Bitter Creek Skirmish Rod Fisher / Attic Games 2006

This is the exact opposite of Assault at Wounded Ankle. Here we have to play as a soldier of the 7th Cavalry Regiment and defend the fortification from the advancing Indians. The action takes place again in Montana in 1867, where the 7th Cavalry Regiment is attacked by the Indians under the leadership of Buffalo Heart. After killing the leader, you will be awarded the Purple Heart. Goal: Stay alive long enough, and with enough ammo, to kill the Indian chief. Hints: Don't waste ammo. The Gatling Gun only has 300 rounds and when they're gone there is no more. You only get one health upgrade. Use it wisely. Instructions: Aim and shoot with the mouse. Pros: Very smooth and fluid action; Well designed and animated 3d models; Great sound effects give it a realistic feel; Landscape also is very realstic and well done; Nice explosions/smoke effects. Cons: With only one mission it does get quite boring after awhile. Too little ammo. It's better to have the challenge be tons of enemies rather than very little ammunition. This game was an entry of the Caiman Easter contest 2006.
Free Game 9.3MB (uploaded by Caiman)

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