Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942 Graviteam / Discus Games, Lighthouse Interactive Game Publishing BV 2008

Steel Fury is a tank simulator representing a series of Soviet offensives from 12 to 28 May 1942 and the respective counterattacks by the Germans after 17 May 1942. The game claims a good deal of historical authenticity as all missions are based on events of that time and there is a damage scale according to the place of the vehicle that has been hit, also applying for objects, as all scenery can be destroyed or deformed. There are three campaigns. Each of them has one different tank (the British MKII Senior Matilda, the infamous Soviet T-34, and the German PzKpf IV that, although not really a tank, was used to similar purposes against Soviet armor and for infantry support) available to command, with different abilities and handicaps. In first and third person views, assume crew positions for Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver and Hull Gunner. The advanced game engine allows for precise calculation of ballistics and collisions models. Objects can be destroyed and the terrain is deformable. Both player and AI controlled vehicles are subject to realistic physics. The game engine supports dynamic lighting, featuring night-time missions and different weather conditions. The engine's particle system allows for realistic smoke and water effects, as well as debris from explosions. Everything in the path of a tank-round can be destroyed. Vehicles can damage buildings and knock down trees. Due to the advanced game engine, impacting shells create craters and trenches take damaged when tanks run over them, deforming the terrain. Players can adjust the level of complexity the game offers. Missions gradually raise the difficulty level by introducing more vehicles, troops and harder to achieve mission goals. Thanks to training missions, the player can easily learn how to control their tank and supporting AI troops from all crew positions.
Alpha Demo ~206MB (@Blasteroids) Level Demo ~275MB ( @ Game Pressure)
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DVD ISO Demo 1.93GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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