3D Helicopter Coyote Hunt (Chopper Hunter) Cosmi / Webfoot Technologies, Swift Software 1999

There's a pack of rabid coyotes on the loose, and no one is safe from their vicious attacks. There's only one way to take care of these varmints, and that's from the safe distance that only a helicopter can provide. Whether you have prior training or not, you'll have to get accustomed to the controls quickly and become a one-man army against these wicked beasts. Remember, these creatures are fast and smart, and they'll hear you coming. Armed with guns and firepower of all sorts, you'll have to deal with piloting the chopper and blowing away animals at the same time. Hey, it could happen. Over the deserts, mountains and central plains, coyotes are waiting to attack their next victim. Use your special HUD display and radar navigator to locate the creatures and blast them into oblivion. Select from 20 different missions, each with its own unique coyote characteristics and background themes. Includes 10 realistic views ranging from the pilot's to the coyote's perspective. Use your joystick, mouse or keyboard to fly your chopper and blast coyotes. Control difficulty levels by adjusting helicopter speed, background lighting (day or night), camera angels, weapons, and more. Select from three modes of play: Mission Mode places you against the coyote in several different scenarios. Destroy mutant coyotes roaming the Earth after a nuclear fallout or obliterate vampire coyotes with silver bullets. Arcade Mode features multiple weapon and chopper selection and lets you destroy as many coyotes as you can before running out of fuel and ammo. Practice mode helps you hone your coyote hunting skills for all the challenges that await.
Full Demo 8MB (uploaded by roioros)

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