Sword Of Ares, The Simitar 1998

This was a commercial shareware total conversion for Quake that was later released in 2003 as freeware. A robot total conversion with 18 small to medium sized levels (incl. start map), it also includes all new textures, monsters, and sounds. It has new player models with 5 selectable skins, new animations like jumping, flipping, ducking, and rolling. New weapons: Unigun - combines 4 ammo types to create 15 different attacks, Plasma Torch - used like a sword and can block some attacks, Unarmed - try to subdue your enemies with punches and kicks. A more interactive environment - destroy walls and push boxes, throw enemies into lava and see them explode, and multiple level exits and entrances. There's many ways to view the action: the 1st person view used in regular Quake, the popular chase camera view used in many quake add-ons, and an all-new overhead view and three-quarter views. There's new models made for the Free Models Project, player model based on the FMP humanoid, GuardiaN's Sentry from the FMP, exclusive new CyberDawn models, customized version of Jon Gorden's Wildwing model, helicopter by Rene Post, and unique models by Simitar.
Free Addon ~8MB (uploaded by Quaddicted)

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