Kombat Iziurov Sergey 1995

A parody of Quake's deathmatch mode . You can only play together in split-screen mode (the screen is split in half vertically). Actually, this thing is a typical 3D "mix" in the Doom style. In the left half of the screen, the first player is displayed, in the right, respectively, the second. Each can see his weapon, currently selected. Below in each of the parts of the screen is the statistics of the players: their health, armor, ammo and frags (points). You can adjust the game speed using the - and + keys located at the top of the numeric keypad. Default controls for the first player: t, y, u, v - move, z - attack,? - change weapons; for the second: arrows - move, ctrl - attack, backspace or 3 - change weapons. You can change this layout using F1 and F2, but you cannot reassign the keys that are responsible for choosing weapons, but there is a strafe button. Pressing ESC exits and the MS-DOS command prompt appears. The gameplay resembles Doom, but much easier. Players compete with each other, along the way picking up items in the form of first aid kits, body armor and weapons. It is noteworthy that even after firing a pistol, you can see the bullets. And how the rocket flies. The same goes for the laser and plasma gun. Plus, among the weapons there are wire cutters, a chainsaw, a shotgun, a minigun. In addition to simple items, there is also the quad itself, which increases the damage done - it seems to have come from Quake. Of particular interest can be a bonus in the form of a shining ball, which has a random effect: having picked it up, one can only hope for a favorable outcome, but this is rarely observed - usually we get some kind of anti-bonus. For example, after the selection on half of the screen of the player who took him, the inscription Nostalgie memorizes suddenly appears and tears flow: they say, he felt ashamed - why did he decide to fight against his comrade? .. Other consequences may be the character's paralysis for a while, his slowing down, changing control or flipping the image on the screen upside down, and sometimes the game itself can begin to glitch in the truest sense of the word. There are no restrictions on frags: you are allowed to fight until you get bored. Characters, objects and the levels themselves are easy to edit, because the data about them is recorded in a text file. You can't write much about graphics. The sky is blue, and the other eight textures are, in principle, enough for the whole game - everything looks noble. It is especially worth noting that there are also transparent textures such as fence and grating. If you go to the door, then it opens smoothly. But there is no sound at all.
Full Demo 44kb (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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