Alien Treasure Volker Stepprath 2005

This is a classic 2D space game of the shooter genre, your goal is to melt the aliens that will arrive madly. But not only that, there will in fact be meteorites to avoid or destroy and giant insects still unknown to man. I should show that I can defend all the planets in the solar system, after which you can even be remembered as a hero. Your aim is to destroy all aliens and catch their treasures to increase your score. Sometimes treasures can be bonus mines, powerups, phasers, megablasts or heros. A megablast fills the blue status bar enabling you to destroy all aliens by pressing the right mouse button. When a level is complete, you will rise up to the next planet. When you have saved all the planets, you enter a kind of bonus level called Alien Village. Here you have no chance of survival, but you can increase your score. The solar system has all real textured and animated planets. There are different alien styles like insects, hunter, rotating wheels, meteors etc. The key to a high score is to hit the aliens and catch their falling treasures. Sometimes they will spew forth bonus tiles which will powerup the heros megablast and phaser mode. If they are not caught by you, they explode and activate rockets. After every played stage you will see full statistics about your playing abillity. If you are good enough, your new high score will be saved. The game even gives detailed information about the planets in our solar system. It has more options, controls and cheats than what you can possibly imagine. The game will run in a variable sized window or even full screen mode. There are other options available to suit the speed of you computer. One option that you want to remember is difficulty level.
Free Game ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 5MB

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