Rise of Flight: Iron Cross Edition Neoqb / 777 Studios 2010

This edition comes chalk full of new features, exclusive content and numerous game play improvements. It brings intense WWI aerial-combat to your computer like never before with enhanced graphics, new modes of gameplay, new campaigns, new terrain, new special effects and twice the flyable planes! Two new Multiplayer dogfight modes with re-spawn capability with support up to 64 players. Two new scripted campaigns- “Hat in the Ring” and “Do Docht Nicht”, both campaigns feature new awards and medals you can win. Bonus Skin-Packs featuring hundreds of new life-like, historical paintjobs included. A Quick mission builder allows you to quickly create custom combat scenarios in seconds. Offline mode let's you fly single-player missions without the need for an internet connection plus online mode that includes statistics tracking and online Leaderboards. New winter Terrain textures with snowflakes. New G-effects with blackout and red out and pilot wound effects featuring blood splatter, ringing ears and control difficulty. Two new original terrain maps for custom mission creation and multiplayer matches. Support for Mods and custom skins with Mods On/Off modes including custom skin viewer tool. Enhanced Graphics featuring High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting, updated cloud layers and ultra-realistic looking rain-drops. Realistic wind patterns that interact with functioning Windsocks and smoke. Fully adjustable and customizable controller options including custom joystick curves.
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Trial Demo 3.42GB (uploaded by File Planet)

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