Invasion of Cardassia, The 2004

This is a Star Trek Deep Space Nine fan-made mod. The Dominion is quite aware of how powerful the Federation's quantum torpedoes are and have devised a countermeasure against them. Accompanying each Dominion cruiser are two Cardassian Keldon-class battlecruisers. These ships have been refitted with special weapons technology (borrowed, ironically enough, from the Romulans during an earlier alliance). The Keldons can project a shield-enhancer beam onto the Dominion cruisers, allowing them to withstand attacks from phasers and quantum torpedoes. So to destroy the Dominion cruisers, you must first eliminate their Keldon-class escorts. Attempts to target the Keldon-class from a safe distance with your torpedoes will fail. The shield-enhancer beam emits such a powerful energy signature that the torpedoes will mistakenly lock onto it and will miss the true target. The Defiant must fly in close and either destroy the ship with its phasers OR fire at the enhancer beam itself, disrupting the transmission (which will eventually cause a feedback that destroys the Keldon). Take command of the USS Defiant, one of the most heavily armed starships that Starfleet has to offer. You are Benjamin Sisko, in charge of an invasion fleet comprised of ships from the Federation, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire. After a long and bloody war, the Dominion has finally been driven back to its military base of operations at Cardassia Prime. The combined forces of the Dominion, Cardassia, and the Breen make ready for a last stand. The side that wins the battle determines the outcome of the war for control of the Alpha quadrant. Version 2.1 lets players recreate one of the most important battles on the TV show, pitting the Defiant up against Jem'hadar fighters, Galor-class cruisers, Dominion battlecruisers and the massive Dominion Dreadnought.
Download v2.1 (provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 22MB

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