Savage Vessels KPas 2020

This is a rogue-like top-down shooter with pixel-art, physics and hard survival. Within fields of asteroids and fragmented freighters you scavenge and fight against drone vessels while a strange void surrounds you making your escape difficult. You are a scavenger fortunate enough to have managed to acquire an automated carrier and a one-man destroyer. Without warning your ragtag fleet dropped out of hyperspace into this threatening region where somehow it is merging with real space. Apparently a freak accident occurred. A freighter fleet, traversing hyperspace, has been disassembled by a mysterious force and then rematerialized in real space merging with asteroids. The attendant drone vessels survived this incident but are out of control. Seemingly they are still following their primary directive, protection of the property of their owner: the Taiko Mining Corporation. In order to escape you must triangulate your location repeatedly. It is rather simple: leave the carrier, check navpoints, land again and move on. But the drones will not let you. So by necessity arm yourself against them by scavenging and crafting materials. It's a spiritual successor to Teleglitch. The levels consist of handmade regions which are procedurally combined and populated with enemies and items. Your view is obstructed and your ears constantly alert you to danger. You must deal with permadeath and some levels can be unlocked as entry levels as headstarts into each run. Features: top-down pixel-art; dynamic field of view; 10 levels, handmade regions, procedurally combined; crafting weapons, devices and consumables - all makeshift; inertia + collision, based on pixel shapes; sound with striking Doppler shift; hard + permadeath + fair.
Download: None currently available

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