Crazy Killer Ino-Co Plus / Gaijin inCubator 2016

Early Access Release Every round the Player is allocated one of three roles: Killer, Sheriff or Civilian and should behave accordingly. As a Murderer: Will you hunt Civilians one by one in a dark corner? Or will you take out your blade and run through the middle of a crowd? They will all scatter in FEAR! As a Sheriff: You are the last hope of the civilians and the first target of the maniac. Will you suspect anyone? Will you choose to save lives? Will you reveal your identity early? As a Civilian who will you become? A fearless journalist, who takes photos of the bloody drama in front of him, risking his own life? A Medic, desperate to help the victims of violence? A Zombie – back from dead to hunt your murderer (and others)? A Scientist, a Psychic, a Ghost, a fireman... Anyone else? A Survivor? In any case – LOADS OF FUN guaranteed. And you WILL come back for more. The game was shut down on Sep 05, 2016
Download: None currently available

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