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Mega Math Blaster / Math Blaster: Ages 6-9

Postby Smiling Spectre » Mon Mar 09, 2020 6:34 pm

There are two versions of Mega Math Blaster, it seems.

First one (Named "Ages 6-9") is not on site. It is here: ... _1.0C_1997 It's one CD with files for Win 3.1/95 and Mac. Description on site fits that release.

Second release is linked on site now, but it's more than this description.

- It's for Win95/Mac (no 16-bit anymore).
- It have the "Editor" function (I didn't explore what exactly it does).
- It have the whole second disc with additional options.

Disc 2 is not described on site. It have:

1. MEGAzine. Simulated Internet experience without internet. (Basically, set of hyperlinked pages).
2. Mega Movie aka Math Blaster Success Story. 4 minutes of video telling about Math Blaster series with Math Blaster heroes as hosts of video show.
3. Math tools. The Number Line, the Number Grid and the Number Scale. Each lets you play with numbers and equations in different ways.

Side note: Funny enough, while Disc 2 is 300Mb in size, its real size is only about 10Mb for each Win/Mac partitions, plus the movie for 40Mb, that repeated twice in DOS partition and trice - in Mac.
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