Omega Trevor Storey (Smila) 2008

This remake of the 1987 Commodore 64 game Delta Patrol is a classic side-scrolling shooter. Sidescrollers were very popular in the good old C64 days, and Delta was particularly well known. With Omega you get a free Delta remake on your desktop and shoot your way through sophisticated retro levels. Your task is to take down countless enemy spaceships and master them level by level. By collecting different power-ups, you can upgrade your spaceship for this purpose. For example, the armament, the drive or a shield can be retrofitted. The spaceship is controlled using the arrow keys, and the [Z] key is used to fire. Optics and sound are based on the original from the 80s. It's a great remake with a rapidly increasing level of difficulty and a nice look. The simple game principle holds a high potential for addiction, which makes the game equally interesting for genre fans as well as for newbies.
Free Game 15MB (uploaded by DemoNews)

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