Counter Pixel: Go Gun Strike Alina Rodina 2020

This is a shooter that combines all the best of this genre. Unique graphics, various characters, each with its own features. You can choose a character that you like. You have to get into a big city that survived after the apocalypse and is filled with zombies. Collect and get resources, make weapons, survival items. Build yourself or find ready shelter to hide from enemies. Explore a huge open world filled with dangers, beware of night and night creatures. Type a team to play in multiplayer mode. Try all kinds of weapons and choose the one that suits you. Advantages of the game: Multiplayer, Single Player, Cooperative; Big open world; Craft and inventory system; Many types of weapons; Survival; TPS/FPS Mode (Press key "V"); Change of day and night (beware of the night, use the day for research); Excellent graphics and audio accompaniment.
Download: None currently available

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