Space Shooter 3D WS Net 2014

Take the challenge to become the best space pilot in the world. You control a small space ship which has to fly deep into space to find diamonds, shoot enemies and fulfil your missions tasks. Maneuver your ship through some dangerous asteroid fields, energy mine fields and meteor fire storms. Visit the space station and destroy the alien UFO. Collect blue energy to upgrade your ship or safe your life. But take care about the dangerous red energy, which can cause radiation damage on your ship. The game has an amazing camera system which transfers your radiation damage into smooth swing and rotation movements of the players view. Take the challenge to control your ship while the world turns around to you. Features: seven different space areas - asteroid field, space station, meteor fire storm, alien UFO, energy station, energy mine field, interstellar freighters; one hundred mission tasks with ten levels; inventory to upgrade your ship; energy store for upgrade and game restarts; hall of fame with the best pilots of the world.
Free Game v1.1.3 20MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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