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Garry's Mod & Counter-Strike: Source

Postby Porus » Thu Oct 10, 2019 10:17 pm

There is this site from where I downloaded Garry's Mod and upped it on the the site. There are auto-updaters included which updates the games to the latest version that steam released, and I tested garry's mod but it didn't work properly, the menu and in-game hud weren't scaled properly (and were different from the vanilla steam version) and I can't increase the resolution as it would give me low fps in-game, the advanced graphics settings weren't being configured properly, and the addon content pack wasn't functioning as intended (there were no features/content added). 3 days ago, I downloaded Counter-Strike: Source from there and the same problems, main menu elements weren't scaled and aligned properly with the resolution (they were too large and cropped, the exit button was nowhere to be seen), the advanced graphics settings weren't applying changes, such as bloom, and the directx level would keep reverting to 9.0 whenever I made any changes (although it should be 9.0+ since I have a directx 10.1 graphics card), same problem with garry's mod (turns out that they have modified the games from their vanilla steam version eg: different menu backgrounds, graphics settings etc), then I downloaded CS:S from Legends World Site, and there weren't any problems such as the ones above, the game worked perfectly (even other valve games such as: Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic, Half-Life 2 etc worked perfectly). The only reason I downloaded from that other site ( is because they have an updater that updates the games to the latest version released. P.S. the name that appears on the setup, updaters and game menus is 'Strogino CS Portal' (I am saying just in case)
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