CSS Sci Fi Mod 2004
With 12 custom maps and 15 original Counter-Strike: Source maps to tramp around in, the CSS Sci Fi Mod delivers one of the most comprehensive HL2 single-player experiences you'll find outside of a retail Valve release. Employing the latest 39D2 version of the SMOD configuration utility (which is included), CSS Sci Fi lets you play through the maps in two single-player campaigns -- one with the 12 HL2 custom maps and one with the 15 CS:S maps -- or a map at a time in whatever order you choose. Randomly placed enemy and friendly bots add a fresh look to each map and add significantly to the replay value. Most of the missions entail killing all Combine or enemy forces but there are a few hostage rescue and target elimination scenarios as well. You begin each mission assisted by a randomly selected and armed group of friendlies who you must then try to shepherd through the map without getting their heads blown off. It's not all that easy in these intense environments, especially when reinforcement Combine troops flood the area just when you think you've cleared everyone out. Boss enemies like Striders, Gunships and APCs add to the challenge with some merciless gunfire barrages. You'll need to have both HL2 and Counter-Strike: Source already installed.
Download v2.1 191MB (uploaded by Vossey)

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