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Emit Vol.1-3

Postby Smiling Spectre » Thu Oct 31, 2019 6:33 am

- The games are in Japanese (interface, options, extra features), but text/voice is in English/Japanese by choice. I believe, it must be mentioned in text, as it's not very intuitive.

- There are two versions exists: initial 1994 version without subtitles (1 and 2 on site are these) and later extended 1995 version with two languages for subtitles (3rd part is that). Korean site Nemo838 have extended versions. here and here. (Third part is there too, and it's identical to that's uploaded on site - I beleive, it was taken from Nemo).

Also, standard DOSBox cannot handle text in the extended versions - it seems, it's some sort of Japanese two-byte coding that is not recognized by English Win 3.1. I have no idea how to circumvent it. :( Nemo must have the solution, as their screenshots are normal, but I didn't dig into it.
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