Starcop Ediciones Manali, S.A. 1992

This game is a space flight without any specific plot (from the title we can conclude that the action takes place in the future, and we play as a space policeman, but this is just an assumption) - you need to control a small spaceship with a view, interestingly, from a third person from behind (and not from above or from the side, as many are probably more familiar with). There are two types of levels, alternating with each other: on one, our whole task is reduced to dodging large green balls (apparently, these are asteroids) by changing the position of the ship on the screen, on the other - we need to try to destroy alien ships. A collision with both an asteroid and a ship leads to an instant explosion of the ship, but, of course, there is a certain amount of "lives". Alien ships, unlike yours, cannot fire, but their difference from asteroids is that they change their trajectory during the flight and deliberately want to collide with you, and from a certain moment they also fly several pieces close to each other, which makes them harder to shoot or dodge. The game is Spanish, so the controls here for those who are accustomed to English-language games will not be too familiar: the O and P keys - move the ship to the left and right, respectively, Q and A - move up and down, respectively, the spacebar - fire (the ammunition is endless). The graphics in the game are exclusively CGA, and rather poor, but this is understandable by the place of action (space), especially since our and enemy ships are drawn just well. There is practically no text in the game, except for the menu. All in all - a good game, but, unfortunately, really unremarkable and rather simple.
Full Demo 209kb (uploaded by

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