Boom Unknown 2010

We are now in a difficult time, as our planet has been the target of a raid by many thousands of ruthless aliens who want to deplete all their minerals and exterminate humanity. It won't save anyone, quite the opposite. Fortunately, there are a handful of daredevils who intend to put their lives on the line to free their species from this terrible threat. Become a hero who holds a submachine gun in his muscular hands, with which he sends every intruder under flowers. At the beginning of the game we can choose the level of difficulty and then we have to rely only on our vigilance and especially a good line of sight. We appear somewhere in a residential area, where we wander through living spaces and cellars, which we patiently comb. We soak our eyes into the darkness and look for the slightest movement. Caution is of the utmost importance here, as we should strike at the enemy before he strikes us if we do not want to give up our precious life. We fire a few shots at him from our magazine using the Z key. Controlling our hero is also very easy, he moves using the directional arrows on the keyboard, quite faithfully and smoothly. Although the game does not have particularly good graphics, after a while we will get well acquainted with the environment and learn to distinguish between individual objects and enemies. Action music dominates throughout the game.
Free Game 21kb (uploaded by FreeGameArchive)

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