Super Pro 2000

This add-on for Jane's USAF has new features like new flyable aircraft - the F-14 Tomcat, AV-8B Harrier II+, a better detailed Su-27 & Su-35, S-37 bekrut and many others including flyable helicopters. Heavy bombers like the B-2 & B-52 are now flyable, plus you can even fly helicopters. In addition, there are a variety of new weapons & missions. The SP 9.4 add-on contains more than 1000 brilliantly designed missions, 500 planes and helicopters from 33 countries (almost all flyable), 100 both imaginative and realistic campaigns that take you to the four corners of the world and different eras of history, hundreds of weapons, and a wide variety of superb skins. In this add-on you will also have the chance to enjoy dozens of ground units and even use some of them.
Download v9.4 + Patch + Map Viewer 1.4GB+44MB+4.8MB (uploaded by SimHQ)
Download v9.4 934MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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