Intifada Mike Medved 1989

Release Date: 1989 The game takes place during the First Intifada, and casts the player as an Israeli soldier who has to stop violent Palestinian protests, while following the current government's policy and avoiding unnecessary casualties. In order to stop the protesters the player is able to make use of various methods and weapons - a club to commit arrests, tear gas, rubber bullets, plastic bullets and live fire. Before each patrol, the open-fire policy defined by the defense minister is displayed. The policy determines which methods may be used to stop different kinds of protesters (for example - the player may be able to use more lethal fire, such as plastic bullets, to stop protesters who fire molotov cocktails). At the end of each patrol, if the player survives yet fails to follow the instructions and causes too many casualties, or fails to stop a sufficient amount of protesters, the public support will drop and the minister may be replaced, changing the open-fire policy for the next patrol.
Full Demo 59kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Hebrew Full Demo + English Full Demo 56+36kb (uploaded by

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