Kreed Episode 1: Battle For Savitar Burut Creative Team / Russobit-M 2004

Battle for Savitar is an add-on for the Russian developed Kreed but unfortunately due to Acclaim's bankruptcy problems (they released the original game in English) it only came out in Eastern Europe. In this game, you are a lieutenant of federal army, blocked in a still resisting garrison of Pluto colony. Cut off from any supplies, you are not likely to survive the next month. New monsters, new levels, weapons, advanced AI and physics can be found in the add-on. The proprietary X-Tend game engine, later used in Ubersoldier, has also been further enhanced. With an emphasis being placed on exploiting new physics-based elements, including implementation of dynamic environmental objects, rag-doll type character entity models, more destructible environment, e.g. - computer console panels, glass panes etc., and so on.
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English Translation Patch 117MB (uploaded by Terje_P)
Review by wkduffy
ISO Demo ~563MB (uploaded by otiscrusher)

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