Gulcry Svyatoslav Gulyaev, Aleksandr Serzhantov 2013

This is a creative trash-shooter. The lead character Gulman should expose dark forces' plot and run up against black magician. The action takes place at the the time of army exercises on mysterious islands at sea, where toxic wastes reside. You are to accomplish several missions (at sea, on land) in order to save the world. Features: For the first time in the game of Gulman it's in first-person view; Beautiful graphics, superb quality compared to the first game Gulman-1,2; New characters (over 10), old and new (upgraded) weapons, 5 new giant levels with completely different entourage and decorations; New animation, more animations; Detective-style quests throughout the game; New effects - New fire effects, explosions, etc.; Discover delightful physics; More than 100 sounds and phrases (Voiced by professionals); New music from the composer Nikolai Sosnovikov and new stereo-effects; A mysterious game scenario.
Free Game v2.5 38MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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