Shanghai Dragon e-Pie Entertainment / Archosaur Studio / Tri Synergy 2004

In 1937, Japan troops invaded the beautiful metropolis of Shanghai City, the Eastern Pearl. China fought valiantly against the Japanese invasion for four long years before the war in the Pacific began in earnest. You, the player, have joined the Chinese Military Elite Special force. Your mission is to fight all the enemies around Shanghai until you eliminate the Japanese Boss Commander in the secluded Japanese headquarters. This is an arcade-style, easy to play shooter. There are 16 missions to shoot thousands of Japanese invaders, including soldiers, officers, rogues, ninjas, and even suicide bombers! It's historically accurate, there are lifelike scenes and characters of Shanghai before and during World War II and 7 different kinds of weapons, including the historically accurate Mauser 1896 handgun and Taishou 11 machine gun.
Updated 2-mission Demo ~251MB ( @ Game Pressure) 60-minute Full-Game Trial ~233MB ( @
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ISO Demo ~609MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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