Project Osiris 1994

Alien Breed 3D was a valiant attempt at basically creating Doom but for the Amiga in 1995, a machine that really wasn't suited for such tasks. The pixels were huge and the viewport was tiny, but it was a technically impressive 3D shooter considering the limitations. It even had some features over Doom - the water effects were amazing and it supported 3D floors and even texture mapped models. It was the first real experience of a texture mapped first person world to the developer of this mod so it was somewhat of a revelation. It may not be anywhere near as tightly designed as Doom (honestly some of maps are pretty bad), but the developer has a lot of nostalgia for it, and a place in his heart. So, he decided his first major Doom engine project would be to recreate it and also, ideally, iron out some of the issues of the original.
Download v0.9 Beta 23.5MB (uploaded by ZDoom Forum)

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