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Descent 1/2/3 cadet training sessions

Postby theAntiBob » Thu Aug 29, 2019 6:47 pm

There are frequently d1x-rebirth v0.59.100 co-op games hosted locally by myself, although the ingame tracker seems to be down and i have a dynamic ip
the hitch is... it's cadet training

I'm guessing most of us are getting up there in the years, and some of you may have a cadet or two hanging around that you're preparing to shove out the airlock like i am

this is an open invitation to any descenters out there interested in a monthly or perhaps weekly session intended for but not restricted to younger gamers

of course all sloshy meatbags, cyborgs, robots and AI are welcome to join in the fun

basically, we are playing regularly

contact me to coordinate!
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