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My Graphics Driver Issue (NEED HELP WITH THIS)

Postby Porus » Tue Sep 15, 2020 9:39 pm

Pc Specs:
Laptop Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
Model: Satellite C660-A200 PSC0QV-03C030GAR
CPU: Intel Core i3-380m 2.53 GHz
GPU: Intel HD Graphics Arrandale (Ironlake)
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64
RAM: 2 GB (1.86 GB Usable)

So I recently installed The Penumbra Collection from GOG, started Overture, but after loading the game gives a white screen, I googled it and it said to disable post process effects, I did it and it worked but the game didn't look good, so I messed with the settings, so end result, disabling bloom but leaving all the other post process settings intact would also fix the problem, but I don't want to disable bloom (the only settings I disable/reduce in any games that I play for better performance are shadows, ambient occlusion, motion blur, resolution and occasionally v-sync, all other settings like textures, post fx effects (depth of field, bloom, specular etc) are maxed out, and games run pretty well (10-60 fps). There is another game that was a big problem: ParaWorld

The game's textures used to continuously flash (sometimes the entire screen too), at some specific angles the game would become stable, but would start flashing again, I loved this game but could never play it because of this problem, but when the VERY FIRST time I installed it (4-6 years ago) I remember the screen or textures wouldn't flash, and was going through chapter/mission 4 when my HDD died, and I had no idea what drivers I had installed, so I eventually after getting a new HDD and installing windows (also a few years ago), I got the latest supported drivers for my intel graphics card (generic intel drivers apparently) and since then the ParaWorld flashing problem started, so after months of failed attempts to fix it, I eventually gave up and uninstalled it out of anger.

But today, after the Penumbra graphics problem I decided to install the OEM drivers for my graphics card (took nearly 2 years to find them but found it today through driver identifier) it was version (modified for my toshiba model I think), so I uninstalled my current graphics drivers (generic v8.15.10.2993), and installed the older OEM one and first thing I did was install ParaWorld and to my surprise, the game worked like a charm, the texture/screen flashing problem was gone and only on rare occasions the flashing happens. I had high hopes for Penumbra - Overture, and the white screen was gone alright, but there is another problem now:
This is what the game looks like now with the OEM drivers.

Now on with the system problem, my graphics card supports DirectX 10.1 and when the generic drivers ( were installed my DDI version in dxdiag was 10.1, in the intel control panel it was 10.1 and in the windows experience index it was 10.1, but now with the OEM drivers (, it just shows my DirectX version as 10 (10.0) everywhere, intel control panel shows 10.0, dxdiag DDI version is 10, and windows experience index shows it as DirectX 10, I couldn't find any clues on google so I though I'll post it here, because you guys know more about this stuff than I do :). My thoughts are that after I finish paraworld I go back to the generic driver, but what do you guys suggest, should I go back to using the generic drivers or should I stick with this OEM one :huh: (cuz I have a feeling that this driver is gonna cause more problems than fix them) and I have yet to test other games, but my main concerns are ParaWorld, Penumbra and my system not using the highest DX version that it used to. :thanks: in advance

EDIT: I forgot to mention that in windows experience index my scores with the generic drivers were:
Desktop performance with windows aero 3.8
3D business and gaming graphics 5.2

and now with these OEM drivers it is:
Desktop performance with windows aero 3.9
3D business and gaming graphics 5.1
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Re: My Graphics Driver Issue (NEED HELP WITH THIS)

Postby Porus » Thu Sep 17, 2020 5:49 pm

I have tried an even older build of the OEM driver, version and ParaWorld is even more stable than it was in version :D, but the problem with Penumbra is still there.

NOTE: The reason I didn't post this topic in Games Support is because there are two games that I needed help with (one, ParaWorld is fixed for now), and my system is also not reporting/recognizing the correct version of directx, so I thought this (General Topics) is the best place for this.
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