Battlefront Ultimate Commander 2005

This is a total overhaul modification that adds new eras, new game-modes, new units, new maps to Pandemic's game. This mod include: 2 New Eras - 'The Clone Wars' and 'Imperial Civil War'; 5 New Game-Modes - 'Order 66', 'Phase 1 Clone', 'Mandalorians', 'RED V BLUE', 'Team-Death-Match'; 11 New maps; 200+ New playable units; Greatly improved AI; New difficulty; Custom visual effects and sound effects; Support for shipped game-modes: 'Conquest', 'Hunt', 'XL', and 'Hero Assault'; Support for SWBF 2's Campaign (as of 2.0.1, only Coruscant - Operation: Knightfall is available); Support for every SWBF I (2004) maps; New HUD; New Shell/In-game Menu (User Interface).
Download Open Beta 2.0.1 1.65GB (uploaded by ModDB)

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