Glorious Tournius Brewichor Games 2021

Release Date: Apr 16 Are you ready to fight in the Glorious Tournius? Experience active ragdoll, physics based mayhem in this local multiplayer game. Up to 4 players can battle each other using bombs, guns, melee weapons and your fists. It has a range of bombs, including ice, sticky and landmines. Physics Weapons - Unique weapons that can slow down your opponents: Sticky Bomb; Bouncy Bomb; Mine; Handgun; Uzi; AK47 + Lasersight; Shotgun; Crossbow; Sword; Pickaxe; Bomb bow; Balloon bow; Anchor bow. Controls: Move - Left Joystick; Aim - Right; Joystick; Shoot / Use Weapon - Right Trigger; Throw Bomb - Right Bumper (Hold to throw further); Jump - Bottom Action Button; Throw from hands - Top Action Button; Punch - Right Action Button; Grab if hands are empty - Left & Right Triggers.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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