K-9 Vision 2004
This massive mod implements a makeover with a long list of changes. The single-player AI and weapon gameplay have all been tweaked, and there are numerous new skins, sounds, effects, and more. This mod is also compatible with multiplayer, and all the new cosmetic changes will apply in online games. you will now even have a harder time in staying undetected by the AI than already in the original game, and the bots will use team tactics a lot more intelligent. In addition to this all ingame weapons have been overworked in hit points to give the player a totally new and much more realistic game experience. Of course we do not want to forget the graphical and sounds aspect, almost everything here was redone, including totally new skins for weapons and vehicles, and much more canon sounds which will add a totally new atmosphere to the game. If the graphics of Far Cry impressed you so far I guarantee this will kick you out of your socks.
Screenshots/Download 297MB (uploaded by GameFront)

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