Juuni Jumon: Summer Interlude Puremrz 2011

Juuni Jumon, meaning Twelve Spells after the 12 main girls, stars a crew of entirely original characters. Although the game stars no actual Touhou characters, it is designed like one, spellcards and everything. It features an unlockable extra stage, nightmare stage (Phantasm), spell practice and Trump Cards (an equivalent to Last Words). The game is about Masahiro (our protagonist) and his journey on a summer holiday with the other characters. Although there is no real danger, there is still an adventure to be had, especially when things start to go wrong. How it Works: Masahiro has five shot types to choose from, one for each of the basic chinese elements; Ignis Ofuda (Fire) - A straightforward shot whose options can be held in place while focused; Metallum Disc (Metal) - A three prong laser that aims forward when focusing; Ligni Sprout (Wood) - Four curved streams of pointed logs that curve harsher when focused; Terra Boulder (Earth) - Focused streams that change angle as you move, which lock angle upon focusing; Aqua Marble (Water) - A spread shot that changes to a forward fire shot when focusing. Masahiro can change between shot types at any time in game at the cost of 4 power by tapping C. Once the bar at the bottom fills up, the shot type will change (if the same shot type is selected, no power will be lost).
Free Game 110MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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