easy. #3: Triple Trouble (Mar/11) The thief finds himself in some kind of underground lair with a number of code pads and a safe. The game features the same busily off-kilter Kamil Kochanski art and animation that fans have come to know and love, which particularly shines in the ending. It's a brisk fifteen minute-ish diversion. #4: Fourth Find (Dec/11) After he barely escapes an explosion, the thief catches a ride on a totally not suspicious at all escaping air balloon. This episode involves building a robot with a brain you thawed in a microwave. #5: Final Five (Apr/12) As the persistent pilferer finally arrives at Prof. Belamy's doorstep via his handy-dandy glider, he is probably looking forward to getting this job over with the final invention waiting inside the compound.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Games 1-5 (uploaded by Official Site)

Snowshine / Kulivočko [Cz] Fat Funky [top]

This is a Czech adventure game that was first purchasable in retail before it was made freeware in 2012. The main character is a small boy, Snowshine, who at the beginning of the story runs away from a strict orphanage. It reveals more story lines, but gradually you'll run up against the old familiar characters from Czech and foreign fairy tales, and in many places you can find a parallel with the popular Hogwarts School for Wizards. The tasks are simple as with a clickable adventure where you detect and properly use items and move on. If it is necessary to know more about the subject, you can right-click on it. You can talk to the wizard, dragons, dwarves, and others who fearlessly stand up next to you and save the fairytale Kingdom from evil. No one knows from where the evil comes, including his magician grandfather, who returns to beg you for help. Embark on a journey of small great heroes into this wonderful world! It has the most beautiful graphics + Czech dubbing, 11 cartoonish locations in HD, 9 fairy tale characters, original music, mini-games and puzzles.
Chapter 1 Czech Full Freeware 243MB (uploaded by PlneHry)

Space Hunter Miciosegone Games [top]

This was made with Adventure Game Studio 3.1.2. Kolt is a bounty hunter, or so he says, and is now in the great metropolis, a huge agglomeration of buildings surrounded by a bluish metallic rough desert. His problems begin when here during a typical workday, he'll be accused of having committed a crime. He'll not only try to discover who framed him but encounter many friends and enemies, and above all find his hero bounty hunter, Skar the Pumpkin.
Free Game & 2 Mirrors 197MB (uploaded by Official Site)
 1  2  3 

Star Trek Fyne JH-Games [top]

This is a fan adventure and spiritual successor of Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (1992) formed in the engine Point & Click Development Kit. During the game we will meet with all the major characters from the original game as well as the TV series, not only aboard the starship Enterprise. There appears all major locations including the navigating bridge, which offers a variety of features and controls for steering the ship and to control weapons or shields. The story begins when the crew of the Enterprise receives a mission to search for Andorian technicians, who disappeared on a regular flight to a space station. Captain Kirk, however, came under fire by drones which normally aid the station as maintenance crews. Captain Kirk's task will be to find out who reprogrammed the drones with assault weapons and complete the rescue mission. The story will be released in episodes: Episode 1 was continued with Scotty's Log and will be followed by Episode 2.
Free Episode 1 & Scotty's Log 405MB/81MB (uploaded by Official Site)

Steins;Gate 5pb. / Nitroplus, JAST USA [top]

This second game in the Science Adventure series follows Chaos;Head and was succeeded by Robotics;Notes. The game was first on XBox360 in 2009 then ported to Windows and an English PC version came out in 2014. It's been adapted into many other properties including a manga, anime, movie and other products. The story takes place in Akihabara and is about a group of friends who have customized their microwave into a device that can send text messages to the past. As they perform different experiments, an organization named SERN who has been doing their own research on time travel tracks them down and now the characters have to find a way to avoid being captured by them. Gameplay requires little interaction from the player as most of the duration of the game is spent on reading the text that appears on the screen which represents either the dialogue between the various characters or the thoughts of the protagonist. Like many other visual novels, there are specific points where the user is given a choice to affect the direction of the game. It presents the user with the "phone trigger" system which is similar to the "delusional trigger" system that was introduced in Chaos;Head. When the player receives a phone call from somebody, the player can choose to answer or ignore the call. Incoming text messages will have specific words underlined and highlighted in blue, much like a hyperlink on a browser, where the player can select on to reply to the text message. Most phone calls or text messages do not have to be responded to though there are certain points in the game where the player is required to take action. Depending on the player's choices on how to respond to these phone calls and text messages, the plot will progress in a specific direction. It has over 30 hours of story with multiple paths and six endings. In Feb 19/2019, Steins;Gate Elite, a remastered, ultimate version that features newly animated sequences for certain endings, was released.
Full Demo 2.34GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Remastered Screenshots/Videos

Susan Rose: Delicate Murder / Eulampia Romanova: The Gentle Husband Of The Oligarch [Ru] CreativeDream Studio / Akella [top]

This game is based on the novel of the same name by one of Russia's most popular crime novel authors, Daria Dontsova. The Moscow journalist also has worked as a teacher for French and German. Since 1998 she writes mystery novels, of which 46 have been published since in four different crime novel series. Around 10 of them have been translated and published in Germany already. Daria Dontsova was awarded with several Russian literature prizes for mystery novels and some of her books have been taken to movies. The successful author writes her stories about the wealthy Moscow society, she creates original scenarios where she puts her equally originally and detailed designed characters, who make their way in a simple but smart style on the background of an actual oppressive post-soviet reality, with new organised crime and Mafia structures, the big social problems and brutal racketeers. Her protagonist Romanova is a young, rich, chaotic-likeable hobby detective, sliding into exciting cases and solving them with esprit and talent of improvisation. The gamers will guide the light-hearted, hotspurred heroine in 3rd-person-view through a complex investigation of mysterious thefts and murders. It has a nonlinear structure and an original dialogue system, many unexpected logical puzzles and intriguing, photo realistic graphics with lots of background animation.
 1  2 
Russian DVD ISO Demo 1.01GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Symon GambitSq [top]

Symon is an experimental adventure game. The puzzles try to reproduce the odd logic of dreams, where things make sense, but not quite. This logic becomes the underlying system of the game, which generates new puzzles procedurally whenever you start dreaming. The theme (being in a dream) is therefore embodied in the game design, which at the same time aims at introducing replayability in the adventure game genre.
Browser-Playable Free Game (uploaded by Official Site)

Technobabylon 1-3 Technocrat [top]

"I'll just go and speak to the building manager...it'll be alright..." In the near future, a young woman is having the worst night in her apartment that she can remember. Part 1: The Prisoner of Fate (Oct) - Bumped out of her comfortable addiction to a simulated world, Latha Sesame finds herself physically and digitally trapped within the confines of her state-provided slum apartment, disconnected from the outside world. As the single unknowing flaw in a grand and sinister scheme, can she escape before those plotting can correct their mistake? An inventive twist on the 'escape the room' genre, Technobabylon shows us a dystopian future where people prefer to live their lives in virtual reality rather than accept their own and work to better themselves. While technically a one room game, it manages to offer multiple puzzles both in and out of reality and pleasant visuals reminiscent of older adventure games. Part 2: The Weight of the World (Dec) - A young woman contemplates her end. A terror from the past comes to take its revenge. A police scientist finds himself blackmailed with the lives of the unborn children of his dead wife. Forced to carry out the will of an anonymous voice on the interlinks, Dr Charlie Regis must try to perform both his official role as public servant, and the role that his antagonist has set for him. How long can he keep this conflict hidden from his friend and partner, Dr Lao? And more importantly, can he save the most important remaining part of his lost love? Part 3: In Nuntius Veritas (Apr/2011) - Having narrowly escaped death at the hands of a bomber, agoraphobic Trance-addict Latha Sesame finds herself being questioned about the incident by the city's law-enforcement body, CEL. Having managed to track down his blackmailer, CEL agent Doctor Regis finds himself being diverted to conduct a quick interview with a shaken young woman who may have information about a recent bomb attack related to him and his department. Can Regis keep his story straight long enough to track down those responsible for his current strife? And can he protect this young woman?
Screenshots Part#
 1  2  3 
Free Games Part 1-3 35MB (uploaded by Games For Gamers)

Three Heroes and Shamahanskaya Queen [Ru] Pipe Studio, Mill / 1C-SoftKlab [top]

This is the fourth children's game about the adventures of the three heroes and based on the eponymous animated feature. This time epic heroes Alyosha Popovich Nikitich and Ilya Muromets come together to protect the Russian land, because Russia has fallen into a fantastic unexpected trouble - the insidious Shamahanskaya queen has captured the princely throne, once again proving that beauty is a terrible force. In order to have the best friends in the fight against this scourge, they will visit different countries and go through numerous tests: get an audience with the Emperor of China, find Robin Hood in medieval England, and even escape from paradise. But a strong friendship and mutual help will overcome any obstacles. The funny story features your favorite cartoon characters, a variety of entertaining mini-games to test your ingenuity and responsiveness, and the ability to play each of the three heroes in turn and pass the storyline with each.
Russian DVD ISO Demo 1.67GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Tiger Eye: Curse of the Riddle Box PassionFruit Games [top]

Play as the psychically-gifted Dela Reese as she's hurtled into danger after purchasing an ancient riddle box in a Beijing dirt market. From the box emerges Hari, a striking 7-foot tall warrior who has been imprisoned for 2000 years. Help Dela thwart assassins who seek the power of the box, and find a way for her and Hari to safely return to Dela's homeland, while earning each other's respect and love.
Full Demo 294MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Tin Soldier, The Alejandro Adrian Iglesias [top]

This is a queerly creepy and melancholic little point-and-click rendition of Hans Christian Andersen's sentimental story fairy-tale. Emerging from his box, our one-legged hero discovers that his fellow toys are being menaced by a twisted jack-in-the-box. To put things right and rescue his lady-fair, he'll have to confront the villain... after a few unintentional detours. The game is played with the mouse. When the cursor changes to a hand, it means you can interact with something. Click and hold on the arrows at either side of the screen, and the soldier will hop in that direction until something stops him. To use an item, simply drag it from your inventory at the top of the screen and it will snap into place when you move it over the correct spot. Characters communicate using speech bubbles with visual interpretations of words, but figuring out what each person wants is usually fairly straightforward.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Jay Is Games)

Trader Of Stories: Bell's Heart Rudowscy Brothers / Pastel Games [top]

Myosotis is a travelling trader of stories. When her cart wheel breaks on the outskirts of a small village, she must track down the details of a local tale to pay for repairs. Can you piece together the chronicle of Derrida and the butterfly woman? Presented in a browser-based slideshow format, this game has a soft pastel look, with a folk music-style guitar tune providing a pleasant backing. The setting is a light fantasy world where magic exists but does not control all aspects of life. With the exception of the main quest, most puzzles are inventory-based, with conversations providing hints and direction. The narrative you seek is pieced together from dialogue, items and locations. In a nice touch, it builds up in your storybook not only as lines of text, but also beautifully illustrated panels of the tale.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Jay Is Games)

Twisted Lands: Shadow Town Alawar Entertainment [top]

With Twisted Lands: Shadow Town, Alawar Entertainment aims to open the door to a new level of horror in casual games. Gather items, solve puzzles and make spine-chilling discoveries as you explore a deserted island in Twisted Lands: Shadow Town! Why does your heart beat faster when you peer into a dark room? What makes the hair on your neck bristle when something invisible whispers in your ear? Dive into the emotion of fear, and find out, in this spooky Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! The game's spine-chilling storyline is interspersed with point & click adventure-style puzzles and dozens of detailed hidden object screens. It's intended for mature players, although a childlike dread of nightmares will put you in the right frame of mind...
included in Twisted Lands Trilogy: Collector's Edition - ISO Demo 1.53GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Collector's Edition - Full Demo 405MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Twisted: A Haunted Carol Big Fish Games [top]

Scrooge's victim lies motionless with a knife in his back. There aren't any witnesses... or are there? Travel back and forward in time to get help from the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Can you uncover the dark side of Charles Dickens famous Christmas Carol story? Help Marley get revenge on the old miser and murderer, Scrooge in Twisted: A Haunted Carol!
Full Demo 279MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Uber Life Emote Production / Big Bang (Ušće), Videopolis, Vulkan [top]

An interactive adventure movie/game from Serbia. It's like those choose your own adventure type of games. It has English subtitles. This is an universal and archetypal story of the battle of the forces of good and evil, of love and courage. The main character, a man who has lost everything, is going up against deviant religious dark forces and unexpectedly finds love – a true motive to fight and live. Driven by strong motives and the desire to survive he finds himself in various adventures in which reality and dreams constantly intertwine. This epic adventure unravels in three alternative ways, via several offered storylines, where the viewer determines the hero’s path and destiny by participation and choices. The film abounds in special effects, impressive and surreal action scenes.
 1  2 
Serbian DVD ISO Demo with English subtitles (provided by marshal99 & upped by Scaryfun) 2.07GB
Cyberlink PowerDVD v15.0.1510.58 Ultra (player runs subtitles correctly) 171MB (uploaded by Delacroix)
Interactive DVD Player ISO Demo 3.99GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Ugly Americans: Citizen Ugly ClickShake Games / Comedy Central [top]

This is based on a Comedy Central tv show. Meet Mark Lilly, defender of the strangers in a strange land, roommate to a brain eater, and currently handcuffed to a bed. Welcome to New York City, the traditional landing port for foreigners eager to build their own American dream. It is Mark's job, as an employee at the Department of Integration, to help these newcomers out with jobs and make sure they do not get deported because of some technicality. Such as losing their immigration papers or eating gray matter at the Brain Depository. Yes, it's going to be one of those games. Use your mouse to interact with objects on the screen, combining items in your inventory to help you succeed in important tasks... like freeing yourself from the aforementioned handcuffs. You discover that the ten cases Mark needs to check up on are not of the garden variety immigration stuff (though his roommate's choice of take-out food - and for that matter his Luciferian girlfriend - should have been clues). Then again, in this city it is very normal to see a zombie next to the convenience store. Mark's cases cover the likes of double-headed creatures, a giant chicken, two characters with a fish head and fish hook for their respective heads, not to mention a Croatian Man. Mark has to check up on them, all of whom have some kind of problem that could lead to their expulsion from the country. Using guile, ingenuity and at least one cocktail of blood, Mark sets about to save the day. Who knows - he might even get his girlfriend back!
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by JayIsGames)

Uin Matt Aldrige (biggt) [top]

uin is an experimental mystery game by the creator of the La La Land series, entirely in grayscale. Similar to Seiklus and Painajainen, it is largely a platform game where many puzzles need to be solved. The story, the goals and the controls remain vague. The game starts in a room with two characters. One is fed up being followed around by the other and announces to go to work, stepping into a cupboard. The player controls the other character, who decides to follow him. Once through the cupboard there is no way back and the character ends up in a strange world. The player can move the character around and make him jump. Enemies can be taken out by shooting dark orbs. Initially only nine are available and it takes some time to recharge (using a key press), leaving the character vulnerable. Additional skills are discovered later on, such as pushing items or digging for treasure. No clear goal is specified, but pressing the space bar brings up a list of animals with question marks. They represent the different species of enemies that can be encountered throughout the game. For each species a specific number of enemies need to be killed to get it crossed off the list. Sometimes this is needed to acquire a certain ability or to progress. When the target has been met, that type of enemy never spawns again. Various unusual locations can be visited. There are triggers that alter the world and provide a checkpoint, chests that lead to new locations, friendly characters that provide tasks, and side quests such as digging for coins to buy treasure maps. The character has five health bars and when these run out he ends up at a new place where the game can be continued. Various elements in that limbo area change according to the game progress, by presenting defeated enemies or activating lights on a large door. There is also a special option in the main menu that is opened up when specific conditions are met.
Full Freeware 25MB ( @ Gamemaker Games)

Unsolved Mystery Club: Amelia Earhart Freeze Tag, Inc. [top]

The Unsolved Mystery Club sends its newest member to investigate the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, the famous aviator that vanished while flying around the world in 1937. Unsolved Mystery Club: Amelia Earhart is a hidden object game with some elements from the point-and-click adventure genre. Most of the time, the objective is to find all the items listed at the bottom of the screen, on biographical locations related to Amelia Earhart's life. At the start of each scene, a character appears with details and trivia about the missing explorer. Blue entries are hidden from view, and only become available after using one of the inventory tools to perform a scene interaction. The hint button at the bottom-left corner shows the position of one of the required objects when activated, but takes some time to recharge after use. Some of the objects are stored inside the inventory slots, from where they can be dragged and dropped on interactive portions of the scenery to complete a task or perform an action. The necessary tools are often found on different locations, forcing the player to go back and forth between them to solve all the pending objectives. Mini-games appear on separate screens, where the player has to solve a Mastermind-inspired puzzle to discover the correct settings for the dials of a biplane, steer the aircraft through floating hoops, search deserted locations for clues using a localization device with a pulsating light, and complete other similar challenges.
Full Demo + Guide 268MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Vault Cracker: The Last Safe Gogii Games / Strategy First [top]

Melissa lives an ideal life with her eight-year-old son Noah. But she's no ordinary mom; she was once one of the most sought-after cat burglars in the world. But she gave up a life of crime and found a new identity. After years of living abroad under a false identity, she decided to make a trip to her hometown and show her son where she grew up. Melissa must find her son, figure out who's behind his kidnapping, and stay off the police radar in Vault Cracker: The Last Safe, a fun Hidden Object game.
Full Demo 215MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Vera Blanc: Full Moon Philip Ings / Fabulist Games / Winter Wolves [top]

Take on the role of Vera Blanc, a young and beautiful woman with an extraordinary power: the ability to read other people's minds! Daughter of Emmanuel Blanc, one of the richest people on Earth, she left her life of luxury to use her powers to work alongside paranormal detective Brandon Mackey. In this first episode, our heroine travels to a mysterious town in Germany deep in the Black Forest. A serial killer is on the loose, and all leads point to a werewolf as the culprit!
Level Demo 35mb (@ Winter Wolves)

Vera Blanc: Ghost in the Castle Philip Ings / Winter Wolves [top]

In the second episode, our heroine travels to a small village in central Italy. The town's legendary ghost seems like nothing more than a quaint story, but a string of murders and suicides all point to the castle's ghost, and locals are getting scared.
Level Demo 40mb (@ Winter Wolves)
Full Demo 40MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Victim Victim dev team [top]

Victim is a first person horror action adventure where you and your family have been kidnapped by an extremist cult, and your main objective is to escape with your daughter and husband alive. As you wake up you begin to realize that you have been experimented on and begin to have hallucinations, some which will cause you to see your environments shift. The main focus for this game is lighting and audio to help build tension but also for game play purposes. The game is made with UDK (Unreal Development Kit).
Free Game - Alpha Version 281MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
Free Game - Alpha Version 281MB (uploaded by Free Game Archive)

Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White eGames / Big Fish Games [top]

Who is this woman in white and where did she come from? What is her secret? Walter Hartright, a poor drawing teacher, finds himself in the middle of an inexplicable mystery. Somehow his future is intertwined with an elusive woman in white who harbors a dreadful secret. A secret so damaging her life is in danger. Explore Victorian mansions, search for clues, uncover diabolical plots, root out the lies, and discover the truth!
ISO Demo 308MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Warning: Fragile! - Chapter I: Operation Blindhawk Matt Aldrige (biggt) [top]

Warning: Fragile! is (or at least is supposed to become) a trilogy which tells the story of captain Bingler, who is the captain of a space ship called One Eyed Eagle. The story kicks off in Chapter I: Operation Blindhawk when Bingler is given a task by his employer to deliver a mysterious package to a far off planet called Earth. During the first chapter the goal is to get the ship off the ground as once again the beloved captain has crash landed when returning from his last delivery mission making the ship unable to take off. It includes a twelve page fully colored user guide (take a look), over 5 minutes of pre-rendered cutscene animation, several craaaaazy characters, and funness!
Full Freeware 80MB ( @ Big Blue Cup)

Weathered Underground, The Strom-Magallon Entertainment / Indican Pictures [top]

A groundbreaking interactive DVD that plays like a video version of the Choose Your Own Adventure Books as the story follows 21 Year old Eric (the character whom the audience makes choices for) as he deals with a skull crunching breakup. Eric is a struggling musician who just broke up with the love of his life, the somewhat insane yet adorable Liz (Brea Grant, NBC s Heroes). Now you, the viewer, must guide Eric through one insane evening with Criminals, Damsels in Distress or Mundane life while deciding whether Eric will win back the love of his life or crumble into Moral Decay... His fate is now in your hands... This allows the viewer via remote control or mouse (online) to control the story ultimately choosing a story of redemption or debauchery. Featuring over 30 different endings and 1,000 choices. The film can be played/viewed for up to four hours, over and over without getting the same plot line.
DVD9 ISO Demo (provided by crowfeathers & upped by Scaryfun) 7.07GB

What Makes You Tick 2: Stitch in Time, A Matthias Kempke and Greg MacWilliam [top]

This is not a traditional sequel to the freeware What Makes You Tick, for it doesn't exactly pick up where the original left off. Instead, it starts a new story with a new protagonist that overlaps with the continuation of the previous story. You play Nigel Trelawney, just arrived at the town of Ravenhallow to settle his late, estranged father's estate. You quickly discover that this is no simple matter, as Ravenhallow has been overtaken by a sort of parochial Fascisti that, among other injustices, is making it really bothersome to move freely about town. It uses the Lassie adventure game engine - a SCUMM adventure engine powered by Adobe Flash, the creation of developer Greg MacWilliam. There's over thirty playable locations and forty characters. A majority of locations can be explored at both day and night. It has full classic adventure game dialogue and inventory systems, real adventure game puzzles that might actually make you think, and an epic story that plays out over four acts. In July/2015, a voiced English & Spanish version of What Makes You Tick along with this formerly commercial sequel with German subtitles was released in a free pack.
Browser-Playable/Downloadable Level Demo ( @ Lassie Games)
German Repack ISO Demo + English patch & fix by ShinjiGR 86MB (uploaded by Meddle)
What Makes You Tick - English & Spanish voiced free version + A Stitch In Time with German subtitles 433MB (uploaded by zobraks)

Winterfest [G] Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband [top]

This German learning adventure game was developed for adult learners in basic education and is suitable for both coursework and individual learning. An exciting story, attractive graphics, varied tasks, entertaining mini-games and exciting puzzles motivate the players to train and consolidate their reading, writing and computing skills in connection with everyday and professional situations. To the game: Alex, the hero of the story, lives together with his mother in a small house. When a letter from the bank threatens the eviction of the house, he faints. He comes to himself again - but not in the home, but in a medieval city. Help the stranded Alex together with a small talking rat to come back home. Through various tasks, your character's ability to read documents or calculate small tasks grows. Various people who appear during the game are at your side to help you. But beware of the shopkeeper, because this person is up to something. Slip into Alex's role and experience an exciting story with exciting puzzles. Immerse yourself in the colorful world of a foreign city and train your reading, writing and computational skills in various everyday and professional situations. It was developed as part of the Alphabit project and was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research from November 2007 to October 2010 within the priority area "Literacy / Basic Education for Adults". In the first year of its availability, it was downloaded 4,000 times from the Internet. In addition, several thousand copies of the CD were sent. 90,000 CDs were also distributed as an insert in a computer magazine "Chip".
German Free Game 1.2GB (uploaded by Official Site)

Women's Murder Club: Little Black Lies Floodlight Games / Elephant Entertainment, I-Play [top]

As the fumes thicken, best-selling true crimes author Regina Blacklock fades in and out of consciousness. Falling inches short from discovering the truth behind a 35 year old case she has been researching, police are left with one clue leading to the Women's Murder Club. Become part of the investigation as Lindsay, Claire and Cindy follow Regina's trail in hopes of piecing together the missing links.
1-Hour Time-Limited Demo 184MB ( @ Big Fish Games)
Full Demo 191MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Ya3dag Robert Reinhard / Ya3dag development team [top]

Ya3dag (Yet Another 3d Adventure Game) is based on the Quake 2 modification Quake2maX and the lazarus game dll. You are about to complete the studies on the local school for adventurer. After years of learning and lots of sweat you take the final examinations. If you pass the tests, you can hit the road to exercise the learned. Your reputation in the guild of adventurers depends on the number of treasures you bring back. You travel to many destinations. Only the fittest survive. Depending on your skills and strength you may be able to master the numerous risks. The village Golmbach is the home of the adventurer. There's a shop for adventure requirements, a bank for your account, some places for one's leisure time and the travel agency. The travel agency is the starting point for your way into the far world. It has a built-in "what you see is what you get" level-editor and has been specifically designed for rapid level creation. There's terrain modification, object placing, lights, waypoint, smart NPC's, each quake2 or quake3 player model can be used, day and night change, rain, snow, lightning and clouds. Physic simulation is based on 'Bullet Physics Library' software. There's Q3 texture-shader language support, mirrors, water reflection and refraction, and relief mapping.
Standalone Free Game v1.42 303MB (uploaded by ModDB)

Adventure related

40 Stories Chico State Game Studio [top]

This is a puzzle game where you must create duplicates of yourself to escape 40 challenging floors. It was developed by 88 Chico State University students in the Applied Computer Graphics, Computer Science, and Recording Arts departments using Unreal Development Kit. You play as Anita Hent, a disgruntled technical support employee who is on a mission to leave her office. In Anita’s haste, she runs into the megalomaniacal Professor Darius McDoogle, who zaps her with his reality altering Quantum Stabilizer, which then gives Anita the power to clone herself. Anita must now traverse her ever changing office building with the help of her very own Fanboy and escape McDoogle’s grasp.
Free Game v1.2 303MB (uploaded by IndieDB)

Action Fist Beau Blyth / Teknopants [top]

This is a free 2D action platformer that features both single and two-player co-op gameplay modes, multiple weapon power-ups, frequent checkpoint locations, and the usual array of boss fights that require some thought and strategy to defeat. Switching weapons and the wall jumping ability does take a bit of getting used to, but once you've played past the first level these actions should come just as naturally as shooting and jumping in the game. Though an easy mode exists in Action Fist, you definitely won't feel challenged at all by anything other than the Normal and Hero difficulty settings.
Review / Video
Free Game 6MB (uploaded by Official Site)

Adventures of Aladdin and the Magic Skull, The Litera / GFI [top]

From the makers of the Diamon Jones games, this is a comical point and click adventure with mini games. The Orient is full of legends and fairy tales, including a story about the mysterious Floating city. Join Aladdin as he goes on an exciting adventure to find this famous city. Along the way, he will meet a unique cast of characters and amazing animals from Arabian fairy tales, who will help him to beat many challenges and find his dream city.
 1  2 
1-Hour Trial Demo (uploaded by GameHouse)
Full Demo 600MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy Ubisoft [top]

This is a Mafia Wars-like social game on Facebook based on the Assassin's Creed video game series. In Legacy Project, you are allowed to collect experience points in 25 missions in order to improve your hero. In the quests, you'll have to pursue clues to reveal a little by little the mystery of Assassin's Creed universe. This title combines a social network with a console game - Conversely, you unlock additional content in the Legacy Project in Brotherhood. Suspense, action and beautiful scenery – this is what the action series has. The third part ("Brotherhood") takes place in Rome. Players are recruits for Abstergo Industries who relive the genetic memories of other individuals, who so far seem all to be Assassins. There are four chapters in the "Italian Wars" pack: Chapter 1 focuses on Bartolomeo d'Alviano during the Battle of Agnadello, Chapter 2 focuses on Francesco Vecellio on a mission to kill a target, Chapter 3 focuses on Mario Auditore and the protection of Monteriggioni and Chapter 4 focuses on Perotto Calderon. The "Rome" pack was released on November 15, 2010, and included another set of four chapters: Fiora Cavazza, Giovanni Borgia, Francesco Vecellio, Giovanni Borgia. On May/2013, the game was removed from Facebook due to lack of updates.
Free Browser-Playable Facebook Game ( @ Official Site)

Babel Endurion [top]

This freeware game similar to the gameplay of Fez was created for the Gamedev.net Retro Renaissance Challenge where devs add a modern mechanic into an old-school 2D platformer. It's a lovely platformer which uses the world rotation mechanic, allowing you to reach platforms that you couldn't before by switching planes. It's really clever stuff, and strangely calming - the first few levels teach you the basics, and then you're thrown right into the thick of it with castles to jump all over and trees to climb. Find all diamonds in a stage to activate the teleport. Enter the teleport to get to the next stage. Rotate the world to advance. Use the action key to read signs, talk to old men, pickup and put down items, unlock doors (when carrying a key). Be careful not to fall too far. There are 13 levels in total, and the whole thing will take you around 20-30 minutes to complete.
Free Game 4.9MB (uploaded by Georg Rottensteiner)

Batman: Arkham Asylum - Game Of The Year Edition Rocksteady Studios / Eidos Interactive [top]

This contains the full game, plus six extra challenge maps: the Insane Night DLC challenge maps ("Totally Insane", "Nocturnal Hunter"), the Prey In The Darkness pack ("Heart of Darkness" combat and "Hothouse Prey" stealth challenge maps), the "Crime Alley" challenge map from the Collector's Edition, and the "Scarecrow Nightmare" challenge map from the GameStop pre-order bonus. The PS3 version also includes the exclusive Joker Challenge maps, while the other platforms do not. However, the MAC version did include them and they are readable on the PC. Unlike the console versions, the PC release does not support TrioViz (an innovative new technology which offers a play-in-3D option compatible with all standard and high definition TV sets) but does carry over support for Nvidia's 3D Vision glasses from the original game release. PhysX support is also included.
All 6 Challenge Maps + Joker Challenges (8 maps) 828MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Joker & Prey in the Darkness DLCs 349MB (uploaded by Delacroix)
ISO Demo 7.19GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Arc System Works Co., Ltd. / H2 Interactive Co., Ltd. [top]

The first hi-res 2D fighter from the creators of the Guilty Gear series. BlazBlue is a traditional 2D fighter where two characters participate in a duel. During the story mode every character has its own story which is told with dialogue between fights. During some of those dialogues the player has to choose between answers which influences the story's ending. Additionally there is a arcade mode (fighting against all characters in a row), score attack and a multiplayer mode. The story of the game involves dissent and destruction among a powerful council, known unofficially as "the Library," which controls a great power that once saved humanity, but which now wields its power in protective, some say repressive, ways. A round is called a "rebel" and one match can consist of one to five "rebels". To win a round, one player must either incapacitate the other by inflicting damage through various attacks to reduce their opponent's health to zero or by having more remaining health than their opponent after the clock runs out. Every character has a weak, medium and strong attack. Also every ones has a "unique" technique, called a Drive attack, which is different for each character. 12 unique batants to choose from choose a character that represents your own fighting style like the lightning-fast Taokaka or the wickedly powerful Tager. Use the unique Drive Attacks specific to each character to decimate your opponent. Depending on the character control the elements like wind and ice or even absorb the life force from your opponents. Experience the beauty of high-resolution hand-drawn sprites on 3D backgrounds all in glorious high-definition. Various modes - Arcade, Versus, Score Attack, Training, Gallery and a pletely fleshed-out Story Mode that tells the tales of each character. The Steam release had the Netplay removed due to the game's usage of Games for Windows – Live.
2DVD ISO Demo 8.26GB (uploaded by Egon68)

But That Was [Yesterday] Studio Bean Games [top]

This is a 2D side-scrolling platform game that according to the author attempts to show one how to move forward in life. It's the first place award winning entry in the 9th Casual Gameplay Design Competition at Jay Is Games site. The protagonist is the same blue man as in the developer's previous game [Together] and the pink girl from that game also returns. It starts with the man in front of a black, organic wall. Touching it launches him backwards and shows traces of memories. The different scenes then introduce game mechanics that allow the player to progress. A dog learns him how to push back the wall, a green boy shows him to jump, and the pink girls teaches him how to swing and launch himself. Those game mechanics are then combined in platform sequences. The game itself is not goal-driven but instead attempts to communicate emotions through player-driven interactions. It is possible to die at certain points but the character immediately reappears. Between gameplay the story is furthered through animated sequences.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Jay Is Games)
Free Game Download 25MB (uploaded by Official Site)

Clover: A Curious Tale Binary Tweed / Blitz 1Up [top]

Clover is a plot-driven platformer in the style of classic titles such as Fantastic Dizzy that sees the player solve logical puzzles by collecting items, talking to a diverse cast of characters and exploring artistically realized environments. It's a watercolour side-scrolling platform puzzle game with a political agenda. Featuring no lives or health bars the game is an experience to be taken at the player’s own pace, designed to challenge puzzle-solving skills as well as interpretations of world events. Players must help orphaned teenager Sam find out more about the events surrounding a shock attack on the proud nation of Sanha, which resulted in his mother’s tragic death. Be warned though, even if Sam works out the mysteries that surround him, the answers he receives may challenge his beliefs forever. Featuring a fully remastered piano score, new puzzles, voice acting, localization and a plethora of new ambient effects, it's a relaxing yet immersive experience that will keep players pushing to find out more. The PC version retains the unique water colored art 2D art style of the original game as well as its main political themed storyline. The PC port will contain new animations, graphics and effects along with new puzzles that make the game over twice as long to play as the original. There's also four new endings to the game along with a full voice cast, Spanish and French translation and more. The game will also boast "context-sensitive controls and improved feel" and the piano soundtrack will be reworked and expanded.
Level Demo 238MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
ISO Demo 424MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Cordy Silvertree Media [top]

This Unity-based platformer borrows freely from games with much larger budgets. It's also an amazing piece of work that just might change your opinions of what browser-based games are capable of. You guide the TV-headed hero through lush 3D environments, using either the [left] and [right] [arrow] keys or the [A] and [D] buttons, using [up] or [spacebar] to jump. The goal is to reach the door at the end of each level, through pushing buttons, climbing up ledges, and using every part of the environment to your advantage. Controls are fairly solid, and the gameplay is plenty fun, but the thing you're most likely to notice is the graphics. The animations are incredibly fluid, and the backgrounds seamlessly blend natural and mechanical elements for an experience unlike any other. Anybody who's played the hit Playstation 3 game Little Big Planet is sure to notice more than a passing resemblance here.
Windows 8/10 Four-Level Demo (uploaded by Microsoft Store)

Corporate Climber PixelJam / Adult Swim [top]

You play as a working man who is trying to get to the top of the corporate ladder, having started his first job without even a piece of clothing to his name. To climb to the top of the building you would have to reach the elevator that takes you to the next level, and every new floor presents a different challenge or another puzzle for the player to solve. Death is unavoidable and happens rather frequently in this game, but your onscreen character is usually up and ready for his next try just a split second after being burnt, poisoned, bitten, or crushed by another deviously-placed trap in his way. Extra points can be scored by finishing a floor quickly without getting hurt or finding one of the numerous secrets hidden in every room, although most players are more likely to be concerned with just making it to the end of their journey with as little frustration as possible. The game takes about half an hour or so to beat on your first try, but you can close the browser window and resume playing later by using the handy level skip option (found in the main menu screen). There is no difficulty setting to fiddle with, so you'll need to have quite a bit of patience, persistence and perseverance if you want to reach that last room and beat the final challenge.
Free Browser-Playable Flash Game ( @ Adult Swim)

Crazy Chicken Tales / Moorhuhn: Das verbotene Schloss Phenomedia / Wild Tangent Games [top]

Join Moorhuhn and his friends on their greatest adventure yet and in full 3D. Search for the Forsaken Castle of Lore in Campaign mode and Racing mode. Face deadly traps and cunning fiends as you jump and run through colorful cartoon landscapes of mysterious forests, imposing mountain ranges, treacherous icy plains, and gloomy dungeons. Play as Moorhuhn or his friends in this hilarious action game for the whole family. Get armed to the beak.
Full Demo 263MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Trial Level Demo (uploaded by Wild Tangent)

Create EA Bright Light Studio / Electronic Arts [top]

Don't just play games, create them with the new puzzle experience that tests the imagination and creativity of your whole family. With over a 100 challenges you're given the tools to create crazy solutions to apparently simple problems, where there are no wrong answers just endless alternatives. Guide bumper cars, bicycles and more across a level by setting up a chaotic series of objects in their ways, from giant magnets to explosive mines, skateboards and trampolines. The more challenges you complete the more objects you unlock to enable even more elaborate solutions. If you want to get really creative though you can design your own challenges for your friends and family to solve - or put them online for everyone to see. Or you can create your own unique interactive designs, from your dream home to the ultimate roller-coaster. With an easy to learn motion-controlled interface, Create is easy to play but hard to put down. Create your own puzzles, challenges and digital art with Create's powerful but easy to use interface, then show of your skills to the online world. Over 120 challenges to complete however you want, with special rewards for every one you complete and masses of unlockable extras. Upload your solution to a puzzle to Create's online community and let everyone else see how you did it - or download other people's to get some ideas yourself. Create your own interactive art displays with the powerful design tools and ready-made backdrops, objects and animations.
Level Demo 515MB (uploaded by File Shack)
DVD ISO Demo 1.44GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Creature, The The Creature Team [top]

This is a 2D scrolling adventure game that uses Unreal Engine 3. It was developed by an independent student development team of a 5 master students. You begin life as a simple rolling ball, but through completing worlds gain eyes, then legs, then horns... and having some good solid fun all the while. Adding body parts allows you to access new worlds in the main hub area, and each world has three levels to beat, and then a short boss battle.
Free Game 494MB (uploaded by Official Site)

Dark Void Zero Other Ocean Interactive Ltd. / Capcom Entertainment, Inc. [top]

Originally conceived as an April Fool's parody, this is a spin off of Airtight Games' original Dark Void. The earth is threatened by an alien race that plans to control human life. The aliens are called the Watchers and come from the Void, a place between worlds. Before, unstable portals has saved earth from an invasion but now the watchers has managed to build a stable portal. The only hope left now is a group of humans inside the Void who led by the great scientist Nikola Tesla battles against the invaders. The player takes the role of Rusty, the first human to be born in the Void. He is assigned by Tesla to infiltrate enemy territory and shut down the portal leading to earth. It's a side scrolling platform shooter with NES inspired retro aesthetics. The game features three levels and each contains a portal control code. The mission for the player is to find all these so that the portal leading to earth can be shut down. The gameplay works like a classic platformer where the player has to jump between platforms while trying to shoot down the enemies that tries to make life hard for him. Like in Dark Void, the player has from early on access to a jet pack which allows him to fly around and reach otherwise inaccessible places. This can turned on or off at any time by double tapping the jump button, although it will be disabled when it comes in contact with force fields. The player also has access to numerous weapons and pickups. Primary weapons include the machine gun like liberator and the shotgun like disintegrator as well as the less common teleforce lance which can shoot through walls. There is also secondary weapons that are automatically used when attacking. Weapons can be upgraded (although only for ten seconds) to double fire rate or to shoot in multiple directions. Other pickups include extra lives, tech points (collect 100 to get an extra life) and health packs. The player will come across many locked doors that hinders him. Therefore it's necessary to find the right keycard to be able to move on. There is also some doors that can be destroyed by force if the right weapon is equipped. Additionally the player can search for journals from missing soldiers that can be found across the levels.
Full Demo 11MB (uploaded by Molitor)

Dash and the Stolen Treasure Red Sharks Team [top]

This is a cartoonish and funny platform game. The action takes place in a ancient island plenty of loony and funny creatures where the main character (Dash), a young pirate who is ironically afraid of water, will have to get back his treasure, which has been stolen by the band of blind shark pirates known as the Unknown. It's your job to run around collecting coins, smashing baddies and getting your valuables back. It's a Crash Bandicoot-style 3D platformer with voice acting created by five students at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Spain over the course of a year.
Free Game 166MB (uploaded by Fullgames)

Disney's Alice in Wonderland Etranges Libellule / Disney Interactive Studios [top]

The video game, inspired by Tim Burton's film starring Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter and Mia Wasikowska as Alice, find Alice several years after the original "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass" stories. Alice in Wonderland takes players on a topsy-turvy and immersive journey in Underland as Alice finds herself in a world of illusion and magic where nothing is quite like it seems. Alongside her endearing friends – Mad Hatter, March Hare, Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit – players aid Alice to defeat the Red Queen and Jabberwocky. It allows players to guide, protect and aid Alice as she journeys through the world of Underland while unraveling the game's many twisted mysteries. Along the way, players call on a diverse and unique cast of characters such as the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat who each have unique abilities to help evade traps and solve challenging puzzles. The Mad Hatter can help Alice alter her perception of Underland and take advantage of optical illusions to open up places in the world the player alone would not have noticed. Meanwhile, the Cheshire Cat can use his ability to make himself and objects appear and disappear helping Alice through this strange world. Players must choose wisely when using each of the characters' powers and combine the abilities to solve more complex puzzles. It follows the film's epic storyline and introduce new fiction and locations. With an upgradeable combat system, players collect "impossible ideas" to replay levels and unlock Underland's secrets. Players must carefully select the supporting characters and their abilities to defeat the numerous enemies set forth by the Red Queen and her army of cards, destroy the Jabberwocky and restore Underland back into Wonderland.
DVD9 ISO Demo 6.31GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Disney's Fairies: Tinker Bell's Adventure Gamestar (China) Ltd. / Disney Interactive [top]

Fans will be able to enter a world inhabited by these magical characters and discover the secrets of Pixie Hollow, while ushering in the seasons in the Spring Valley, Summer Glades, Autumn Forest and Winter Woods. Filled with ritual and ceremony, and sparked by fun and a whole lot of magic and Pixie attitude - players can explore the land of the Disney Fairies. Play as Tinker Bell, Iridessa, Silvermist, Fawn and Rosetta as you take on this exciting adventure. Each come with their fairy talent such as Tinkering, Light, Water, Animal and Garden . On this special journey, players will encounter and interact with other fairies, sparrow men and magical creatures that all reside in Never Land, whilst collecting hidden treasures and sparkling objects to save throughout the game.
ISO Demo 628MB (uploaded by Twink)

Dive To The Titanic / Titanic: Der Tauchfahrt-Simulator Astragon / TML Studios [top]

Immerse yourself in the ocean depths and explore the legendary Titanic. This may help the newest submarine "Nephron", which is able to dive to a depth of 4000 m. with you presiding over the dive boat. Waiting for you: many inhabitants of oceanic fauna and the legendary Titanic. A number of missions and tasks make the game more exciting.
DVD ISO Demo 948MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Fistful Of Cows, A Jorge Otal and company [top]

Slay alien cowboys as Feng Niu Wong, a far west Chinese bounty hunter, while you try to rescue all your stolen cattle from the evil hands of Jimbo "Ray gun" Moriarty. It's a hack and slash video game developed by a group of students as their final project for Universidad Pompeu Fabra's "Video Game Development" Master's Degree. You get on a ranch where the cows are taken by flying saucers. You travel through a nice 3D area of the Wild West World. The aliens come under your gun in groups and after you clear one group, you continue into the next level. The game is full of jokes and funny moments. Your health is replenished when you finish with one level and get into the next one. The enemies throw dynamites, grenades and other stuff but when you die you continue from the nearest checkpoint.
Free Game v1.01 176MB (uploaded by Official Site)

Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook, The Winter Wolves [top]

The Flower Shop is a dating and farming simulation game. Steve's life has just taken a downward turn. His grades from his first semester in college are dismal, his relationship with his girlfriend is rocky at best, and now his dad is shipping him off to some farm for the summer so that he can "build character." What's a poor, lazy, college kid to do? Take control of Steve as he spends a summer in Fairbook, working on the farm, making new friends, and maintaining old relationships.
Level Demo (@ Winter Wolves)
Full Demo *requires Ren'Py 44MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Freeze-E Frosty's Frosty Studios [top]

Working as an ice cream cone isn’t easy....especially when you accidentally blow up the world-famous Freeze-E Frosty’s ice cream factory! Help Frosty get through this ridiculous action-adventure game and save your factory from certain doom. This is a free action/platformer game made with Unreal Development Kit (UDK).
Free Game 259MB (uploaded by IndieDB)

Frogatto & Friends Lost Pixel [top]

This started as an open-source, freeware platform game where the player controls a cartoon amphibian exploring a world of pixelated graphics, rendered with a limited palette as a homage to old classics of the genre. Frogatto can be controlled with the standard movement directions, two buttons for jump and attack, and pressing up to interact with scenery features like doors and other hotspots. As in Kirby's Dream Land and other games, the main character possesses no weapons or powers by default, but has the ability to swallow nearby enemies and spit them out as makeshift projectiles against other foes. This skill can also be used to carry certain objects, like keys to open locked doors. Some of the enemies can't be eaten, and have to be killed with a spit shot. Frogatto can reach high places by sticking to a wall for a few seconds, and using it as a platform to jump to the opposite side. The progress can be saved in the outhouses found every few levels. There's an integrated editor to create custom levels. As of version 1.3, it is no longer free on PC.
Free Game v1.11 147MB (uploaded by Izzy Games)
Level Demo v1.32 98MB (uploaded by IndieDB)

Garshasp: The Monster Slayer Fanafzar / Lohe Zarrin Nikan [top]

This Iranian slasher, diligently copies God of War. The player will assume the role of a Persian hero. The game is based on the well-known three-dimensional engine OGRE. The treasure trove of Persian mythology contains within it some of humanity's oldest and most profound myths. They recount a rich and ancient culture, meaningful literature, and exciting legends that bring to life the excitement of Iranian civilization in all its glory-an experience often lost in the daily travails of modern life. Fanafzar Company's revolutionary new video game, Garshasp is a symbolic recreation of the spirituality, grandeur and mythical atmosphere of ancient Persia, derived from the epic poem Garshap Naame written by Asadi Tousi [Firdausi's mentor and professor]. Most of the images and scenes depicted in this game are drawn from or based directly upon historical resources and ancient stone carvings found throughout Iran, and a chain of thoughts that goes back thousands of years to the dawn of Western and Eastern civilizations alike. Garshasp is a 3rd-person action adventure video game, based on ancient Persian mythology and was in development since 2006. The game is based on the epic battles of the mythological hero, Garshasp, in the ancient lands against the evil monsters. The main mechanics of the game revolves around melee combat, puzzle solving and exploration.

See also: #Garshasp: Temple Of The Dragon

 1  2 
DVD ISO Demo 1.59GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Gigantic Army Astro Port / Nyu Media [top]

This is a heartfelt homage to 16-bit era mech shooters such as Cybernator / Assault Suits Valken, Metal Warriors, and Front Mission: Gun Hazard, developed by the Japanese studio behind the acclaimed shooter Satazius. It is the 21st century and Earth is at war with the Ramulons – an alien race determined to stop humanity’s advance into space. Mankind’s war against the Ramulons has reached the planet Ramulon itself and it is now down to YOU to pilot the ‘GMR-34 SALADIN’ - a Manned Combat Robot - and take on the Ramulon army. Customize your arsenal of explosive, projectile and plasma weapons, and combine them with melee attacks, thrusters and shield to take the fight to the enemy and end the conflict! This game boasts awesome retro arcade stylings, slick animation, superbly detailed character and stage design, and addictively frenetic game play. It features: six stages of intense mech-shooting action, twelve mid and end level bosses of gargantuan proportions to take down, four difficulty modes from ‘Easy’ to ‘Insane’ to cater for all skill levels, customizable weapons load-out to suit your play style. Dash, thrusters and shield give your mech satisfying maneuverability and defensive options. In 2014, an English version was released with rebalanced gameplay and the Steam version adds 42 achievements, trading cards, and more.
Trial Demo 27.5MB (uploaded by Sk8Tokyo)
Japanese Full Demo 57MB (uploaded by Supernova)
English Full Demo - Build 23122015 81MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Good Intentions Daylight Interactive [top]

This is a story-based action game set in the time of heroic musketeers and evil villains in the 17th century. The gameplay follows the story of Marc Lacroix, a righteous blacksmith and loving father who tries to find his abducted family. On his journey to rescue his beloved family, he uncovers a conspiracy that threatens the king's life, making Lacroix a very important person in this incident. Will he be able to save his family and the king? It features: 20 beautifully illustrated levels in 7 different settings, more than 40 quests in 6 categories, 3 difficulty levels to choose from, an emotional storyline about love and friendship, and a new way to solve boss fights. Gain a title and unlock up to 27 achievements.
Full Demo 157MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

GooseGogs Frederic Schimmelpfennig / Crimson Cow [top]

17-year-old Frederic Schimmelpfennig proves that innovative games can come from Germany, too. For creating the excitingly fresh platformer "GooseGogs", he was nominated for the German Developer Awards and won the prestigious German Computer Games award in 2010, sponsored by the German government. In this 2D jump'n'run you can control up to six different GooseGogs in order to traverse both varied and tricky 50 levels, without being defeated by hostile GooseGogs, huge cogwheels, Gog-firing cannons and other dreadful obstacles. To get to the finish line, you will have to rely on the unique skills of each GooseGog, as well as their common weapon: the Anger Trail. Make your enemies pass through the Anger Trail to make them explode in anger. Better watch out! To succeed, you will have to use both brains and dexterity, especially when conquering the challenging boss levels. Here, you will need an extra helping of nerves of steel and the right amount of tactics.
Full Demo 106MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
German Level Demo 31MB (uploaded by Chip.de)
Full Demo 73MB (uploaded by Terje_P)
ISO Demo 197MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Gorillaz: Escape to the Plastic Beach Matmi New Media Ltd. [top]

This is an action adventure game made as promotion for the virtual band Gorillaz' music album Plastic Beach. The first two chapters were free Flash Games. Chapter 1 - You play as Murdoc, the band's virtual bassist, as he tries to out-run the cops and evade El Camino, the ruthless bounty hunter played by Bruce Willis in the Stylo music video, as the band make their way to Plastic Beach. The game presents you with a range of mixed up, retro, 2D and 2½D images, all played to the Stylo soundtrack. Chapter 2 - 2D and Noodle get into some underwater trouble and Murdoc must rescue them both to save them from a watery grave. Navigating through hostile sea life and mine fields across three challenging levels of aquatic action. This chapter features original artwork and voiceovers from the band, as well as numerous tracks from the Plastic Beach album. Chapter 3 is the pay-to-play level of the game and completes the bands escape to safety in stunning 3D. Guide Murdoc around the Plastic Beach landscape on his Doom Glider as you try to stop 2D from escaping. Dive through thermals, dodge pirate galleons, floating mines and much more in your mission. Developed using the Unity 3D development tool allowed the eight increasingly difficult, addictive levels. Set on a post-apocalyptic beach and loaded with crude humor, allusions to Fantasy Island, ambient dub sounds, and Gorillaz' own special brand of cyberpunk sprinkled over every pixel. The action is controlled by an iPhone-looking widget at the bottom of the screen referred to as the GOD device. The virtual island setting is home for each of the band members. As players follow talking seagulls and collect clues through elevator shafts and dark passageways, they explore the Gorillaz universe as much as any "real" person could ever hope. The final chapter of the game also includes an MP3 download of the band's new single 'Superfast Jellyfish' featuring De La Soul and Gruff Rhys from Super Furry Animals. In 2017, the game was pulled from the official site and is no longer playable.
Download: None currently available

Green Lantern: Emerald Adventures Sticky Studios / Warner Bros [top]

This is a free 3D online game with impressive graphics that you can play in your browser after installing the Unity Web Player plugin. You take on the role of Hal Jordan as he chases after Despero to save the kidnapped Princess of Gravitron. Each mission is divided into two parts: a spaceborne rail shooter, and a ground-based action game. In both mission types, your goal is to defeat enemies and pick up colored orbs. These provide experience points (we'll get to those later) and map coordinates, which are used to get to the next area. You can also find secondary items that last for a limited time, like shields and speed boots.
Browser-Playable Free Game ( @ DC Beyond) *requires Unity Web Player

Gun Girl 2 Paul Schneider (BlueEagle) [top]

This is a freeware action platformer in the style of games like Metroid, Castlevania or Cave Story. But with blood… LOTS of blood. The undead start rising from their graves, humanity is lost and all hope has gone to hell – and that’s exactly the place, where you have to fix everything. Go on an epic adventure and explore a huge world with the nameless blonde chick GunGirl or her best friend GunDude (aka Marvin). On your quest you have to find more and more weapons, power-ups and special items that will give you access to new areas of the game. Talk with survivors of the apocalypse and discover the hidden secret behind what’s going on. On your journey there are thousands of zombies and other monstrosities that will continuously keep you on your toes. But when you thought nothing could get worse anymore, you find that glowing red door at the end of that dark pit and find yourself lost in the very depths of hell. It offers 6 main weapons, each has a unique feel, ammunition, an alternate fire mode, a variety of unique power-ups and you can even level them up. Every time you kill enemies, they will drop small G letters. Collect them to power up your weapons to make them more and more deadly over time. But be aware! Each time an enemy hits you, you will lose a certain amount of G-Power. Whenever you obtain special Power-Orbs in the game, you can use them in your status screen to upgrade ascpects, weapons or items of your character. You decide if a weapon should have more power, bigger clip size, faster fire rate etc, or if you need more protection, or better health supplies. There are several main- and sub-quests in the game. You can get them from surviving npcs or even from unholy items and they have smaller or bigger impacts on the story. If the 4-8 hours of playtime (on normal mode) aren’t enough for your zombiekilling-desire, the game offers a total of 3 difficulty settings (from Normal to Iron Maiden), unlockable playmodes and even a secret character.
Free Game v1.2 121MB (uploaded by Official Site)

Home Sheep Home Aardman Animations [top]

Here is a cute animated puzzle game where you must guide Shaun The Sheep, from the animated television series by the creators of Wallace And Gromit, along with the bigger sheep Shirley and tiny sheep Timmy. In each of the 15 screens, you must in turn use each of the sheep in order to make it past an obstacle to the right side of the screen, in order to eventually make it back to the barn. There is physics gameplay involved in the way the puzzles are completed. It plays sort of like the Lost Vikings platform game but is simpler as it is intended for kids. The free game reached over 102 million plays in 18 months and became a viral sensation.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Official Site)

How to get the Prince of Persia and Greedy Caliph [Ru] Orion Media Soft / Buka Entertainment [top]

This is yet another Neighbours From Hell clone. What could be more fun than ruffle the forever nagging Khalifa? Probably only to kiss all his pretty wives. Embark on this adventure together with a mischievous Prince of Persia. You will need a savvy and cunning - collect hoarded items, find a use for them, sneaking from one room to another, from one wife to the next.
 1  2 
Russian ISO Demo 805MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Legend of Vraz, The Zatun [top]

This features a fun filled exciting gameplay of 6-9 hours amidst fantasy worlds created with stunning hand painted 2D art and inhabited by mesmerizing characters. Vraz the Prince is in love with Princess Avi and to marry her has to complete the 5 tasks set by Avi's father while battling with the evil lovelorn Vizier and his shrewd accomplices in exotic worlds filled with dangerous obstacles. The player controls “Vraz” as he jumps runs, ropewalks and fires arrows. Vraz can either jump on enemies or use the arrows to neutralize them and has to collect keys to open locked doors and use levers to operate platforms or start/stop objects. The gameplay is forgiving and game has no blood or violence. There is no concept of lives in the game and Vraz does not die; if his health is low he faints and restarts at the previous check point or starting point. For Health, the player can use mangoes, milk cans or go near the cow which recharges the health when the player is near it. There's 14 different enemies and 15 stages with 4 distinct locations, plus an incredible soundtrack immersing the player in the game. It has 5 different upgradable arrows.
Level Demo 216MB (uploaded by IndieDB)

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 TT Games / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment [top]

The game is based on the Lego Harry Potter line and its storyline will cover the first four books of the Harry Potter series: Philosopher's Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire. Lego Harry Potter's gameplay is similar to that of most previous Lego games, with an emphasis on collecting and exploring, rather than the emphasis on combat used in Lego Indiana Jones 2 and Lego Batman: The Videogame. Casting spells is an integral part of the gameplay; few are available from the start, but more are unlocked as the player progresses. For example, the Wingardium Leviosa spell, which almost all characters can use, enables the player to lift and arrange Lego bricks, and the Immobulus spell can freeze other characters. Potion-making is another integral feature; potions can help the player complete levels or, if created incorrectly, have adverse side effects such as turning the player into a frog. Like the previous Lego games, a large number of characters are playable, over 140. These include Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Albus Dumbledore, Rubeus Hagrid, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, aswell as some unusual ones such as Fang, Dobby, Buckbeak and centaurs. Some characters have different abilities, based on the skills of their book counterparts. For instance, Harry is a very good broomstick rider and he is able to perform tricks and shoot jinxes when he is on a broom, Hermione is the best character at casting spells, and Ron can use Scabbers to crawl into otherwise unreachable areas.
DVD9 ISO Demo 5.79GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Lylian Pixelpickle Games [top]

Lylian is an episodic 2D side scroller action game initially for the PC. Episode 1 Paranoid Friendships - As Lylian, you have been unsecured of your restraints in the Hacklaster mental hospital by an unknown, yet teasing entity. Venturing into the corridors you see and hear things that you can't quite explain. Can you decipher what is real, and what is a twisted spin of Lylian's aspect of reality? With a strict diet of Jam filled doughnuts, and the ability to project your intense imagination which literally changes the look and feel of the surroundings and enemies around you. You have the upper hand with the use of the extraordinarily long sleeves of your straight jacket, and a make shift sidekick that can access otherwise un-traversable areas. The player controls Lylian's imagination which can change the world and its inhabitants. With unique attack abilities, humorous enemies and original bosses, the game is a mix of fast action set by a storyline with great pacing in stylised rendered environments - It brings something fresh to the genre. An Arcade style of play will also be available, with a cooperative mode of up to 4 players planned for later episodes.
Level Demo 136MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Full Demo 152MB (uploaded by Molitor)

Maglev Team Power On / Guildhall SMU [top]

Maglev is an Unreal Development Kit / Unreal Editor 3 production, where players assume the role of Tobot, a recycle bot who utilizes his magnetic abilities to navigate through a massive starship to save his beloved toaster from the clutches of the villainous Che Robera. But it won’t be easy - Che has taken over the ship and populated it with a small army of lethal spike bots and a bevy of tesla coil traps. Tobot must use his wits and magnetic self-polarity to outsmart Che and save the day. The core gameplay mechanic in Maglev involves the player using Tobot’s magnetic field which he can toggle between red and blue polarities to navigate through the environment. Tobot can use this field to execute many different kinds of operations including attracting and repelling spike bots, levitating to startling heights by repelling off of magnetic surfaces, and zooming through fast-speed magnetic volumes. Team Power On consists of 14 game developers including three artists, eight level designers, and three software programmers. The team completed Maglev in four months, focusing on a comedic narrative experience, sleek sci-fi visuals, and compelling magnet-based platforming.
Free Game 242MB (uploaded by Dream Wish Reality)

Minecraft Mojang Specifications / Microsoft Studios [top]

Minecraft is a game which mixes elements of sandbox, survival horror and construction game. It is an evolved version of Minecraft Classic. It's the best-selling video game of all time, with 200 million copies sold across all platforms and 126 million monthly active users as of 2020. As in Minecraft Classic the player is dropped in a randomly generated world made out of cubes. Unlike the classic version where the player can add and remove blocks at will, in this version all blocks the player wants to place must first be "mined" elsewhere. Some materials require special equipment to be mined. Stone requires a wooden pick axe to be mined; gold requires an iron pick axe and obsidian requires a diamond pick axe. The player can also create shovels and normal axes to mine sand, dirt and wood faster. Mining is no longer instant but requires the player to hit the block a couple times, tools reduce the time. Some blocks can not be found in nature but require crafting. Clay, for example, can be split into clay balls, which when baked turn into bricks which can be combined to form brick wall blocks. Baking happens in a stone oven, which requires a steady supply of coal and the oven itself needs to be crafted at a workbench, which needs to be constructed first. This time the player(s) are not alone. During the day pigs, chickens, cows and sheep roam the land. Some of them, when killed or struck, will drop valuable items such as leather required for protective clothing or pork chops which when baked can heal the player. But at night and in the dark randomly generated caverns monsters rule the land. There are various different monsters, including the zombie, a skeleton archer, an exploding creeper, deadly spiders and gelatinous cubes. Aside from randomly spawning in dark areas, they also spawn in so-called "mob spawners" which spawn enemies indefinitely until properly illuminated or destroyed. To defend himself against enemies the player can craft weapons such as a sword and bow, and protective clothing to reduce damage. When the player dies his items are dropped at the place of his death, but the player respawns at his original spawn point. Items can be recovered if the player reaches them within five minutes (unless they fell into lava). The randomly generated worlds are structured in such a fashion that more valuable resources are either rare or only spawn in deep caverns far below the ground. Aside from building blocks the game also, unlike its previous versions, offers more complex building. The player can create railway systems and ride mine carts, row in a small boat, and build pressure plates, switches, doors and electrical circuits to power various contraptions. The game features no pre-set goals and advocates exploration and construction. In 2017, a Bedrock Edition was released which unifies the game across multiple platforms. The game runs on the new Bedrock engine and has many new features, including cross-platform play between all platforms using the Bedrock Edition. It also features rentable Realms, new achievements and trophies, cloud saves, and more.With it's release, the original version is not supported anymore. Only the Bedrock Edition will receive future content updates. Owners of digital copies, or players who played the disc version for more than 5 hours got this version as a free upgrade, others will need to buy this version separately. The original Minecraft PC version got renamed to Minecraft: Java Edition.
Minecraft Anthology 2-Sided DVD ISO Demo (1.8, 1.7.10, 1.6.4, 1.5.2, 1.4.7) 4.4+4.1GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

Moonbase Alpha Virtual Heroes, Army Game Studio / NASA [top]

NASA has once again landed on the lunar surface with the goal of colonization, research, and further exploration. Shortly after the return to the Moon, NASA has established a small outpost on the south pole of the moon called Moonbase Alpha. Utilizing solar energy and regolith processing, the moonbase has become self-sufficient and plans for further expansion are underway. In Moonbase Alpha, you assume the exciting role of an astronaut working to further human expansion and research. Returning from a research expedition, you witness a meteorite impact that cripples the life support capability of the settlement. With precious minutes ticking away, you and your team must repair and replace equipment in order to restore the oxygen production to the settlement. Team coordination along with the proper use and allocation of your available resources (player controlled robots, rovers, repair tools, etc.) are key to your overall success. There are several ways in which you can successfully restore the life support system of the lunar base, but since you are scored on the time spent to complete the task, you have to work effectively as a team, learn from decisions made in previous gaming sessions, and make intelligence decisions in order to top the leaderboards. The fate of a lunar colony rests on the shoulders of you and your team. Communicate and coordinate efforts with up to six players (LAN and internet) by using voice over communication. A fully functional rover that utilizes lunar physics is available to transport both players and supplies to all reaches of the lunar colony. You can build and pilot your own repair robot in order to fix crucial systems before time runs out. Take your first steps on the moon's surface in a truly accurate lunar moonscape that is unmatched in any other application.
Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

Nefarious Ned Trodop [top]

This is a funny cartoon style zombie jump & run game. The 2d platformer was a first-semester student project at the Games Academy Frankfurt and was made with Gamemaker 8. You play Ned, the beheaded necromancer, who turned back into undead life, after his clumsy student Igor cast a spell wrong and zombified a large region. Ned now seeks revenge to his student and trying to get his castle back. On his journey, he has to pass many dangerous locations and other zombies.
Free Game 97MB (uploaded by Official Site)

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits Over the Top Games [top]

Fly with Nyx across the ruins of the ancient Greece in her dangerous search for her dearest friend Icarus. Use the powers of Zeus and the Gods from Olympus and use them wisely in order to help Nyx to complete her epic adventure. Cast rays, command the winds, control the fire, fight the Hydra, surf the blazing sands and modify the environment as you have never experienced before. It has innovative and unique gameplay. You will be able to invoke the powers of the gods for interacting with the environment as you have never done before. 12 challenging levels, carefully designed, completely filled with puzzles, beautiful scenarios and action. Real physics based puzzles and interactive scenery. Play against the clock. Try to beat the best times from the developers and get all the Steam Achievements. Stunning graphics specially enhanced for the computer version. Impressive visual effects such as bloom, depth of field and heat distortion. Find your way to the Arcadia, the secret bonus level. 20 ancient relics hidden by the Gods to be found within the levels. A fascinating story. Will you be able to help Nyx discover what happened to her friend Icarus? Beautiful soundtrack composed by film composer Steven Gutheinz.
Level Demo 63MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Full Demo 132MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee Oddworld Inhabitants Inc. [top]

This is the first Oddworld game in full 3D originally an exclusive XBox game in 2001 but now ported to the PC and comes with "Steam achievements", giving additional rewards for players who enjoy tests of skill and endurance. Munch is one of last "Gabbits"; a race endangered by the activities of the nefarious Vykkers Laboratory. With the help of Abe, hero of the previous Exoddus and Oddysee games, Munch leads the quest save to his kind from extinction, in this mix of adventure, strategy, puzzle and platform gameplay with intelligently designed stages that are puzzling but rarely frustrating. The two begin in separate locations, but when their paths cross they work as a team. The visuals are brighter than previous OddWorld titles, and the animation has a "claymation" quality to it. There's constrained valleys, sewer, and industrial locations. You'll still pull switches, possess enemies, and save Mudokons (your alien species), but a few new elements have been added. You spend much of the game collecting green mushrooms called "spooce". You need a certain number of these to open each door. You can "grow" additional spooce if you need to, and resurrecting Mudokons is another new feature. You have the ability to round up creatures and have them fight enemies for you ("kick some booty!"). In typical OddWorld fashion, there are a lot of funny, unexpected surprises, like the squeaky wheelchair that lets Munch zip around from place to place. In July/2016, it was re-ported and now runs at 60 FPS, includes higher resolution textures, better quality cut-scenes, improved audio, higher poly models, numerous fixes and improvements.
Included in Oddworld: The Oddboxx compilation DVD9 ISO 6.05GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Plane Weaver Blue Coral Studios / DADIU [top]

Plane Weaver is a 3D platform game with puzzle elements made with Unity engine by a student group at Danske Akademi for Digital, Interaktiv Underholdning. It takes place in a world where machines have taken over and lives on the energy of souls. In the game you play a character named Silke, who is a plane weaver. Silke can travel between the planes of reality and therefore take different forms that hold great power. The soul of Silke's brother has been stolen by the soulgrinders and is kept imprisoned at the mechanical fortress Itzhal. Silke has used her abilities to break into Itzhal in an attempt to free her brother's soul and destroy the colossal machine made of steel and steam. Plane Weaver is a game for people who like to explore and try new and different game solutions.
 1  2 
Browser-Playable/Downloadable Free Game 66MB ( @ Official Site)

Playmobil Dragon Adventures Playmobil Interactive [top]

This is an adventure game based on the Playmobil Dragon line of toys. Players battle dragons to acquire the magical powers which they use to enhance their weapons. Players swing swords and shoot arrows at "cartoony" enemies; they can also use laser beams to attack opposing knights until they turn red.
ISO Demo 579MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

Playmobil: Top Agents [G] Playmobil Interactive [top]

The Spy Team and the Psycho Robots fight for world domination. The Psycho Robots try to suppress the world. The "Spy Team" tries to prevent this. The player, the only man skilled enough to deal with this threat, must go against the Psycho Robots and thwart their ambitions. Agents wanted! Red alert! Dr. Devil wants to bring the world into chaos. Your mission: Help the Spy Team save the world. It features: Top Agents - The Chaos Conspiracy; Mission "Deep Sea Hunting"; Mission "duel with dr. Devil"; Mission: "Robo Invasion"; Mission "Codebreaker"; Mission "Crash Course"; Top Secret: The agent file; Top Agents: All products.
German DVD ISO Demo 1.05GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo 17MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

Poker Night at the Inventory Telltale, Inc. [top]

Hidden in a back alley lies a secret club, known as The Inventory. Here, assorted video game characters hang out to relax, chill, and play cards. You gain access to this exclusive club, and get to play against some famous faces: Tycho of Penny Arcade and Penny Arcade Adventures, The Heavy from Team Fortress 2, Strong Bad from Homestar Runner and Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People and Max from Steve Purcell's Sam & Max comic series. A key feature of the game is the characters' banter between each other. They will chat with other players, bluff, taunt and worry when they think they're in trouble. This is, at its core, a simulation of Texas Hold 'em Poker. You play against four opponents (Tycho, The Heavy, Strong Bad and Max) and attempt to beat them in a game of Poker. As the game is played in Hold 'em style, each player is dealt two cards. The remaining cards are used by everyone to make their hand, but you don't know what they are. Based on the cards you have, as well as the cards that get revealed through a round, it's up to you whether to gamble, bluff or fold. Just because you have a poor hand doesn't mean that you will automatically lose - you can trick your opponents into thinking that you've got something much better, causing them to fold first. As you win games, you'll unlock new themed card decks and poker tables, which can be selected from the in-game options. Occasionally, one character will put their special item up as a buy in rather than their standard wad o' cash. If you make the character go bust when they've bought in with their special item, you obtain it for yourself and can use it in Team Fortress 2.
Full Demo 218MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Ubisoft Studios / Ubisoft [top]

Visiting his brother's kingdom following his adventure in Azad, the Prince finds the royal palace under siege from a mighty army bent on its destruction. When the decision is made to use the ancient power of the Sand in a desperate gamble to save the kingdom from total annihilation, the Prince will embark on an epic adventure in which he will learn to bear the mantle of true leadership, and discover that great power often comes with a great cost. The game is an interquel, taking place in the seven year gap between The Sands of Time and Warrior Within. The Prince character is supposed to be a cross between the character models in these two games. It features many of the fan-favorite elements from the original series as well as new gameplay innovations. The Prince has the ability to rewind time from the very beginning of the game and throughout the game he learns new powers. The biggest new feature is the addition of elemental powers, which bring a new dimension to the core gameplay, because of the way these powers interact with each other and the Prince's other abilities. There are four core powers in the game. For example, the Prince can "solidify" water fountains and turn them into climbable columns. Besides these core powers, there are also minor powers, that can be purchased to enhance the Prince's abilities from a Djinn named Razia. His character will be found in a mystical dimension similar to that one in The Sands of Time where The Fountain of Time could be found. These minor powers include a shield and the power to summon small tornadoes. The combat in the game is similar to combat mechanics found in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The Prince will be able to fight multiple enemies in one battle, up to 50 at once. An important part of the combat is "crowd control" and evading enemies, as well as combos. There is no blocking and there are no quick-time events in the game.
Free Flash Promotional Game 5MB (uploaded by Explosive Barrel)
Offline Fix
DVD9 ISO Demo 5.62GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Prison Break: The Conspiracy Zootfly / Deep Silver [top]

This is based on the television series. You are Tom Paxton, a Company agent sent inside Fox River Penitentiary to observe and report on a prisoner named Michael Scofield... What you will find will change your Prison Break experience forever. The story & game design was developed in part by the writers of the TV show and uses original voices from the TV series. It has the same great overall Prison Break atmosphere. Cutscenes give an alternative vantage point on the series. There's immersive stealth action with multiple solutions. Action-oriented, close-quarters fights with lots of special and finishing moves are available.
DVD ISO Demo 1.65GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Privates Size Five Games [top]

This game from the makers of Ben There, Dan That was made for Channel 4 in the UK. It’s a sex education title, aimed at teaching teenagers about what diseases you can catch off people during.. you know... sex. It's a platform twin-stick shooter in which you lead a teeny-tiny gang of condom-hatted marines as they delve into peoples’ vaginas and bottoms and blast away at all manner of oozy, shouty monsters. It’s rude, funny, bitingly satirical and technically pretty accurate if you don’t count the tiny people or the germs with teeth. Privates boasts five whole levels of bug-busting action across a variety of gorgeous 3D locations, with a fully-voiced comedy script and a nutso soundtrack. You never know, you might even learn something handy about your downstairs-department.
Free Game 95MB (uploaded by MegaGames)

Rabbids Go Home Ubisoft Sofia / Ubisoft [top]

This is a modified, shorter version of the console game ported to Microsoft Windows and released in selected countries (Russia, Germany, Poland, France). This is also the first game that the Rabbids become allies with the player. It's the fourth installment in the Rabbids sub-series of the Rayman series of video games and is the first stand-alone title in the sub-series. The game's plot centers on the efforts of the titular Rabbids to collect as many human objects as they can and create a huge pile high enough to reach the Moon, all the while avoiding the extermination attempts by the "Verminators", who wish to gain back the stuff the Rabbids have stolen.
 1  2 
Russian DVD ISO Demo 1.09GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Multi-5 ISO Demo (provided by Jasuja & myloch, uploaded by Scaryfun) 1.53GB

Razing Ancients Duck 'n Cover Productions / Full Sail University [top]

Yu take on the role of a lone man in a world that is falling apart around him. Make your way through three incredibly intricate levels using eight seprate movement techniques including running, jumping, swinging, grappling, wall climbing, wall running, wall jumping, and ledge grabbing. Discover collectables, solve puzzles, and explore winding pathways throughout your journey to reveal the history and mystery of the Ancient. This was created by a team of 17 different producers, programmers, and artists over an intense five month period starting in January of 2010 through May 2010. As a team, they developed the concept and design of this game from scratch, drawing on elements of games they've enjoyed, specifically Shadow of the Colossus and Prince of Persia (2008), to create a fun and engaging gameplay experience with a sense of grand scale and excitement. Moving forward in production, all elements of the game were developed or created from the ground up, from the entire game engine to all of the art assets.
Free Game 142MB (uploaded by ForeverHood)

Samurai II: Vengeance Madfinger Games, a.s. [top]

This is the sequel to Samurai: Way of the Warrior and offers similar gameplay. It is a hack-and-slash game set in the Japanese Sengoku period where players once again control the lonesome samurai Daisuke Shimada, to hunt down his arch-enemy Orochi. Players travel through the countryside, villages and a flying fortress to defeat opponents. When enemies appear, the area is closed off with a padlock until they all are defeated. Shimada has two types of attacks (light and heavy) that can be performed in succession or can be combined to form combos. Some of these are able to break through blocks, but the samurai can also roll to evade an incoming attack. As many opponents usually attack at once, players are encouraged to dodge incoming slashes and get behind enemies to attack. From that position, a one-hit kill can be performed. The screen zooms in, the action is slowed down and Daisuke rips his opponents open or beheads them. During his journey the samurai can break open barrels to collect karma. It can also be earned by defeating enemies. Karma can be exchanged in an item store for new combos or an extended health bar. The story is told through static comic-book panels. There are also minor puzzle elements that involve pulling levels or side-scrolling sequences where Shimada needs to dodge obstacles. Next to the main story mode, there is a dojo challenge mode. It is a survival game where Shimada needs to survive different waves of attacks.
Full Demo 32MB (uploaded by myloch)

Shank Klei Entertainment / Electronic Arts [top]

Betrayed by the only family he ever knew and left for dead it's up to Shank to seek revenge for the death of his beloved at the hands of the underworld's deadliest assassins. Utilizing his knowledge of gang warfare and weaponry Shank must battle his way through the criminal underground in order to seek revenge against the people responsible for bringing his world crashing down around him. Step into a graphic novel with the most fluid and violent 2-D animation ever seen in a video game. String together endless combos of mayhem and destruction on the fly and pummel your opponents to the ground using an exhaustive arsenal of weapons. Using professionally animated cut scenes interspersed with gritty pulp-style story points, Shank tells a tale of guilt, redemption and revenge in a way never before seen on PC. Two-Player Local Co-Op: Team up with a local friend to shank your way through hundreds of vicious, well-armed enemies in the prequel story to the single player experience.
Steam Level Demo ( @ Steam)
DVD ISO Demo 1.77GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Shrek Forever After: The Final Chapter XPEC / Activision [top]

Based on the final chapter in the Shrek franchise from DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc., the game reunites fans with their favorite characters – Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and Puss In Boots. Longing for the days when he felt like a "real ogre," Shrek is duped into signing a pact with the smooth-talking dealmaker, Rumpelstiltskin. Shrek suddenly finds himself in a twisted, alternate version of Far Far Away, where ogres are hunted, Rumpelstiltskin is king, and Shrek and Fiona have never met. Now, it's up to Shrek to undo all he's done in the hopes of saving his friends, restoring his world, and reclaiming his one True Love. Gamers will adventure through a variety of locations from the Shrek universe, solve challenging puzzles and battle exciting new enemies as they morph between Shrek's normal world and his alternate reality...and ultimately conquer that crafty Rumpelstiltskin! The game offers a fun-filled social and collaborative experience with its co-operative multiplayer mode, allowing up to four players to work together through the single player story. Each character has their own set of abilities and upgrades to help progress through levels in order to save their fairytale land. Players can collect coins to earn new skills and upgrades including a timed blast, a megaphone attack and disco ball that will stun enemies. As players explore the various levels, they will find permanent health upgrades and other secret items. After gaining level two skills players can then replay the game to discover new areas and solve additional puzzles.
DVD ISO Demo 3.69GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Soul Of Dracula Bunaguchi [top]

This is a 2D platformer inspired by the Castlevania series, featuring appearances from mainstays such as Death and the Count himself in the role of level bosses. You play as a vampire hunter who must venture into the Dark Prince's castle and defeat him using only your whip and the familiar array of ranged weapons at your disposal. Though many of the enemies had appeared in monsieur Belmont's adventures before, the developer of this tribute project had included a couple of twists and surprises that will please even the most hardcore of Castlevania fans out there.
Free Game v1.02 1.93MB (uploaded by Vector)

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Beenox Studios / Activision [top]

This blends together the many alternate universes of the world-famous webslinger with four unique takes on Spider-Man's history in comics. In the game, Spider-Man attempts to retrieve a piece of a tablet that's been scattered across multiple parallel dimensions, and in doing so he crosses over to storylines famous to comic book aficionados as variant tellings (including The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Man Noir & Ultimate Spider-Man) of the Spider-Man mythology. As Spider-Man, players will experience a wide variety of gameplay and dramatic environments. The Amazing Spider-Man experience delivers innovative web combat and visuals in a world that pays tribute to the classic era of the legendary Super Hero. In contrast, Spider-Man Noir features a cunning and covert depiction of Spider-Man, who utilizes shadows to perform stealth takedowns in a 1930's-influenced, black-and-white cinematic environment. Penned by acclaimed Marvel comic book writer Dan Slott, the story takes players on a mission to capture the magical energy of the Tablet of Order and Chaos, which has been shattered and scattered across parallel universes. Gamers are challenged to battle fan-favorite villains such as the lethal Kraven and a custom, never-before-seen Noir version of Hammerhead, in a quest to restore the fabric of reality. For the first time, Spider-Man can deliver damage up close and personal via a first-person perspective during key moments of battle. Boss-themed levels with new environments, music and pacing, along with a vast new cast of ferocious villains, will engage gamers in a fast-paced action-adventure. Players will take on the world's greatest hunter Kraven in the Amazing universe and, in the service of Norman Osborn (aka "The Goblin"), Hammerhead and his henchmen in the gritty Noir universe.
DVD9 ISO Demo 7.30GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Sony Online Entertainment [top]

This is a free-to-play, action packed virtual world for fans of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television series on Cartoon Network. Focused on creating a fun and safe online environment for kids and families, it offers exciting minigames, dynamic activities, lively social events and thousands of customization options. Players can even battle it out with friends alongside iconic Star Wars characters like Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Ahsoka Tano. In the game, players become the next great hero of the Republic and take their rightful place alongside the Jedi, Padawan and Clone Troopers. Players can speed through space in a starfighter, take out waves of battle droids in Tower Defense or test their brains with challenging Droid Programming puzzles. Players can also purchase legendary Star Wars outfits, items and accessories through micro-transactions using Station Cash, SOE's virtual currency. The game shuts down on Mar 31/2014.
Free Game (uploaded by Official Site)

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Blizzard Entertainment Inc. [top]

This is the sequel to 1998's hit StarCraft, which has been hailed by players and critics worldwide as one of the top real-time strategy games of all time. This once again centers on the clash between the protoss, terrans, and zerg, with each side deploying favorite units from the original StarCraft, along with numerous upgraded and brand-new units and abilities that allow for fresh tactics and strategies. The game's new 3D-graphics engine maintains the speed and responsive control of its predecessor while rendering hundreds of units onscreen for massive battles. The solo campaign continues the epic saga where it left off in StarCraft: Brood War. The storyline chronicles the exploits of marshal-turned-rebel-leader Jim Raynor and features both familiar faces and new heroes. Players are able to tailor the experience, choosing their own mission path and selecting technology and research upgrades to suit their playing style throughout the 29-mission campaign. Several challenge-mode mini-games are also be included, with focused goals designed to ease players into the basics of multiplayer strategies. In addition, dozens of multiplayer maps are available for competitive play through the new version of Battle.net whose new version of the service has been built from the ground up to offer an unparalleled online play experience, with new features such as voice communication, character profiles and achievements, stat-tracking, ladders and leagues, cloud file storage, and more. Devise and deploy merciless strategies with over 30 new units and weapons at your command. Torch foes with the Hellion’s flamethrower, ambush adversaries with acid-spewing Banelings or deploy the Void Ray’s prismatic beam to annihilate your enemies. Lead Raynor’s Raiders in their quest for vengeance and glory as they burn a path across the galaxy. You choose which missions to take, which story-lines to complete and where to invest your hard-earned cash. Wage unrelenting war on your friends and foes over the all-new Battle.net. Whether it’s your first time gaming online or you’re a multiplayer veteran, Battle.net’s unrivaled AutoMatch technology makes sure it’s always a fair fight. On Nov 14/2017, the game was made free to play. All of the current and upcoming co-op commanders are also free to play up to level five, while Raynor, Kerrigan, and Artanis will remain free to level up as much as you want. Players can permanently unlock the game's ranked multiplayer ladder, which includes all of the multiplayer units from Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm, and Legacy of the Void. In order to unlock it, you'll have to earn 10 First Wins of the Day in Unranked or Versus AI play.

See also: #StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Starter Edition 5-Mission Demo (uploaded by Official Site)
included in StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void - ISO Demo 19.51GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
DVD ISO Demo 7.60GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Freeware Game (uploaded by Official Site)

Super Mario Bros. Crossover Exploding Rabbit [top]

The iconic 8-bit platformer Super Mario Bros. is a frequent well to draw game mash-up inspiration from (exhibit a, exhibit b) but rarely is it revisited quite so thoroughly as here in this complete revision of the entire game as playable by a varied assortment of Mario's peers, other protagonists of hallowed NES franchises: Capcom's Mega Man, Konami's Simon Belmont from Castlevania, Bill R. from Contra and (since version 1.1) Ryu from Ninja Gaiden, also featuring Nintendo's own Samus (Metroid) and Link (Zelda)... plus Mario, naturally, the control case for this curious study. SMB1 has been completely re-implemented (marginal cases like Minusland remain unexplored) while each alternate player retains their trademark controls, combat moves (buffed in increments depending on successful interception of mushrooms and fire flowers) and theme music. Between levels, players have the option of swapping the character being controlled.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game v3.1.21 (uploaded by Official Site)

Super Meat Boy Team Meat [top]

Meat Boy is a small sentient cube of meat. He must rescue his girlfriend Bandage Girl, a girl made of bandages, from Dr. Fetus, a fetus in a jar clad in a tuxedo. This is a fast-paced scrolling platformer based on the earlier 2008 online Flash game Meat Boy. Meat Boy's only abilities are to run, jump, wall jump, and die. As the game's defining feature is its extreme difficulty, he will die a lot. To counteract this, each stage is short -- sometimes only a few seconds, sometimes up to a minute or so -- and upon death the player will immediately be returned to the start for another attempt. If Meat Boy manages to reach Bandage Girl, she is then swept away once more by Dr. Fetus, and the player moves on the next stage. After clearing enough stages in each chapter, the player can then fight the boss of that area, who must be defeated to move on to the next chapter. The game features over 300 stages across seven chapters, including retro-style bonus stages, boss stages, and even higher-difficulty variants of every normal stage in the game. There are also more than a dozen playable characters making guest appearances from other indie games, including the Machinarium robot, Half-Life's headcrab, and Minecraft's Steve. Characters are unlocked either through retro bonus stages hidden within the normal stages, or by collecting bandages hidden in many of the game's levels. The player's best times are recorded for each stage and uploaded to a global leaderboard. Also, after completing a stage, a replay is shown that simultaneously displays every single attempt the player made, which can also be saved. A level editor will be released In December 2010, animal rights organization PETA released a free flash parody of Super Meat Boy called Super Tofu Boy. Team Meat took it as a complement, and in turn added Tofu Boy as a hidden playable character to the PC version the very next day.
2008 Free Browser-Playable Version Free Browser-Playable Map Pack (70 Best Fan-Made Maps) ( @ Newgrounds)"Super Tofu Boy" Free Parody Game ( @ Peta)
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2008 Flash Game
Full Demo v1.5 + Soundtrack 170MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
ISO Demo including update 26 435MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

TADPSID Devil Master [top]

This is a virtual environment based on the Mercenary game series. Damocles is a game that came out in 1990, for Amiga and Atari ST, that allowed the player to explore a whole solar system, on foot and with various vehicles. A remake for MS-DOS was supposed to come out in 1995, with textured graphics, an orchestral CD soundtrack and (if used with a VFX-1 head-mounted display) a stereoscopic display mode. Unfortunately, Psygnosis cancelled it mere weeks before its release, and despite unsubstantiated rumors of a demo based on Mercenary 3 being released, it never saw the light of day. With the released screenshots as a reference, this fan started modelling objects and making textures to populate a virtual environment that was created with Irrlicht version 1.5 and Irrklang, with the goal to recreate as closely as possible the look that Damocles for PC was supposed to have. TADPSID renders its graphics with Direct3D 9, which makes it compatible with all modern forms of stereoscopy, from the eDimensional glasses, to the nVidia 3DVision kit, to head-mounted displays like the VR920 or the Z800.
Free Game v9 ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 48MB

Take The Buzz! Family Quiz Sony [top]

This was a promotional game available at McDonald's restaurants. It offers quizes on general knowledge, sport, music, movies. It's fun for all the family.
Series 1 - ISO Demo 137MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Tangled Planet Moon Studios / Disney Interactive Studios [top]

Disney's Tangled: The Video Game takes young players (recommended for ages 6-11) on a film-inspired , hair-raising adventure. In this story-based journey, players will venture into a kingdom filled with colorful 3D environments, creative play, fun quests and competitive challenges. Kids will discover multiple activities, meet interesting characters, befriend animals and work as a team to help the unlikely duo of adventurous Rapunzel and swashbuckling Flynn with their comical antics. Mastering unique abilities, players can swing into action as Rapunzel using her golden tresses, pull objects and climb, grow flowers in "charm mode" and collect a variety of colors to draw and paint the Tower wall or collect sun drops to earn points. And as Flynn, players can climb walls, clear obstacles, engage in sword play, and discover hidden treasures using his "Flynntuition". In order to win challenges faster, players will need to work as a team, helping each other along the journey and collecting as many items as possible. Become immersed in the film-inspired, action-packed world with in-game VO from movie talent, Mandy Moore and Zach Levi. Solve mysteries and challenges to maneuver through a mission-based, storybook kingdom.
DVD ISO Demo 2.6GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Toki Tori Two Tribes Publishing B.V. [top]

This is the next instalment of Toki Tori, after a version for the MSX and Game Boy Color. Not only have its graphics been changed, it also has new content and a different control scheme. The main character is Toki Tori, a newly hatched fluffy yellow chicken. He discovers his brothers and sisters (who are all still in their eggs) have been kidnapped and he has to help find them all. Since he cannot fly, he has to plan his route through each level carefully, finding ways to bridge gaps, avoid enemies or warp short distances. In some levels he can use a Freeze-o-Matic to change enemies into ice cubes or the Slug Sucker to suck them up. Toki Tori is a mix between puzzle game and platform game and borrows elements from both Lemmings and Lode Runner. In each level a number of eggs have to be collected using only limited supplies. Additional tools are gradually introduced as the player progresses through the game's 80+ levels covering four unique worlds. On the PC Toki Tori can be played with both the mouse (point & click) or using more traditional keyboard controls. When using the mouse the player clicks where he or she want Toki Tori to go and the pathfinding AI will follow orders exactly.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Full Demo v1.14 63MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Tommy Tronic Oasis Games / Interplay Inc. [top]

This is an old-skool platformer that isn't trying to be anything else! Jumping, shooting, dodging and exploring is all that's required to help get Tommy to his destination and free his tiny puppy from the clutches of an insane genius school-kid and his brutal sidekick 'Biffa'. It would be straight forward too, if it wasn't for the fact that this journey will take Tommy through Gnarly wood; a twisted and eerie forest that adults avoid let alone tiny children! Imagination runs amok as Tommy confronts his childish fears head on, all in a bid to be reunited with his beloved pal 'Yapz'! It has colorful cartoony 3D graphics and smoothly animated 3D characters. There's simple controls & game-play with non-linear level designs, secrets & bonuses, and an amusing plot that is suitable for children or adults.
Trial Demo 52MB ( @ Softpedia)
Full Demo 51MB (uploaded by Steam)

Toy Story 3 Avalanche Software / Disney Interactive Studios [top]

This has a new gameplay mode called Toy Box which is a virtual box full of toys. With an open-world sandbox-style of play, Toy Story 3: The Video Game taps into the beloved franchise's humor and brings fans into the toys' world to create their own unique story. Designed to replicate the universal experience of playing with toys as a kid, Toy Box mode brings cowboys, space rangers, dinosaurs, and little green aliens together to create adventures only possible in a child's imagination. Kids, families and fans will dive into Andy's toy box with creativity driving their own stories and adventures. It also features a story mode that follows the Toy Story 3 film adventures in which Buzz, Woody and friends grapple with their uncertain future as Andy prepares to depart for college.
DVD ISO Demo 4.11GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Toy Story Mania! Papaya Studio / Disney Interactive [top]

This is inspired by the Disney/Pixar feature film, Toy Story and the 4D Toy Story Mania attraction at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. In addition to galleries adapted from the attraction, the game includes new and original galleries and a series of mini games, all hosted by beloved characters from the movies. The thematically-connected levels are designed for up to four players of all ages with competitive and co-operative multiplayer options. It also includes bonus 3D features, transforming the game experience with eye-popping visuals. Join all the classic Toy Story characters as Woody, Buzz and the gang stage their own zany, fun-filled carnival. Celebrate the joy of play with family and friends of all ages and face off in the ultimate living room showdown.
ISO Demo 2.08GB (uploaded by Twink)

Tríade [Pt] UNEB [top]

This adventure with RPG elements is a Brazilian game made with Torque game engine and funded by: FINEP in partnership with MEC and MCT, with support of University of Estado da Bahia (UNEB), FAPESB and CNPq. It allows for the immersion of students in the universe of the eighteenth century, especially in the French Revolution, awakening in students of middle and high school the desire to learn in a fun and enjoyable way. This rich and important content allows you to understand the context of contemporary society as presented through a simulation game. This type of game allows players to experience situations that may often not be realized in everyday life. You will comes into contact with historical figures of the utmost importance and get to know some of their ideas and motivations. Depending on the situation you can choose which course of action to take.
Portuguese Free Game 233MB (uploaded by Official Site)

Undertown Fithx [top]

This first started out as a student project using the Unity engine. Undertown is a fantasy game in which you learn the story of a warrior and his friend who went disembarrass girlfriend warrior who kidnapped the dark magician. During the journey, they not only meet with the wonderful creatures, but also must contend with the demon who is trying to subjugate our hero.
Free Beta v1.25 264MB (uploaded by Official Site)

Vectorman SEGA of America, Inc. [top]

This is a pc conversion available on Steam for $2.99 of the acclaimed Genesis platformer. The future of the human race looks hopeless when maintenance drones accidentally replace the orbot leader's head with a salvaged atomic bomb. All the orbots on Earth are immediately ordered, via television receivers, to stop cleaning up the planet and to start manufacturing weapons for an impending ambush of the returning humans. Only one orbot, a sludge barge pilot who was out of communications range, is unaffected by the evil take-over. You are that pilot: VectorMan! The only hope of the entire human race is for you to destroy the villainous WarHead: you must seek him out by following a trail of television receivers around the Earth, and then confront him in a battle that will decide the fate of humanity, and of the planet Earth itself!
 1  2 
Full Demo 16MB (uploaded by Meddle)

VVVVVV Terry Cavanagh [top]

This is a platformer brought back to the aesthetics of those in the eighties, with a basic colour palette and a limited set of controls. Players command Veridian, whose space ship hits an interference and is about to crash. The entire crew is evacuated quickly, but a few crew members remain. Due to a teleporter malfunction they have been be moved to random locations on the ship. It is up to Veridian to restore all teleporters and find back the five missing crew members: Violet, Vitellary, Vermillion, Verdigris and Victoria ... hence the game's title. The game is entirely built around a gravity-flip mechanism. Next to moving around, the only other main ability Veridian has, is to flip gravity force 180 degrees, enabling him to switch between moving on the ground and upside-down on the ceiling. Most of the areas feature a combination of spikes, platforms and different moving objects and enemies that require a quick succession of movement and gravity flipping, demanding quick timing from the player. The path to explore the space station is not linear. Any of the crew members can be tracked down right away and difficult sections can be abandoned to explore later. Once different teleporters have been found, Veridian can quickly move between faraway sections of the space station using a map. The game requires a lot of trial and error to progress, but it offers an unlimited amount of continues and regular checkpoints. Next to the main objective there are also 20 hidden trinkets to collect, which open up new game modes. These include time trials, intermissions, a game mode where the game needs to be played without dying once, a flip mode where the entire game is flipped vertically, and a secret laboratory. Later levels introduce new difficulties such as looping screens, beams that bounce the main character around, moving screens with spikes at the sides, sequences where Veridian needs to survive in a closed section of the level, and a part where another character needs to be guided around with indirect control over his movement. There are also terminals that provide information, logs and activate events. Each room also has a unique name and there is a soundtrack of chiptune music. In 2014, a free Make and Play Edition was released that only includes the player levels and the level editor.
Browser-Playable 2-Level Shareware Flash Demo (uploaded by Kongregate)
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Free "Make and Play Edition" 60MB (uploaded by Official Site)
GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.2.0.3 + Full Demo v2.0 + MP v06182014 + Soundtracks and Prototypes 66+53+60MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
Fan-Made Levels

Wake Boss Baddie! [top]

Wake is the story of a trapped engineer. He wakes up in the engine room of a sinking ship and has to make his way to the surface above where rescue awaits. Along his way he'll find items including a radio that receives messages from another nearby survivor, a torch to see in the dark during power-cuts, keys to open locked doors and a fire axe to smash through obstacles. Dodge bullets and fire, most of all avoid drowning. Discover the secrets of what really happened. There's 18 achievements and online highscores. Also it has full Xbox 360 controller support, and a free OST with bonus tracks, full 12 page manual and health and safety brochure. A 2013 Edition was later released which includes widescreen support, wider controller compatibility, new randomization system, bug fixes, added new traps and loads of new little features.
2013 Edition - Full Demo v1.06 56MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 257MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Worms Reloaded Team17 Software Limited [top]

This is the first traditional 2D entry in the Worms series for the PC since Worms World Party and incorporates some of the new ideas in the versions since released on the Nintendo DS and Xbox 360. The game's core game play is still identical, but many new features have been added or upgraded since previous releases. In either single player or multi player two to four teams of up to four worms per team duke it out in turn-based combat. Using a variety of weapons players attack each other in what is essentially a more complex version of the classic Artillery. Player's can lob grenades, fire rocket launchers, drop mines, fire guns or use many of the wacky fictional weapons such as Monty Python's holy hand grenade or exploding sheep. The terrain is fully destructible and surrounded by water. Worms can't swim so when they are thrown in the water by an explosion it's an instant kill. There are also various hazards present on the terrain such as the familiar mines and oil barrels (that put the terrain on fire), but also new hazards such as sentry guns. The game features an all new single player campaign with 35 levels, an advanced campaign with 30 levels and an additional 5 unlockable levels. Finishing levels earns money which can be used to buy these new levels, new weapons, themes, hats, etc. Using Steamworks the game has an automatic match making system and online matches are ranked in the global and friends leader boards. Players can control up to four worms per team with up to four teams per match. There's also a selection of achievements which can be unlocked as is usual with games released on Steam. Worms are fully customizable, including colour, hat, gravestone, victory dance, names, fort (for the fort game mode) and soundbank. All soundbanks of earlier Worms games are included with the addition of 20 new ones. Levels are also fully customizable. A simple drawing program allows the player to draw his own levels and simply apply a skin and automatically fill it up with hazards and worms, or carefully determine the exact position of everything manually. Levels can now also easily be made more vertical, for those who aren't afraid of some steep heights.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Full Demo v1.0.0.465 297MB (uploaded by Supernova)


Charlie Church Mouse 3D Bible Adventures Left Behind Games / Inspired Media Entertainment [top]

Join Charlie Church Mouse and explore a new 3D world of fun and excitement. Master your way around the Bible Adventures theme park, as you and Charlie join forces to learn six classic Bible stories and triumph in a multitude of riveting mini-games. Charlie is better than ever. Join the adventure!
Full ISO Demo 407MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

Cheburashka: The Abduction of the Century [Ru] ID Company / Novy Disk [top]

Guard, a terrible accident. The old woman’s only treasure disappeared. Well, how can one remain indifferent? Even if the old woman is Shapoklyak, and her treasure is the nasty rat Lariska, we will certainly go in search of it. And the greatest detectives in the world, masters of the deductive method, Sir Crocodile Gena and his friend Cheburashka will help us. In addition to Gena and Cheburashka, no one wants to help Shapoklyak: she managed to harm almost all the inhabitants of the fabulous town. To talk with witnesses and get important testimonies, friends will have to not only provide good services, but also correct the consequences of Shapoklyak hooliganism. But on the other hand, they will learn how to make jam, set the time on the clock, catch flies for spiders, and weave a web for them (who would have thought that this was a purely intellectual task!), As well as crack boxes and knock apples off a tree. As you might guess, each of these actions is a fun puzzle or puzzle. And each puzzle brings heroes one step closer to unraveling the mysterious abduction. And what a surprise awaits detectives at the end. But let's not get ahead of ourselves - the investigation has just begun. Features: Carry out a real detective investigation - Who could need Lariska and why did the thief go unnoticed; Managing to talk with witnesses - How to appease a grandmother, make friends with a wise cat and feed a spider; Win all the puzzles - How to cook jam, catch a fly, weave a web and open the lock of the box; Explain to the old woman why friends are needed - Is it possible to re-educate Shapoklyak?
Russian ISO Demo 582MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Dora The Explorer: Swiper's Big Adventure Teravision Games / Nickelodeon Games Group [top]

This is a Flash platform game starring characters from animated TV series Dora the Explorer. Dora, Boots and Swiper find a baby fox who seems to be lost, and Swiper volunteers to return the baby fox to the den. To do so, Swiper needs to navigate several side-scrolling levels, collecting stars and avoiding enemies. From time to time the player will need to complete a simple educational task like matching a color, a shape or a pattern. The game is aimed at 3-6 year old children.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Nick Jr.)
Full Demo 47MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Dora's Big Birthday Adventure Nova Development Corporation [top]

It's Dora's birthday and you know what that means ... a fun-filled party with all her friends. The only problem is Dora and Boots are stuck in storybook land and must go on an exciting, magical journey if they hope to make it to the party on time. Develop essential preschool learning skills with the top-rated preschool phenomenon and all her friends. Play 8 Great Interactive Games - with 3 different levels in each - to learn more and win big every time. Now everyone can help Dora celebrate her Big Birthday Adventure while mastering fundamental skills in an engaging and wholesome way. Designed specifically for ages 2-5, it takes your child into Dora's wonderful world where they'll learn about Math, Reading, Language, Spanish, Self-Esteem and more. The more crystals they return to Wizzle World, the more rewards, like special activities and virtual prizes, they'll receive and the more birthday presents Dora will get.
Full Demo 42MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Hugo Trollskolan: De Första Tecknen [Sw] Krea Medie Norge AS [top]

"The first sign" is based on a story where Hugo first discovers the Troll Academy. There are signs of the darkness appearing in the Troll village - and the signs will lead Hugo into exciting quests and also letting him into the Troll academy as an apprentice - when the Troll masters will be teaching him the secret magic of the Troll heroes. The game is a mixture of action and knowledge. One must solve math and other school problems.
Swedish ISO Demo 253MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Swedish ISO Demo 245MB (uploaded by Legends World)

Hugo Trollskolan: Utmaningen I Tornet [Sw] Kreagames [top]

Hugo is faced with the final exam in the Troll Academy - Tower Challenge. Here he learns to change shape to a stone and to a whirlwind and use his moonlight. Giles is the wise teacher at the Troll Academy. Together with the other teachers, they organize the tower test, which is an examination from the Troll Academy, which all witchhair aspirants must undergo before they become a genuine troll hero. The magic test consists of a number of challenges in the form of platform games. In the tower there are a lot of doors. Behind each door hides a platform path that you who play Hugo should cope with. The courses are very short and some are pretty clever. The mission is to collect crystals, sometimes in numerical order, and jump on and thereby kill various monster-like creatures. Some of the courses require Hugo to turn into a stone. This rock form is good when he can roll over the enemy without hurting himself. As a stone, however, Hugo is a little louder and cannot jump as high as he does in the usual cases. On other paths, Hugo assumes the shape of a whirlwind and can thus fly. Finally there are pitch black paths where Hugo benefits from his moonlight. Then his eyes light up with light like an aura around him. These paths are a bit tricky because you do not see platforms and other things until Hugo lights them up with their moonlight. The challenge in the tower has a disturbing charging time ahead of each track. Since the tracks are very short, much of the playing time goes to sit and wait for the game to load which is annoying. It's a tiny platform game for a young target group. The game can be played in three different levels of difficulty and can thus be adapted to the child's age.
Swedish ISO Demo 232MB (uploaded by Legends World)

Josefin Skolhjälp: Engelska 2 - Finding the Fortune [Sw] Kreagames [top]

Get better in English. Josefin needs help finding out who inherits the many millions that Guldberg has bequeathed to a secret heir. If you do not find the heir, all the money goes to Girig's lawyer instead. In the game you get to learn English words, the alphabet and the numbers from 1 to 20 in a fun way. There are a total of 11 mini games that give an introduction to the English language for beginners. Children learn: To insert words in a sentence; Spelling words; If it should be? or? in front of the noun; To find the right image for a word; To find the right word for a picture; What the letters are called; What the speech is called; Right errors in sentences; Find the letters missing in words.
Swedish ISO Demo included in Josefin PC Spel Pack 3.56GB (uploaded by Legends World)

Josefin Skolhjalp: Miljo Jorden Har Feber [Sw] Kreagames [top]

Become climate smart with Josefin. In Josefin School Help, the earth has a fever, the little rabbit must fight to make the globe healthier. Josefin's extraterrestrial friend Fredo, has observed the earth from space and it looks anything but good. Although Josefin cannot do everything for our soil, it is important that she, like everyone else, contributes to a cleaner world and a healthier environment. The player learns about environment, energy and climate issues through assignments and facts gathered in a dictionary. The game, like the other Josefin games, is aimed at younger children of school age. Features: Lots of important information about the environment and climate that is gathered in a dictionary; Today's assignment, which is something you can easily do at home in your neighborhood; Save polar bear cubs at the North Pole; Prevent bulldozer drivers in the Amazon; Plant new trees in the Sahara Desert; Leave lights in skyscrapers and save power; Help to recycle debris in China; Easy-to-understand information about the greenhouse effect; Collect material to make Josefin's house climate-smart.
Swedish ISO Demo included in Josefin PC Spel Pack 3.56GB (uploaded by Legends World)

Josefin Skolhjälp: Trafiksäkerhet 2 - Säker på Cykel [Sw] Kreagames [top]

Learn to travel safely on a bicycle in traffic. Josefin has got a summer job as a bike bid. But before she can call herself a bike bid, she must do the bike bid test. There are many fun challenges to ride with Josefin through the city. This includes being able to recognize a dangerous traffic situation, helping children to ride properly, finding the right equipment for the bike and learning about brake distances. At the same time, you should guide Josefin around the city and complete tasks for its inhabitants. In SAFE ON BICYCLE, the children learn: Traveling safely on the bike; Cycling equipment; Traffic rules; Recognizing dangerous situations; Brom stretches on different surfaces. Multiple mini games: Check the bike; Dangerous situations; The forgotten intersection; Brake game; Mission The bid test. When the traffic score meter is full, can you go to the bid test - maybe you can do it?
Swedish ISO Demo included in Josefin PC Spel Pack 3.56GB (uploaded by Legends World)


11eyes CrossOver [Ch] Lass / T-Time [top]

This was originally an Xbox360 expansion of the original 11eyes. The game contains the old story with some minor changes such as the new screen resolution and the removal of adult content, as well as a new story that features new characters exclusive for this version. It was only ported to PC in Traditional Chinese. The game uses the same system as in the original 11eyes Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl. However, there are some slight differences. The Cross Vision system is replaced by a system called Cross Aspect, which has the same function. Due to the time strain, the story of Hollow Mirror Field was cut short and there is only one occasion when the player has to choose a route. The game now has multiple endings, most of which are about Shuu's decision about the heroines. However, it is unclear which end is the true ending of the game (if there is any). Finally, there is no adult content in the story of Hollow Mirror Field.
Traditional Chinese DVD ISO Demo 3.80GB (uploaded by Delacroix)

Bunny Black SofthouseChara [top]

Dierks is a perverted adventurer entered a labyrinth known as the Maou’s forest and was defeated by the maou himself. But taking pity on him, the maou kindly recruited him as part of this demon army. Given a second chance, Dierks has two goals: to rise in the ranks of the demon army, and to defeat and have sex with those girls who come to attack the maou.
Japanese ISO Demo + English Translation 1.20GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Deardrops [J] Overdrive / Asoberu! BD-GAME / CyberFront / M-trix / MangaGamer [top]

Shouichi was known as one of the ‘nobles’ of the violin world. Having started playing the violin when he was 3, he won the national violin competition when he was in middle school and went to Germany to play in orchestras. However, due to unknown reasons, he returned to Japan, gave up playing the violin and became a freeter. One day, he starts working at a live house and meets many other amateur musicians who are living their lives their own way. Together they will have to overcome obstacles in both their personal lives and as a band. To Shouichi, the live house is a new beginning in a new place… a new world which has opened to him when he thought that his future as a musician had closed.
Full Demo 1.77GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Dragon Girl Looks Up At The Endless Sky, A DebonosuWorks Inc. [top]

Adonis has been learning to be a dragon tamer as an apprentice to an ex-dragon tamer Danan. One day, he meets a dragon girl Mint while he trains alone in forest. The girl calls him Daddy although he never had a single girl friend. He explains her that it must be some mistake but all she remembers is her own name. In confusion, he decides to takes her Dannan's home and what he is confessed there is the fact that Mint is the girl who destines him as a dragon tamer. Adonis contracts to be a partner of a memory loss dragon girl and they begin their journey to see around the world in order to find out Mint's lost memory. Guide her in place of her father. You, as Adonis have been recognized as Dad by Mint. You have to educate her through the story as her father, and after all, she will grow beautifully. The game is based on a mult-scenario and how you play the game will affect the scenario branching off in 4 different patterns that Mint also varies her appearance and personality. RPG part - Vast world and many dungeons. This world, which humans and dragons coexist, is very large with more than 10 cities inside and its landscapes include from forest with full of wildlife to a sunbaked desert. A battle is an easy action gaming. Easy mode is also available. When monsters appear in dungeons, a belt-scroll action battle starts. Skills are easily accessible with only a button to use. You don't have to worry if you are not confident of an action gaming. Various abilities depending on player's decision. A skill point is given as Heroines level up and a player can choose a skill with a favorite property to evolve by using the point given. Heroines will be able to use a corresponding ability of the skill evolved. An English version was later released in 2016.
Full Demo 2.58GB (uploaded by Delacroix)

Kangoku Senkan 2 ~Yousai Toshi no Sennou Kaizou~ / Prison Battleship 2 [J] Anime Lilith [top]

In the solar system, there is a cold war going between Neo Terrors (Group of the Earth) and New Soral (Group of space colonies). There is a neutral third party known for its strong military power: Cordelia is a fortified city which is constructed on a secondary planet of the Uranus. There, renowned general Alicia Viewstream and the imperial heir Maya Cordelia decided to build an alliance with the New Soral. The main character, Dino Dirasso, is a secret agent sent from Neo Terrors. His plan to prevent the alliance was radical: making use of the secret brainwashing lab in the new battleship called Yekel, he starts the brainwashing modification and personality destroying training of the two women!
Full Demo 671MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Kotori Love Ex P [J] Circus / MangaGamer [top]

This is a fan disc of Kotori from the Da Capo series! You can enjoy all the Kotori episodes of "D.C.P.C.", "D.C. White Season", "D.C. After Seasons" and "Circus Disc -Christmas Days-". Also, the adult version of "D.C.I.F.", which was released on PS2, is included. Moreover, you can enjoy lovelove married life with Kotori!
Full Demo 1.55GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

My Girlfriend is the President: Fandisc Alcot / JAST Densetsu [top]

Welcome back to the White House. All your favorite characters are waiting, like President Ohama, Irina Putina, and the adorable spaceship girl Ell. This is the official "fan disc" (short sequel) to My Girlfriend is the President, which is approximately half the size of the original game, with two complete routes and many sex scenes to explore. ELL side: Remi and Qoo come to spend Christmas with Junichiro and Ell. When Junichiro and Ell keep sneaking off at night, poor Remi isn't amused. "If you have sex that much, your brain will turn to mush. What's that? N- No, Im not jealous or anything! Dont be stupid!" Meanwhile, Qoo wants to see Ell and Junichiro have kids, so shes been hatching some devious plots to get them to hook up even more. Don't worry, its nothing you wont enjoy! [Insert evil laugh here...] Just then, a rumor starts spreading about a female ghost thats been appearing in town. The funny thing is, the ghost looks just like Ell. IRINA side: Irina Putina returns to Japan after many months, eager for some quality romantic time with Junichiro. Unfortunately its not going to be that simple. A faction in the Japanese government is plotting to get Junichiro and President Yukino together, so they arrange for Junichiro to live with both Yukino and Irina, allowing both girls to compete for his love... and his hormones. In one corner is Yukino, childhood friend, good at housework (though terrible at cooking), willing to let Junichiro do anything he wants. In the other, the alluring Irina, with her sexy body and large breasts. In the mood for some "double maid play" with menage-a-trois? The love battle is about to begin. An English version came out in 2014.
Full Demo 908MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

Starless [J] AiCherry / Empress / Peach Princess [top]

Protagonist Sawatari Yukito was looking for a summer part time job, when by chance he came across an advertisement in a job search magazine for a position with really nice wages. Upon quickly contacting the employer and learning that the position had yet to be filled, he applied without delay. The job was as a live-in servant at a mansion. His first day of work arrived. Upon arrival at the mansion deep in the mountains he was surprised by the size of the grounds and the palatial building itself… appropriate for the richest of the rich. The mansion’s beautiful mistress and her equally beautiful daughters came out to meet him. However, within that day his expectations turned to bewilderment and then despair. By the time he learned the reason behind the high wages he was being offered for a simple handyman’s job, it was too late… The work that awaited him was that of a “handyman” in name only. He joined several other servants at the beck and call of the mansion’s mistress, tasked with pleasing every perverted whim of her odd family. Servants both male and female were unable to escape the mansion, forced to continually take part the unending bizarre play of the family’s mad escapades. Will Yukito ever be able to escape the mansion alive, or….?!
Full Demo 1.42GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Unholy Sanctuary [J] hatahata / Anhori Production [top]

This is an old school Castlevania style horror platformer. So get ready to gnash their teeth under the onslaught of hardcore gameplay. Although there are some accommodations, such as before bosses are placed helpfully game save-points, restore life and special weapons. While platforming with deadly pits it becomes very difficult to pass because of the habits of cunning enemies and their placement just before the traps. And bosses are a downright whole event. Battles are long and complex. While the tactical fights can be understandable, but to fulfill all the tricks many times and not to run into the bosses' attack - is not a trivial task. All special weapons are available to you initially, and you can quickly switch them at any time. Your arsenal includes such things as: flying diagonal daggers (good for knocking down the upper targets); fiery flashes on the floor (the analogue of holy water); analog of the Richter Grand Cross and finally a flying forward cross. Of conventional techniques, in addition to the classic lashes, you can teleport short distances to evade some attacks, kick and jump with a quick "slap" whip. The graphic and sound design has a great atmosphere of Castlevania. On the backgrounds, you can contemplate all sorts of horrors form dismembered bodies, chained skeletons, covered with blood and torture instruments, etc. Monsters and bosses are also good with a whip Mistress calling hordes of zombies, crazy nun and even a semblance of death, which here takes the role of a necromancer. When creating monsters, the author was inspired by the MMORPG Ragnarok Online, but all the enemies have a very organic look and theme. All the action of the game takes place under great music. The story involvesa village where people begin to disappear, and the reason for it was themost unholy sanctuary. To deal with this problem the church sends a hunter named Marianne, which you have to play. It does have hentai elements. If the main character is knocked down - monsters immediately rape her + then you will be shown the proper image.
 1  2 
Japanese Free Trial 60MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Japanese Full Demo 149MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Unholy Sanctuary + Unholy Jail - Full Demo 202MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

Viocide: Vore Side Action RPG [J] Studeo XI [top]

A thrilling adult only guro sci-fi action RPG featuring monsters that prey. If the main character Meena is beaten by monster, she gets swallowed inside of monsters and humiliated in their bodies. The humiliation scene is animated. A mutation in a certain living object in a biological science lab happens to create a monster. The monsters start attacking staff. Learning the news, Meena goes to the lab to find out the cause and solution. Can she survive the horror!? Take advantage of the equipment, arms, charged attacks, key items, etc. and make your way in the labyrinthine lab. SUPER EASY mode is included for beginners.
Japanese Full Demo 597MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Wonderful Everyday / Subarashiki Hibi: Furenzoku Sonzai KeroQ [top]

Subarashiki Hibi: Furenzoku Sonzai is a Japanese adult visual novel and KeroQ's fourth game after the titles Tsui no Sora, Nijūei and Moekan; it shares many characters and plot elements with their first game, Tsui no Sora. Subarashiki Hibi contains six stories, the titles of which are taken from chapters in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Most of the stories take place in the fictional Suginomiya neighborhood of Tokyo and recount the month of July 2012 from different perspectives. The game requires minimal interaction from the player, as the duration of the game is spent on reading the text that appears onscreen; this text represents either dialogue between the various characters, or the inner thoughts of the protagonist. A number of choices exist, some of which determine the plot branch on which a story continues. Viewing all the branches is necessary to proceed to the next story. The game generally follows adventure game conventions, with the text appearing at the bottom of the screen, but segments exist where it is overlaid on the entire screen. In 2012, an English translation patch was released.
Uncensored Full Demo + Fan Restoration Patch 2.57GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Yumina the Ethereal Fandisc: Forever Dreams [J] Eternal [top]

At school, there is now an exciting competition for the next school captain. The students who go to the final are two girls, Yumina and Nayuta. The main character is Ayumu, a close friend of Yumina. He supports and fights with Yumina. But the final ends in a draw.... Though they promise to fight again in several days, Nayuta tells Yumina to give Ayumu to Nayuta as her personal secretary until next battle. Ayumu is depressed at first, but he gradually understands Nayuta's concerns as he spends time with her. It begins at the end of the fifth chapter of the original Yumina. New playable characters - Honma Maino, Hinomiya Rei, the Sakaue sisters (Tsukuyo and Youko) and finally, Kagura Nayuta, the student council president. Plus a whole new person. It has modified system dungeons, and a new dungeon in the computer world.
Japanese AlcoholClone ISO Demo + manual & patch 2.21GB (uploaded by Delacroix)

Role-Playing Games

Arcania: Gothic 4 Spellbound Entertainment / JoWooD Entertainment, DreamCatcher Interactive [top]

This fourth installment of the Gothic series is the first one to be developed by a company other than Piranha Bytes. Ten years have passed since the end of Gothic 3 and the world has changed - the Southern Islands have become embroiled in conflict, and set the stage for the player to brave countless adventures in the guise of a nameless hero. Decisions will have to be made which will change not only the future of the Southern Islands, but of the entire world. Old acquaintances and new faces will aid the hero or attempt to thwart his efforts throughout his journey. It's set in a rich world that invites the player to explore all of its innumerable attractions and details. Different climate zones, abundant flora and fauna, subterranean vaults, and cities and castles with unique architecture await the adventurous player. Clouds darken the skies, weather effects such as wind and heavy rain influence the game world, keeping it endlessly fascinating with its amazing graphics, day and night cycles, and a stunning display of light and shadow. Wonderfully atmospheric music and top-of-the-line sound effects create a truly immersive playing environment. A multitude of entertaining and challenging quests, challenging combat, mysterious NPC characters and a sophisticated plot guarantee many hours of highly entertaining gameplay. The Southern Islands await!
 1  2 
Level Demo 1.75GB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
DVD ISO Demo 3.86GB (uploaded by jesuspch)
DVD ISO Demo 8GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Cross Medium II [J] USA(ウサ) [top]

This is a game that runs on Excel VBA. It's like The Legend of Zelda, a NES RPG game. It seems that the production was started to commemorate the first anniversary of the release of the book "Introduction to Excel VBA Action Game Creation".
Japanese Free Game (provided by rockleevk & upped by Scaryfun) 7MB

Deadly Sin 2: Shining Faith Deadly Sin Studios [top]

Immerse yourself into a world of conflict, as several opposing factions clash for dominance over the Archaelus Empire and its people. Take up the mighty blade of Carrion Iblis as he and his friends tear through a massive web of manipulation. Theirs is a journey that will crack open the doors of destiny, setting the stage for a truly epic struggle for the fate of the world.
Full Demo 143MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

DeathSpank Hothead Games [top]

He doesn't stab first and ask questions later. He doesn't realize there are questions. Created by Ron Gilbert, the legendary mind behind Monkey Island, DeathSpank is the rarest of the rare: an honestly funny, fun video game. Described by top scientists (and most reviewers, some of them scientists) as Monkey Island meets Diablo, DeathSpank is an exciting hack and slash action RPG set on a massive, dangerous, curvy world. In between hacking and slashing, DeathSpank solves puzzles and explores an epic story. DeathSpank will vanquish evil and be a hero to the downtrodden; he will collect loot, level up, collect loot, acquire new abilities and collect loot. As you probably just guessed, DeathSpank is filled to bursting with hundreds of weapons, armor sets, witty dialog, improbable scenarios, unexpected villains, and challenging bosses. The action is easily accessible for short bursts of unsupervised fun, but the story is revealed over ten to fifteen hours of gameplay. And there's more! DeathSpank does not fight alone but with the mighty wizard Sparkles, letting your real-life flesh friends play alongside you in two-player local co-op as DeathSpank quests for the mysterious Artifact called…the Artifact. DeathSpank is a high quality, low priced romp.
DVD ISO Demo 2GB (uploaded by Egon68)

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue Hothead Games / Electronic Arts [top]

Join DeathSpank in the hunt for the Thongs of Virtue! Fight through war-torn battlefields, tame the High Plains and sail the savage seas. Experience fast paced action-RPG combat with over 150 quests and tons of weapons, armor and loot to collect. It features a hilarious NEW Story of EPIC Proportions: Guide DeathSpank on an all new voyage spanning massive war-torn battlefields, savage seas, and more as he hunts down magical thongs in an effort to combine their powers and create peace and harmony in the universe. Vanquish evil using an all new array of weapons, armor, and loot spanning different eras of history. Grab a friend and choose one of two hilarious sidekicks to help save the world in co-operative couch play. Use your magical skills as Sparkles the wizard or your kung-fu moves as the new ninjatastic Steve. Battle your way through over 150 new quests and puzzles and meet a brand new cast of hilarious characters in the funniest game ever involving...thongs. Included in the PC version are two free pieces of downloadable content: the Snowy Mountain Dungeon, a terrifying, ice-covered dungeon frozen in the North Pole and a new playable co-op character, Sidekick Tankko.
Free Promotional Browser Mini-Game ( @ Official Site)
DVD ISO Demo 1.31GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Din's Curse Soldak Entertainment, Inc. [top]

This is a fast-paced single player and co-op multiplayer action RPG. The story starts out after you have died, but Din, the champion of the gods, has cursed you into a second life. It seems you were a pretty bad person in life and Din is now going to make you redeem yourself by saving others. Until that time you are doomed to wander forever alone. You will explore the underworld of Aleria, slay dangerous monsters, solve quests that change over time, avoid deadly traps, and especially, plunder lots of loot. Quell uprisings, destroy dangerous objects like earthquake machines, kill scouts, track down renegades, purge curses, end or start wars, and complete other dangerous quests or the danger will escalate. Demon War (2011) was an expansion that features: Play the Demon Hunter class (now 196 total class combinations); Fight many new demons (3 new species, 8 new types, 40 new variants); Solve tons of new quests; Help the NPCs as they interact much more with the world and each other; Experience many more world modifiers; Explore new environments; Interact with the world in new ways; Survive the Demon War.
 1  2 
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
GOG ISO Demo v1.034 (19952) + Demon War DLC 204MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance Larian Studios / dtp entertainment [top]

This adds more than 35 brand new quests and about 20 hours of gameplay to the Divinity II RPG. It updates the game's world of Rivellon to a completely revamped engine (for graphical and performance upgrades) as well as new updates on characters familiar to players of the first game. The Story starts right after the events in the main game and you will have to prove yourself worth as a Dragon hunter again. Explore the many mysteries of the city of Aleroth, lead an epic zeppelin attack as a Dragon and unfold the conclusions to numerous plotlines on your journey that will stop the Black Ring from destroying Rivellon. Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga was later released in 2010 which included a completely re-mastered version of Ego Draconis and the add-on Flames of Vengeance. The content as well as its graphic engine have both been much improved and overhauled.
Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Level Demo 2.15GB combo of Ego Draconis & Flames of Vengeance (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Divinity II - The Dragon Knight Saga DVD9 ISO Demo 5.92GB (uploaded by Egon68) includes Ego Draconis & Flames of Vengeance
included in Divinity 2: Developer's Cut - GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.0.0.11 7.12GB (uploaded by Shattered)

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening BioWare Edmonton / Electronic Arts [top]

This is the first official expansion pack. For centuries, the Grey Wardens—the ancient order of guardians, sworn to unite and defend the lands—have been battling the darkspawn forces. Legend spoke that slaying the Archdemon would have put an end to the darkspawn threat for centuries to come, but somehow they remain. You are the Grey Warden Commander and have been entrusted with the duty of rebuilding the order of Grey Wardens and uncovering the secrets of the darkspawn and how they managed to remain. How you choose to rebuild your order, how you resolve the conflict with "The Architect", and how you determine the fate of the darkspawn will be but some of the many complex choices that await and shape your journey as you venture to the new land of Amaranthine. All-new Complex Moral Choices: Embark on an epic story that is completely defined and reactive to your play style. New Ways to Customize your Hero: Experience additional spells, abilities, specializations, and items to further personalize and customize your hero and party. Encounter five all-new party members and an old favorite from Dragon Age: Origins. Put your skills to the test against an evolved, intelligent breed of Darkspawn and other menacing creatures including the Inferno Golem and Spectral Dragon.
DVD ISO Demo 2.15GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Free Promotional DLC (uploaded by Official Site)

Dragon Age: Origins - Darkspawn Chronicles DLC BioWare Edmonton / Electronic Arts [top]

This $5 add-on allows you to fight as the Darkspawn. The city of Denerim, jewel of Ferelden, girds itself for war. As a hurlock vanguard, you alone hold the power to make thralls of your fellow darkspawn and drive them into the heat of battle. Heed the archdemon's call--Denerim must burn! A look at an alternate history: what if your character had died in the Joining ceremony, and the Grey Wardens marched under Alistair's command instead? A standalone adventure in which you command genlocks, hurlocks, shrieks, and even the mighty ogres. Complete the module and unlock an epic Darkspawn item in DA:O and Awakening.
Full Demo 351MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Dragon Age: Origins - Golems of Amgarrak DLC BioWare Edmonton / Electronic Arts [top]

The $5 add-on has you delve deep underground to save a missing dwarven expedition in search of ancient secrets for creating monstrous constructs. Only you can uncover the gruesome fate that befell them. Put your Warden back in action and adventure through new environments, meet new characters and defeat never before seen creatures. With an engrossing new storyline and challenging puzzles this is one add-on you don't want to miss. Import your character from Origins or Awakening or create a new, high-level hero. Face an all-new terrifying creature, and earn powerful rewards that transfer into your Awakening and Origins campaign. It's an advanced challenge for even the most experienced adventurers.
Full Demo 627MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo 574MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Dragon Age: Origins - Leliana's Song DLC BioWare Edmonton / Electronic Arts [top]

This $7 add-on has you assume the role of Leliana, a young bard involved in a criminal ring that deals in political secrets. Accompanying her mentor Marjolaine on a high-risk mission, Leliana soon finds herself entangled in a game of intrigue that she cannot escape with just her beauty, charm, or stealth. The only way out of this game is to kill or be killed. Following her, on this dangerous assignment, are two new characters in form of a dwarven warrior named Tug and a nervous elven apostate named Sketch.
Full Demo 477MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Dragon Age: Origins - Return to Ostagar DLC BioWare Edmonton / Electronic Arts [top]

The $5 add-on allows players to exact their revenge and embark on a quest for the mighty arms and armor of the once great King Cailan when they revisit Ostagar, the site of the Grey Wardens' darkest hour, to reclaim the honor and learn the secrets of Ferelden's fallen king. Return to Ostagar summons players to a new quest in which they will return to the fateful battleground in Ostagar where the Grey Wardens were nearly wiped out. Players will discover King Cailan's top-secret political agenda and go behind enemy lines to revisit a place that many feared had been lost to history.
Full Demo 138MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Dragon Age: Origins - Witch Hunt DLC BioWare Edmonton / Electronic Arts [top]

This $7 add-on is the final DLC to be issued. The dreaded Archdemon has been slain and the advance of the darkspawn halted by a lone, heroic Grey Warden. The kingdom rejoices, but at least one question remains: what happened to Morrigan? The sorceress joined the Wardens cause, but it is said her true purpose was not revealed until the eve of the last battle. She vanished into the shadows, and while rumors claimed she crossed over the mountains into Orlais no trace of her path could be found. She was never heard from again... until now. Nearly a year has passed since the Archdemon's death, and word has reached the Wardens that Morrigan has returned to Ferelden. She has been sighted in the southern wilderness where she was first encountered. Is it truly her? If it is, then why is she here and what secret does she carry with her? The Warden heads into the forest to find out and tie up this last loose end once and for all. Confront Morrigan in this dramatic conclusion to the Origins storyline. Earn powerful rewards that transfer into your Awakening and Origins campaign. Import your character from Origins or Awakening or create a new, high-level hero!
Full Demo 756MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Drakensang: The River of Time Radon Labs GmbH / dtp entertainment AG [top]

The Adventure returns to a time before the Invasion of the Doomed, before the Orkenstorm, back to the glorious time of Emperor Hal, back to 1009 after Bosparans Fall. Follow a tale from an old friend, a tale about friendship, betrayal and love. Meet old friends, choose your fellowship and battle against terrifying enemies, before sinister intrigues can complete their evil plot. Get on the way, friend and save Aventuria! It brings back the Award winning game play mechanics from The Dark Eye – Drakensang with a new, enthralling story. Travel back to the origin of a great friendship and experience complex quests, challenging turn-based combats and stunning cut-scenes in the world of Aventuria. It features: new Archetypes and Enemies, an expanded "Expert mode" and customizable looks for Archetypes, "Beampoints" for faster travel around the map, voice-overs for all of the dynamic, skill-based dialogues, improved camera controls and textures, a tactical turn-based combat system, and a new, enthralling story in Aventuria, the world of Germany's leading P&P system "The Dark Eye".
German Level Demo 1.42GB (uploaded by File Planet)
DVD ISO Demo 2.47GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Drakensang: The River of Time - Phileasson's Secret Radon Labs / DTP (Digital Entertainment Pool) [top]

This adds a new chapter to "The Phileasson Saga" as well to the PC game Drakensang: The River of Time itself. It allows CRPG players to learn more about the backgrounds and history of Aventuria and The Dark Eye itself and satisfies the long-cherished wish of TDE players of continuing the saga. This epilogue is going to be directly connected to the current revision of the pen & paper campaign. Thus, a new story about Asleif Phileasson, one of TDE's best-known characters, unfolds. Having placed a bet, he must surround the continent of Aventuria. On his journey, he has to survive numerous adventures in which he discoveres new creatures and cultures, treasures and items.
DVD ISO Demo 1.43GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Dreamscape Aldorlea Games [top]

Just a normal day. Erin was quite happy how things were, studying biology and off to see her boyfriend. He, however, was about to change everything. Her boyfriend, Terry, wants her to just watch him as he listens to a tune. He says it will be a special experience. She says he should stop joking but since he insists she gives him what he wants. After all, it's only wasting a few seconds of time. Terry puts his headphones on. The next moment - the bedroom no longer exists. Erin has entered another world. She can only call out as she sees Terry across a bridge from where she is standing just moving away from her. Further and further away. Then, she is alone with nothing around her. What has happened? Will Erin pierce the secret of Dreamscape? And will she ever find Terry again?
Trial Demo (@ Official Site)
Full Demo 81MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Ella's Hope Eridani Games / Aldorlea Games [top]

High in the mountains of Estis an ancient stone marks a portal between mortals and angels. The angels have long since stopped interfering in the matters of the world yet there are a group of select few who watch over the land below as powerful Guardians. Each year the most promising individuals from across the lands are invited to take part in the Trials - their prize is to become a Candidate for Guardianship, to train amongst the clouds for a chance to join the elite ones. Yet our story is not focused on those specially invited ones - instead meet Ella, a girl with a mysterious past having been found on the mountainside in a storm just under a year ago and now working as a maid in the local Inn. Ella's Hope is full of adventure with 7 playable characters to discover and many quests ahead of you. The mystery of this girl's past is about to have a massive effect on her future.
Full Demo 74MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Grimoire Chronicles Gongoria Games [top]

best friend. It's not going to be easy - her world is at war, predators made up of an elite group of warriors that fight against magic users are fighting against all of the magical kind. The game features 10 playable characters, with a compelling storyline for you to play. With twist and turns, betrayal, friendships and maybe even love this is a magical adventure for you to enjoy. In addition to the main story there are over 20 Side-Quests to complete and over 15 Secret Areas to discover. You also get to hunt for relics which give you special field abilities. With an original soundtrack, great locations and more we hope you will enjoy the game.
Full Demo 85MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Hazen: The Dark Whispers Dagger Games / Strategy First [top]

Hazen is an episodic Action/RPG. The first episode is named "The Dark Whispers" and will bring some freshness in the world of Hack'n Slash Games. Discover the beauty of episodically Hack'Slash game, a world that grows more and more (adding more content and features on each chapter (episode). Expand the game downloading patches (adding content for each episode). Be part of one detailed Action game, with deep character development possibilities. Advanced combat system will make the battles "a true delight" and totally unpredictable. Thousand of different items will be at your disposal (common, magic, unique, set, ancients and specially designed crafted items). Also a lot of special moves (combos) will give you the opportunity to discover ancient scrolls and use them vs. your enemies. Freedom to develop your character (you can pick whatever you consider most suitable for your playing style). Pure brutal Warrior, mighty Wizard or swift Archer, hmm... or maybe something more balanced - it depends on you.
 1  2 
ISO Demo 414MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Knightfall: Death and Taxes Big Fish Games [top]

Thieves have stolen all of Knight and Princess' wealth, leaving them in thrall to the kingdom’s mysterious "Taxman"! Play more than 100 stages of addictive puzzles as you drill through blocks and rotate the stage to escape each room. Visit the village shops for armor, magic, potions and more! It's a thrilling puzzle adventure of monsters, marriage and money in Knightfall: Death and Taxes!

Last Heroes 1-4 Warfare Studios [top]

Join a group of heroes in a sprawling 4 part saga about friendship, dreams and destiny! Last Heroes (2010) Viktor is the new king of Abakam, despite being the younger of 3 brothers, Viper, the older brother is not satisfied with his father's decision, which brought him an intense sense of vengeance against the kingdom. Viktor along with his friends will do anything to stop him! Last Heroes 2 (2010) Amelia and Roland are headed to Odaro continent, where Amelia thinks she will find her parents and discover the truth about her past... However, reaching Odaro they realize that it won't be an easy task. They join forces with Lutania Army, a group of soldiers that are fighting against Illion. Last Heroes 3 (2010) Amelia and Roland are headed to Memato continent, where they think Baroda Prison is located, the place where her mother is being held captive. Will they manage to free her? You must help them in this very dangerous and amusing journey! Last Heroes 4 (2010) The finale to the Last Heroes Saga! Join Amelia, Viktor, Roland and Vanessa in the final chapter of this exciting journey, as they finally find out the true whereabouts of Amelia's mother.
 1  2  3  4 
Trial Demos (@ Aldorlea Games)
 1  2  3  4 
1-4 Full Demos 60+62+62+82MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Lilly & Sasha 1-3 John Wizard Games [top]

Curse of the Immortals (May) After Sasha is fooled into placing her hand on an ancient shrine, her twin sister Lilly starts noticing a new darker side to her that she has never seen before. After discovering that Sasha's body is slowly being possessed by the immortal Zahhak, Lilly must furiously try to save her! If she fails, she will have to watch as the infinite power of an immortal lays claim to the world once more. Most of the party's characters are prone to spouting lines that make you laugh aloud. The humor is blunt and agreeably dry, often throwing playful jabs at nonsensical video game conventions. For example, after pulling a switch that randomly destroys a pile of wood blocking access to a bridge, one character remarks, "It doesn't make sense, but it sure is convenient." There are further episodes to come. Nexus Of Souls (Nov/10) - Can Lilly save Sasha before Zahhak consumes her completely? Zahhak has Sasha's body and is going to use it to claim the powers of the Immortals. Lilly has vowed to stop Zahhak at whatever cost, even if she has to kill her own sister to do it. Guardian Angels (Oct/11) Put an end to Zahhak's terror. After Sasha was deemed unworthy of redemption, she passed through the Nexus of Souls. Lilly, who had promised Sasha that she would never give up, followed her through the portal. Meanwhile, Zahhak is more powerful than ever. With Lilly gone, Griffin and Dak must find a way to stop Zahhak.
 1  2  3 
1-Hour Trial Demo 114MB ( @ Amaranth Games)
Curse of the Immortals, Nexus Of Souls, Guardian Angels - Full Demos 125MB+148MB+162MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Moonchild Aldorlea Games [top]

What kind of danger can a mother face to rescue her child? Moonchild is a unique and stand-alone adventure featuring 9 characters, plenty of sidequests and countless items and spells. Play as Queen Calypso and her friends going after Calypso's abducted child and trying to figure out what happened... and why. Can you solve the mystery and rescue Moonchild? Play the game and find out!
Trial Demo (@ Official Site)
Full Demo 150MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Mount & Blade: Warband TaleWorlds Entertainment / Paradox Interactive AB [top]

Although this is called a stand-alone expansion pack, it is more of an enhanced remake of the original. The core single player experience is unchanged and it still is open-ended, nonlinear and focuses on realistic medieval warfare, combining deep character development elements with strategy management, exploration of the game world, and full real-time combat. Again the playing field is two-fold with an overhead map of the country where the player only sees figurative representations of castles, towns, own as well as enemy armies, etc., and the 3D real-time battles with up to a total of 150 units on the battlefield. Both single and multiplayer modes feature improved graphics with motion-capture animations and more detailed textures. Combat itself has also been slightly altered with improved mechanics for soldier morale and the ability to use most throwing weapons in close combat. To the several different non-player character (NPC) kingdoms of the original, a new one has found its way into the game which includes an expansion of the map with a new desert-region for the player to explore and conquer. New gameplay-mechanics include the ability to become king and create a new faction including convincing lords of other factions to become the players vassals. The player may also upgrade own companions to vassals and grant them lands (applies only to creating a new faction). In addition to becoming king, the player may now also marry a lady (or a lord, if playing a woman) through poetry or bravery, opening up a whole new range of diplomatic possibilities since the player may also take a married woman away from her husband and greatly anger him by doing so. Since the player still has total freedom to do as they wish, several new types of quests are waiting to be found and solved, many new companions are waiting in the taverns and a horde of new equipment to be collected or bought. It features multiplayer for up to 64 people (or bots) in which they can fight their 3D battles in the game modes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Conquest, Battle, and Siege. Each mode is class-based and the player has to decide whether the player wants to fight as archer, cavalry or infantry. The class choice influences the gear the player starts with, but as in the single player game, the player can always pick up what lies on the ground. Another way to get better gear is to buy it after each death with the money earned through killing enemies.

See also: #Napoleonic Wars DLC, #Viking Conquest DLC

Level Demo v1.132 586MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
 1  2 
ISO Demo 615MB (uploaded by Molitor)
Mount & Blade Warband v2.6.01.6 + Napoleonic Wars DLC v2.2.0.13 + Viking Conquest DLC v2.10.0.21 - GOG ISO Demos 2.37GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Sailor Moon: Another Story 2 PrinceEndymion88, Gnite Productions [top]

In this fan-made original sequel done with RPG Maker, a new enemy has once again arisen to threaten the Earth. With a strong thirst for revenge against the Sailor Scouts this new force has resurrected severalof Sailor Moon's strongest foes that she had previously defeated as well as turned reformed enemies to the side of evil once more! Will Sailor Moon be able to bring peace back to the earth? Is there a greater motive behind this new enemy’s actions? It features: side view battle system with up to 5 characters; huge character roster including Outer / Inner Scouts, Sailor Star Lights & Sailor Asteroids; unique skill set for each Sailor Scout; multiple locations for the Scouts to visit; animated title screen; opening movie; foes from the Sailor Moon SuperS and Sailor Moon Stars series; the return of enemies such as, The Amazon Trio, Nehelenia, Galaxia and more. The translation was performed in 2012 and also featured several other changes: all game text, menus, graphics and opening movie translated into English; minor story expansion in several sections to improve overall story flow; new skills and attacks added for all enemy characters; main menu disappearing cursor bug fixed; final castle layout and enemy encounters changed to increase difficulty; added additional NPCs to provide tutorials andhints to puzzles; foes from the Sailor Moon SuperS and Sailor Moon Stars series; added two new arcades to Game Crown (note these can only be played at one point in the game).
 1  2 
English / Chinese Free Game 248MB / 115MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

Sorcerian Complete [J] Nihom Falcon / D4 Enterprise [top]

This compilation includes: Sorcerian, Sorcerian Utility DISK, Sorcerian Additional Scenario vol.1, Sorcerian Additional Scenario vol.2 Sengoku Sorcerian, Sorcerian Additional Scenario vol.3 Pyramid Sorcerian, Sorcerian NEW Scenario Vol.1 Visitors from Outer Space, Sorcerian Additional Scenario Gilgamesh Sorcerian, Sorcerian Additional Scenario Selected Sorcerian 1, Sorcerian Additional Scenario Selected Sorcerian 2, Sorcerian Additional Scenario Selected Sorcerian 3, Sorcerian Additional Scenario Selected Sorcerian 4, Sorcerian Additional Scenario Selected Sorcerian 5, Mega Drive Sorcerian. More than 170 pages of manuals and printed materials that got reprinted. New scenario cards from "Visitors from Outer Space " to "Selected Sorcerian 5" that didn't exist at the time were created for this set. PDF Scans of Sorcerian notebook, Sorcerian handbook, Pyramid Sorcerian adventure guidebook, Sengoku Sorcerian capture guidebook. A computer magazine "Monthly Login" published until 2008, the special appendix as much as possible PDF data as possible.
ISO Demo + Patch, PDF & PNG extras (provided by annoyment & upped by Scaryfun) 1.28GB+659MB

Space Funeral Stephen "thecatamites" Gillmurphy [top]

This short game was created using RPG Maker 2003, and centers around a boy named Philip, who leaves home to save his world from a mysterious corruption. It's notable for its parodies of the horror and RPG game genres, its crude art style, and frequent use of blood in dialogue, graphics, and thematics. Players control Philip (and during sections following the game's first major area, Leg Horse) as he departs from his home in Scum Vullage to search for the City of Forms, a city described as the origin of everything within the game's world. Throughout the game, players repeatedly encounter twisted, and often bloody creatures which take the place of NPCs in the game's world. The game plays like a typical 2D turn-based RPG, although a "Mystery" function that can only be used once per battle has effects unique to each enemy variety the function is utilized on. This ability closely resembles "praying" in Earthbound but with a narrative focus. Certain enemies have absurd weaknesses; such as silent films making some of them sentimental. The game also has quirky status effects, such as "buff" and "sad" along with more typical ones, such as "poisoned."
Free Game v1.0.1 46MB (uploaded by GameJolt)

Two Worlds II Reality Pump / Zuxxez [top]

A few years after the fateful events in Part 1 of the "Two Worlds" saga, the power of Gandohar, the Dark Imperator, is at its peak. The joy and relief experienced by the populace of Antaloor when he conquered the proud Orcs was soon brutally stifled by his reign of unbelievable terror. The depths of his evil character were revealed much too fast... and much too cruelly. Only one warrior with the combined power of two worlds can destroy this spell of evil - and the people yearn for his coming. But... the hero is a prisoner in the city's deepest dungeon, so he'll have to start out on the path to his adventures from this dark and gloomy location. He'll enjoy victories and taste bitter defeats, he'll be betrayed and befriended and he'll be met by mind-boggling mysteries and sudden surprises on his travels. However, new powers are entering the scene - and they will plunge the player deep into Antaloor's past. One quest will take the hero back to his roots, present him with surprising twists and turns in the game - and transport him into a truly new dimension in the RPG genre. It offers a perfect symbiosis of the most important RPG features - sheer atmosphere and dazzling technology. A complex quest system with an exciting main story that leads you through the world of Antaloor, plus lots of secondary scenarios with their corresponding quest stories ensure that the followers of the main story AND the adventurous souls who love the danger of exploring unknown regions will ALL get their money's worth... and more! Completely revised AI and Balancing standards, experienced authors, the active combat system and the fabulously intuitive management of magic are all a guarantee of even more game enjoyment for both RPG professionals and those who are new to the genre. Then we have the GRACE engine, especially developed for it. In combination with the extremely flexible MoCap system, it enables unheard-of freedom of movement when the hero is walking, running, involved in combat and interacting with his environment. It's graphically superb, thanks to technological highlights like an unlimited number of dynamic light sources, 24 bit HDR post-processing and Real Eye Adaption.

See also: #Pirates of the Flying Fortress, #Call of the Tenebrae, #Echoes of the Dark Past, #Echoes of the Dark Past 2, #Shattered Embrace

DVD ISO Demo 4.56GB (uploaded by Egon68)
GOG Epic Edition ISO Demo + Bonus Content 3.99GB + 619MB (uploaded by Shattered)
 1  2 
Two Worlds II Epic Edition - DVD ISO Demo 4.97GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
WorldMerge Mods v1.4a 166.54MB (uploaded by RPG Watch)

Winter Voices Beyond the Pillars, Inner Seas [top]

Winter Voices is a narrative-driven, episodic, role-playing game set in an imaginary and timeless world at the start of the Industrial Revolution. Players control a 24 year-old heroine as she deals with the death of her father. She must journey through the heart of Winter and battle her worst enemies - her own personal demons. The first season of the Winter Voices series is comprised of seven downloadable episodes, each unraveling new elements of the characte's tale. Winter Voices combines "point and click" real-time gaming with strictly defensive turn-based combat. As the game alternates real-time dialog and world exploration with combat, players will experience turn-based psychic warfare. Key Features: Mature and creative narrative, exploring human consciousness and immersing in an evocative and chilling role-playing experience; sophisticated and thought provoking gameplay - the player engages in "defense of the mind" mechanics, as the character is overwhelmed by memories and fights against her own inner demons, fears, voices of illusion, guilt, madness; tactical... with a twist: strictly defensive turn-based combat; wondrous and unusual world - an imaginary and timeless world at the start of the Industrial Revolution; dynamic soundtrack: keeping to the theme of self-discovery, haunting melodies; guide the player, setting a dark, intriguing mood to match the character's cold journey and mysterious past. The episodes were released as follows: Prologue: Avalanche (Oct 29), Episode 1: Those Who Have No Name (Nov 19), Episode 2: Nowhere Of Me (Dec 17), Episode 3: Like A Crow On A Wire (Mar 14/2011), Episode 4: Amethyst Rivers (May 27/2011), Episode 5: Overflow (Nov 1/2012), Episode 6: Falls (Sep 17/2013).
 1  2  3  4  5  6  7 
Steam Level Demo ( @ Steam)
Digital Download Episodes 0-6 & Fan-Made Cover (thanks to Delacroix & mirror thanks to Scaryfun) 906MB


Blade Kitten Krome Studios Pty Ltd. / Atari Interactive, Inc. [top]

Kit Ballard is one of the top Breakers - intergalactic bounty hunters, basically - but she's also a cute, sassy, pink-haired catgirl. She's just arrived on an artificial planet called Hollow Wish looking for her next bounty, Terra-Li, but as soon as she lands her ship and her breaker key are stolen by a mysterious (and obnoxious) rival breaker named Justice. Now she has to chase after Justice, trying to find out just what's going on here and who Terra-Li really is. It's an action platform game, based on the webcomic series of the same name, which takes after Capcom's arcade classic Strider. Kit can grab onto nearly any surface, be it walls, ceilings, and even certain enemies, climbing around to reach items and hidden passages. There is a heavy focus on exploration and collectibles, and most stages are sprawling labyrinths with many hidden areas filled with items. Kit's attacks are relatively simple. There is a basic sword swing, and a stronger special attack that depletes her stamina. She can also block, throw smaller enemies, and even crash into the ground for extra damage. Her health and stamina will both regenerate after a short time. There are numerous upgrades available to purchase, including health and stamina upgrades, multiple weapons to choose from, and even many alternate costumes - some of them more ridiculous than others. Follow Kit through 13 levels including 2 exploration levels with her rideable alien mount Noot, as she travels around the colorful, frenetic world of Hollow Wish. Featuring a cast of 9 professional voice actors playing a total of 23 characters. Join Kit, Skiffy and the Darque Blade.

See also: #Blade Kitten: Episode 2

Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Level Demo 238MB (uploaded by Gamer's Hell)
ISO Demo 714MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Re-Release Edition ISO Demo 693MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Castlevania Bloodstorm (cancelled) Pisces Dreams [top]

This fan game, starring Sonia Belmont, does not follow the traditional Castlevania canon. In this story, Sonia Belmont is the daughter of Simon Belmont. Carmilla has returned and is attempting to resurrect Count Dracula to wreak havoc once again upon the countryside. Sonia Belmont, with the family whip and her courage travels to Castlevania to fulfill her destiny. A beta version was made but the project was cancelled before completion.
Beta Version 28MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

Castlevania: The Bloodletting Piscedreams [top]

This is a faithful tribute to the Castlevania series. It’s certainly one of the most polished Castlevania fan games around. It almost feels like a real Castlevania title with its 2 years in development. It's halfway between the popular Castlevania IV of SNES and starred by Richter Belmont and the classic of PlayStation Symphony of the Night, starred by Alucard. This time, we'll control Harker, a vampire hunter who, following the tradition, uses the Belmont family's whip. Your goal is, as usual, enter the Dracula's castle and battle all enemies in it. Jump, slide, move forwards and backwards, avoid attacks, through objects, etc. All this to survive the next to one hundred different enemies you'll find on your way to the center of the castle.
Free Game 36.4MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

Christmas Time Heroes Strife / Galaxy Trail [top]

The date is December 24th. A group of explorers and peacekeepers known as the Spectrum Force have stumbled upon a mysterious blue moon, and it appears to have ties with the Christmas holiday. Upon reaching the surface, they learn that a civil war is about to begin between the spirited Fawnful and the jealous, militaristic Rednoses, who are being led by a man known as Lord Sled. The Fawnful are on the losing side, and it's up to the skills of Indigo Sun and Violet Star to balance the scales and figure out what's going on. Can they stop the fighting in time for Christmas? There is a bigger focus on combat, the levels are more open-ended, and the enemies and bosses are more difficult to compensate for its short length. This is by no means an easy game. Each of the two playable characters - Indigo and Violet - have a different play style, so it's definitely worth it to try out both of them. There are 3 stages in total: Holiday Hill, Sleighbell City, and North Pole. Each stage has 3 different missions to complete, and all of them can be unlocked and accessed through a central hub area. At the end of each mission, you'll receive Spirit points based on how well you did and how much time you took, among other factors. Features: 2 playable characters with unique abilities; 5 different elemental powers for each character; A plethora of shiny items and powerups to collect; Dozens of enemy types and 3 distinct bosses; A modest story that ties each stage together.
Free Game 18MB (uploaded by The Daily Click)

Gigadeep Peposoft [top]

This is a freeware Mega Man-like game made in 2010 by Peposoft, the maker of Houkaimura and Minishooter RS Delta. It features the usual eight levels plus fortress and a handful of playable characters. Ability upgrades can be brought at a shop, though most of them have be unlocked first. There's boss abilities to add to your repertoire of skills, and unlockable characters that play differently from one another. The jump upgrade should be the first thing you purchase from the shop, and more abilities can be unlocked by collecting the secret research notes that you find throughout your mission. In the same year, Peposoft also released a Touhou fangame, Touhou Koukayaku - The Game (based on the Touhou Koukayaku fan music album), that plays similarly to this one.
Free Game 206MB (uploaded by Free Game Archive)

Hell's Belle Game Wolf / SMU Guildhall [top]

This is a platforming action game in a two dimensional playspace with 3d graphics. It focuses on navigation puzzles, exploration, and action. It was developed using the Unreal Development Kit in under 5 months. The player takes on the role of Lily, the Daughter of the King of the Underworld, who is on a quest to prevent Daddy from redecorating Hell in the most embarrassing way possible. Lily must recover and use her host of musically themed powers to defeat the minions who stand in her way. Along the way she does battle with Daddy in three climactic boss fights.
Free Game 413MB (uploaded by Delacroix)
Free Game 413MB (uploaded by jesuspch)

Kid Destiny's Quest For Dream World Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation [top]

For the first time Kid Destiny's Quest for Dream World beta is available for Windows PC. Take control of Kid Destiny as he jump, shoot and freeze his way to save Dream World from the evil Dr. Freud!
Beta Demo 100.1MB (uploaded by myloch)

Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger's Requiem Frontier Aja [top]

Legend of Scarlet Devil Castle II: Stranger's Requiem is the direct sequel to Scarlet Symphony which was released at Comiket 79, on December 30, 2010. Some time after the events in the first game, Sakuya returns from an errand for Remilia involving a book, only to find the mansion empty. It isn't long before Yukari appears and gives Sakuya a clue about where Remilia is and vanishes soon after. The game is heavily influenced by Castlevania, particularly Symphony of the Night and retains most of the cast from Scarlet Symphony, with the addition of several characters from Touhou Youyoumu. Sakuya is agile and precise with her knifes, almost similar to Alucard. The second game also builds around many of the concepts of the first, adds more sub-weapons in the form of partners and supported by professional seiyuu (voice actors).
Japanese Full Demo 440MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo (Latest updates and English + French patches integrated + soundtracks) 951MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

Mega Man: Triple Threat Stealth and LizSama [top]

This fangame created by Stealth and LizSama uses Stealth's E02 game engine (which has thus-far been used to near-perfectly replicate the gameplay engines used in Mega Man 7, as well as the Sonic the Hedgehog series). As with Mega Man 7, it features a 16-bit art style, but unlike Mega Man 7, it has three playable characters: Mega Man, Proto Man, and Bass. All three characters have different abilities, which allow them to access different paths throughout the stages that are exclusive to each character. So far, it's only a demo, and consists of a character select, stage select, an intro stage, and one Robot Master stage, complete with boss encounter.
Free Game 3.5MB (uploaded by Official Site)

Mickman X2 MickmanX [top]

This is the second installment of Mickman X and this time you get to control Kagamine Rin although at the first stage you will be controlling Hatsune Miku for a brief moment. This game is another parody game just like the previous one with Morrigan or Mario as the example of bosses. Now, you get to have 6 stage selection and each defeated boss will grant you the power of the boss itself (just like in the normal Rockman game). And also, did I mention that you get to control Kagamine Rin? However you could also switch to Hatsune Miku in the middle of the game although I prefer Kagamine Rin for her long-ranged attacks (Miku doesn’t have her long-ranged attack anymore).
Free Game + BGM/Music 82MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Free Game 82MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

Milo ChristmasQuest Lionsoft [top]

Milo is back in action and tries to rescue this special part of the year. What does that mean? A lot of jumping, obstacles and traps. It's a cute arcade game in winter style made with Game Maker. Five levels await you and each of them is different. You have to get through in the time limit, or do other stuff. But you have to collect hearts. The game can be finished only if you collect 100 hearts in every level and so gaining one of 5 artifacts. To tell you the truth, this heart tasks is brutal. Time limit, many spikes, enemies and obstacles can really easily kill you.
Free Game 3.1MB (uploaded by Free Game Archive)

Momodora I-II rdein [top]

This is a 2D platformer that tells the story of an orphan girl named Isadora who went looking for a rare item in a secluded labyrinth. This network of caves harbour bug-eyed enemies of different shapes and sizes, but all of them bear the intention of hurting you in some way or the other. Fortunately you came prepared with a magic leaf that can be used to attack your adversaries, and throughout your quest more powerful weapons can be discovered and added to your bag of tricks. The game looks and sounds great. Momodora II (2011) is a 2D exploration-platformer sequel. It's about banishing monsters with a magic maple leaf, and praying to gods. There are also multiple ending. The game is programmed with Game Maker 7 with sound effects by DrPetter's SFXR and music by Elektrobear. It takes place sometime after the events of the first game. The previous protagonist, Isadora, was cursed into an Underworld Queen for breaking into the sacred shrine Terra Altar and seeking its forbidden magic. Her rebirth as an Underworld Queen has caused a lot of problems to nearby villages. Due to that, Momo, a shrine maiden from the KoHO village, is sent on a mission to find the new queen to slay her.
 1  2 
Free Games I-II 10MB/16MB (uploaded by BombService)
 1  2 
included in Momora I-III 103MB (uploaded by Delacroix)
Free Games I-II 10MB/16MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

Ninja Senki Tribute Games Inc. [top]

Kinuhime was killed by a ninja demon. Now, Hayate has become obsessed with revenge! But can revenge bring her back? This is an 8-bit platform game inspired by many games of NES era, including Ninja Jajamaru-kun, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden etc. The player assumes the role of ninja Hayate, a pixelated hero able to double-jump and toss huge shuriken - dozen at a time. Hayate starts with 5 health points and 3 lives. Ninja has to battle through over 15 areas jumping countless platforms and fighting various enemies. Some enemies and platform sections in the game require skill and memorization, and there's no save or passwords feature. However, there are a lot of continues (each continue costs 100 point which isn't much). The game features multiple endings depending on your score.
Free Game 10MB (uploaded by CNET Download)

Rocket Knight Climax Studios Ltd. / Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. [top]

This is a 2.5D platformer and a reboot of the Rocket Knight series from the nineties, with the titles Rocket Knight Adventures and Sparkster. Players control Sparkster, a jet pack-powered opossum through levels with different themes. The game is set in Ethorn, in the kingdom Zephyrus. Fifteen years after the events of the previous game Sparkster leads a quiet farming life with his wife and kid when the mountain wolves suddenly attack with warships. Sparkster once vowed to protect the kingdom at all costs, but was disappointed when the king made an alliance with the Devotindos of the Pig Empire, who once attacked the kingdom. Regardless of the decisions the king made in the past, Sparkster immediately equips his gear and once again will defend the kingdom. It also marks the return of his rivalry with Axel, who likes to hinder Sparkster's progress and attempts to take the credit for his victories. Aside from the graphical overhaul, it also borrows some gameplay elements from the previous games and expands upon them. Sparkster has a number of basic movement options that allow him to jump and glide on rails. Much more important is the rocket pack that allows him to burst into the air in different directions, ricocheting off walls and attacking at the same time. Using this depletes a burst meter that takes some time to refill, except for the ice levels where it can only be restored using power-ups or by standing next to fire. These rocket bursts are needed to move around the levels and in later parts of the game it requires precise timing to quickly travel between platforms. A rocket burst can also be complemented with a burst drill by double tapping, making Sparkster break through walls. Burst assist can be used to hover temporarily in the air. Next to the basic attacks with his sword, Sparkster can use burst to engage enemies, using burst shot to launch a bolt of energy, burst vortex to whirl on the spot with his sword and rail spin to attack when hanging on a rail. Many objects can be destroyed and some enemy projectiles can be reflected. Most of the levels follow regular platform gameplay with checkpoints and level bosses, but there are also a number of flying levels where Sparkster flies permanently into the air at a fixed speed and the game is turned into a horizontally-scrolling shooter. One of the later levels also has a vertically-scrolling section in a chasm and these later levels also put much more focus on the platform element and quick reflexes rather instead of merely attacking enemies. During the levels Sparkster can pick up hearts to restore energy, collect diamonds and extra lives. When all lives are used up, a number of continues are available, but at the cost of having to restart the level. The main Arcade mode follows the story and afterwards these levels become available in the Free Play mode. Similar to the older titles in the series Sparkster can unlock new outfits, such as Gold Sparkster and Axel's gear. High scores and completion times for both individual stages and full Arcade modes are ranked in global leaderboards.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
ISO Demo 633MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Rockman 8-FC Mend [top]

This is a fanmade 8-bit version of Mega Man 8 for PC. Like Rockman 7 Famicom before, it is a recreation of the normal game, except sprites and backgrounds are converted to the normal 8-bit format, so it is like the past Mega Man games. Due to this, there are no FMVs. There are also some more similarities to Rockman 7 Famicom. There is no "save progress" system and is replaced with the common "blue and red dot" password system (passwords keep track of obtained items and screws as well, so there are much more filled spaces than empty spaces). The shop is also featured, and screws are found throughout the game. Unlike the normal Mega Man 8 and in similar way to Mega Man and Bass, screws are more mass-produced, and there is no need to decide carefully between the items. Also, one of the items in the shop is an E-tank, which violates the similarity to the game, where all tanks are absent. Dr. Light tells Mega Man about a new island referred to as Uncharted Island, because it isn't on any kind of map. When Mega Man travels to the island with Rush Jet, it seems like something crashed into the island. Mega Man tries to find it, but it seems like Dr. Wily already found it. What's got left behind is a mysterious broken robot (Duo). After returning to Dr. Light, the doctor tells him that he needs to go to Wily's fortress while he's fixing the broken robot. But before he can, it seems like Wily split the object he found (called Dark Energy) on the island into 8 pieces and gave them to his new robots who, with the power of the energy, are trying to take over the world for Wily. Mega Man must stop the robots and defeat Wily once again!
Free Game v3.13b + Map Editor v1.3 6.5MB+1MB (uploaded by Official Site)

Starfall: Alyssa's Adventure DigiPen Institute of Technology [top]

As Alyssa, you're on a mission to return fallen stars to the sky. Using your three powerful abilities - a mid-air jump, the ability to create a platform below you, and a powerful dash - you must traverse the obstacles in your path and reach the top of a treacherous tower. This was a student project at DigiPen Institute of Technology.
Free Game 36MB (uploaded by Official Site)

Widget's Odyssey Frima Studio [top]

Originally a Flash game, this now becomes a full game. In the far-flung future, particles of pure energy from a passing comet rain on a massive scrap heap, rousing five fearless robots from their deep slumber. Joining forces, our five mechanical heroes, Spad, Cosmo, Bruce, Helmut and Monk, build a spacecraft and outwit their guards as they escape from their iron prison. Their jailers' master, the vile Yagor, swears to hunt them down and rip them apart piece by piece. Aboard the S-Pace, our five friends journey across a universe teeming with danger and scrap-iron mercenaries, intent on putting an end to Yagor's tyrannical reign. In an adventure jam-packed with mazes, mini-games and puzzles, you'll visit strange alien worlds and meet rancid creatures as you help our heroes fulfill their destiny. Oddly reminiscent of nineties classic Another World, you find yourself dropped into an alien environment with no guidance, and no real sense of what to do other than to poke around and see what kills you. This is a puzzle game in which players control robots as they travel the galaxy collecting scrap metal. A large part of gameplay involves guiding different types of robots around platform environments, avoiding hazards and enemies while searching for pieces of metal. Enemy robots can be attacked in brief hand-to-hand combat, resulting in big heaps of robot parts and occasional explosions.
Full Demo 31MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Casual Games

1 Penguin 100 Cases 2 Monkeys Ltd. / Gamehouse Inc. [top]

Oh no! Pengoo's alarm clock didn't go off and he didn't hatch in time. Journey with Pengoo the penguin inside a fishing net to New Zealand, and stick with him as he struggles to find his way back home. Surprises are in store as Pengoo meets up with colorful characters and mystical creatures, each with their own problems. Solve mind-bending puzzles and kooky conundrums in this charming Hidden Object game. Features: Over 90 levels; Funny storyline; Guide Pengoo home.
Full Demo 98MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

1912: Titanic Mystery Joindots GmbH / Ocean Media LLC / 21 Rocks, LLC [top]

On the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, a replica is launched to complete the maiden voyage interrupted by the tragic events one century before. However, one of the passengers receives a note about a bomb hidden somewhere on the boat. The passenger must follow the clues left behind by the terrorist, searching the ship to find the device and prevent another tragedy. This is a hidden object game with adventure elements, where the main objective is to find and click on all the items listed at the left side of the screen, on the various rooms and other locations filled with scattered items around the ship. All the locations have three gameplay sections: initially the player has to find several instances of the same item, then search for a list of objects and finally collect all the pieces of a special tool, that appears as a picture below the list. The tool has to be dragged and dropped on a specific portion of the scenery to access one of the mini-games. These puzzles have to be solved to complete the scene and move to the next one. The mini-games appear on a window at the center of the screen, where the player must reassemble jigsaw puzzles, find all the differences between two similar images, decode Morse code messages with a machine and perform other similar activities. They can be skipped, with a penalty of 10 minutes. The hint button is a pile of lifesavers, showing the position of one of the required items when activated. Extra buoys can be found on each location, with a maximum of 6 stored at any time. The completed puzzles can be replayed from the main menu.
Full Demo v1.5162 63MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo 68MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

3 Days: Amulet Secret Big Fish Games [top]

Help Anna solve an ancient riddle and find a powerful amulet! Travel all over the world, escape tricky traps, and save the world in 3 Days: Amulet Secret! Unravel the mysteries of Stonehenge and plunge yourself into a curious blend of Egyptian symbolism and Tibetan spirit, in this challenging Hidden Object game. Find the hidden pieces of the amulet quickly, as you only have 3 days to catch the crooks and save the entire world!
Full Demo 163MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Adventures of Robinson Crusoe MagicIndie Softworks / eGames, Inc. [top]

Adventures of Robinson Crusoe is a hidden object game based on Daniel Defoe's classic novel. As the famous castaway, most of the time the goal is to find all the objects listed on the screens filled with assorted paraphernalia. There's an option at the beginning of playing with less hints and an overall time limit. With each complete location, Robinson wins an upgrade to his boat, being constructed at the beach shore. Some puzzles appear occasionally on the locations, taking place on a separate screen. They range from variations of classic games like concentration and jigsaw puzzles, to more original ones that have to be solved using logic and lateral-thinking. At the beginning of most locations, the player has to find several instances of the same object. After that, the list of required objects appears, with some of the items scribbled in blue. These blue entries are marked this way to indicate the necessity of an extra step to gain access to them. This step can be only to look inside a container to find them, or use one of the inventory objects in some part of the scenery. The inventory objects are scattered on the screen as well, but their names are displayed when hovering the cursor over them. The hint button makes most of the screen dim, leaving a spot to show the position of one of the objects. Extra hints can be added by clicking on any inscription found on the locations.
ISO Demo 106MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo 87.9MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Agatha Christie: 4:50 from Paddington I-Play [top]

While traveling through the English countryside, Elspeth McGillicuddy witnesses a frightful event through the window of a passing train: murder! With little evidence, no one will believe her. No one, that is, except her good friend, and amateur detective, Miss Jane Marple. Join the celebrated sleuth on a Hidden Object hunt for the truth about what Mrs. Gillicuddy saw that fateful night.
Full Demo 40MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
 1  2 
1-hour Time Trial Demo 43MB ( @ Big Fish Games)
Full Demo 42.6MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Al Emmo: Postcards from Anozira Himalaya Studios [top]

This is a hidden object adventure made with AGS that contains the characters from the Al Emmo adventure. The Mayor of Anozira wants to breathe some new life into his city and he needs your help! Help Al Emmo and the locals bring tourists to Anozira. Explore the town and learn about the local stops and interesting areas as you use your Hidden Object skills to attract new people to the area and help local business survive. Select from 5 playable characters: Al Emmo, Rita Peralto, Kevin the Bartender, Koko the General Store Manager, or Mayor Herbie Trinkwasser. Choose to play casually in "relaxed" mode, or challenge your quick-thinking with the timer on. Dare you venture into the world of sand, sun, and silliness? There's thousands of Hidden Objects, randomized each time you play, plus 145 postcards to collect. Collect Bonus Tokens to boost your score and enhance your game, and solve a variety of entertaining mini-games. It has full voice acting & lipsyncing.
1-hour Time Trial Demo 98MB ( @ Big Fish Games)
Full Demo 111MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Antique Road Trip: USA Boomzap Pte. Ltd. / Big Fish Games, Inc [top]

James and Grace Anderson just got married! Aside from growing their marriage, they're also growing their Antique Shop, so they decide to go on a road trip around the USA to find more antiques for their store. Antique Road Trip: USA is a Hidden Object game. However, in between hidden object stages, there are other mini-games: jigsaw puzzles, spot the differences, pair matching, etc.
Full Demo 143MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Apparitions: Kotsmine Hills Star Mountain Studios [top]

The Peter Wren Paranormal Investigative Agency starts to investigate the old mining town of Kotsmine Hills, Virginia. The place is said to be haunted by the ghosts of its citizens, after many people died in a fire disaster back in 1929. Apparitions: Kotsmine Hills is a hidden object game with a paranormal theme. Most of the time, the objective is to find and click on all the items listed at the left side of the screen, on abandoned buildings and other derelict locations filled with assorted objects. The hints are stored at the top of the list, as cartoon ghosts that show the position of one of the required items when selected. Extra hints can be collected from the scenery as translucent ghost faces, with a maximum of three hints stored at the top. In some scenes, gameplay variations and mini-games occur where the player has to use an X-ray machine to scan and find the objects, use a flyswatter to kill lots of cockroaches and complete other challenges.
Full Demo 62MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Aquamania! / Ozean Suma / Pearl Hunt Noviy Disk / Roka Publish [top]

If you are a person who does not possess his skills in computer games, then you are definitely interested in this game, since it is able to bring pleasure to absolutely anyone. This game belongs to the genre Arkanoid and Zuma, has a very simple and intuitive gameplay, thanks to which everyone can enjoy the game atmosphere. The waters of the southern seas hide considerable wealth. But to get them, you have to take the gun and shoot without a miss until long chains have not reached the pearl and coral sand on the ocean floor. Hit several gems of the same color, beat the most mind-blowing record and pass all levels of this fun and exciting puzzle game. Features: classic arcade-style puzzle, a myriad of exciting levels and locations, various bonuses for combos.
Russian Full Demo + English Patch 5MB (uploaded by myloch)

Artifacts of the Past: Ancient Mysteries KranX Productions Ltd. / Big Fish Games, Inc [top]

In London, a researcher of antiques nicknamed "Dr. Artifact" is summoned by a man named Simon, claiming to be the keeper of the British Museum, to investigate a mysterious break-in where no object was apparently stolen from the renowned establishment. As the scientist starts to investigate the case, a connection between Royal secret agencies and ancient forgotten devices becomes more apparent, leading Dr. Artifact to a worldwide expedition for lost relics. Artifacts of the Past: Ancient Mysteries is a hidden object game with adventure elements, where most of the time the objective is to find and click on all the items listed at the top of the screen, on various locations filled with assorted paraphernalia. The list entries can be replaced by new ones with the shuffle button at the top-left, where buttons with other options are also available: a magnifying glass to enlarge portions of the scene and make the search for objects easier, the journal where important clues are automatically noted, and the ? hint button that shows the position of one of the required items when activated, but takes some time to recharge after use. Mini-games appear between locations, where the scientist must analyse some piece of evidence using his equipment. The player must manipulate some sort of mechanism to reveal secret paintings on ancient papyrus, assemble jigsaw puzzles, connect a circuit board, and complete other similar challenges. They can be optionally skipped after a few minutes. In some scenes, the goal is to find all the scattered segments of objects to complete a series of inventory items necessary to solve puzzles. After being reassembled, these objects are stored inside slots at the top, from where they can be dragged and dropped on appropriate scenery portions to complete a required task.
Full Demo + Guide 209MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Awakening: The Dreamless Castle Boomzap Pte. Ltd. / Big Fish Games, Inc [top]

In a magical kingdom, a princess awakes after sleeping for one hundred years inside a castle filled with puzzles. Confused, she receives a message from the Fairy Queen explaining that all the answers are to be found on the castle grounds. She must explore the place to uncover all mysteries and discover her destiny. Awakening: The Dreamless Castle is an adventure title with hidden object challenges and mini-games. Most of the time, the objective is to explore the many rooms of the castle, solving all the puzzles found on the locations to open new passages and gain access to other places. There are hidden object challenges in some scenes where the goal is to find and click on all the items listed at the bottom, on areas filled with assorted paraphernalia scattered throughout the scenery. Some of the collected objects are added to the inventory slots at the bottom interface, from where they can be dragged and dropped on logical places to perform an action or complete a task. The hint button is a fairy at the bottom-right corner, that shows the position of one of the required items, but takes some time to recharge after use. Some of the puzzles are self-contained, taking place on a separate screen where a mechanism of some sort has to be manipulated to repeat musical sequences in a Simon game with a music box, finish a variation of mahjongg, reassemble broken statuettes by placing the pieces in their silhouettes and complete other similar challenges. Other puzzles require some information available elsewhere to be solved. The clues are automatically annotated in the journal at the bottom-left corner.
Full Demo 126MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Barnyard Sherlock Hooves Nickelodeon / Big Fish Games [top]

Help Otis and Pip find their missing barnyard friends in Barnyard Sherlock Hooves, a fun Hidden Object game! Otis has just woken up, and all his friends have disappeared! The only one left is Pip, who noticed that there were a lot of misplaced objects lying around the farm. Otis must investigate and find these objects in order to solve the mystery of the disappearing barn animals!
Full Demo 37MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Bejeweled 3 PopCap Games, Inc. [top]

This returns to the traditional match three formula after the slightly different spin off Bejeweled Twist. As in previous games, the player is presented with a board filled with gems of different colours. The aim of the game is to remove gems from the board by swapping adjacent gems so that a chain of three or more gems is created. New gems will then be generated at the top of the screen and fall down in the empty spaces. This can lead to a chain reaction when gems fall down and create new matches. New is that the player can continue swapping gems during a chain reaction. There are some special gems; flame gems are created from a match of four gems and explode when matched, thereby removing surrounding gems. A match of five gems will create a hypercube which can be matched with any adjacent gem and then destroy all gems of that colour. Star gems are created by T- or L-shaped matches and destroy all gems that are right, left, up and down of the it. The game has four game modes: classic, zen, lightning, and quest. Classic is the original concept known from previous games. It is untimed and ends when no further moves are possible. The zen mode is meant for relaxation and has no end. Here the player can turn on various audio-visual effects. These are breath modulation, ambient sounds, mantras and binaural beats. Lightning is a timed mode and ends when the time is out. The standard time is one minute but by matching special time gems more time is added. The quest mode consists of a number of challenges. The player has to activate relics and each challenge corresponds to a relic. There are also four additional secret modes that are extended versions of quest mode challenges. These are poker, butterflies, ice storm, and diamond mine. In poker mode, the player has to make poker hands with gem matches. For example, two of a gem type is a pair. The butterflies mode has special butterfly gems that move up from the bottom. These have to be matched before they reach the top. In the ice storm mode, ice moves up the board and the player has to make matches to knock it down again. In the diamond mine mode the lower part of the playing field is filled with rocks. The player has to dig through it by matching gems that are adjacent to it. By doing so gold coins, artifacts and diamonds can be mined from the rock. The browser version is made using HTML5 and runs through Google's Native Client. Unlike the original 2000 browser version that served as a trial for the full Windows Bejeweled game, this is a complete release made available for free. There are two graphics modes, for faster and slower machines. It has only two game modes however, classic and speed (the latter identical to lightning), with the same power-ups.
Full Demo 77MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Browser-Playable Free Version (uploaded by Official Site)

Big City Adventure: Vancouver Jolly Bear Games, Inc. [top]

Big City Adventure: Vancouver is the fourth entry in a series of hidden object games using a famous city as the main theme. Most of the time, the objective is to find and click on all the items listed at the bottom of the screen, on tourist locations filled with assorted paraphernalia scattered around the scenery. List entries in blue can only be collected after opening a special window showing an alternative angle of the scene. A time limit can be turned on at the start for extra challenge. Besides the required items, a series of coins can also be found around each scene. They are tokens for the hint and bonus points system, and are stored in stacks at the bottom-right corner to be used at the player's discretion. The ? coin highlights the position of one of the required objects, the time coin adds a couple of minutes to the clock, the ►► coin reveals the location of several hidden objects at once, the bonus coin gives extra points and the skip coin is used to skip a mini-game. Mini-games appear on a separate screens between each location. They are implementations of well-known classic games and concepts, like a tile-matching game, a Pipe Dream clone with twisted bobsled tracks, a word search puzzle, a Mastermind variant and other similar challenges.
Full Demo 124MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows Reflexive Entertainment [top]

When a chemical spill wrecks havoc next to a nature preserve, all sorts of creatures come crawling out of the forestincluding behemoths better left in the shadows. Scattered sightings are reported, but when Linda encounters something in her own backyard, it all becomes a little too real! Uncover the truth as Linda goes in search of a legend and winds up fighting for her very survival in this seek-and-find mystery. Does Bigfoot exist? Depends on who you askbut something is lumbering into the light, and its not happy!
Full Demo V2 194MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Biggest Little Adventure Absolutist Ltd. / GameHouse, Inc. [top]

In the early twenties, a delivery man called Louis brings a package to the manor of Ruby, a wealthy young lady. As she opens the parcel sent by her scientist uncle from London, a mysterious envelope slips from a book and falls to the ground. The impact rips it open, releasing a shrinking spell that reduces Louis to the size of a small doll. Feeling guilty, Ruby decides to accompany Louis in a worldwide search for a cure to his predicament. Biggest Little Adventure is a hidden object game that borrows some ideas from traditional point-and-click adventures, but features simpler puzzles for casual players. Most of the time, the objective is to find and click on all the items listed at the bottom of the screen, on locations cluttered with assorted paraphernalia scattered around the scenery. Some of the objects are stored inside a series of inventory slots directly below the list, to be used later when solving puzzles. Most scenes have an adventure section taking place on a separate screen, where the goal is to drag and drop the inventory objects collected earlier on specific portions of the scenery to perform an action or complete a task. The occasional mini-games also take place on their own screens, where pieces or mechanisms of some sort have to be directly manipulated to reassemble the shredded pages of a journal, connect the swirling sections of an elaborate lock and complete other similar challenges.
Full Demo v2 292MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Bit.Trip Beat Gaijin Games Inc. [top]

From gameplay to visuals to music and imagination, this is inspired by classic games in every way...like a combination of Pong and a rhythm game. Get sucked into a whole new world of sight and sound as you juggle beats and ride the vibe in this modern look at the beginning of it all. This version for Steam is a brand-new version of the critically adored console game and it marks the beginning of CommanderVideo's epic journey of the soul with: Classic Gameplay; Brain-Melting Visuals; Crazy Boss Battles; Intriguing Cutscenes; A Rockin’ Chiptune-Inspired Soundtrack; Special Chiptune Guest Star Bit Shifter. Features: Leaderboards; Achievements; Brand New Easy Mode; Ultra-Precise Razer Sixense Controller Motion Controls.
included in Bit.Trip Complete - ISO Demo 1.41GB (uploaded by Egon68)

Blood Oath Merscom LLC / TechFront Studios, Ltd. [top]

Blood Oath combines elements from hidden object games and point-and-click adventures, where the player assumes the role of a newly-turned vampire that awakes on a remote village without memories. As the protagonist explores the gloomy surroundings of the deserted place, vampires and other characters start to appear and explain the current situation, trying to persuade the novice vampire to choose alliances and make some careful moral decisions. The main objective is to find a series of items to solve all the puzzles and tasks found on every location. Most scenes have special objects that act like hotspots, pulsating in bright red when the cursor is hovering over them. After clicking on one of these items, a new tab with the object name is added to the bottom interface. Each tab displays the silhouettes of all the items that must be retrieved to activate, or perform an action on the hotspot. Often these items are not in the same scene as their related hotspot, forcing the player to go back and forth visiting all the available locations for the missing paraphernalia. As a visual aid, gems encrusted on top of each tab and silhouette glow when the required items are visible on the screen. The hint button is a blood vial at the bottom-right corner that highlights the position of one of the required objects, or circles a location on the map with pending puzzles when activated, taking some time to refill after use. Most scenes have small dominoes engraved with special symbols scattered around the scenery, that can be collected and used on a mini-game to increase the efficiency of certain help functions. They have to placed on a checkered board and aligned to create chains of the same symbol and increase the level of each hint option. The ankhs make the hint button recharge faster, the blood drops multiply the number of points received, the moons make the powers activate faster and the skulls reduce the time penalty for wrong clicks. The vampire powers are received on pre-determined points in the game, essentially giving access to previously barred locations, with the main character becoming a flying bat, transforming into mist, and gaining other similar abilities to reach certain places.
Full Demo 175MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Bloodline of the Fallen: Anna's Sacrifice Howling Moon Games / Reflexive Entertainment Inc. [top]

Anna writes a book against her father's wishes, telling details about a dark sect he was once part of. After he is found murdered, she is assaulted by recurring nightmares about the cultists and their sinister rituals. She starts to investigate her family past with the help of two friends, traveling around the world to uncover the mystery surrounding the secret cult. Bloodline of the Fallen: Anna's Sacrifice is a hidden object game where, most of the time, the objective is to find and collect all the items listed at the right side of the screen, on locations filled with assorted paraphernalia scattered around the scenery. In some scenes, the list shows a series of actions to be performed, or pictures of the objects that have to be found. The hint button sits below the list, showing the position of one of the required items when activated, but taking some time to recharge after use. Mini-games take place on separate screens, where the player has to complete several challenges like clicking on sections of a snake drawing in sequence by following twisted arrow directions, finding a series of symbols on a book with a magnifying glass, spotting the differences between an object and its photograph, reassembling the torn pieces of a family portrait and finishing other similar tasks.
Full Demo 213MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Born Into Darkness PoBros Inc / GameHouse, Inc. [top]

Nathaniel Black joins the vampire Amber Blythe on a treasure hunt around the world, where they must follow the clues left on artifacts and ancient tombs to retrieve the lost Shroud of Lazarus. Born Into Darkness is a hidden object game with adventure elements, where the main objective is to find all pieces of inventory items, to assemble and use them later. The interface tray at the bottom shows the silhouettes of the required objects whose parts are scattered around the location. As in most point-and-click titles, the player moves between scenes by clicking on obvious exit hotspots like doors and other openings. The silhouettes can be selected to show the all the parts necessary to complete the object. Once assembled, the item can be dragged and dropped from the inventory to a logical portion of the scenery to solve puzzles or perform certain actions. The inventory is framed by blue and red hint jewels and medallions for each main character. There are slots for six jewels that highlight the position of one of the required parts when activated, showing only pieces for silhouettes that match their colors. Extra hints can be earned by selecting one of the medallions to play a mini-game. On Nathaniel's mini-game, the goal is to find and click on the words listed at the top of the medallion on a pile of juxtaposed text at the center. On Amber's mini-game, the player has to click on the flying ghost whose portrait appears on slots at the side of the medallion.
Full Demo v1.0 125MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo 133MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Brain Challenge Gameloft SA [top]

Get your brain in shape with these fun daily exercises! No pain, stress, or boredom; just challenging and entertaining puzzles that act like a vitamin boost for your brain. Twenty different games in five categories (Memory, Visual, Logic, Math, and Focus) will train all areas of your brain. Evaluate your mental capacity under regular or stressful conditions with the Daily Test & the Stress Management Test, and work with your favorite personal coach among two to improve. Keep track of your progress every day, and easily evaluate your level of brain activity. 20 mini games of Visual, Memory, Logic, Math and Focus. A stress management mode to test your abilities under stressful conditions. A creative mode to relax & explore your brain's creative abilities. Self-adjusting difficulty system based on your brain activity profile. View your overall progression with detailed stats & graphs.
Limited Trial Demo 57MB (uploaded by myloch)
Full Demo 70MB (uploaded by roioros)
Full Demo v1.2.9.0 65MB (uploaded by myloch)

Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal Codeminion S.C. / Twin Bottles / Game Club Cafe [top]

Brunhilda is a student of Linguistics in New York. When her aunt leaves on a holiday, she asks Brunhilda to go find a bag she left at her apartment. When Brunhilda arrives at the apartment, she finds out that her aunt's obsession with the occult is not just an innocent hobby. The bag contains a demon that tells her the Magical Realm is in danger. A prophecy has foretold that magic will weaken and disappear over time. The king has decided to store all available magic in a Dark Crystal, which diminishes the amount of magic. The prophecy also tells about someone from another world who can save the Magical Realm. Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal is a blend of the hidden object and adventure genres. It consists of several worlds in which the player has to find certain objects to progress, for instance ingredients for potions or pages from a book. These objects are relevant to the story and are sometimes used to solve puzzles and remove obstacles. Magic (alchemy, wizardry, and telepathy) is performed in mini-games such as catching the correct falling drops and clicking runes shown on a scrolling bar. If the player does well, mini-games are unlocked for replaying from the main menu. There are two difficulty settings to choose from. This setting influences the time it takes before a player can ask the demon for a clue on where to find an object and whether or not objects are highlighted. There is a square magnifying glass that can be used at all times to zoom in on a scene. There is no penalty for clicking on a wrong object and the player cannot die. The game is fully voiced.
Full Demo v1.27 152MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action! Sandlot Games / Encore Games [top]

Return to Jill Evans' hometown of Bakersfield in the highly anticipated fifth chapter in one of the most popular time management series of all-time! Help Jack and Jill keep the Evans Bakery running smoothly as they prepare for the arrival of their new baby. Across town, help Chef Gordo grow his burgeoning Italian restaurant and assist Risha with her fashionable new boutique. With updated shop mechanics, equipment upgrades, mouth-watering recipes, and an all-new Relaxed Mode, you'll have Bakersfield on the A-list in no time. It includes 110 levels of fast-paced fun.
Full Demo 113MB (uploaded by HappySmile33)

Campfire Legends: The Babysitter GameHouse Studios [top]

Discover the hair-raising tale of another frightening night with Campfire Legends - The Babysitter, the highly anticipated sequel in the hit horror series. Lisa is in need of some extra money so responds to a newspaper ad asking for a babysitter. What sounds like easy money soon turns into the most terrifying night of her life as chilling circumstances take shape, heightened by the threats of a macabre caller. Is this all just a sordid prank, or is her worst fear about to come true? Join Lisa through this harrowing nightmare as she fights to survive the encounter. Visit the old Stillwater Mansion and experience the chills of this urban legend while the events established in The Hookman also continue to unfold. With alarming new characters, a greater number of scenes, an extra mode revealing the startling back-story and an ending that will blow your mind, this new chapter will leave you shaking in your shoes. Experience an all-new fright night in this toe-curling Hidden Object sequel.
1-Hour Trial Demo 325MB ( @ I-Win)
 1  2 
Full Demo 318MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Chime Zoë Mode Brighton / OneBigGame [top]

This is a music puzzle game created for charity. The game borrows elements from Tetris and features procedurally introduced music by famous artists such as Philip Glass, Moby, Paul Hartnoll, Fred Deakin and Markus Schulz. All proceeds of the game go to charity projects such as "Save the Children" and "Starlight Children's Foundation". In the game players place shapes similar to tetris blocks (but built from six squares) on a grid. The idea is to create so-called "quads". Quads are at least 3x3 squares. Once a quad is created the player has limited time to expand on the shape in all four directions by placing more shapes next to it. The stage is also a time line. A position marker will slowly move from left to right. Each shape produces a sound once the position marker reaches it. The sounds are samples from the level's music theme and depending on the shape of the quad different samples are played. The further the player progresses in a level the more difficult it will become and the more hectic the music will automatically get as well. Once a quad can no longer be expanded and it is reached by the position marker it is removed, but the grid it covered is colored. A counter keeps track of the percentage of the level that is colored, like in the arcade game Qix. The player needs to color at least 50% to unlock the next level. The grid of each level has a different size and also different shapes that become available to the player. Like in Tetris the player can see which shape he or she is going to receive next. The game features a free play and time play mode. In the time play mode players can choose between nine, six or three minutes. In this time they have to make as much points as possible. Varies multipliers can be achieved and for every 10% filled the player gains 20 extra seconds of time. Additionally if a player fills the entire screen it is flipped over and he can try to gain more than a 100%. High scores are automatically uploaded to on-line leader boards which let players compete with each other for the top ranks. The Steam version of the game features one additional bonus song Still Alive from the game Portal. Only in this level when the player reaches a high enough bonus multiplier, the player is rewarded with a "companion cube" (the player's best friend in Portal). This cube is 3x3 so immediately forms a new quad.
Multi5 Full Demo v1.1.1.2 51MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Chronicles of Mystery 3: The Legend of the Sacred Treasure City Interactive / Mastertronic [top]

With smarts, intelligence, and a zest for adventure, young American journalist Chelsea Connor decides to explore the mysterious circumstances surrounding her father’s death. Her father, an experienced treasure hunter, never returned home from his grand expedition to Africa. Her search for answers will take her from Paris to Ethiopia, as she pieces together the clues about an elusive hidden object that may present evidence as to his disappearance. Along the way, Chelsea will come face to face with powerful bent on preserving their dark secrets. It has an intriguing plot full of twists and turns creates an atmosphere of danger. The compelling adventure told through hidden-object clues and riddles. There's beautiful graphics of exotic locations including Paris and Ethiopia, and hidden-object puzzles and a variety of mini-games challenge players' skills.
ISO Demo 342MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby I-Play [top]

Following the trend of games based on famous novels and legends, this is based upon F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic, a story that depicts and satirizes life of the American society of the 1920's, chasing the 'American dream'. The story takes place on the glamorous New York and Long Island, and everything revolves around Jay Gatsby, a man of wealth that nobody seems to know very well. The game is presented as a movie, displaying the cast along with a brief comment on their personality traits. As in the novel, it is Nick Carraway the one who narrates the story, and the character you embody throughout the game. As a new Gatsby's neighbor, you will be attending to lush parties and cocktails to socialize, while immersing in the story of the mysterious character. Though not completely innovative as regards gameplay, the game succeeds at adding extra elements to the hidden-object hunt, in a way that it avoids getting repetitive. Hidden-object scenes show the typical list of objects that you need to find to advance in the story. Driving scenes require you to find the objects on the list, while driving a car through different locations. Some HOG scenes include interactive puzzles, where you need to make use of the objects collected; you may need to prevent party disasters, or prepare special cocktails to your guests. Additionally, every HOG scene hides a word related to a particular passage of the story. You need to find all the letters to complete this word or you can guess it right away, which will grant you extra points, trophies, and will make the hints refill faster. Most HOG scenes are animated, and it's nice to see the characters interacting with each other at a party, people playing the piano or gossiping about Gatsby's fortune, as new pieces of the story are revealed through dialogs with the other characters. Parts where the story is told, or cutscenes, are also playable, and you can optionally play them to find a number of objects in the moving scene. You can use the points collected to buy furniture and decorative items for your library. The trophies you are awarded during the game will be exhibited there as well. HOG scenes also hide books, that you can optionally collect to fill the bookshelves.
1-Hour Trial Demo 93MB ( @ Big Fish Games)
Full Demo 93MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Clockwork Man, The: The Hidden World Total Eclipse Games / GameHouse, Inc. [top]

Two years after her first adventures, the engineer Miranda Calomy and her robot assistant Sprocket are back to further explore their bizarre world, a strange version of Victorian England where modern technology is powered by steam and coiled springs. On her previous travels around the globe, she came across an unique artifact: an obsidian cylinder of unknown origin. This mysterious object is linked directly to a long-forgotten world, a place she must reach before a dangerous criminal and his thugs. The Clockwork Man: The Hidden World is a hybrid game combining hidden object challenges with pure adventure gameplay and easy puzzles tailored for the casual market. As in most first-person, point-and-click adventure games, the main objective is to collect a series of inventory items and use them to solve the puzzles found on many locations. In the adventure sections, the cursor becomes context-sensitive, changing shape to indicate a possible action when hovering over an interactive hotspot. It turns into a hand when placed over an object that can be collected, transforms into a magnifying glass when passing over a scene portion with a zoom view, and changes into a pair of gears when floating over a place or device that can be manipulated in some way. The inventory is a tray at the top where all the collected objects are stored, sliding down into view to show its contents, and automatically closing when the cursor is far away. The player has to drag and drop the items from it to logical places of the scenery to complete a task or perform a required action. Some of the key items are only received after completing one of the hidden object hunts, where a list of required objects appear at the bottom of the screen, and the player has to find and click on all of them. Some scenes can be scrolled vertically or panned horizontally, and also zoomed in and out. The screen scrolling can be performed by clicking the two arrows inside a circle at the bottom interface, or by using the keyboard arrow keys, mouse wheel or clicking and dragging the cursor. The extensive help system has several different types of hints, all available as buttons set on a semi-circle at the bottom-left. New buttons are gradually added as the game progresses, showing up as upgrades for the robot Sprocket. The locator shows the position of a random item, the database displays a picture of a selected object, the sonar shows briefly all the objects in a scene and the progressive hint gives a clue about the next objective. They all take a variable amount of time to recharge after use. Mini-games can be found on certain locations, taking place on a separate screen where a mechanism of some sort has to be manipulated to solve them.
ISO Demo 715MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Clumsys 2, The: Butterfly Effect Banzai Interactive / Gogii Games Corp. [top]

Like its predecessor, The Clumsys 2: Butterfly Effect is a hidden object game with adventure elements using time travel as the main theme. Once again, the inventor Albert Clumsy messed with history by using his time-traveling machine, and his daughter must revert all the paradoxical, anachronistic objects left throughout the timeline by the absent-minded professor. Each chapter takes place on a specific time period, where the objective is to collect all the items shown as blue-tinted images at the top of the screen. These objects are stored inside the inventory slots at the bottom, from where they can be dragged and dropped on logical places of the scenery to perform an action or complete a task. After deploying all the assembled inventory tools, the player has to finish the chapter by finding and collecting objects that don't belong to that time period. Besides the hint button at the bottom-left corner, that highlights the position of one of the required items, the game also provides three gadgets that can be built to help the player, all based on famous inventions. Fire replaces the cursor, burning brighter when near one of the objects. The x-ray shows all the objects hidden in the area for a few seconds. The time sight gadget gives a glimpse of the complete scene after all the items have been found. Some locations have mini-games, where a mechanism has to be manipulated directly to solve them. They can be optionally skipped after a few minutes.
Full Demo 162MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Columbus: Ghost of the Mystery Stone Vogat Interactive [top]

After crashing his ship, and being tossed overboard, Columbus sees a beautiful apparition reaching out to him. Waking up on a mysterious island, Columbus begins to explore his surroundings and stumbles upon ancient treasures and perplexing puzzles. Find important items that will help you move on in Columbus: Ghost of the Mystery Stone, a fun Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.
Full Demo 203MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Column of the Maya, The Legacy Interactive [top]

In The Column of the Maya, players take on the role of a clever young archeologist named Sarah, who finds herself stuck in a boring job at the archives...that is, until her famous uncle goes missing while on a deadly expedition, and only she can track him down! Use your object hunting skills to find hidden clues, and follow Sarah across the globe as she solves challenging riddles, defeats a bloodthirsty god in search of fresh offerings, and finds romance at the end of a gun.
Full Demo 208MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Crime and Punishment: Who Framed Raskolnikov? All Smart Games / Big Fish, Inc. [top]

Travel back in time with Special Agents Alex and Kat to solve one of the most famous, and heinous, crimes in literary history! Get sent back to St. Petersburg in 1866 and discover the motives behind the murder of an old woman. Dive into the world of Crime and Punishment: Who Framed Raskolnikov? and solve the case using your amazing Hidden Object skills. Can you discover the truth and save an old woman’s life?
Full Demo 122MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Crop Circles Mystery, The Big Fish Games [top]

Jane's wheat cultivation has been tampered with in the midst of a dangerous thunderstorm. Some think it was just a prank, others think it was the work of aliens from outer space! Help Jane unravel the perplexing mystery through a journey of shocking revelations and solve The Crop Circles Mystery! Discover who is responsible in this fun Hidden Object game, and find out what is going on once and for all!
Full Demo + Guide 156MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Cruise Clues: Caribbean Adventure Gamers Digital, Inc. [top]

Angelina is a crack detective hot on the trail of an international jewel thief in Cruise Clues: Caribbean Adventure! The King of Diamonds, an elusive and infamous jewel thief, leaves his playing card calling card wherever he goes. His last reported heist was on a Caribbean cruise ship frequented by the rich and famous. Countless pieces of jewelry have gone missing and the King of Diamonds has been left in their places. Search for hidden objects underwater and on glorious beaches in Cruise Clues: Caribbean Adventure!
Full Demo 130MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Crystal Castles Atari Inc. / IGN [top]

Bentley Bear is trapped in the Crystal Castles in this classic game that was first in arcades in 1983. To get out, he will need to collect all of the gems located throughout the castle. The game is played with an isometric view of the multi platformed castle. When Bentley collects all of the gems on the current castle, he will move on to the next, more difficult castle. Wandering throughout the castles are a wide variety of dangerous creatures, which Bentley should avoid. From time to time, a magic hat will appear. If Bentley collects the hat, he will temporarily be invincible to the castles inhabitants. This is a browser-playable Flash version of the emulated arcade game.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by IGN)

Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat ERS G-Studio / Big Fish Games, Inc [top]

This is another hidden object game based on Poe's influential short story. It is a study of the psychology of guilt, often paired in analysis with Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart". In both, a murderer carefully conceals his crime and believes himself unassailable, but eventually breaks down and reveals himself, impelled by a nagging reminder of his guilt. The overall design follows the recent trend of combining seek-and-find gameplay with adventure elements. Like in the later entries of the Mystery Case Files series, the adventure and hidden object sections are clearly defined, with shimmering hotspots on the scenery indicating the presence of a separate hidden object screen on the location. The navigation and inventory usage follow the standards of the point-and-click adventure genre, where the player moves between the rooms by clicking on exit hotspots positioned over logical places, like doors and other openings, and use the collected items directly on the scenery. The inventory items are found scattered through the scenery, received after completing one of the hidden object screens or acquired after solving one of the puzzles. They are stored on slots at the bottom of the screen, from where they can be dragged and dropped on appropriate portions of the scene to perform an action or complete a task. Some puzzles take place on separate screens, where pieces or mechanisms have to be manipulated directly to solve them.
1-Hour Trial Demo 123MB ( @ Big Fish Games)
Full Demo 563MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Death at Fairing Point: A Dana Knightstone Novel Boomzap Entertainment / Big Fish Games / Focus Multimedia [top]

Can you solve a 19th century murder? You are Dana Knightstone, an up-and-coming fiction novelist. While on vacation in Scotland, you are haunted by the ghost of David, a working-class painter in love with a rich heiress until he was killed at Fairing Point! Uncover history as you travel across Europe to investigate Davids mysterious death. Solve clever puzzles and follow the ghost's trail in Death at Fairing Point, a fun Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.
Collector's Edition - Full Demo 255MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Deep Fritz 12 ChessBase [top]

Fritz is the world's most popular chess program developed by "the world's leading chess software company" (Washington Post). Whether you are a beginner, club player or professional – Fritz has everything that chess players could want: automatically adjusting playing strength, handicap and coaching functions, explanation of positions, coloured danger warnings, openings statistics, automatic game analysis, trainings modules for openings, tactics, endgames, and a database of one million games. Fritz continues to fascinate the chess world. It has beaten a reigning World Champion in the battle of man vs machine, and it has worked with World Champions as a clever training partner (Garry Kasparov: "I regularly analyse with Fritz") which will entertain you with fresh and humorous verbal comments. The multi-processor version of the developer's flagship Chess program has parallel algorithms that have been further optimized and now support up to 16 cores. The new dynamic scaling will also work well with the next generations of multi-core processors. All this make it one of the strongest chess engines around. It's a powerful program that can be used for training in a variety of ways: by simply playing games, using the tutorials, or watching the free chess media that accompanies the purchase. The program is useful for players of all abilities; it acts as an opponent, an analysis partner, and chess coach. It also includes a one-year premium Playchess.com accout. This allows you free access to the ChessBase playing server, where you can play online against opponents from all over the world, listen to the audio commentary during major events, receive live training, play in simultaneous exhibitions, watch ChessBase TV shows, or play in league tournaments.
ISO Demo 4.04GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Detective Stories: Hollywood iWin [top]

Tinseltown`s in trouble and it`s up to you to save it! Solve a cavalcade of challenging puzzles in this Hidden Object game! A famous movie studio has lost a fortune in cash, the only copy of its latest blockbuster, and even its leading lady! Unravel the spectacular web of intrigue through intense logic puzzles, mini-games, and a little help from Hollywood mega-stars! Get in on the action of Detective Stories: Hollywood today!
Full Demo 33MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Diner Dash 5: Boom! PlayFirst, Inc. [top]

After long time protagonist Flo's fat-free restaurant gets vandalized by a prankster, the diner is overrun and smashed to bits. Flo has to literally start out back on the street again. She sets up a new diner on the street in front of her old diner. Places like the bus stop and the fire escapes (which can be reached quickly using a trampoline) serve as special seats. This fifth game plays much like its predecessors. Customers will come to the "Diner" to get food. The player must place them at a table. Each customer has a color which corresponds with a seat so the player must also place the correct group at the correct table or lose points. Customers will pick something to eat and order one or more course before they will leave. The player has to pick up orders, serve the courses and clean up after the customers. Customers will lose hearts when waiting for things. And gain hearts when getting what they want. Customers can have at most five hearts and with zero hearts they will go home without paying. The money earned each day of working can be spend on items that make Flo more efficient in doing her job, some items or servers are only hired temporarily. After every couple of levels Flo relocates to a new place. And in between levels the player gets to see the old diner being slowly rebuild and gets to make choices in decoration. New is the integration with Facebook. Players can post messages on their Facebook wall from inside the game and send gift shoes to other friends. Shoes make Flo run faster. The more levels a player completes the better the shoes are that can be send as gifts.
Full Demo 117MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Dominic Crane 2: Dark Mystery Revealed Match Gems / Big Fish Games [top]

After his first adventures, Dominic Crane continues to further explore his subconscious with the help of hypnosis, this time trying to find out why his sister suddenly disappeared so many years ago. Dominic Crane 2: Dark Mystery Revealed is a hidden object game with adventure elements and simple puzzles aimed at the casual market. The main objective is to collect a series of items and use them on portions of the scene to perform an action or complete a task. These objects are stored inside inventory slots at the bottom, from where they can be dragged and dropped on logical places of the scenery to solve puzzles. Certain key items are only received after completing one of the hidden object screens, where the goal is to find and click on all the objects listed above the inventory. Dominic's portrait at the bottom-left corner is the hint button, highlighting the position of one of the required items when activated, but taking some time to recharge after being used. Some of the puzzles are self-contained, taking place on a separate screen where a mechanism of some sort has to be manipulated directly to solve them. They can be optionally skipped after a few minutes.
Full Demo 133MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Dominic Crane's Dreamscape Mystery Match Gems / Big Fish Games [top]

Dominic Crane is an artist constantly assaulted by nightmares where he is trapped in a strange place he never visited. Haunted and deeply disturbed by these visions, he resorts to a hypnosis session performed by a psychiatrist to uncover all the mysteries hidden inside his mind. Dominic Crane's Dreamscape Mystery is a hidden object game taking place inside the protagonist's dreams. The player moves between the many connected rooms depicted in his nightmare, where the main objective is to find a series of keys to open all the locked doors and escape back to reality. In some scenes, the player has to find and click on all the items listed at the bottom of the screen, with some of the objects being stored in inventory slots to be used later when solving puzzles. The inventory items have to be used as in most point-and-click adventures, where they are dragged and dropped on the logical places to perform an action or complete a task. The hint button is Dominic's portrait at the bottom-left corner, showing the position of one of the required items but taking some time to recharge after use. Some puzzles appear on separate screens after clicking on certain hotspots. They are variations of mini-games found on many other casual titles, where the player has to assemble jigsaw puzzles, move stones blocks inside a box to clear the exit path for a ring, flip coins to find matching pairs, set gears on a clockwork mechanism and complete other challenges.
Included in Legends in Time ISO Demo 265mb (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

Dr. Wise: Medical Mysteries Gameinvest / GameHouse [top]

Lillian Murphy and Ethan Hoyland are two medical interns under the supervision of the experienced Dr. Paul Wise, a physician known for his insightful knowledge of medicine practice and lack of social grace. They are sent by him to emergency locations to investigate and find clues about a patient's disease. This is a hidden object game using the conventions of medical TV shows as the main theme. As either Lillian or Ethan, the player has to search and find all the evidence items listed at the right side of the screen, on the locations related to the case and victim of some condition. Entries written in certain colors can only be collected using one of the four special gadgets at the bottom-right corner. The sampler syringe extracts any liquid substance, the toxicity detector turns the whole scene green, making contaminated objects glow for a few seconds, the flashlight reveals items hidden in the dark and the magnifying glass replaces the cursor, enlarging a rectangular section of the screen to make the search for small objects easier. The hint button shows the position of one of the required items, but takes some time to recharge after use. A mini-game appears between levels, where hexagonal tiles have to be laid on a board to find the correct sequence of evidence, solving the case by trial-and-error.
Full Demo (listed as MedicalMysteries) 290MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Dragon Dance, The eGames [top]

In a quest to fulfill his father's final wish, Edward has started an incredible journey to discover the Dragon Dance treasure! Discover where this magnificent treasure has been hidden for centuries! Travel to the dangerous Forsaken Forest to a mysterious temple on Mount Kailash as you discover cryptic codes and messages. Experience the excitement of discovering the ultimate power of world domination in The Dragon Dance, a fantastic Hidden Object game.
Full Demo 205MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Dream Day Wedding: Bella Italia I-Play [top]

Dream Day Wedding: Bella Italia is another entry in a series of hidden object titles with a wedding theme. The player assumes the role of a wedding planner, flying to Italy to prepare the ceremony and other events for a couple of friends. Most of the time, the objective is to find and click on all the items listed at the left side of the screen, on locations related to the plot and filled with assorted paraphernalia scattered around the scenery. In some instances, the goal is to place objects back to their correct spots on the scene. The hint button shows the position of one of the required items, and extra hints can be collected as three bluebirds found on each location. There's a time limit for each scene on the default difficulty, that can be turned off in the options menu. The occasional mini-games and adventure sections add some variety to the gameplay. In the adventure portions, the player has to perform a task by collecting and using several objects stored inside inventory slots replacing the list. These tools have to be used as in most point-and-click games, by dragging and dropping them on logical places to solve puzzles. The mini-games take place on a separate screen, with implementations of familiar concepts like a memory game with matching pairs of cards, an overhead maze, a spot-the-differences game with two similar images, a jigsaw puzzle with a shredded photograph and other similar challenges.
Included in Dream Day Collection ISO Demo 542mb (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

Earth Saving Game [J] Desunoya [top]

The objective of this game is to save the Earth by moving it and raising the charisma of the planet. Use the direction keys to move the Earth as you wish. You can move at high speed by pressing buttons 1 and 4 (Z or V key). If you hit something, that shouldn't be the end of the Earth. When tension and breaking energy are high, the charisma rises severely. When the tension rises significantly, the Earth emits light. The super Earth is then invincible. Basically, the yellow one is a duck, so you will grab it and destroy it to raise charisma. Against others basically you lose, so avoid the Earth gitting them. When the Earth is invincible, don't be afraid to hit it.
Japanese Free Game (tikiu.zip) 2.8MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

Echoes of the Past: The Castle of Shadows Orneon / Big Fish Games [top]

After discovering an ancient painting, the Royal House Museum invites you to explore the recovered artifacts, and the mysteries within. Restore the royal amulet to break an ancient curse and stop an evil witch from regaining her terrible powers! Dive into Echoes of the Past The Castle of Shadows and save the royal family from their curse and explore a fascinating world full of Hidden Object scenes, and perplexing puzzles.
Collector's Edition - Full Demo 386MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Eden's Quest: The Hunt for Akua Ouat Entertainment [top]

Eden Hunt, a world-famous archaeologist, has received a call from a mysterious man, inviting her on a fantastic treasure hunt. Find the ancient treasure of Akua to win a huge sum of money, and finance Eden's future adventures. Take on the other competitors head-on as you track down the hidden treasure. It takes you around the world on an exciting Adventure featuring: Tricky puzzles and minigames and Exciting Hidden Object scenes. Find the treasure of Akua.
Full Demo 270MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Elixir of Immortality Vogat Interactive / Big Fish Games [top]

On a mystical world where magic is commonplace, a detective is sent undercover by the police as an employee to the owners of an isolated island, where several other hired helpers mysteriously disappeared. The sleuth must investigate the surroundings of the dilapidated place, meeting a curious cast of eccentric characters while exploring the many ruins and doing chores for them. Elixir of Immortality is a point-and-click adventure game with hidden object challenges and simple puzzles aimed at the casual audience. Most of the time, the objective is to collect a series of items and use them to perform certain actions or solve puzzles. The inventory objects are stored inside several slots at the bottom tray, that slides upwards to show its contents when the mouse pointer is hovering over it, and recedes back down when the cursor is moved away. As in most adventures, the objects must be dragged and dropped from it to logical and appropriate portions of the scenery to perform interactions and complete pending tasks. The magnifying glass at the bottom-right corner is the hint button, highlighting the position of required objects and interactive hotspots. Mini-games and seek-and-find object hunts take place on separate screens. On the hidden object scenes, the goal is to find and click on all the items listed at the bottom, on places filled with assorted paraphernalia scattered throughout the scenery. The mini-games show some sort of mechanism that must be manipulated directly to solve puzzles.
Full Demo 189MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret Silverback Productions / Gogii Games Corp. [top]

At the bottom of the sea, in a deep underwater complex, a woman wakes up inside a cryogenic sarcophagus without any memories. She is greeted by the voice of Jacob, a mysterious guide that reveals bits of information about her situation, communicating through a device set on a journal. He tells that her name is Anna, and that she slept for over a century inside the chamber. She soon starts to explore outside, discovering the crumbling remains of the Ark of Humanity, created to store the greatest achievements of humankind. She must explore the surroundings, solving all the puzzles to open new avenues and uncover all the secrets of the place, as well as details about her past. It's a traditional point-and-click adventure in the vein of Myst and other games, but with hidden object challenges and simple puzzles tailored for the casual market. The player moves between scenes by clicking on the exit hotspots, usually placed on the edges of the screen or on obvious places like doors and other openings. The context-sensitive cursor changes to an arrow when over exits, into a hand to pick objects and a magnifying glass when over a place with a zoom view showing another angle of the scene. Useful tools can be found scattered around the locations, and are automatically stored inside one of the inventory slots at the bottom after being collected, from where they can be dragged and dropped on logical portions of the scenery to perform an action or complete a task. Scenes where everything was collected and completed are marked with an "Area Complete" golden star at the top-left corner. In some places, the scene has seek-and-find sections where the objective is to find and click on all the objects listed at the bottom, on screens filled with assorted items scattered around the area. After collecting all the items, one of the objects is stored in the inventory to be used later when solving puzzles. Mini-games appear when clicking certain places, appearing inside interactive windows where a mechanism has to be manipulated to solve a myriad of challenges, like a Tower of Hanoi variation with gears, jigsaw puzzles, a puzzle with light beams and deflecting mirrors, and other similar games.
Full Demo 157MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Enlightenus II: The Timeless Tower Blue Tea Games / Big Fish Games [top]

Clarence Flatt, an expert clockmaker, has asked for your help and has offered you the chance to explore the legendary Timeless Tower! While working on the incredible Ageless Clock, something goes wrong and pieces of the device end up all over the Timeless Tower. These pieces begin to unravel the very fabric of time, and only you can set things right in Enlightenus II: The Timeless Tower, a fun Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.
Collector's Edition - Full Demo 320MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Escape from Lost Island DayTerium / NevoSoft LLC [top]

A woman is enjoying her vacation trip aboard a cruise ship, when suddenly the boat hits a coral reef and starts to sink. She is able to quickly escape in one of the lifeboats, but the vessel is destroyed in an explosion, sending the unlucky woman to the bosom of the sea. She wakes up at the shore of a strange island, and starts to explore the surroundings in a quest to go back to civilization. This is a hidden object game with adventure elements. Instead of the usual list of assorted items that have to be found on each scene, the game follows another school of design, showing a large ring centered on certain hotspots and surrounded by images of the required objects. The player has to click on these hotspots to open them, and then drag and drop all the items on the central circle to perform an action or complete a task. Some of the objects can be out of view, stored inside a container. The player can click on the container to show its contents inside an interactive window. All the pending objectives are displayed at the bottom, with completed ones receiving a thumbs up. The game progress through several self-contained scenes, with the occasional mini-game taking place on a separate screen. These games have diverse challenges, where circuits have to completed by turning twisted sections of wiring, bags of sand have to be thrown from a catapult to extinguish fire, flying parrots have to be clicked while crossing the jungle, jigsaw puzzles have to be assembled, and other games have to be completed to continue the adventure. These puzzles can be optionally skipped after a few minutes.
Full Demo 71MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Escape Whisper Valley SpinTop Games / PopCap Games, Inc. [top]

The theme here is you are trapped in a remote mountain type region of some American town that appears to be abandoned. You advance the context of escape by finding all of the hidden objects present collecting clues from the remote and deserted town of Whisper Valley. Each screen has an items list at the bottom that must be found before progressing in levels or theme as most traditional hidden object games. Some objects require small interactivity to complete like putting a cork in a bottle or placing objects in some logical order. Some objects to be found are also listed as a clue or phrase such as 'not go but' requiring the player to find the correct road sign. Just before level completion the player must complete a mini puzzle task with the game offering a different one from a selection of types from tile matching, crosswords, or match 3 etc. At the end of each level status for time, object counts, or achievements is also provided.
Full Demo 39MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Eternity Lazy Turtle Games / Big Fish Games [top]

The protagonist is called by his/her scientist grandfather to help finishing the work of his lifetime, the invention of a time machine. After finding all the missing components and fixing the device, the old man steps into the machine and travels back to the remote past, where he ends up stranded without the technical means to come back. However, he's able to send a note and the main time capsule to the present. His descendant now must embark on a quest through the ages, going to several key moments in history to find and rescue the absent-minded professor. Eternity is an adventure game with simple puzzles tailored for the casual market, peppered with occasional hidden object challenges. Most of the time, the objective is the same as in the majority of point-and-click adventure games: the player has to gather all the objects and tools found on the available locations, and combine or use them directly by dragging and dropping the items over logical places to perform an action or complete a task. The inventory tray sits at the bottom of the screen, framed by the hint button and a circle with shortcuts for the locations. The hint button at the bottom-left corner makes interactive areas shimmer when activated, taking some time to recharge after use. When nothing else can be performed on a location, its shortcut receives a check mark as a completion reminder. Clicking on some special places, like cabinets, corners and other scenery fixtures, brings up a window with either one of the hidden object games or a self-contained interactive puzzle. In the seek-and-find challenges, the player has to find and click on all the items listed at the bottom of the screen, with all the required objects scattered and placed discreetly inside the cluttered window. The mini-games are implementations of classic concepts seen on several other casual titles, like mahjongg, a Tower of Hanoi variation, jigsaw puzzles and other similar challenges.
Full Demo + Guide 152MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Exorcist Deep Shadows / INTENIUM GmbH [top]

Like his father before him, Garret "Ghostfighter" is a professional exorcist, born with a special ability to see all the demons and souls occupying haunted places. On a dark night, he receives a letter from his arch-enemy Mephisto, where this mysterious character challenges and teases him with information about Margo, his long-lost love. Garret embarks on a journey to hunt down his nemesis, hoping to gather enough clues and finally discover what happened to her. Exorcist is a hidden object game with adventure elements, where the player has to find and click on all the items listed at the bottom of the screen, on locations filled with assorted paraphernalia scattered around the scenery. List entries written in blue are hidden from view, usually concealed behind other scene features, and require some sort of interaction to become visible and available. A few of the items are stored inside the inventory, a sack at the bottom-right corner that can be clicked to show its contents. Pieces of a letter from Mephisto have to be found and reassembled to finish each chapter. The inventory objects have to be used to solve puzzles and perform certain actions, by dragging and dropping them from the inventory to a logical portion of the scenery. The hint button is a skull at the bottom-left, that shows the position of one of the required items when activated, but takes some time to recharge after use. Mini-games appear on some locations, taking place on a separate screen where the player has to piece together the shredded Mephisto letter, reassemble a scrambled picture, set gears on a lock mechanism, restore a damaged painting, and complete other similar challenges.
Full Demo 146MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Explorer: Contraband Mystery Big Fish Games [top]

You are a researcher for the award-winning National Geographic Explorer series. While on assignment with Zara and PJ, your trusty reporter and cameraman, you uncover a clue that leads to a global smuggling operation. Who are the ringleaders, and where are they based? Use your journalistic instincts to expose the black market network through an exciting series of minigames in Explorer: Contraband Mystery, a fun Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!
Full Demo 189MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie Alawar Entertainment Inc. / iWin Inc. [top]

Join Scarlett, the feisty star of Farm Frenzy 3, as she puts robots to work on her land. Can you keep up with the latest advancements in technology as you grow crops, feed animals, collect produce and manufacture goods? Of course you can. Just don't let the zany new animations distract you from the task at hand. Featuring 90 all-new levels packed with never-before-seen characters, buildings and challenges, it promises a bumper crop of fun.
included in Farm Frenzy Mega Pack - ISO Demo 1.26GB (uploaded by HappySmile33)

Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Domain / Ice Age Alawar Melesta [top]

Get ready to snowball your way through frigid levels of snowy goodness. Trade in those cows and chickens for mammoths and penguins as you traverse the frozen lands of the North Pole. Who could have imagined running a farm on top of the world would be this much fun? Scarlett is at it again, this time taking an adventure to the far reaches of the planet... the North Pole. Make your way through 90 amazing levels, packed with everything the chilly Arctic has to offer: penguins, mammoths, walruses, you name it. If you thought farming was fun when the weather was warm and dry, just wait until you try your hand on the ice! Challenges galore, breathtaking graphics, and quality of gameplay like no other. Features: 90 frozen levels of fun; 12 different products to make, North Pole style; 22 hilarious visual gags, sure to keep you laughing; Amazing visuals that let you feel the chill.
included in Farm Frenzy Mega Pack - ISO Demo 1.26GB (uploaded by HappySmile33)

Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar Alawar Melesta / Alawar Entertainment Inc. [top]

Enjoy an all-new Farm Frenzy adventure set in stunning Madagascar. It's a unique game, that stands in the middle of the collaboration of genres "Farming game" and "Time manager". Join Scarlett as she travels to the exotic country to help the workers on a reservation save their animals that have become sick for an unknown reason. Raise indigenous creatures like guinea birds, elephants, and water buffalo, construct and use new buildings, and manufacture products throughout 90 thrilling levels. If you've been itching to get back on the farm, the wait is over. Your own farm, in this game, is a very funny business of growing crops, collecting goods and then trade them on the market. Also, you'll need to purchase factories and upgrade buildings. Upgrade all of your stuff: trucks and various facilities. Manage your business in real time and make yourself a most famous farmer around the world. Upgrade your vehicles and you're can earn money much faster in this perfect growing game. Hire smart cats for collecting goods and brave dogs to defend your animals - it's a perfect time to serious business. Can you beat the highest score and prove everyone that you're the best virtual farmer in the world? Features: 90 beautiful levels on the unique island - Madagascar; Career and Endless modes; Grab unique trophies and achievements; An assortment of various buildings - Upgrade them all; Various transport vehicles and trucks; Funny and amusing animals to care for; Hilarious visual gags; Plant fresh crops, earn money and grow up your business further and further; Helps you to greatly improve your concentration, perception, and focus, enhance your cognitive capacities and train your reaction ◇ Unique graphics and embracing sound; No Wi-Fi or internet connection required - download and play where and when you want; Supported languages: English, Italian, Russian, German, French, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish.
included in Farm Frenzy Mega Pack - ISO Demo 1.26GB (uploaded by HappySmile33)

Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette Alawar Melesta [top]

When Scarlett learns astronauts are starving because their corrupt boss made a crooked deal with a no-good contractor, she vows to prove herself worthy of taking over the account and feeding the hard-working space walkers three squares a day. To succeed, she'll need to use new buildings, products and your Time Management skills as she grows crops, feeds animals, collects produce and manufactures goods. Features: Beautiful buildings; Fast-paced levels; Feed the hungry astronauts.
included in Farm Frenzy Mega Pack - ISO Demo 1.26GB (uploaded by HappySmile33)

Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing Alawar Melesta [top]

Raise a variety of exotic fish and manufacture never-before-seen products, a fun and exciting Time Management game. Scarlett didn't know her new island farm contained a huge pond, but that's not stopping her from rising to the challenge. Help her make a big splash as she upgrades her production facilities, fends off bears, and buys and sells goods across land and sea.
included in Farm Frenzy Mega Pack - ISO Demo 1.26GB (uploaded by HappySmile33)

FBI: Paranormal Cases Mzone Studio, SOLILAB / Anuman Interactive SA [top]

William J. James is an FBI agent recently assigned to the Department of Unclosed Files, a special division dealing with paranormal cases. As he successfully investigates the most bizarre places, details of a worldwide conspiracy start to emerge, forcing him to go around the globe to solve the pending mysteries and uncover horrifying secrets. This is a straightforward hidden object game with occasional mini-games between scenes. Most of the time, the objective is to find and click on all the items listed at the bottom of the screen, on locations filled with paraphernalia scattered around the scenery. In some places, the goal is to collect several instances of the same object. A hint button at the bottom-left corner shows the position of one of the required objects when activated, but has a limited number of hints available and takes some time to recharge after being used. When the hints are exhausted, extra ones start to appear on the screen as golden stars waiting to be collected. The mini-games take place on a separate screen, where mechanisms of some sort have to be manipulated directly to kill bacteria on a petri dish, connect pipelines and complete other similar challenges.
ISO Demo 181MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Fiction Fixers: Adventures in Wonderland Fugazo Inc. [top]

Oh, dear! An agent of the Illiterati has stolen the novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and intends to ruin the story so future readers won't be able to enjoy the book! You, as a new cadet of the Fiction Fixers, must enter the book, thwart the Illiterati agent's plans and escort Alice through the story. Fiction Fixers: Adventures in Wonderland is a hidden-object adventure game. Using your mouse, guide and help Alice through her adventure while also thwarting the Illiterati agent. Some screens will be finding items from a provided list and others will be solving puzzles. As you progress, you will gather an inventory of items that will come in handy down the road. You will often need to double back to solve puzzles with newly found items or clues. There is an in-game map that will give you clues as to where you need to return to.
Full Demo 177MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Fiction Fixers: The Curse of Oz Fugazo Inc. [top]

An Illiterati named Victor Vile has teamed up with the Wicked Witch of the West to destroy Oz. They have set up towers that are draining the light, people and life from Oz. You, a full-fledged member of the Fiction Fixers, must escort Dorothy and Toto through Oz safely, stopping Vile where ever possible. Fiction Fixers: The Curse of Oz is a hidden-object game and the second Fiction Fixers game. Most characters and places are taken from the novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Most screens you will find items from a provided list and others will be solving puzzles. In some cases, you will need to gather the parts for items, like a lantern or bolt cutters, and may need to back-track to do so. You will be joined by the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and Cowardly Lion, who can help in special ways. For instance, the Scarecrow can clear crows from a path and the Tin Woodman can chop up trees to clear them. There is a map that will indicate what areas will need to be revisited.
Full Demo 426MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Finding Hope Golden Bough Games / Big Fish Games [top]

Hope relives her memories while browsing an old photo album, remembering moments of her life raising a family through the years. Finding Hope is a hidden object game where, most of the time, the objective is to find and click on all the items from a list at the right side of the screen, on locations filled with assorted paraphernalia scattered around the scenery. The hint button is a dial at the top of the list, showing the position of one of the required objects when activated, but taking some time to recharge after use. The objects previously found and collected are stored to be used on the next screen, where the goal is to replace the missing items by dragging and dropping them from a series of slots at the right side, to their correct places on the scene. Ghost images of the objects keep appearing and vanishing, fading in and out to indicate the correct position for each item.
Full Demo 107MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Flux Family Secrets: The Rabbit Hole Skunk Studios / Big Fish Games [top]

Still looking for more information about her past, the time-traveler Jesse Beckett goes back 30 years to further investigate the Flux mansion. Once again, she learns about dangerous time paradoxes and has to move between different ages to fix them while helping famous historical figures in trouble. Like its predecessor, Flux Family Secrets: The Rabbit Hole is a hidden object game with adventure elements. As before, the main objective is to search the available locations for the scattered pieces of inventory objects. After being assembled, these items have to be used to solve puzzles or complete tasks by dragging them from slots at the bottom, and dropping them to appropriate and logical portions of the scenery. Shimmering portions of the scenery give access to the hidden object challenges, taking place on separate screens where the player has to find and click on all the objects listed at the bottom to complete them and receive key items. A list entry is written in blue when the item is not visible, and can only be collected after moving a piece of furniture out of the way or opening some compartment to reveal it. The radar screen at the bottom-right serves as the hint button, showing the silhouette of any selected list entry, and the exact position of one of the required items when activated. Mini-games take place inside windows at the center of the screen, where a mechanism of some sort has to be manipulated to solve them. They can be optionally skipped after a few minutes.
Collector's Edition - Full Demo 534MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Ghost Whisperer: Shadowlands Legacy Interactive / CBS Consumer Products [top]

With its stories penned by Emmy award-winning television writer Lance Gentile, Ghost Whisperer: Shadowlands combines light adventure and hidden object-style game play where players need to help the recently departed move on to the afterlife and provide closure to loved ones left behind. Gamers must collect objects for their inventory to solve challenging puzzles while unraveling the mysteries of five enthralling stories with more than 30 hauntingly beautiful environments.
Full Demo 174MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Golden Trails: The New Western Rush Awem Studio / GameHouse, Inc. [top]

After several years of good service, the sheriff Jack is transferred to a quiet frontier town by his superior. However, as soon as he arrives, a series of disrupting events quickly bring him to a new investigation. Jack has to follow the leads and search the vast expanses of the old west, meeting colorful characters while trying to uncover a hidden conspiracy. Like Romance of Rome by the same developer, Golden Trails is a hybrid title combining gameplay elements of the adventure and hidden object genres with simple puzzles tailored for the casual audience. Most of the time, the main objective is to find all the items displayed at the bottom of the screen, on locations cluttered with assorted paraphernalia scattered around the scenery. Some of the items are concealed behind other objects or inside containers, that have to be moved out of the way or opened to reveal them. Some of the items are stored in the inventory at the bottom-right, from where they have to be dragged and dropped on logical places to perform an action or complete a task, usually giving access to the last object required to finish the chapter. The hint button shows the position of one of the required items, but has a limited number of uses. Desperadoes randomly appear on each location, giving the player a chance to earn extra hints by shooting them. Two recurring mini-games appear between chapters, both having to be completed within one minute. In the first one, some of the objects collected have to be put inside their outlines on comic book panels to activate them. The last one is a shooting gallery with bandits appearing every few seconds.
Full Demo v1.1.3 217MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Gypsy's Tale, A: The Tower of Secrets Amaranth Games, LLC / ChaYoWo Games Pvt. Ltd. [top]

Reylin of Winderalth is a mysterious gypsy called upon by a monk to help investigate a cursed tower. The tower holds many secrets including a reason behind the disappearance of it's princess. There is much time, the curse is spreading. Help Reylin avoid traps and solve complex puzzles in a bid to restore order to the land. When this is done the tower's secrets will finally be clear. A Gypsy's Tale: The Tower of Secrets is a hidden object game much like the Awakening and Mystery Case Files series. The player searches the screen for a list of objects and when these have all been found a tool will allow access to another part of the land. Parts of the land can be accessed from the beginning although puzzles still need completing. On screen objects can be manipulated, items combined, potions can be made while progressing the game will require talking to a certain character in order to obtain necessary information for your quest. The game also has a number of sliding puzzles amongst others.
Full Demo 81MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Heritage, The Big Fish Games, Inc [top]

The year is 1916. To escape from war, and protect your daughter, you must go to your Grand- father's haunted old manor! The local inhabitants of a nearby village tell stories about the ghosts and the terrible things inside the mansion, but you have no choice! Explore the old house as you discover The Heritage of your family and uncover incredible secrets in this fun and immersive Hidden Object game.
Full Demo 117MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Trial Demo 120MB (uploaded by Big Fish Games)

Hidden Identity: Chicago Blackout SpinTop Games / PopCap Games, Inc. [top]

You awake with amnesia in a Chicago hotel room and can't remember your own name. Who are you? And how did you get here? You'll need to keep your wits to solve this riveting hidden object game. Explore scenes from your past and find hundreds of cleverly hidden objects to piece together your lost identity. Find the clues quickly and earn special speed bonuses. Then uncover all the secret notes that you left behind and solve unique mini-games to jog your memory. Will you unravel the mystery and discover your true identity?
Full Demo 57MB (uploaded by UberLamer)
Full Demo v1.02 (Popcap version) 57MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets - Witch Trials of 1692 Gunnar Games / GameMill Publishing [top]

Four young girls have been suffering from an outbreak of mysterious fits and bizarre tantrums. Rumors abound that the girls have been "afflicted" by local practitioners of Witchcraft, but nobody has yet been charged or tried. The player takes the role of Constable Hawthorne, sent by the Governor of Massachusetts to investigate these rumors
ISO Demo 309MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Hidden Mysteries: The White House Spark Plug Games LLC / GameMill Entertainment LLC [top]

When Professor Barrett goes missing, his star student Miranda is asked by the Secret Service to assist in finding him. Starting in his office in the White House, she will find clues, solve puzzles, and uncover a dark secret beneath the White House. This is a story-based hidden object game. In each room the player will be given a list of objects to find. Most rooms are larger than one screen, and a few objects need a puzzle solved to become visible. The player can view outlines of any object, limited hints are available, and there is no time limit, all of which help reduce the frustration of many hidden object games.
Full Demo 119MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Hidden Mysteries: Titanic - Secrets of the Fateful Voyage Gunnar Games, Inc. / astragon Software GmbH [top]

In 1912 England, Margaret was able to escape poverty by marrying a rich man. The newly couple is moving to the United States, embarking on the maiden voyage of the doomed Titanic ship to New York City. Aboard, she must deal with a series of bizarre encounters and situations, and at the end survive the sinking of the cruiser. Hidden Mysteries: The Fateful Voyage - Titanic is an adventure game with hidden object screens and simple puzzles tailored for the casual market, where most of the time the objective is to explore various sections of the famous ship and solve all the challenges found on each scene to move the plot forwards. The objects collected from the scenery are automatically stored inside inventory slots at the top of the screen, from where they can be dragged and dropped on logical places to perform an action or complete a task. Some of the inventory tools are only received after completing one of the hidden object scenes, where the goal is to find and click on all the items listed at the bottom of the screen. The magnifying glass at the top is a hint button that shows the position of one of the required items, or directions to pending tasks, but takes some time to recharge after use. The player navigates between rooms with a blueprint map showing all the available locations. There are some mini-games that take place on a separate screen, where the player has to guide Margaret through a maze, use a fishing pole to collect a board game from a pool, play a game of shuffleboard, and complete other similar challenges. They can be optionally skipped with the life saver button at the top.
Full Demo 227MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

House M.D. / Dr. House Glyphic Entertainment LLC, Legacy Interactive Inc. [top]

The popular TV series House, M.D. (often just called House) starring Hugh Laurie may have ended in 2012, but that doesn't mean fans of the series can no longer take part in Dr. House's adventures. The series lives on in the House video game in which players control the famous misanthropic genius as he tries to properly diagnose his patients before they die. It features Dr. Gregory House and many of the other characters from the show, including Dr. Chris Taub, Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley, and Dr. Eric Foreman. It's a puzzle game in which players take on the role of Dr. House to work through five different levels. Each level features a patient who is dying from a mysterious disease. To complete the level, the player must successfully diagnose each patient and have them treated before it's too late. In order to reach the proper diagnoses, players have to complete several different tasks. First, they will have to interview the patient. Just like in the series, the patients don't always tell the entire truth, and players will have to figure out what they're lying about or omitting from their statements. Most gameplay, though, is done through mini-games. These mini-games are presented as diagnostic tests performed by Drs. Taub, Hadley, and Foreman. Beating these mini-games will provide the player with results that can be used to eliminate some possible diseases. While there are a number of different types of these mini-games, they are repeated several times during the different levels. One of these mini-games, though, is very different from the others. Instead of a diagnostic test, this mini-game is all about getting Dr. House his lunch. Players control a large sandwich and must navigate from the restaurant to House's office without getting eaten by any of the other medical personnel in the hospital. It's so unexpected and random that players may laugh through the entire experience. It's a very nice comedic break from the rest of the game. The Collector's Edition sold exclusively by Legacy Interactive has five cases, two more than the regular edition available on other casual games portals.
ISO Demo 368MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Hoyle Card Games 2011 Encore [top]

Ready to get in the game? Then pull up a chair and deal yourself in to these exciting card games from HOYLE, the #1 brand in family entertainment. This features all of your favorite team-style and solo card games from Old Maid and Canasta to Solitaire and Poker. Learn new games, refine your strategy and play the cards you're dealt, all in the company of the personable HOYLE characters. Brand New and Improved: Large, easy-to-read playing cards; New Slots games - video blackjack and video poker with single and multi-hand action; Select a regular set of characters to join in the fun; Exciting animation; Competitive games, Solo games and Team Games. Hoyle Highlights: Use Hoyle Face Creator to design your own player; Select from a variety of card fronts and backs, customize characters, adjust speed of play and more; Rules and tips available for all games; Shop by using your "winnings" to add selections/upgrades to your characters and "trophy room." Special HOYLE 2011 Features: Classic; Astro Jack; Backroom Blackjack; Special 21's; Video Blackjack - all featuring exciting animation when player gets a natural (21 in the first two cards dealt); Video Poker; Single hand with 17 varieties to play and; Multi-hand with 3 varieties to play.
ISO Demo 680MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Hoyle Puzzle & Board Games 2011 Encore Software [top]

It's Game Time. Throw the dice, shuffle the cards and put your strategy to the test with HOYLE Puzzle & Board Games. You'll have hours of fun with this game collection that includes more games than ever. This fun collection features traditional game standards like Chess, Mahjongg and Chinese Checkers plus popular hits like Hangman, Battling Ships and Sudoku. Challenge your friends and family on one computer or play against the witty and personable HOYLE characters. All games are designed with rules according to HOYLE, the Official Name in Gaming. 30 varieties of games included in this collection: Word Games, Strategy Games, Card Games, Board Games, Family Favorites, Brain Teasers, Memory Games, and More. BONUS Match 3 Game, Boonka. With over 60 fast-paced levels, 15 powerful, level-changing power-ups and bonuses. Use HOYLE Face Creator to design your own player, Customize card backs, characters and more. Earn HOYLE rewards to unlock fun game bonuses.
ISO Demo 798MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Immortal Lovers Daedalic Entertainment GmbH / Prime Games GmbH [top]

The teenager Valerie is forced by her parents to join the family on a vacation, instead of spending the summer with her friends. While exploring the nearby woods, she is suddenly attacked by a large wolf. A stranger comes to the rescue at the last minute. The next day, she goes back to retrieve some lost items and discovers a manor belonging to Vincent, the mysterious man that helped her. The two fall in love, but Vincent keeps a terrible secret about his nature. Immortal Lovers is a hidden object game with some elements taken from standard point-and-click adventure titles. Most of the time, the objective is to find all the items listed at the bottom of the screen, on locations filled with assorted paraphernalia scattered around the scenery. In some scenes the list is replaced by inventory slots, where the goal is to find a series of objects and use the to solve puzzles, by dragging and dropping them from the slots to an interactive portion of the screen to perform an action or complete a task. The hint button is a red rose at the bottom-right corner, that highlights the position of one of the required items with a circle of petals when used, but takes some time to grow back after use. Mini-games take place on separate screens, where the player has to find all the differences between two similar images, follow tangled wires to find the correct connectors, set gears on a clockwork mechanism, reassemble a broken mirror and complete other similar challenges.
Full Demo 224MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Incredible Adventures of My Mom, The Yellow Mountain Enterprises / Big Fish Games, Inc [top]

Help Mrs. Burley, and her detective son Sammy, as they dive into the Incredible Adventures of My Mom, a fun Hidden Object game. After the Chief of police is kidnapped, Sammy is put in charge of an extremely dangerous case. Mrs. Burley decides to travel to Italy to help look after her son and ends up in an Incredible Adventure. Travel to beautiful Italy and experience once in a lifetime excitement.
Trial Demo 99MB (uploaded by Big Fish Games)
Full Demo 101MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Inquisitor, The Daedalic Entertainment GmbH / Big Fish Games [top]

Take on the role of Tobias, a young and inquisitive monk, as you search for the truth in order to save a remote village! Not only does Tobias know the supposed witch accused of bringing disaster to the village, but he was once madly in love with her. Take off into the Middle Ages and use your Hidden Object skills in The Inquisitor, a timeless journey filled with mystery and intrigue.
Full Demo 199MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Irem Arcade Hits Irem Corp. / DotEmu SAS [top]

This is a collection of eighteen arcade games originally developed by Irem. They are: Air Duel, Battle Chopper, Blade Master, Cosmic Cop, Dragon Breed, GunForce, GunForce 2, Hammerin' Harry, In the Hunt, Kung-Fu Master, Image Fight, Legend of Hero Tonma, Mystic Riders, Ninja Spirit, R-Type Leo, Superior Soldiers, Undercover Cops, Vigilante.
Full Demo 63MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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It's All About Masks Big Fish Games [top]

Travel to 19th century Europe in this unique and mysterious Hidden Object game! Important documents have been stolen from a ship, and it’s up to the well-known Detective Cunning to find them. Track down a shadowy figure and discover who is behind the mask to unravel the case! Find valuable items in gorgeous Hidden Object scenes, as you travel across Europe in It’s All About Masks!
Full Demo 65MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder RVL Games / Big Fish Games [top]

Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder is a classic Hidden Object game written with a story-driven, linear progression. Although the interface is designed around modern Adventure Hidden Object Games, the game consists of Hidden Object scenes interleaved with mini games. There are very few adventure elements. Suspect interviews are non-interactive story slides. The adventure starts with the murder of the local millionaire and continues with Jane Croft investigating the murder without the aid of her partner. Six months previously, Jane's partner was murdered. Now, her new partner is no where to be found. The game features an unlockable bonus game which is a fast paced shoot out gallery. When the player defeats this level, they are rewarded with additional story that implies the police chief is in league with a local mobster and is responsible for the [attempted] murder of her former partner. While fleeing the scene of the shootout, Jane hears her name in an APB on the police radio. She is wanted in connection of the murders of both her partners.
Full Demo 109MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Jane Lucky iWin / Big Fish Games, Inc [top]

Help Jane Lucky solve the riddle of an ancient artifact! Travel the globe in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! Meet new friends, fight with rebels, and encounter unpredictable twists as you step into the shoes of an expert archaeologist. Tackle tricky minigames and puzzles as you explore realistic looking locations in this immersive game.
Trial Demo 113MB (uploaded by Big Fish Games)
Full Demo 118MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Jessica: Mysterious Journey Big Fish Games [top]

Discover a lost treasure by solving puzzles and finding Hidden Objects in Jessica - Mysterious Journey. Find rare items, missing pieces of the map, and solve a secret code as you embark on an incredible adventure with Jessica! Search intricately detailed scenes, play multiple minigames, and ultimately discover the ancient treasure as you venture into a secret and mysterious location.
Full Demo 68MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Jewel Quest V: The Sleepless Star iWin [top]

Along with Percy and a beautiful Algonquin named Yellow Feather, you will travel to exotic locations on two continents and overcome dangers at every turn, in an effort to recover the jewel. The game includes over 200 jewel board puzzles, including never-before-seen obstacle puzzles! You will progress through a beautifully illustrated and fully voice-acted story that includes collectible power-ups that enhance game strategy as well as quest options filled with your favorite classic Jewel Quest games.
included in Jewel Quest: 2 Pack - ISO Demo 455MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

Jewelry Secret: Mystery Stones Big Fish Games [top]

Help Emily make it home and plunge headlong into a fantasy world in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! Starting off in a small jewelry store in Paris, Emily is transported back in time! Take on incredible challenges and overcome obstacles as you help Emily return to her time. Ancient Egypt, Wild West and mid-century America are waiting for you in Jewelry Secret: Mystery Stones!
Full Demo 276MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Joan Jade and the Gates of Xibalba Artifex Mundi sp. z o.o. / Alawar Entertainment, Inc. [top]

While archaeologist and adventurer Joan Jade was busy investigating some Mayan ruins, her children suddenly disappeared from the site. She asks for help from the local police, but decides to personally go look for the kids after the authorities take too long to assemble a search team. The clues on the excavation site point to a series of puzzles and ancient relics from the long lost civilization, leading her closer to the missing children. This is an adventure game with hidden object screens, where the main objective is to solve all the puzzles from one location to open a passage and move to the next one. As in most point-and-click games, the player has to collect objects from the scene, stored on the inventory always visible at the bottom, and use them on specific portions of the screen to perform an action or complete a task. Separate screens for puzzles and hidden object challenges appear after clicking on certain hotspots. In the seek-and-find scenes, the goal is to search and click on all the objects listed at the bottom of the screen, on locations filled with assorted items like Mayan symbols and other paraphernalia. The hint button highlights the position of one of the required items, but takes a minute to recharge after use. Some locations have mini-games, that usually give a necessary inventory tool after being solved. There are several types, where the player has to assemble a pipeline to oil a machine, move rectangular stone blocks in the limited space of a box to create an exit path for a key, replace orbs on a door in a memory challenge, find identical pairs of fish fossils, align the symbols of several rotating wheels, guide Joan through a maze by laying arrows pointing to the correct way, and complete other similar puzzles. These games can be optionally skipped after a few minutes.
Full Demo 84MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Jodie Drake and the World in Peril Codeminion [top]

Jodie Drake and the World in Peril is an exciting hidden object game, blending vintage mechanics with vivid graphics and immersive sounds. Help Jodie solve challenging mini-games in her quest to save the world. Discover hidden treasures in long forgotten ruins, while fighting the evil professor Bergen and his cronies! Do you have what it takes to successfully pass through dangerous traps and brain-testing puzzles that will hinder your progress?
Included in Legends 2: Hidden Relics ISO Demo 253mb (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

Journalist Journey: The Eye of Odin XITEX Software / Namco Networks America Inc. [top]

After a series of mysterious glowing runes start to appear all over the world, a reporter is assigned to investigate the strange occurrences around the globe. Journalist Journey: The Eye of Odin is a hidden object game with some elements from the adventure genre. Most of the time, the objective is to find and click on all the items listed at the right side of the screen, on locations filled with assorted paraphernalia scattered around the scenery. Some of the list entries are spelled in red to indicate the need of an extra step to acquire them, usually by opening a zoom view window or using one of the available inventory tools. A few of the collected objects are stored inside the inventory, as Polaroid photographs at the top of the screen, from where they can be dragged and dropped over appropriate and logical portions of the scene to perform an action or complete a pending task. At certain points, gameplay variations and mini-games appear where the cursor is replaced by a camera viewfinder and the player has to take photos of specific portions of the scenery, trace mystic runes by following an outline, reassemble picture puzzles by rotating hexagonal pieces and complete other similar challenges. These mini-games can be optionally skipped after a few minutes. The hint button shows the position of one of the required objects when activated, but takes some time to recharge after use.
Full Demo 153MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Journalistic Stories Far Mills Game Studio / Game Factory Interactive Ltd. [top]

In Journalistic Stories you play as the journalist Michael Jennings. Actress Gloria Witkinson was found dead in her dressing room. You are tasked with finding the murderer. Collect hints and clues in different hidden object and other mini games and examine them in your lab. Many objects can be added to your inventory and used later to solve puzzles.
Full Demo 101MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Journey of Hope Big Fish Games / Mastertronic [top]

Jade Pearce has grown up in the shadow of her father, a world famous archeologist. When he turns up missing, though, it's up to her to find him before it's too late. Since Jade's beauty and intelligence will only get her so far, she needs your help finding and deciphering the trail of clues her father left in his desperate wake. Explore exotic locations, find hidden objects and solve clever puzzles in Journey of Hope, a breathtaking adventure to the unknown!
Full Demo 166MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Kate Arrow: Deserted Wood Mariaglorum / Big Fish Games [top]

Kate Arrow receives an e-mail from her grandfather, an explorer searching for the lost idols of a friendly tribe that saved his life twenty years ago. He forgot the last idol back home, and asks her help to retrieve and bring the artifact to the jungle. Kate finds the statuette, and flies to the place on her private plane following an ancient map. The aircraft stalls and she's left stranded in the wilderness, having to use her wits to reach the secluded village. Kate Arrow: Deserted Wood is a point-and-click adventure and hidden object game. The main objective is to gather a series of inventory items and use them on specific places to solve puzzles. The hidden object scenes can be accessed by clicking on the sparkling areas found on some locations. They take place on a separate screen, where the goal is to find and click on all the objects listed at the bottom. The hint button at the left corner shows the position of one of the required items when activated, but takes some time to recharge after use. A new inventory object is received after completing one of these seek-and-find challenges. The inventory tray sits at the bottom, sliding up to reveal its contents when the cursor is hovering over it, and automatically receding down when the mouse pointer is moved away. The stored objects have to be dragged and dropped from it to an appropriate and logical portion of the scenery to perform all the required actions and complete the pending tasks. At certain points, the player has to solve mini-games by manipulating a mechanism of some sort to open safes, set a series of gears in sequence, reassemble jigsaw puzzles and finish other similar challenges.
Full Demo + Guide 140MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

King Arthur Big Fish Games [top]

Follow Arthur’s rise from boy to king! Narrated by Merlin, King Arthur traces the well known tale of Arthur from the time that he was a boy, and happened to pull the enchanted sword out of the stone, to his years as the greatest king of all of England. Use magical runes as you battle the evil Morgana and Mordred, who attempt to usurp the throne of England, in this fun Hidden Object game!
Full Demo 131MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Lamp of Aladdin Fenomen Games / Big Fish Games [top]

Finding yourself in a real fairytale is every child's dream - a chance to feel the magic, to command the power of nature or even to perform heroic deeds. Catch a glimpse of a world where dreams come true and fairytales are real in Lamp of Aladdin, a unique Match 3 game! Revisit the story of Aladdin as he finds a magical lamp that makes his dreams a reality! Insidious traps, wild magic, and a cast of colorful characters await our heroes.
Full Demo 105MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Letters from Nowhere Awem Studio [top]

After her husband suddenly disappears one night, Audrey starts to desperately search the town for information about him, finding a series of anonymous letters with cryptic clues leading to a greater mystery. Letters from Nowhere is a straightforward hidden object game, where the player has to find and click on all the items listed at the bottom of the screen on locations filled with assorted paraphernalia scattered around the scenery. Some of the list entries show riddles about the object instead of its name. Optionally, three stamps have to be collected on each scene to unlock the unlimited mode, where previous locations are revisited and the goal is to find every single object appearing on the screen. Combo points are received after quickly finding objects in succession. Every location has one special object that needs to be assembled, by dragging and dropping two pieces or components on top of each other. The hint button is a large magnifying glass at the bottom-right corner, showing the position of one of the required items when activated, but taking some time to recharge after use. Four helpful items can be bought with the accumulated points on the map screen between locations, afterwards appearing on all scenes: a jack-in-the-box that pops open and gives bonus points; a thermometer that replaces the cursor for a few minutes, becoming frozen when moved away from the listed objects, getting hotter and finally burning brightly when approaching one of the required items; a Polaroid camera that turns the screen white with a flash, showing images of several objects at once for a few seconds, with each photo positioned over its subject; and a painter's palette that replaces the words in the list with a series of images. Mini-games take place on a separate screen, usually appearing after finding a related object, where the player has to reassemble torn pictures, flip tiles in a memory game to find pairs of matching runes, match zodiac symbols with drawings depicting their signs and complete other similar challenges.
Full Demo 133MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Little Noir Stories: The Case of the Missing Girl Big Fish Games / Focus Multimedia [top]

Lured to an old building by a puzzling picture, Private Investigators Anton Muller and Amelia Chandler step in to solve the mystery and find a missing girl! Track down clues as you follow Mulder and Chandler through a multi-layered investigation where nothing is quite black or white. Everything is connected, and everyone has a story in Little Noir Stories: The Case of the Missing Girl, a fun and exciting Hidden Object game.
Full Demo 140MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes Volume 2, The / The Lost Cases of 221B Baker St. Legacy Interactive [top]

This is the first game to be licensed by both the Sherlock Holmes Company and the Conan Doyle Estate. Return to 221 Baker St. and play as the famous Sherlock Holmes to solve 16 mysterious crimes in Victorian England. Dust off your magnifying glass and use your astute observational skills to gather evidence in 60 brilliantly rendered locations around Victorian England including Stonehenge, Marlsbury Castle, London's Music Hall and more! Unlock vital clues by playing over 50 mind-bending puzzles and mini-games in each case, including anagrams, cryptograms, and more. Featuring over 40 levels of hidden object and find the difference gameplay with more than 100 lively characters, including Watson, Mycroft, and Inspector Lestrade. Each clue leads you closer to catching the culprit.
1-Hour Trial Demo 231MB ( @ Softpedia)
Full Demo + mirror 240MB (uploaded by Molitor)
Full Demo 235MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Lost Chronicles: Salem Vast Studios / Big Fish Games [top]

Accused of Witchcraft, you must save your mom and escape the town of Salem during the conflict of 1692 in Lost Chronicles: Salem! Explore the eerie grounds of the town of Salem across highly detailed locations presented in this incredible adventure. Solve unique puzzles, and challenging Hidden Object screens, as you make your way deeper into the paranoia of this extensive and rewarding journey!
Full Demo v1.10 166MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Lost in the City: Post Scriptum Big Fish Games [top]

Help Hero and Ann wake up all of mankind in Lost in the City: Post Scriptum! Put an end to the curse and save the entire world! After being the guardians of the future, Hero and Ann are told to leave their city. After returning to the real world, they discover that all of humanity is asleep! Follow the Hidden Objects and make your way through this intriguing story and save the day!
Full Demo 376MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Lost Kingdom Prophecy, The Seppia Interactive / Big Fish Games [top]

Help Serena save the Kingdom of Rosefal and keep the dreaded Prophecy from happening in The Lost Kingdom Prophecy! The evil wizard, Balaak, has appeared and is determined to destroy Rosefal! Serena and her friends team up to go on a mind-blowing adventure and save the entire world from tragedy. Dive into this Hidden Object game and become a hero, today!
Full Demo 34MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Lost Lagoon: The Trail of Destiny Intenium / Big Fish Games [top]

Investigate an ancient temple, a sunken ship, and gloomy catacombs on your journey and unveil the stunning mystery of an island! After waking up with no memories and no clue as to who you are, you discover a map left by your missing grandfather! Embark on an epic adventure in Lost Lagoon: The Trail of Destiny, a fun Hidden Object game. Can you piece together the clues and solve the puzzles of the enigmatic island?
Full Demo 68MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Lost Secrets: Ancient Mysteries GameMill Publishing [top]

Play the role of a famed archeologist, named John Carter, who discovers a solution to the mystery of King Tut's short reign. Working against you will be an ancient brotherhood who is dedicated to preserving and protecting the memory of the Pharaoh in this Hidden Object game. On multiple occasions you will be confronted with problems and puzzles that the brotherhood has in place to stop you from uncovering the truth. It features an immersive atmosphere and perplexing puzzles.
Full Demo 40MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Love Chronicles: The Spell V-Games / Big Fish Games, Inc [top]

On a faraway land, the young prince's sleep is disturbed by recurring nightmares with visions of a distant kingdom, an evil witch and the beautiful face of a young woman. Obsessed with these images, he starts on quest to find out their source, traveling to the log cabin of a wise old hermit for answers. He soon learns about the terrible curse, where all the inhabitants of the kingdom were petrified by an envious witch, after she was not invited for the royal birthday of their beloved princess. He must revert the curse, disenchanting all the places of the land and bringing the population back to life after many years of slumber. This is a hidden object game with elements of the adventure genre and a fairy tale plot. The player assumes the role of the prince, seeing and interacting with the world from his perspective. The main objective is to collect all the pieces of tools and other items, to reassemble and use them on specific portions of the scenery to solve puzzles. Each chapter takes place on a new location, with several screens depicting the many rooms and other connected places found on each scene. After interacting with certain hotspots, the prince discovers what tools are necessary for the task at hand and images of the required pieces appear at the bottom of the screen. The images turn gray if the piece is not present on the screen, and the prince must go back and forth between rooms to reconstruct all the essential tools. The reassembled items are automatically stored inside inventory slots at the bottom-right corner, from where they can be dragged and dropped on logical places to perform an action or complete a pending task. As an additional challenge, most scenes have two maple leaves that have to be collected to complete the game. Mini-games appear on separate screens, where self-contained puzzles have to be solved by manipulating a mechanism of some sort. Some are implementations of classic games like jigsaw puzzles, while others are more original where the player has to file a blank key to create a copy, arrange fishing hooks in their silhouette indentations, and complete similar challenges.
Full Demo 475MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Luxor: 5th Passage MumboJumbo, LLC [top]

Get ready to wield your winged-scarab shooter while you navigate your shooter to ensure matches of three or more fire colored balls into the advancing chain of colored spheres to eliminate them before they destroy the pyramids. Unlock all 20 achievements as you collect Ankh coins for extra lives and catch falling treasures for big bonus points. Save ancient Egypt in the 100-level Adventure mode, or test your accuracy in all-new Blast mode - the 2-minute timed mode that challenges you to rack up the points. Or play through People’s Choice mode, where we give you 15 of players' favorites levels from LUXOR 2, LUXOR 3 and Quest for the Afterlife. Master four new power-ups: the powerful Double Shooter, the devastating Black Hole, the ruinous Spiker Ball, and the deathly Lead Barrage. Outfitted with 25 all-new backgrounds and pathways, it also introduces the Eye of Horus - click the button when you’re in a real jam to eliminate all remaining spheres. And, for the true LUXOR Pharaoh, an Insane difficulty level to test your marble-shooting skills. It features: 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard & INSANE and a new bonus stage.
1-Hour Trial Demo 61MB (uploaded by Big Fish Games)
included in Luxor Super Pack 1-9 Full Demo 553MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

MAD Daedalus LittleWing Pinball [top]

The scene is set in ancient Knossos, where Minoan civilization flourished. It was not just an ancient city, however. There was also a mysterious prehistoric site, half buried inside a hill, containing the wreckage of a huge spaceship. MAD Daedalus is a tactical multiball machine featuring a unique visual display. You will experience thrills and exhilaration in this exotic labyrinthine world. The key to high scores is to utilize two multiball features. Just collecting them is not hard, but racking up a high score in multiball is no piece of cake. You need to utilize your flipper techniques to the max in order to take full advantage of the machine's explosive scoring capability. It's a sequel to Loony Labyrinth.
Level Demo 62MB (uploaded by Official Site)

Marvel Action Pack Encore [top]

This contains 10 arcade style casual games that pull you right into the action alongside your favorite Marvel Super Heroes. Various games inside feature Hulk, Wolverine, Captain America, and Iron Man - providing hours of Marvel entertainment all jam-packed into one exciting collection. Sharpen Your Skills with "Wolverine MRD" and "Wolverine Search & Destroy". Get Green with "Hulk Vs.", "Hulk Bad Altitude", and "Hulk Central Smashdown!". Wield Your Shield to help Captain America defend his city in "Captain America: Red Skull and Crossbones". Then Suit Up with Tony Stark in "Iron Man Armored Popper"," Iron Man Flight Test", "Iron Man Amory Assault", and "Iron Man Flight Test 2.0".
Video Review
ISO Demo 105MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper Ocean Media LLC / Digi Ronin Games LLC [top]

Dempsey Jo Killebrew gets entangled in a national corruption scandal, which has her lose her job, her home, and her friends. In this desperate situation, her father offers her an opportunity. He has recently inherited an old country mansion in Georgia, which has fallen in utter disrepair over the years. He wants his daughter to move to the small town of Guthrie and renovate the building, put it on the market, and split the profits with her. Lacking any other options, Dempsey moves from big-city bustle to small-town tranquility and starts fixing up the house, and her life. This is a hidden object game based on the eponymous romance novel by American author Mary Kay Andrews. By searching for objects, players help Dempsey clean up the mess in and around the house, and in mini-games perform several repair and renovation tasks. All the while, the FBI continues its investigation into the corruption allegations involving Dempsey, and keep watch over her. Mini-games can be skipped, and there are timed and untimed modes of play. Hovering over the name of an object displays its silhouette, while clicking it reveals its location in the scene, using up one of five hints available per scene. The number of available hints can be increased by finding house symbols, of which one is hidden in every scene.
Full Demo 102MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Masquerade Mysteries: The Case of the Copycat Curator Merscom LLC [top]

Masquerade Mysteries follows the adventure of Private Investigator Joy Black as she tracks down a deceptive crew of art thieves. During the investigation, Joy will have to gather items and reassemble them into new disguises and gadgets that will allow her to sneak deeper into a natural history museum. In addition, a variety of puzzles and riddles must be solved before Joy can learn more of the museum's secrets. Shady security guards, tricky thieves, and a corrupt curator all stand between P.I. Black and her goal: catch the criminals that are stealing priceless masterpieces.
Full Demo 164MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Matchmaker: Joining Hearts Sugar Games [top]

Helen Jones is an elderly woman that, after her son and five daughters got married, decided to retire to a seaside town. She has a natural talent to find matching partners, and soon starts to act as the local Cupid, using her special skills to examine a series of candidates for several of her neighbors. This is a hidden object game where, most of the time, the objective is to find and click on all the items listed at the bottom of the screen on locations filled with scattered paraphernalia. The list shows names or silhouettes of the required objects. A time limit can be turned on at the start for extra challenge. The hint button is a Cupid cameo at the bottom-left corner, throwing arrows at one of the list objects to highlight its position, but taking some time to recharge after use. A gameplay variation occurs at the end of each chapter, where objects have to be returned to their correct places on the screen to complete the scene.
Full Demo 84MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Memorabilia: Mia's Mysterious Memory Machine PiEyeGames [top]

After moving to the small village of Berryside Mews and purchasing an old abandoned farmhouse, Mia discovers an ancient machine abandoned inside the decaying building. She also finds its manual, where the device is described as a mind-reading invention created in 1925 by A. J. Penburry. After working on it for several weeks, she finally fixes the machine and starts to charge a small fee to recover the lost memories of the local population, using the profits to reform the ruined house. Memorabilia: Mia's Mysterious Memory Machine is a hidden object game with some elements taken from time-management titles like Diner Dash. Each stage takes place inside the confused memories of a customer, shown as a series of objects floating on top of each other and stacked in several layers while scattered around the circular window of the machine. The main objective is to collect all the items listed at the bottom-left corner within a time limit, displayed as a slowly-depleting patience gauge connected to the customer's portrait. The patience meter can be refilled by finding instances of the customer's favorite object. The list entries can be clicked to display a picture of the object. There are two zoom buttons at the top-right to move between the layers and reveal any object obscured from view. In some stages, a more traditional location appears with objects placed discreetly on the scenery. Some of the list entries are marked in green, indicating a key object that gives one of the puzzle pieces. After finding a green entry, a memory fragment appears on the screen to be collected and added to the final task, where a picture of the customer's forgotten memory has to be reassembled as a puzzle. Power-ups are charged after playing a tile-matching mini-game, where the player has to swap pairs of adjacent symbols on a grid to create combinations of three or more of the same type, making them disappear to fill one of the power-ups gauges at the left side: a ? as a hint recharger, a super hint revealing several items at once, an X object "declutter" that removes unwanted items, a magnifying glass that hides irrelevant objects around the cursor, a ??? power that links three puzzle fragments and a ?????????? option to assemble ten memory pieces together. After completing the stage, a separate screen appears where the player can choose wallpapers, paint colors and other decorations for the house restoration. There's an option to play the game without time constraints, by selecting the relaxed mode in the options menu.
Included in Legends in Time ISO Demo 265mb (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

Midnight Mysteries 2: Salem Witch Trials Mumbo Jumbo [top]

The famed writer Nathaniel Hawthorne has died during a freak snow storm, and his ghost has come to you, asking for help. Travel back and forth in time from the scene of the author's demise to the 17th century, where a town is going mad with rumors of witchcraft and a woman is facing the gallows. There’s more to this case than first appears, and only you can help free his spirit. Why was it snowing in May? Could Hawthorne’s powerful friends and the Oval Office have something to do with the author’s untimely death? How do legends of witchcraft play into the death of a writer 170 years later? Travel back and forth in time from the scene of the author’s demise to the 17th century, where a town is going mad with rumors of witchcraft and a woman is facing accusations and the gallows. Unravel the secrets of Salem's accused witches and solve the death of Hawthorne in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials, a fun Hidden Object game.
 1  2 
1-hour Time Trial Demo 101MB ( @ Big Fish Games)
ISO Demo 302MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy Himalaya Studios [top]

This is a hidden object adventure where you use your famous mystery-writing skills to help solve an ancient homicide and capture Edgar Allan Poe's murderer! Follow your ghostly guides through Poe's classic tales as you meet the different suspects in this dark and haunting game. Find inspiration for your next book as you collect clues, interview witnesses, and crack the centuries-old crime. There's an immersive atmosphere and gorgeous graphics. A 160-year-old mystery, 30 ghosts from the past, and only 24 hours to piece all of the clues together! Who killed Edgar? Was it the publisher? His fiancé's brothers? Or could it be that Poe knew too many secrets about the wealthy storeowner?
1-hour Time Trial Demo 150MB ( @ Big Fish Games)
ISO Demo 641MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo 150MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Millennium Secrets: Emerald Curse JetDogs Studios / Big Fish Games, Inc [top]

Kate receives a call from her old friend Archibald Jones, a professor who's an expert in ancient civilizations. He asks her to retrieve a very important briefcase from a secret location in New York City and deliver it to the authorities, but before he can explain further, Kate hears voices and then the call ends abruptly. Help Kate save her friend and find the mysterious briefcase. Travel across the world in a fun Hidden Object game with gorgeous scenes, and immersive atmosphere.
Full Demo 135MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Mind's Eye: Secrets Of The Forgotten Anino Games Inc. / Alawar Entertainment Inc. [top]

Gabrielle is a journalist investigating the apparent suicide of Vernida City's mayor. In an effort to uncover hidden information, she starts to take part on a scientific experiment using a device to explore the subconscious mind of people involved with the case. This is a hidden object game with adventure elements, where most of the time the objective is to find and click on all the items listed at the bottom of the screen, on locations filled with assorted paraphernalia. The screen can be scrolled sideways to show the full extension of the scene. Entries written in red only become available after performing an extra step, like opening a container to reveal them or using one of the inventory objects. Some of the items are stored in the inventory, that can be summoned by clicking the suitcase at the bottom-left corner, sliding upwards and covering the list to show its contents. As in most graphic adventures, the inventory objects have to be dragged and dropped on logical portions of the scenery to perform an action or complete a task. The hint button is a camera at the bottom-right corner, showing the position of one of the required items when activated, but taking twenty seconds to recharge after use. Mini-games appear on separate screens, where the player has to manipulate a mechanism of some sort to solve the puzzle.
Full Demo v1.0 167MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King Paprikari [top]

After barely completing his last time-traveling adventure, Mortimer Beckett thought he was finally on his way home. Instead, he wakes up in a strange fantasy landscape, where incredible beings and impossible contraptions are commonplace. He learns from the stone golem Grongh that the kingdom was once prosperous and ruled by a beloved king. The monarch suddenly disappeared one day, leaving behind his powerful magical crown. The throne was quickly usurped by one of the king's advisors, a Machiavellian man called Cedric Syper. The king's trusted secretary hid the magical artifact in an attempt to thwart Cedric's plans, scattering the encrusted jewels throughout the land. Mortimer must search the kingdom for the missing gems to find the king and the way out of this world. This is the third entry in a series of hidden object and adventure hybrid games. This installment further approximates the two genres, ditching the search for pieces of objects from the earlier titles, and adding fully animated cutscenes between the chapters. Each chapter takes place on a fiefdom, town or city with the standard quasi-medieval characteristics of the fantasy genre. The player moves between locations with the provided map, visiting several places to collect all the necessary objects and solve puzzles. The ultimate goal of each chapter is to fix or build a way out of the place, usually through some means of transportation after collecting all the pieces of one of the crown jewels. The inventory is always visible at the bottom of the screen, showing pictures of all the objects that must be found and clicked on the scenery. After being stored, they can be dragged and dropped from the inventory to an appropriate and logical portion of the scene to perform an action or complete a task. Most items give a jewel piece after being placed on the correct spot. The cursor is context-sensitive, changing into revolving gears when positioned over a place that needs one of the inventory items, morphing into a speech balloon when placed over a character with some information, becoming a magnifying glass when hovering over a scenery feature with another zoom angle, transforming into a jigsaw puzzle piece when close to a mini-game, and showing an arrow when near one of the exit hotspots. Mini-games appear on a separate screen, where the player has to complete jigsaw puzzles with pieces of stained glass and shredded paper, find pairs of symbols and cards on memory games, click on the differences between several mirror images of Mortimer, or otherwise manipulate some sort of mechanism to complete them. The hint button highlights the position of one of the required objects, but takes some time to recharge after use.
Premium Edition - Full Demo v1.0.0.0 312MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera PlayPond [top]

The ruins of the opera house stand as a tomb to unrequited love. Though long abandoned, an undying ghost still wanders its halls, plotting the return of his heart's desire. Discover the history that haunts the opera house and face all of its challenges. Confront the man behind the mask and complete the final act in this fantastic Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.
 1  2 
1-Hour Trial Demo 181MB ( @ Big Fish Games)
ISO Demo 598MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Mystery of the Crystal Portal 2, The: Beyond the Horizon Artogon Games [top]

The Mystery Of The Crystal Portal 2: Beyond The Horizon is a hidden object game which plays in a very similar way to it's predecessor The Mystery of the Crystal Portal. The story behind the game is that Nicole's father has used the portal once more and has travelled to Atlantis, or the floating islands that are all that remains so she sets off in pursuit. On arrival in Atlantis she learns that there is no way back because the return portal does not function, it needs a new power crystal. This is the cue for Nicole to search the islands, find her father, create a new power crystal so that they can both get home. The game also contains puzzles, there's a jigsaw, a connecting pipe puzzle etc and all the puzzles can be skipped. This game too has the same, unusual, way of playing. The player is not given a list of items to find in the usual way, to solve a puzzle the player clicks on an object which is then surrounded by a wheel. Around the wheel are the greyed out shapes of some of the objects the player needs to find in order to release the thing they need to solve the puzzle. As objects are located and placed within the wheel other objects appear on the rim of the wheel. Releasing some objects may depend upon releasing another hidden object and so on so it is possible to have multiple concurrent searches running at the same time. The game is played entirely with the mouse. It has no spoken dialogue but it does have sound effects and music. It auto-saves on exit and has two modes of difficulty, Casual mode and Advanced mode, the difference being that the hint feature takes longer to recharge and the wait time when skipping puzzles is increased
Full Demo 192MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Mystery P.I.: The London Caper SpinTop Games [top]

This is another installment in a series of straightforward hidden object games with minimal plot. This time, the private investigator is hired by the British royal family to retrieve their stolen crown jewels. The game remains very similar to the previous entries, where the main objective is to find and click on all the items listed at the left side of the screen, on locations around the U.K. capital filled with assorted paraphernalia scattered around cluttering the scenery. Certain settings can be tweaked in the options menu to adjust the difficulty level, enabling or disabling a time limit and changing the number of hints available. Some of the list entries are riddles or pending tasks instead of the object name, giving clues about the hidden item or instructions about an action that have to be performed. A crown, a key and a pair of handcuffs can be found on every location, giving bonus points and unlocking extra modes when all twenty-five of each one are collected. The hint button shows the position of one of the required items, but takes some time to recharge after use. Mini-games appear on a separate screen at the end of each chapter. They are implementations of classic games and puzzles, where the player has to swap pairs of tiles on a grid to match three or more of the same kind and make them disappear, move blocks inside a limited space to create an exit path for a key, assemble jigsaw puzzles and complete other similar challenges. The tile-matching game can be played from the main menu after one of the extra modes is unlocked. The other unlockable mode is called Unlimited Seek-And-Find, where the player has to revisit every location and collect more than 2,000 hidden objects.
Full Demo 38MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Mystery Valley Greengamer / Big Fish Games [top]

A rash of murders has struck, and it's up to you as an FBI agent to find the murderer in this dark and spooky Hidden Object game. Explore an eerie mansion and find clues and the motive behind the murders. As you dive deeper in the case, you realize that you're more connected to the murders than you ever would have imagined. An Extended Edition was later released where you can play an added chapter that ties up all loose ends, discover polished search scenes with dazzling improvements, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere with six new songs.
Extended Edition - Full Demo v1.0 237MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Nat Geo Quiz!: Wild Life Black Bean Games / Gusto Games [top]

Mix together a multiplayer quiz based on different engaging questions with the incredible National Geographic content and you will have the perfect recipe for fun. Nat Geo Quiz! is the ideal social game to be played with family & friends. You don't need to be a nature expert on any issue as you can challenge yourself through images, video and many different question types. The multiplayer quiz is just the tip of the iceberg as you will be able to play other game modes such as quest and stat attax. Thanks to National Geographic, it contains approximately 90 minutes of High-Definition videos, 5000 different questions and 2000 High-Resolution images that will allow you to discover the world as you have never seen it. A narrator will guide and entertain you throughout the game by keeping scores, praising the first and encouraging the last. Start discovering the amazing planet made up of predators, deadliest creatures and aquatic life. The questions are based on the popular series of documentaries broadcast by National Geographic - Dangerous Encounters, Amazing Planet, Aquatic life and Predators vs Prey. The creators prepared three variants of the game. Quest mode is a traditional one-man campaign. Stat Attax is a card game where two participants bid on questions. In this mode you can face a living opponent or computer artificial intelligence. Quiz mode, on the other hand, allows you to have fun with up to four players. Playing is all about giving the right answer to a question in the shortest possible time. A form of variety, however, are simple mini-games in the style of puzzles or pictures to remember.
Multi-5 ISO Demo (provided by myloch & upped by Scaryfun) 6.7GB

Nick Chase: And The Deadly Diamond Gestalt Games / Big Fish Games Inc [top]

As its predecessor, this is a hidden object game with adventure elements, where the player assumes the role of a private detective in a cartoon world inspired by classic noir novels and films. The cutscenes are presented as comic book panels between each chapter. This time, Nick receives a broken Meso-American tablet by mail, and after assembling the pieces he starts an investigation to find the origin of the artifact. Most of the time, the objective is to explore an area comprised of a few screens, and collect all the objects required to solve the puzzles present on every location. The inventory tray at the bottom stores all the items, from where they can be dragged and dropped on logical portions of the scenery to perform an action or complete a task. Some places bring up a separate seek-and-find scene cluttered with assorted objects, where the goal is to find and click on all the items listed at the bottom. Some of the collected objects are stored on the inventory to be used later. The hint button is the chamber of Nick's revolver, shooting the exact position of one of the required items. Extra hints can be collected as bullets scattered around the scenery. Mini-games appear occasionally, where the player has to find the all the differences between two similar images, solve a Tower of Hanoi puzzle with stacked piles of cars, reassemble a scrambled mental picture of a flashback memory, and complete other challenges. They can be optionally skipped after a few minutes.
Full Demo 143MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Nightfall Mysteries: Asylum Conspiracy Vast Studios Inc. / Big Fish Games, Inc [top]

Christine travels by boat to a remote island, to rescue her estranged grandfather from an asylum after she discovered he was still alive. Having only faint memories and an old photograph of him, she arrives at the institution to find everything in disarray, with the main building deserted and the surrounding grounds ruined. She starts to carefully investigate the dilapidated place, searching around the many vacant rooms for her lost grandparent, gradually finding clues and uncovering its dark past. Like its predecessor, Nightfall Mysteries: Asylum Conspiracy combines hidden object screens with point-and-click adventure standards. The player assumes the role of Christine, seeing the world from her perspective. Most of the time, the main objective is to collect a series of objects and use them to solve puzzles on every location. The items are automatically stored in the inventory tray at the bottom, that slides upwards to reveal itself when the mouse cursor is hovering near it, receding down when the pointer is away to show more of the detailed background graphics. The objects have to be dragged and dropped from the inventory to a place on the scenery to perform an action or complete a pending task. Some of the required items are only received after completing one of the hidden object challenges, that take place on separate screens where the player has to find and click on all the items listed at the bottom, on scenes cluttered with assorted paraphernalia scattered around the scenery. Some locations have mini-games and self-contained puzzles, where mechanisms of some sort have to be manipulated directly to solve them. The hint button is a radar at the bottom-right corner, showing the position of one of the required objects when activated, but taking some time to recharge after use.
 1  2 
ISO Demo 303MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera Vast Studios Inc. / Big Fish Games, Inc [top]

An opera troupe is commissioned by Count Vlad Vansig III to perform at his small village. After arriving at the creepy, desolate place, the performers start to be slaughtered in mysterious circumstances. A frightened stagehand starts to investigate the killings, searching the village and surrounding locations for clues about the murders. Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera is a hidden object game with adventure elements. The player explores the locations as in most point-and-click adventures, by clicking on the edges of the screen to move to the next place. The cursor is context-sensitive, changing into an arrow to indicate an exit hotspot, morphing into a hand when hovering over an inventory object, transforming into a magnifying glass when placed over a scene spot with a zoom view, displaying a speech balloon when over a character with dialog options, and changing into a jigsaw piece when near one of the mini-games. A seek-and-find challenge has to be completed on certain locations, where the objective is to find and click on all the items listed at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes, the goal is to find several instances of the same object. The hint button is a theater mask at the bottom-right corner, showing the exact position of one of the required items, but taking 25 seconds to recharge after use. After collecting all the objects, the scene can be further explored for necessary inventory tools and items. The inventory items have to be used by dragging and dropping them from the tray at the bottom to any logical place on the scenery, to perform an action or complete a task. Mini-games appear at certain points, where the player has to complete a circuit within a fuse box, connect wires to input combination numbers to a lock, move discs on a Tower of Hanoi variation, and complete other similar challenges. The mini-games can be optionally skipped after three minutes.
ISO Demo 336MB (uploaded by Egon68)

Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison Ghost Ship Studios [top]

Help Kiera Vale discover her ancestor's history as she explores Blackwater Asylum. After receiving a mysterious letter from Alton Quinn, Kiera sets off to find out about her birth parents. Finding Blackwater Asylum to be in a state of disarray, Kiera begins exploring the grounds looking for information about her family, and Alton's mysterious secret. Help her discover the truth in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.
1-hour Time Trial Demo 214MB ( @ Big Fish Games)
ISO Demo 255MB (uploaded by Molitor)

Nightmare on the Pacific Little Games Company [top]

The Brooks family boarded The Neptune hoping for a relaxing family adventure. What they got was more than just an adventure, but a harrowing experience of disaster and close calls. They also got a mother's perseverance to save her family when the perfect combination of storm, shoddy construction and bad judgement turns The Neptune into a ship-splitting disaster. What they didn't expect was that would be what would bring them closer together than they'd ever thought possible.
Collector's Edition - Full Demo 219MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Nora Roberts: Vision In White Floodlight Games, I-Play [top]

Mackensie is a professional photographer that runs a wedding planning business with her childhood friends. Her life gets out of balance after meeting an English teacher and starting a romantic relationship with him. Now she must make a choice between other commitments and personal life, to finally achieve happiness. This is a hidden object game based on a romantic novel by Nora Roberts. Most of the time, the objective is to find and click on all the items listed at the left side of the screen, on locations filled with assorted objects. A time limit can be turned on at the start for extra challenge, giving 25 minutes to finish every scene. The hint button shows the position of one of the required items, but can only be used a limited number of times. An extra hint is received after collecting all the letters that spell the word "VOWS". There are mini-games related to the profession of the main protagonist and her partners, taking place on a separate screens where the player has to decorate cakes, arrange flowers, take photos and complete other similar challenges.
Full Demo 90MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Pathfinders: Lost at Sea ERS G-Studio / Big Fish Games Inc [top]

A mysterious artifact is retrieved from the bottom of the Atlantic and sent to a scientist for research. He soon discovers its purpose: it's actually an ancient device beaming a signal to an isolated island since ages long forgotten. A research team is sent to the isle, but their ship is engulfed in a blinding light as they get close to the shore. One of the researchers wakes up alone aboard the boat, and starts to investigate the island and its many locations to uncover the mystery. This is a hidden object game with adventure elements, where the main objective is to find and click on all the items listed on the screen of a cell phone at the left side, on locations cluttered with assorted paraphernalia scattered around the scenery. Some of the entries are marked in yellow, for items that have to be photographed and stored in the inventory and later used to solve puzzles. The inventory photos can be displayed and scrolled with the labeled buttons on the phone, enabling the registered items to be dragged and dropped from it to logical and appropriate portions of the scenery. The hint button highlights the position of one of the required items, but takes some time to recharge after use. Mini-games appear occasionally on a separate screen, where the player has to flip pairs of identical cards in a memory game, assemble shredded notes, click on all the differences between two similar images, place gears in a clockwork mechanism and complete other challenges. These puzzles can be optionally skipped after a few minutes.
Full Demo 220MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

Penny Dreadfuls: Sweeney Todd pixelStorm entertainment studios Inc. / PlayPond [top]

Penny Dreadfuls: Sweeney Todd is a hidden object game with adventure elements based on the famous Broadway musical of the same name, about a serial killer barber and his baker girlfriend. Some of the songs are used on cutscenes between each chapter. The player assumes the role of a police officer investigating a series of murders in Victorian England. The gameplay follows the standards of the point-and-click genre, where the objective is to collect inventory objects scattered around the location, that have to be dragged and dropped on specific portions of the scene to solve puzzles or perform a necessary action. The cursor is context-sensitive, changing into a grabbing hand when over one of the items, a pointing hand when near one of the exit hotspots, a magnifying glass when hovering over a scenery portion with a zoom view, and a set of gears when passing over a place that needs one of the inventory objects. Each location is represented as a series of connected rooms or screens, where the player must move and click on the interactive portions. Some of the most important hotspots are highlighted with sparkles. The hidden object sections take place on separate screens cluttered with assorted paraphernalia, where the goal is to find and click on all the items listed at the bottom. The hint lantern shows the position of one of the required objects, but takes some time to recharge after use. After finishing the seek-and-find scene, the player receives a new inventory object. Mini-games appear as well, where the player has to complete jigsaw puzzles, and manipulate mechanisms to solve them. The mini-games can be optionally skipped after a few minutes.
Collector's Edition - Full Demo 153MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

PuppetShow: Mystery of Joyville ERS G-Studio / Big Fish Games Inc [top]

Joyville was once a thriving city, where tourists come to visit and marvel at the genius of The Master, a puppet maker whose mechanical creations were the main attraction of the town. However, one day the citizens started to disappear mysteriously, kidnapped by some evil dark force. On the now nearly deserted town, the owner of a hotel hires a detective to find his missing grandson. The sleuth wanders the empty streets and vacant houses, investigating each corner of the city for clues about the case. This is a hidden object game with adventure elements. The main screen shows one of the Joyville's locations, with sparkles shimmering over the interactive portions of the scenery. A single sparkle indicates a simple interaction fixture, like an exit hotspot or some place with a zoom view. Several sparkles show the position of one of the hidden object scenes. These scenes take place on a separate screen showing another angle of the location, where the objective is to find all the items listed at the bottom. Some of the objects found are stored in the inventory for later use. The hint button shows the exact position of one of the required items, but takes a minute to recharge after use. One of the surviving puppets is a spider-like mechanical creature with a doll's head, that scurries across the scenery to guide the player to the next location. In some places, the goal is to use the available inventory tools to solve a puzzle, by dragging and dropping the items on appropriate and logical portions of the scene. The inventory opens up as a fan at the bottom-left, displaying all the objects on slots at the tip of each blade. Some of the puzzles take place on a separate screen, where a mechanism has to be manipulated directly to solve it. A skip option is available for all the puzzles after sixty seconds.
Full Demo 182MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

PuppetShow: Souls of the Innocent ERS Game Studios / Big Fish Games [top]

Return to the terrifying PuppetShow in this spooky sequel! A young girl has been asleep for over two days, and the local doctors are at a loss. The townspeople believe her condition to be a curse emanating from a dark magician's castle in the mountains, so it's up to you to track down the cause of the curse and save the Souls of the Innocent! Dive into in this dark and mysterious Hidden Object game.
Collector's Edition - Full Demo 345MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

Rasputin's Curse Sandlot Games [top]

Lora is a North-American woman of Russian origin whose marriage is in trouble. In an attempt to save their relationship, she decides to travel to St. Petersburg to spend some time together with her distant husband Mark, and find more about her family's history. After leaving their young son with Mark's parents, she suddenly starts to be assaulted with hallucinations and visions of the legendary mystic Rasputin. She arrives early at home to pack and prepare for the trip, and ends up eavesdropping by accident Mark and a strange woman on a intimate moment. Shocked and hurt, she embarks without him in a plane to Europe, where she hopes to find details about her past and the haunting ghost of Rasputin. This is a hidden object game with elements from the adventure genre. Most of the time, the objective is to find and click on all the items listed at the right side of the screen, on locations filled with assorted objects scattered around the scenery. Some of the objects are stored on the inventory tray at the bottom, to be dragged and dropped on specific portions of the scene to complete a task or perform an action. For example, a key can be used on a lock to open a door or other compartment. In some places, the list displays the objects' silhouettes instead of their names. The hint button shows the position of one of the re