Star Raid: Inception DigitalWave Ltd. / MyPlayCity 2016

The era of interstellar travel has begun. Mankind has rushed to the stars to face dangerous threats and find new opportunities. You are one of the brave travelers, who leaves the Earth to find a new home in the stars. The colonization of far planets, research of deep space, the fights against ruthless pirates and meetings with the dangerous alien civilizations - you will find all of this here. Take a place in the cabin of your spaceship and prepare for incredible adventures between the stars. You have a unique chance to explore the most beautiful corners of the Galaxy. The commander of an international space station has retired and asked his son to replace him. Help this brave young man complete a variety of encumbering missions and defeat the onslaught of space pirates. Features: combination of two genres - strategy and simulation; an array of enrapturing missions; two game modes; incredibly beautiful space locations; all kinds of spaceship upgrades; a wide selection of weaponry; bright 3D-graphics; unique sound effects; FREE space simulation game.
Free Game ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 174MB

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